Mesmerize node in Black Panther Daily quest



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    Mesmerize is really stupid. It's a way for you to spend potions and revives. spend units. There's no way around it. and what's worse is the Mordo Fight. Absolute garbage fight. It's a bugged fight, he should NOT activate Astral Evade.

    But they hardly have any health, if that degen is killing you, then your roster is no way near strong enough mate.

    Play a lower level.

    no. I have no problem getting around Mordo's degen. It's Mesmerize, and the random stuns onto you. then I mentioned that Mordo doesn't stun you, he astral evades, and causes you to degen. That's the bug. he should just stun you. But instead, you take degen in addition to a combo, or one of his specials.
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    _ASDF_ wrote: »
    I can win the lottery twice in a row, but the odds are much less in favor the second time.

    LOL The odds are the same both times.
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    anyway, the answer to this post is "git gud"
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    I have completed the Master event every day, including this one, and while I might lose a champ or two, I've used no items so far.

    That said, Mesmer + Bane stands out from all of the other trials. Fortunately, it's not too bad if you play passively and let Bane do most of the work for you, only hitting them to re-apply Bane every 10s. Slow, but gets the job done.

    But that goes out the window when you pair the nodes with certain champs that would penalize you for playing the waiting game, such as Mordo and Void, both of which I had on my most recent run.

    Again, I completed it only losing one champ, on Void. Mordo only took my r5 4* Rhulk down to about 2/3 life. So I'm not gnashing my teeth crying for a nerf.

    But to say it isn't cheesy is also disingenuous.
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    I agree that the Mesmerize thing is stupid. HOWEVER, it is honestly easy to deal with so I really dont know what the big commotion over it is. If you can’t handle it, switch to an easier mode.
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    My Pro Tips:
    • Max out Limber - minimize the stun time you get if Mesmerize is triggered and then be prepared to block during any combo you may try while the opponent is not stunned.
    • Max out Parry and Stupefy - maximize the stun time you apply on your parries so you can hit the opponent as many times while under the stun - Mesmerize will not trigger while they are stunned. Parry, 3 hits, repeat
    • Hit the opponent 1x and let Bane do some work. The AI is usually extremely passive, you don't need to hit a much to get the damage needed. Less attacking = less chance for Mesmerize to trigger
    • If you fire off special attacks, my understanding and experience is that Mesmerize will not trigger in the middle of special so you are good there as well.
    • Champ selection:
      Bring a champ that has reduced stun time like Rogue, Groot, etc so if Mesmerize is triggered (+ with Max Limber) it is a non issue.
      Bring Quake. Just parry and charge heavy all day. don't even need to hit them to trigger Bane
      Bring Mordo - reflect back their attack if Mesmerize is triggered
      Bring champs that have stun times on special - Hulk, Ronan, Gambit so you can get extra opportunities to hit while opponent is under stun (again - not able to trigger Mesmerize while the opponent is stunned)
      Bring bleeders - GP, AA, Wolvie, etc. The health on the opponents is not that high. A few bleeds with Bane, doesn't take that much

    Masters version is 3 fights and yeah, this mode is probably the most difficult out of the all the days but it's 300 5* shards + extra stuff so I enjoy the challenge for the minimal amount of time required. I have several accounts where I just have 4/40s and it can be done each time. If Masters is too difficult for you champs, mastery setup, & skill, there is no shame in doing the hard version to get the 4* shards & the boost for day 7...
  • For those saying get good or you just suck, I get it. Mesmerize and bane does take skill. But the combination of say a mordo who plays defensive plus a mesmerize (only a few champs can parry him and then attack) plus bane plus his bug of astral evading when he stuns you is a bit of bs.

    Having to have certain champs on your roster plus particular mastery setups are really good ways around it.

    To again clarify, I haven’t had issues with it (no used items) but when I fight a void like I did. Within 10 attempted hits he mesmerized my champ 3 times, you get a little salty.

    But remember Kabam has a history of doing this...

    Bautista challenge- double dash back was broken and RR became the best defender in the game

    Web slinger challenge- intercepting and evader would evade your hit and hit you at the same time

    The Collector-.....

    5.4.6 Classic ultron- immediate evade into an attack (possibly fixed now)

    Current special event- mordo mesmerize stuns you and he astral evades to degen you and place bane.

    Don’t have a short memory of the issue that all of a sudden arise during these events. They should held to a higher standard. Of course we deal with it because the game is overly addicting and fun. /thread
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    Y'all know that you will get the same boost no matter what the difficulty is, right? Just do the easy mode if you're still having problem with Hard or Expert difficulty @_ASDF_ @Robjobcbk

    Lol, I beat it without using any items. Just think the node is BS and you know generally get to have an opinion.
  • All I notice is that the opponents evade waaaay more often then 7%. This should be the problem to address. On avarage i get stunned at 5-6 hits. With 7% change that should be around 14 hits.

    This seems to be a problem in general, that kabam puts x% in the description while in practice it will be y%.
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    It is 7%.

    Its not kabams fault the fight doesnt last the 863 hits for the math to balance out.
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    The event is easy 5 champs to take out 3. The last day more defenders but you can use a ton of those boosts. I don’t use my 5* r4 for this only 4* r5 never lose more then one of them. Really nothing to complain about here. Modoks event was way harder then this
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    Mesmerize and bane are not difficult

    7% is not true...more 60%

    But it is really possible for free
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    People. This is a game-play brainteaser. You have to be smart about your approach. Expert level would be dumb if it weren't hard.

    Just touch the enemy once per Bane, or as near that as possible—just enough to keep the Bane on them.

    Think about it! Bane is a gift. Guaranteed damage when your opponent is under Bane means you can minimize the number of times you attack, in turn minimizing your chances of getting Mesmerized.

    You're mad because you're losing because you're panicking. Yes, you'll take some degeneration damage sometimes when it takes a couple seconds to find a way to whack the opponent again safely, to put the Bane back on them, but that's ok. You have lots of health to spend on getting it just right, provided you're dodging well.

    Furthermore, the less you attack, the less energy your opponent has for specials that force you to dodge back and forth wildly trying to both evade a special but rush back and put the Bane back on the opponent.

    In short, stop running up 5- and 10-hit combos on Trial of Wisdom. It's called that for a reason. I realize this is harder against Quake and especially Void. But you still need to employ judgment, patience, and levelheadedness to coolly assess how to set up your next Bane debuff, only striking when necessary.

    One tip: I've never seen Mesmerize triggered by a Special Attack. Maybe it can be? I haven't seen it. This is particularly useful for Mystic Dispersion attack teams.
  • Mesmerise node is misleading ... it’s not 7% chance.

    I was getting stunned every combo ..
    I cleared without dying but they should change 7% to 25% or something .
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    To me it's fine. It takes a lot of patience and in some situations the right champs. HOWEVER, I totally agree that the 7% chance is COMPLETE BS lmao.
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    Mesmerise is stupid but I have yet to use an item on any of these challenges and I've done lots of them with my best champs in AW and AQ.
  • We still on us this??? Geez we have monday and tuesday the final 2 challenges and its over so you dont have to worry no are all free!!!!
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    I love how there’s weekly complaints from people who just aren’t intelligent enough to realise how many counters there are to mesmerise
  • Here we go again. U have to pick champs to counter this. Just bringing your top champs for everything is what kabam is trying to get away from. If u can’t plan for it u deserve to struggle. There’s plenty of champs to counter this node. BW CB falcon quake rogue mordo DV Karnak to name a few
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    I like how it's called "trial of wisdom"

    Fitting name yes?
  • plz look at the pictures carefully. the game started with groot evading like having a 7% chance to evade. he evaded 4 times then i decided to record the future game play. yet he evaded 4 more times and since angela was getting stunded she got hit and i lost. its not the only fight after this fight i lost my x23 nd GWENPOOL the same way.
    and Sparky and S.L WITH b.p c.w .
    how can som1 play with such bugs. ots definitely not 7% chance that made groot evade 8 times on a fight. and same after that fight and then another after that. i have never missed a trial until today.
  • 6r2iyp6op6k8.jpg
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 2,857 ★★★★★

    Go back through this thread and look at everyone suggesting counters. Then use the counters and stop complaining :)
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    I got very unlucky this round but I didn’t lose a champ. I used a bunch of 4/55s. On one champ I got hit by mesmerize 7 times in 20 hits. Survived with almost no health but maxing limber is a great way to get in a block before they can hit you when it triggers.
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    You have 5 champions to defeat 3 mildly powered enemies. If you can't eat a few stuns and still come out on top then you aren't ready for the expert level pal. Do the lower level tier during this difficulty and snag the 4* shards. Sprinkles and 5* shards are for winners.
  • @cartman_braa2 Boss, if you cannot take down a 10k champ with an 8k Angela, then it is somewhere your skill that is lacking. The healthpool is massive enough to just refresh Bane on opponent and kill them that way, you dont even need to do combos.
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    So take the information given to you and run with it. If there's a 7% chance upon hit to become stunned, then kill the enemy in the fewest hits possible. Bring bleed, poison, etc. champs. Only use parry + heavy combos. Bring champs that shrug off stun like Rogue. Figure it out. Plenty of others have.
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