Major issues with recovery timings, dexterity, and all combat mechanics [Under Investigation]



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    Whatever. Man how? How in the world is that the response? Doesn’t matter. Learn to adopt or move on
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    I've been reporting these issues for a long time. They seem to get better, then an update or maintenance happens, and it gets worse again.

    What I am noticing more lately is that I am not blocking or getting out of a block quickly enough. Regular block is too slow. If I am blocking and then swipe back to evade, either I drop the block and get hit, or I keep blocking. If I try to evade a heavy attack, I most likely can't stop blocking, and I get hit. This is with the faster AI like in Act 5. It has been worse over the last 2 weeks.

    Something keeps slowing down my controls. I even tried resetting my iPad completely back to factory defaults, but it didn't fix the problem.
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    Very well written, this addresses a lot of issues I have been concerned about. The ai can defy most game mechanics.
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    Wish they could somehow revert mechanics,controls, graphics back to pre-12.0.
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    I would also like to point out that the only advantage we had over the AI was to finish a combo with a special. The AI still can't do that, but they hit so freaking hard your dead in one combo anyways. That advantage is really negligible.
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    I hope the fix comes soon the bugs are really getting tiring
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    Also many time we hit special and can just hear sound of special 1 or special 2... but at actual our special meter get used but no special not happen...

    Also its worthless to bring champions like MODOK who intreapt even special 1... and block the basic functionality of combo patern... its pathatic...

    @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Miike
  • I've been watching this thread because it also impacts me as well, every single one of these things. It seems to have gotten worse in the last week.

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    This is really "entertaining",to loose an easy fight in the arena,i just hit the block of the ai,i got parried and stunned,without any reasons.i do not even want to talk about the awful fights in the act5,they should be challenging,but doable with r4 5*,r5 4* heroes and with skills,but this just really annoying,nothing more......
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    There is a big silence about the issues.why?there is no update,so there is no fix.much more milk from the whales,probaly lots of them didn't do the act5 yet.
  • SW second special is being blocked after a combo. Thought is was just me for a while but then there is no way my timing is off that many times. Please check her and fix her please. Galaxy S8 Plus
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