Silent Spider-Man symbiote buff



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    @Kabam Miike So why is Nightcrawler excluded from this? I can understand the logic behind it, but you left one character out of it. I'm trying to understand these changes. They aren't included in the change log even though they are disruptive to certain strategies. I would almost believe it was left out due to him being a Mutant and Karnak and Killmonger are disadvantaged which seems to be the design philosophy these days, but that leaves out Cable. Doesn't this still cause issues with True Strike?
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    Hey All,

    I know there has been a lot of talk about "silent nerfs" and changes going around today. While some of them are bugs, or performance related, this one is an intentional change that did not make it into the patch notes.. We missed including this in the patch notes, and while we do make every effort to ensure that we tell you about every change before it goes live, this one did slip through the cracks. Nevertheless, we are sorry about not getting you this information before it went live.

    When we made the change to True Strike to make it more effective against Auto-Block, we also updated the way evasion worked so True Strike would work against it. This change created a problem with anyone that tried to copy the Buff. The solution that we came up with was to make it a Passive Buff so that it could not be copied.

    While this change may make a few Champions less effective against another small group of Champions in specific ways, on a larger level this change is a buff to underused Champions such as Spider-Man (Symbiote), Spider-Gwen, and Howard the Duck.

    We apologize to everyone for the unintended omission of this change from the patch notes, and appreciate everyone that pointed this out to us! We have already discussed internal process changes that we will be making to better ensure that we don't have oversights like this again.

    Constructive criticism : these slip up's happen a lot more often then they should and we would appreciate it more transparency. Also side note since you guys finally fixed beta testing please keep it going and keep it fixed

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    while I appreciate the explanation, this by definition is not a bug fix because it was always working as intended. but the game has moved in a direction that makes it so you need to make a change to a player that changes his ability.
    I completely accept that you need to move in a different direction with sym spiderman, but is a nerf. regardless of whether or not he is under utilized now, it makes a nerf not to him but to any one using nullifiers like scarlet witch. it used to be that you could parry and chance nullify, now you cannot. this drastically changes the way we have to fight any sym spiderman.

    also, I don't see a problem in replicating or stealing his ability. It was fun and interactive to do. there was strategy behind doing it. hits just keep coming.
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    Really hoping you'll wise up and deal with these issues the way you should. My decision about getting that Deadpool and entering the arena hangs in the balance.
  • DrainsDrains Posts: 158
    So will Dr.Voodoo nullify evade now ?
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    Where's the bs button? Oh! LOL! I see it.
  • So you changed the mechanics, but no rdt for oh I don’t know... rogue, Loki etc. all of which didn’t need to be nerfed....... kabam throw us a bone
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    So I guess y’all missed the note that Drax will no longer hit Mordo after parry stun. Lol. Y’all are a freakin joke!! Keep digging that hole. Can’t wait till y’all lay in it!
  • Supa420Supa420 Posts: 11
    Oh and I never had any problem with true strike against any evade. Worked just fine. Come up with a better **** story!!
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