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  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132

    Ideas for Molecule Man

    #neutral (neither hero or villain), #multi-dimensional being (counts as a dimensional being)

    Mental Block:
    At first, Owen Reece 's abilities can only affect inorganic matter (this includes robots, but not cyborgs). But as he uses his special moves, he gradually removes his mental block and will be able to affect organic matter.

    When he dies due to a special attack, he deals X damage to the foe, where X is his base hp plus the base hp of all other Molecule Men in the quest/battlegroup (thus attackers must remember to NOT use a special to kill him)

    sp1: "disintegrate object":
    If the opponent wields a weapon, he suffers minus (?)% attack damage. If he wears armor or can armor up, he suffers a permanent armor break and can no longer armor up.

    sp2: "spiteful transmutation"
    Owen Reece removes all of his foe's immunities, then adds special damage to this attack that is equivalent to the immunities removed (ex. if he is facing iceman, he removes his three immunities and adds poison, bleed and incinerate damage to this attack). This removal of immunities persists even when Owen dies, thus his teammates will benefit from the removal of their enemy's immunities.

    sp3: "pillar of salt":
    Visual: Owen turns his foe into a pillar of salt.
    additional effects:
    1) if the enemy is down to 8% life, this instantly KO's the opponent.
    2) this causes fear in his victim's allies. Thus when Owen fights his next foe, if that foe shares the same alignment as the one turned to salt (ex. both are #villains) this foe is "frozen in fear" and has a lessened chance of evading/procing dexterity.

  • MattScottMattScott Posts: 587 ★★
    I would absolutely break the bank for Omega Red. Has always been my favorite villain.

    Plus he could have some very cool abilities! We need a god tier mutant!!
  • GintokiGintoki Posts: 41
    Emma forst she's my favorite from X-Men other than Rouge
  • Cosmos_2002Cosmos_2002 Posts: 127
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    Omega Red


    Every 16 seconds Omega Releases Death Spores, infecting opponents in his VICINITY (Like Aura of Incineration) for 8 seconds.

    Death Spores deal 10% of Omega Red's attack rating per second and reduce regeneration and power gain(mystic disp., Hyperion etc.) potency by 40% and ability accuracy by 20%.

    Poison immune champions take 50% less damage from death spores and unaffected by ability potency and accuracy reductions.

    Omega Red is immune to Death Spores.
    Lasts indefinitely unless armour broken or nullified.
    Provides 20% crit resistance.
    Bleed effects applied on Omega Red have a -50% to activate.
    Heavy Attack and Special Attacks
    Critical Hits Life Steal 6% MISSING heath and power.
    If Blocked, each hit lifesteals and power steals 3% MISSING health and power.

    SP1 : 3 hits. Receives Additional Crit rating (15%)

    SP1 : 5 hits. Deals +20% damage per stack of death spores active.

    SP3 : Infect opponents in vicinity with death Spores dealing 30% attack rating per second and reduce regeneration and power gain potency by 40% and ability accuracy by 20%.
    Lasts 16 seconds.
    Signature Ability

    Well Timed Blocks
    (5-50%) to infect opponents in vicinity with death Spores dealing 10% attack rating per second and reduce regeneration and power gain potency by 40% and ability accuracy by 20%.
    Lasts 8 seconds.

    After activating a heavy attack, gain a flat 40% to activate the above Death Spores when hit for 1 second.
  • The_Prankster16The_Prankster16 Posts: 84
  • L0ckJawL0ckJaw Posts: 37
    (This might have some stuff that happened in movie so that s a warning if you haven’t seen it) :)

    Black panther in his new purple suit, this shouldn’t just be a skin, it should be a different character!

    He should be worse on defense then before but still good, and he should be great at attacking!

    Awakend abbility
    Wakanda forever

    When struck with new suit, it deals massive damage to opponent this resets every minute,

    He can do bleeds not stacked but long duration

    Sp1, slashed opponent then jumps and lands on them

    SP2 slashed opponent 2 times jumps up,and does scissor kick

    Sp3 his friend brings a horn and blows it and a rhino goes crashing in the opponent

    Thank you and tell me what you think!

  • Taxman666Taxman666 Posts: 103
    Anything Black Panther. I'm wt it...
  • HankSpectorHankSpector Posts: 38
    For the new mcu movies announced this year im hoping for...

    Infinity war part 1:
    Adding in another alternative for Clint Barton(Hawkeye) would be great to see as well as have inspiration from the movie
    Thanos in his less armoured garb would be cool to see as well as be a more easily obtainable thanos

    Ant-man 2
    Wasp is long overdue and I hope that her cinematic appearance will have kabam finally put her in
    He's the main villain and since kabam keeps up with adding new champs based on the mcu it's more than likely going to happen for ghost

    Captain Marvel
    Cinematic Captain Marvel(cosmic)
    Idk who the villain or antagonist will be but adding a third captain marvel would be cool to see since iron man, captain America, spiderman(Peter Parker), wolverine(Logan), and hulk have all gotten 3 characters with the same alter ego.

    Others for fun...
    Unworthy Thor(skill/cosmic)
    Malekith the accursed(mystic)
    War Thor(cosmic)
    Beta Ray bill(cosmic)
    Kraven the hunter(skill)
    Spiderman 2099(science)
    Ghost rider (Robbie Reyes)(mystic)

  • VMR007VMR007 Posts: 12
    Sandman, class science, if he is properly brought to the game he can be a god in science champs.


    Signature ability: It's all sand- when awakened sand man creates a whirlpool of sand around thus decreasing offensive and defensive ability of enemy by X% for 12 seconds.
    It also does Y direct damage over 15 second.
    Whirlpool is not considered as a debuffs, thus doesn't trigger willpower.


    IMMUNE to poison, bleed, shock and incinerate;
    Stun, regeneration, Armour break.

    Being made of sand, sandman has X increased physical resistance.
    Dashing back and holding block for 2 seconds allow sand man to absorb sand and repair damages.( The regeneration buff attained gains X health over 6 seconds)
    Sandman loses regen when he is hit by heavy attack.
    Heavy attacks:
    Heavy attacks have X% chance to armour break


    LIFT OFF: Sand man gives opponents a lift off as he waves and send the top layer flying.

    HAMMERED: Sandman forms his hands to a huge hammer and hits the opponent... 1,2 sorry 3 times .
    ( X% chance to stun opponent for Y seconds)

    SHAKING GROUNDS: Sandman goes down as sand, comes up from under the opponent sending him up, then smash him down deep into ground with his HUGE hands.
    100% chance to start a whirlpool around for 18 seconds.
  • Doctor doom
    White tiger
    Sun spot
    Professor X
    Squirrel girl
    Human torch
    Adam warlock
    Emma frost
    Silver surfer
  • Taxman666Taxman666 Posts: 103
    Yes. We love this list...
    One of my Favorite
  • Apocalypse189Apocalypse189 Posts: 1,081 ★★★
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    Oh Mr Sandman, bring me your dreams, make him the most powerful I've ever seen, give him two Rage Buffs like Fury and Anger.

    I apologise if I put the song in people's minds lol
  • Dr. Doom (Tech)
    Deathlok (Tech)
    Sandman (Science)
    Jack Of Hearts (Science)
    Longshot (Mutant)
    Random (Mutant)
    Bullseye (Skill)
    Kraven The Hunter (Skill)
    Quasar (Cosmic)
    Hercules (Cosmic)
    (Defenders Version) Hellstorm (Mystic)
    Enchantress (Mystic)
  • KrumbledkookieKrumbledkookie Posts: 273
    The International Women's Day event would have been a great opportunity to introduce Jessica Jones into the Contest. It is severely lacking without her.

    Season 2 of her show just showed up on Netflix as well, so the timing would have been perfect.

    In any case, Jessica Jones needs to appear sooner than later.
  • JessicaJessica Posts: 1
    I really want to see Jessica Jones as a playable champ please!
  • DONZALOOG1234DONZALOOG1234 Posts: 111
    i was really hope for okoye from black panther she would have been badass
  • DTMelodicMetalDTMelodicMetal Posts: 2,798 ★★★★★
    Blue Marvel:

    Abilities - Invulnerability, Decreased Debuff Duration/Tenacity, Fury, Poison Immunity


    Abilities - Ability Reduction, Degeneration, Decreased Stun Duration


    Abilities - Regeneration, Ability Steal, Glancing, Poison Immunity

    Silver Surfer:

    Abilities - Poison and Bleed Immunity, Energy Resistance, Power Gain
  • camaleoncamaleon Posts: 3
    Hi, my nickname is Kendhow and i love to make new characters abilities, if you give yourself a time to read it, i´m pretty sure you´re going to like it, also i´m going to put ,more champions with their own habilities !
    Take a time to read it, they´re amazing



    4 star 5/50
    Attack ……………………………980.
    Life ………………………………… 1650
    Critical Force…………........680
    Force of critical damage ………700.
    #DimensionalBeing #Ability #CriticalDamage #Fear
    Son of the interdimensional demon Mephisto, Blackheart is a being full of hatred and pure evil, born in Christ's crown. Blackheart has come to the battle with one goal, to overthrow his father and proclaimed himself king of darkness, is willing to corrupt anyone in order to get it
    Power burn Immunity to cold
    Regeneration Immunity to the poison
    Power pouring Immune to judgments
    Thirst for fear energy Resistance

    Unique ability:
    The devourer of fear

    (Without duplication)
    Blackheart is a being with pure evil in its interior, which is fed constantly fear the enemy and thanks to this avoids potential harms
    The devourer of fear x99
    Blackheart is a being of evil, and knows the enemies fears, so after 8 seconds Blackheart puts a load of fear to the enemy, these are passive and can accumulate up to a maximum of 6 and will last indefinitely.
    The enemy can purify a load of fear after a combo of 6 consecutive successful hits.
    Burden of fear:
    1 Load: Reduces the enemy's block proficiency in (600) points
    2 loads: Reduces the armor of the enemy in (450) points
    3 loads: Reduces the collection of enemy power received after impacts in a (50) %
    4 loads: reduces the effectiveness of the enemy regeneration in a 40 %
    5 loads: reduces the effectiveness of enemy offensive and defensive skills in a 40 %
    6 loads: Reduces the enemy attack in (250) points
    Each burden causes a degeneration of (100) points per second

    The body of Blackheart gives particular resistance energy (400) points throughout the combat
    To be a dimensional, no poison can damage it, so he has total immunity to poison
    Having no soul, Blackheart is immune to any judgment of Ghost Rider and its effects
    He is the son of the king of the hellish flames, so it is completely immune to the cold and its effects
    Strong attacks
    It has a 40% to get a load of regeneration that retrieves (200) life points per second for 5 seconds
    Super attacks
    Super attack 1 "Go for their soul"

    Blackheart launches two energy blasts, one after another, to finish with an orb of dark energy that launches toward the opponent
    95 % to cause Power Burn, that burns instantly a 30 % of the actual power of the enemy, and causes a proportional damage to the power burned to the enemy
    Super attack 2 "Recognize my superiority" (
    Blackheart materializes an energy whip, which his the opponent 3 times before throwing a beam of energy directly in the face
    85 % to cause Power Burn, that burns instantly a 50 % of the actual power of the enemy, and causes a proportional damage to the power burned to the enemy
    Super attack 3 "Obey me"
    Blackheart took the telekinesis to bring the opponent to him, when in range, Blackheart takes it from the face and drains their vital energy, then launch the enemy on the other side of the battlerealm
    95 % to cause Power Burn, that burns instantly a 60 % of the present power of the enemy, and causes a proportional damage to the power burned to the enemy
    If a super attack manages to burn the enemy's power and leave it in the 0 % of its maximum power, then Blackheart gain an edge of power pouring
    Power pouring
    Allows you to get a 50 % of the maximum power after 8 seconds
    Generated malignant with Mephisto
    The regenerative abilities of the dimensional beings of the team increase their effectiveness in a 50 %
    Incorrompible will with Daredevil classic classic Spider-man ,
    Daredevil / Spider-man: The skills of evasion increase their effectiveness a 10 %
    Blackheart: Attacks media have a 45% chance of activate fury, which increases the damage on the basis of a 5 %
    Between good and evil with Punisher, Wolverine
    Punisher: His ability "painless" lasts for 5 more seconds before disappearing
    Wolverine: Regenerative abilities last 4 seconds more before disappearing
    Blackheart: Each burden of fear causes 30 points more than degenerative damage
  • Taxman666Taxman666 Posts: 103
    U guys make me so proud!!!
    I luv this page.

    Kabam Worthy
  • doctordoomdoctordoom Posts: 261
    We really need red skull! Maybe add him and zemo! In a huge Hydra update
  • Personally, I would like the following Champions added to MCOC

    1: Dr. Doom
    2: Adam Warlock
    3: The Fantastic Four
    4: Kraven the Hunter
    5: The Morning
    6: Super Skrull
    7: Chameleon
    8: Red Skull
    9: The Mandarin
    10: Mojo
    11: Mister Sinister
    12: Beta Rey Bill
    13: Lockjaw
    14: Serpent(Cul Borson)
    15: Firestar
  • ArrowstreamArrowstream Posts: 154
    Captain Britian
    Human Torch
    Emma Frost
    Judge Dread
    Corvus Glaive
    Ebony Maw
    Ancient One
    Black Knight
    Black Tarantula
    Infinity War Machine
    Spiderman 2099
    Marvel Legacy Falcon
    Squirl Girl
    Doctor Doom
    Invisible girl
    Silver Surfer
  • Scarlett_Scarlett_ Posts: 273
    Gonna start with 8 suggestions of each gender in MY OPINION :

    Female characters:
    White tiger
    Black cat
    Emma frost

    Male characters:

    Mr Hyde
    Silver surfer

    And just for fun squirrel girl lmao makes me laugh every time

    There’s obviously other mentions that are more suitable but there’s a few of the top of my head I’d like to see , we defiantly need to some fantastic 4 in the near future.

  • He should only be Op against Metal characters like BLADE OP! But against others he should be above average

    Awakened abbilite if against Metal characters, he has x% to put on Bended Steal, it suns the opponent for X seconds

    Sp1, changed animations, he squishes his hands together and Metal opponents get squished, unblockeble (for metals) stun and agility reduction

    SP2 same

    Sp3 same

    And other stuff you want to add
  • Roderic_frostRoderic_frost Posts: 4
    I want to see Emma Frost and Mr. sinister
  • Roderic_frostRoderic_frost Posts: 4
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    Add Emma Frost. Thanks

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  • Please add Jessica Jones to the Contest!
    She is the only Defender not in thd Context.
  • Taxman666Taxman666 Posts: 103
    Thank u Roderic. U get it.
    We luv pics.
    They add to the points...
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