Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • Please add Jessica Jones to the Contest!
    She is the only Defender not in thd Context.
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    Thank u Roderic. U get it.
    We luv pics.
    They add to the points...
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    Yes yes yes.luv the pic
    I concur.
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    Spider-Man Noir (Mystic/Skill) not a super evasive Spidey but a Noir Monthly Quest with any of the Noir bosses could be pretty cool.
  • Hi everyone, I am new on this forum so please forgive me if I happen to make an insensitive comment.

    Hawkeye should have Precision and Shock added to his abilities of Bleed, Power Drain and Hemorrhage.
    When attacking in a combo, Hawkeye should have a 70% chance to gain precision in his attacks and hence boost his critical rate for 8 seconds. Come on, the greatest marksman does not have Precision as an ability? That sounds ridiculous.

    Moreover, Shock should come in handy during Special 1: EMP Arrow. After knocking the opponent back, he proceeds to shoot an arrow with delivers high damage as well as bleed and shock damage over time. I was also hoping to see a cooler combo for his attacks such as performing a knockback blow with his bow, a swift kick to the lower body, before shooting his array of arrows. He really needs to be able to show off the variety of arrows he owns, that way he can unleash his true power in battle with Poison, Freeze, Burn, Bleed, and Shock damage along with Armor Break. :)
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    Please add Jessica Jones 😭😭
  • Mystic, she should transform into a random character for her bar abilities, and do their ability. She will stay as that character for 20 seconds or so. Her awakened ability should be to gain the person whom she shapeshifts into’s awakened ability while they are in use. Her heavy move should be to back flip and charge with a knife. When she charges she hits with her knife, and for the rest of her flurry, kick straight, turn kick, back flip (kind of like in the new black panthers heavy.), upstrike with knife.
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    More interesting pics coming your way!

    Spider-Man 2099(Miguel O'hara)(Both)
    Deadpool the duck
    Galacta(Daughter of Galactus)
    (Symbiote fight)(Just for fun!)
    Carnage cosmic
    The Doppelganger(Spider-doppelganger)
    Proemial Gods
    Fear Lords
    Atum the God Eater
    Blackheart(Update pic!)
    Absorbing man
    The Sinister Syndicate


  • Taxman666Taxman666 Posts: 103
    Man I missed u...
  • rogueKlyntarrogueKlyntar Posts: 260
    OMG not to be a buzzkill but I don't think anybody more obscure than Legion ought to be added. I was disappointed when they added Punisher 2099 and Howard the Duck; they need to focus on the more recognizable ones, like Emma Frost, Toad, Shocker, Kitty Pryde, Red Skull, Mystique, Quicksilver, or even semi-recognizable like Quentin Quire. We don't wwant no Batroc the Leaper!
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    edited March 2018
    Western Ghost Rider/ Phantom Rider

  • Morph(mutant) every special turn into someone else use they're specials each special different character and buff or debuff maybe change into different mutants only, or if playing map change into characters fought previous on the story and quest modes and war
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    Haber como buen fan de Marvel que persojanes quieron que salgan pues facil, todos los 4 fantasticos y de villano claro el doctor Doom , otro personaje puede ser odin , oh si no tambien craneo rojo ojala marvel pueda ver este comentario y poner pronto a todos estos personajes es mi gran sueño
  • 1. Doctor Doom
    2. Fantastic Four
    3. Lizard
    4. Mysterio
    5. Silver Surfer
    6. Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet
    7. Quicksilver
    8. Many X-Men
  • 1. Banshee
    2. Baron Zemo
    3. Abraham Van Helsing
    4. Absorbing Man
    5. Adam Warlock
    6. Abyss
    7. Anti-Venom (!)
    8. Apocalypse
    9. Arnim Zola
    10. Blackheart
    11. Bulls eye
    12. Blue Marvel
    13. Captain Universe (!)
    14. Daken
    15. Cosmic Hulk
    16. Doppelganger (!)
    17. Executioner
    18. Firelord
    19. Glob (!)
    20. Graviton (!)
    21. Hellion
    22. Hobgoblin (!)
    23. Jack Flag
    24. Jack O'Lantern
    25. Mister Hyde (!)
    26. Molten Man
    27. Nova (!)
    28. Sandman (!)
    29. Scorpion
    30. Shocker
    31. Skaar
    32. Toxin (!)
    33. Union Jack
    34. Spider-Man Noir (!!)
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    Concept for Dr. Doom

    I think the defining characteristic of Doom as a character is he can acquire the powers of other foes, no matter how omnipotent they may seem.

    1. If the enemy executes a special attack, any abilities associated with that attack are copied onto Doom's special.
    For instance, if Hawkeye does an L1 and Doom blocks it or parries it, the power drain and bleed effect is added to Doom's sp1. These extra effects persist from fight to fight, thus Doom can add more and more effects to his specials.
    Example 2: if Doom blocked or parried Hyperion's sp2, stun chance and armor break are added to Doom's sp2.

    2. some form of power-steal/power-lock/buff steal. (maybe the chance to steal the buff increases as the enemy's power meter increases)

    3. second SP3 in a row:
    Doom sacrifices his teammates to deal an extra X direct damage to the opponent, where X is the combined health of his teammates (this takes into consideration lost health. thus the player has to heal-up in order to deal the maximum amount of damage)
    *note that this is a modified sp3 that can only occur if it is the second sp3 executed in a row, mainly so the player can choose not to sacrifice his teammates. Now I know what you're thinking...."this is stupid. Why would i sacrifice his teammates? Wouldn't it be better to just fight with them?" Yes i understand. It is highly situational, but think about instances where they would die anyway? Like maybe if Doom had resistance/immunity to degen and his teammates didn't, i think this ability would be beneficial. (plus the real reason for this ability will become apparent in a future post i will make, so stay tuned.)

    4. Doom is infamous for stealing the powers of vastly powerful beings. So my idea is: if Doom loses a large percentage of his hp from a single strike, whether he blocked it or not, he gains a burst of regen and he has a chance to permanently add to his base attack and hp. (kinda similar to Nebula's regen but with an extra effect) This added attack and hp persists until the end of the quest or war. Thus the strategy vs Doom is to use low power characters with DoTs such as Wolverine in the same way he is used versus Rage paths.

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    What about a new Deadpool for when Deadpool 2 comes out? Can’t get OG Deadpool as a 5*, and X-Force Deadpool as a 5* or 6* is useless..
  • You Guys Should Try these out

    1.Titanuim Man (from iron man)
    2.Crimson Dynamo (from iron man)
    3.Whiplash (from iron man)
    4.Green Goblin (Harry Osborn)
    5.Anti Venom
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    Characters that must be in the MARVEL: CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS P.1
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    Characters that must be in the MARVEL: CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS P.2
  • JOPAROJOPARO Posts: 15
    Characters that must be in the MARVEL: CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS P.3
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    Ok. Joparo. You get it...
    We luv the pics
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    it's impossible
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    Characters that must be in the MARVEL: CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS P.4
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