Battlegrounds Season 4 Meta [MERGED THREADS]

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    Pungapoo said:

    NearJr said:

    Like every other game mode, if you use the wrong counter, you will have a bad time.

    This is not a Git Gud post.

    Not everyone has a deep enough roster to load up a full deck of power burn immune champs.
    It isn‘t about only powerburn immunes.
    Nullify stagger armour break are all options. 50% armour up champs and 50% champs with that abilitys and you can get it done.
    You need to think way more before you draft a champ
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    I suck at the game and I don’t like the new nodes I can’t win plllllssssss change the nodes pppppllllllllsssssssssssss
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    xTURKISHx said:

    Why do I lose health when I'm being power burned

    Because the power burn deals damage equivalent to armor ... It's in the node, u have to learn reading the full node
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    Buttehrs said:

    FiiNCH said:

    And here come the complaint posts…

    We’ve had weeks to prepare for these nodes. If you haven’t ranked up champs to counter them then that’s on you.

    Can't rank someone up if you don't have them in the first place though.
    There’s not just one counter is there though, there are literally multiple champs who counter the nodes in this meta..
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    Kbugii said:

    It’s unplayable to me. I was excited for bg to come back but I’ll go spend my time watching a movie instead. My opponents and I are just fighting to see who dies last from power burn. 4 straight matches where it’s like this. Ill pass

    You should try using a viable counter first before you cry off
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    My alliance is already freaking out 😆

    My alliance is already freaking out 😆

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    They gave you a chance to practice with spending energy. When you understand the node you can chance energy to the elders marks.
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