Battlegrounds Season 2 Begins October 17th!



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    Dude17Dude17 Posts: 133 ★★
    Suggested change to Battlegrounds to help improve matchmaking. Pls vote in the poll, thx!
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    SirGamesBondSirGamesBond Posts: 4,344 ★★★★★
    Gmonkey said:

    I had 985 EMs, before season started.

    Doesnt look right. Feels like a low blow. These will get saved again.

    In other thread Jax said they took record last week. And that happened before they multiplied the score by 3.
    I dont know how much extra we got, we jumped from 1M to 2.9M in ally mile stone.

    It is based on what you had before they tripled the score. You would have been around 840 to 850 at that time
    Yes, but aren't those extra EMs were rewarded according to old system.
    I'm not going to argue on it though, cuz there decision won't change now.
    Atleast they increased the inventory, more room for hoarding.
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    mmmbanyasmmmbanyas Posts: 131 ★★
    Cheaters are all over. I went 14-1 moving up to Gold today then as soon as I hit it…back to back obvious cheaters. Hurts a lot more knowing I have been using my elder’s marks and had no chance at winning at all.
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    JadedJaded Posts: 5,476 ★★★★★

    Banning needs to happen during the season as well. I ran into 5 different modders yesterday, one of them twice. Most of the time they don’t even try to hide it, bringing 4* or rank 1 5* and walking through the defender like it’s a paper wall. Each time I meet them they set me back 2 matches, 1 for the match I just lost and the 2nd to be where I should. It’s legitimately doubling my work load.
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    laserjohn26laserjohn26 Posts: 1,517 ★★★★★
    edited October 2022
    Jaded said:

    Banning needs to happen during the season as well. I ran into 5 different modders yesterday, one of them twice. Most of the time they don’t even try to hide it, bringing 4* or rank 1 5* and walking through the defender like it’s a paper wall. Each time I meet them they set me back 2 matches, 1 for the match I just lost and the 2nd to be where I should. It’s legitimately doubling my work

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    BlackOracleBlackOracle Posts: 255 ★★★
    edited October 2022
    This mode really is not great when you get a bugged fight and then have to re-do it to time out to lose the round and overall fight. Just horse poo that needs to be fixed ASAP.
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    @Kabam Miike Whats going on with the T5CC selector
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    HipocerosHipoceros Posts: 88
    Hello everybody.
    Hi @Kabam Miike , when the x3 score multiplier were announced you said it will be for season 1 and 2. I assume it still applying due to you don't denied it in any post... or I miss it?
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    UltimatheoryUltimatheory Posts: 520 ★★★
    New node went live way earlier than expected. We’re on auto block week now. This has me concerned with how the end of the season is going to occur. If timing is already off it’s going to get cut short early and surprise a lot of people.
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    GrubGrub Posts: 258 ★★★
    edited October 2022
    Who was the genius that came up with this meta this week. Just awful.

    Oh and modders…yea
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    ChuckD05ChuckD05 Posts: 173
    These nodes for week 2 are just flat out awful. no fun, just terrible design :(
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    SirGamesBondSirGamesBond Posts: 4,344 ★★★★★
    You are in GLADIATOR's Circuit.
    Learn to fight like a GLADIATOR.

    Nodes are same for both sides.
    BGs are fun(unless you match a modder)
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    RaganatorRaganator Posts: 2,518 ★★★★★
    I have to admit, I thought I would hate this meta. I'm actually enjoying it more than the non-nodes on the victory track. A lot less boring than a simple speed race between each players best champions.
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    JadedJaded Posts: 5,476 ★★★★★
    So who’s everyone using for this weeks meta in gladiator circuit? For attack.
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    Ken_The_OneKen_The_One Posts: 1
    Hey Kabam can you do something about people sandbagging matches. I keep getting matched with people that have 6*s r4 and 1*s in there deck and I don’t have any 6*s r4 in my deck and only one 6* r3. How am I suppose to ever move up if people keep sandbagging.
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    id1575id1575 Posts: 7
    Well so where is war rewards ??????
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    AleorAleor Posts: 3,071 ★★★★★
    I just played a couple of matches, and I had multiple input issues with parry, heavy and(!) couldn't pick a champ during ban and pick phases. Had to restart the game, wich ended up giving me bad deck. Also sometimes I get a champ different from the one I locked. All this things are unacceptable for any game mode, but have a lot bigger influence on the outcome in bgs
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    Dude17Dude17 Posts: 133 ★★
    Multiple instances of not getting the champs Iocked, in the last 48 hours. Guess I’ll hoard my Elder Marks until next season.
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    Ironman3000Ironman3000 Posts: 1,919 ★★★★★
    So how are you "fixing" the sandbagging "issue"? Are you only going to match people based on tier or something awful like title?
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    GreekhitGreekhit Posts: 2,819 ★★★★★

    Mackey said:

    Mackey said:

    Season 2 is still garbage. Still getting matched with only Paragon players in victory track. AWFUL.

    I'm curious .... what makes you think you won't get matched with them when quite literally everyone starts at bronze n has to work their way up 🤔.

    If you want the highest chance of not meeting said progression level players then simply wait a week or so before starting your climb up the track
    Math. It's statistically impossible to coincidently get only matched with other Paragon players when everyone is in the same bracket. There are many many more non-Paragon players in this game so I should be getting mostly non-Paragon matches until higher on the track/circuit. Because the matchmaking is garbage, I'll have to face Paragon players the whole way through where a good player who's only Thronebreaker will coast to the circuit again. Awful matchmaking will kill this game mode.
    I mean without the actual stats you can't say for certain that there is "many many more non paragon players". IMO I'd say there is more end game players than cav (or low TB) level players in this mode. I agree that the matchmaking isn't right but I fear its the best it'll ever get, they tried it on launch where you matched with similar (deck) rating players and people (high account players) sandbagged to get easier match ups.

    Maybe paragon could start in silver rather than bronze, that may eliminate it - at least to start with - but whether that's a viable answer or not I don't know
    It's statistically impossible to only get matched with other Paragons. The answer is the you play people in your tier, not people with comparable rosters.
    Are you paragon?

    @Ironman3000 are you paragon?

    Since before it was a title.
    Then why dont you wanna match up against your peers? Looking for easy wins?
    How do you not understand that if we're all fighting for the same rewards and in the same tiers, we're all peers? There isn't a different set of rewards for low level players, and Kabam refuses to start higher players in higher tiers, so they should not get easier matchups in the lower tiers. Paragon players shouldn't be getting Paragon only matches until Diamond or later, which is why Paragons should just start at Diamond.

    Could you imagine if they re-set AW scores to 0 every season and only matched allys vs other with similar size? You'd have 15M allys in master and 150M allys in Gold. That's essentially what is happening in BGs right now.
    I double that.
    Battlegrounds matchmaking is totally unfair.
    Paragon only matches Paragon in all brackets.
    Whether is title, prestige or total base hero rating it’s totally unfair since all are fighting over same rewards.
    Matchmaking should be totally random as long as you are on the same bracket (ex. Silver 1 vs Silver 1). No other factor should affect matchmaking except bracket.
    This is the same old story as the old AW prestige matchmaking 😠
    FFS my 3mil 15k prestige Paragon main account struggles to get to gold brackets while my second freshly Cavalier account is already at Diamond.
    This shouldn’t happen and it’s wrong no matter how you approach it.
    Current matchmaking is punishing progression, instead of encouraging it.
    Kabam change matchmaking to random, same as aw 👍
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