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    so its 6 FEATURED champions ina crystal?
    and a
    6 champion featured crystal (15k)
    18 so its champions 5* crystal (10k)
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    All this seems to me is so that people can’t save up 100k 5* shards and then go for a really good champ meaning they get them duped several times. Instead now you need to go for a random chance and you’ll need (statistically) between 25 and 48 crystals to dupe the champ you want which is ridiculous
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    Siliyo wrote: »
    benshb wrote: »
    Soo as for february 22, instead of opening a Blade 15,000 shard crystal with increased chance on Blade, we will be opening a 15,000 shard crystal from a fix 24 champion pool, with no increased chance on Blade, but a rather equal chance on Blade or Sentry?

    As stated in the Announcement, you can see that we have made an exception for Blade, and he will still have his regular Featured Hero Crystal.

    You did not answer his question, which has more importance: Will this new featured crystal give an INCREASED chance at the champion we want such as Blade when his crystal arrives or just an equal chance at all new champs?

    That question was answered already, the returning Blade crystal will be the same 15k featured crystal as it is now. The new feature 5* crystal will not have an increased chance at anyone and equal for all the champions in that pool.
  • Confused about Blade:
    Blade will be added to the regular pool on the 16, then the Blade FEATURED Crystal at 15k Shards will be available on the 23 or 28 (I forget which date)??

    Yes i've been saving Big time!

    He will not be added to the regular pool on the 16th. We have caught up the regular release schedule, and Blade will be added to the 5-Star Basic Crystal at the same time his 3-Star and 4-Star version are added to the Premium Hero Crystal.
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    So how long will this go on for and the 18 other 5s are they gonna be new ones that are from 4 star variety
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    How will those 18 champions be chosed? Will you choose, according to y'all standard, few *bad* pull, like a lottery ticket where it is a *better chance next time*. Because let's be honest, you can't really put in that crystal the top 18 you can think of everytime. But you guys can decide to put a few of those *bad* champs in it. Or along with that new crystal, are you guys planning to try to balance the tier list overall?
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    Please reply to this. So you said you are taking extra care when choosing so will all these champs be champs we all need like iceman or archangel or gwenpool and stark all in one? Or will you add other champs like carnage?
  • So am I understanding this right, when a new champ is released in 4* arena it could potentially be almost 3 months before he’s available as a 5* in a featured crystal at a 1 in 24 chance if his arena is early in the 3 month cycle?
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    does this change have anything to do with the release of 6 stars ?
  • Small suggestion to this crystal you have 12 weeks before the crystal gets updated based on the game message we got right?. So why not make these true featured champion crystals with the caveat of each week 2 of the champions in these new 5* Featured Crystals receive an increase drop chance and they rotate every 3 weeks among the 6 most recent featured champs. This way they still feel like featured champion crystals and not just more expensive 5* crystals with a smaller pool of champions.
  • In the additional group of 18, are there 3 of each class? Or are you picking them without that in mind?
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    18 "standard" champs is to many. Serious consider changing it to 6. And change the schedule to every 2 month. Otherwise you end up with people not wanting to buy it. 4.2% chance for a dupe. No thanks.
  • HatshipuhHatshipuh Posts: 146
    So currently it's full basic pool plus subfeatured and "increased chance" at 2 featured per pull.
    New system is just a chance at one out of 24 champs (18 "currated champs" plus last 6 featured).
    The odds per pull don't sound too promising...
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    Let me understand: only 6 champs will be in the newly featured crystals so you are guaranteed 1 of 6 within the pool?
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    Any chance we could get a 5-Star Abomination in the Curated Pool? It would be a cool way to sneak him in the Contest.
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