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    Tmm1224 wrote: »
    Due to removing Diversity will we be getting full rank down tickets since a lot of champs have been ranked for just that?

    Mike already stated no to tickets, take take take but no giving back as usual.
  • Archit_Tandon498Archit_Tandon498 Posts: 325 ★★
    Oh great, now we are never gonna get rank down tickets.

    Kabam can always say that hey we changed this cause it wasn't giving us enough money so eff you that you ranked this champ and he isn't useful anymore but hey we aren't gonna give you and RDTs since we might revert these changes in a decade or two so be patient and keep giving us money.
  • Zuko_ILCZuko_ILC Posts: 1,319 ★★★★
    Oh great, now we are never gonna get rank down tickets.

    Kabam can always say that hey we changed this cause it wasn't giving us enough money so eff you that you ranked this champ and he isn't useful anymore but hey we aren't gonna give you and RDTs since we might revert these changes in a decade or two so be patient and keep giving us money.

    The meta has changed.....
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    CeresCPH wrote: »
    8 weeks season + 2 weeks break = 10 weeks

    4 weeks season + 2 weeks break + 4 weeks season + 2 weeks break = 12 weeks.

    But the rewards are the same. So basically you nerfed the rewards (when considering rewards over time) and at the same time made AW harder.

    Care to explain, @Kabam Miike?

    Bro last season there was a 4-week break. This time there's 2 and going forward there will be 2. So it's not any shorter.

    8 week season + 4 week break + 8 week seasons +2 week break = 22 weeks
    4 week season +2 week break + 4 week season + 2 week break + 4 week season + 2 week break + 4 week season = 22 weeks.

    Unless I'm missing something, it'll balance out to be the same. You just get season rewards payed out at more frequent intervals: every month instead of every 2 months.
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    In Kabams mind, alliances don't need to hit 100% exploration. However, in actuality, AW is so competitive it just means we have to spend more to win. Great solution.
  • XtremeMachineXtremeMachine Posts: 31
    It is clear, kabam has no idea what to do with war so they just said F it, let them bring their strongest defenders, let them fail as the money comes pouring in.
    You create more problems than you fix, you know that right?
    Instead of a leveled playing field that diversity provided, you just doomed everyone to Ironman:Infinity War hell! You can bet your ass allys will be putting all the ones they have on all those new minibosses nodes.
    AW is already seen as a chore and not worth the effort, just like AQ, these are not fun events. You've taken the fun out of the game and I can see why the "B" word is being thrown around today. 2* wars for everyone!!! Lol
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    Look how this took the attention away from other issues that people were bringing up. Seems like when they get overrun by one issue, they bring up another to take the attention away. Wonder whats next?
  • I am really struggling with trying to be positive, @Kabam Miike . I still like the idea I had of tiering item use based on difficulty, or better yet, eliminating them altogether.

    You can not continue to change the meta of the game w/o offering the player base ways to adjust (RDT). Expecting folks to have to adjust by spending/grinding while major changes are applied are hurting this game.

    I suggest for some type of third party intervention, like a seat on the board (many companies do this as part of restructuring), that basically injects empathy to the devs.

    Actions taken are callous and insensitive; and you are not coming to the negotiating table. We need an independent arbitor because some people are addicted and therefore, need someone to intervene on said behalf. Especially when it’s a possibility that children play, you need to be responsible and IMHO tread softly lest you incur government intervention (I.e. Battlefront 2). The Star Wars IP is precious to the community and why such an uproar, Marvel is also a precious IP to us; don’t think you won’t get same attention. I just ask for some empathy, you wouldn’t want to be a player in this multiverse

    I honestly don't think any of the devs or "support agents" actually play the game. Video game addiction is a real case-studied disease. These changes have a clear intent to further grab more cash from those who are already trapped in their addiction to this game. I for one will never spend another penny on this game. I will remain FTP...i don't care if I lose a war or complete a map. However, I feel a lot of empathy for those that feel compelled to waste their money on the game that actually offers a product of no value. No one is representing them.
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    Kabam just do whatever tf they want to do, removing diversity when we clearly ranked champs so we could have a more diverse team. I seriously think, it's time to put Kabam in its rightful place. Enough of this bs, kabam have cemented their place as a money hungry company who only cares about money, and not their player base. This will cost you heavy. It's time we all join together, and teach this company a lesson. Oh, and you can delete my post if you want. I'll just post it again. You cannot silence us. You delete our comments not because we break the rules, but because we are right. You are guilty.
  • Tmm1224Tmm1224 Posts: 14
    Seems like we are getting screwed over. I am ok with making some changes “Some” but when you come up with diversity and have everyone ranking useless champs then take it away, you should at least make that part of it right! Do something positive that helps
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    What about SYNERGY ! When is this going to be addressed ? I'm really not happy with the flip flopping on diversity, this was working fine, wars were working fine for those who played by the TOS. Nothing worse than advising someone to rank up a spidergwen to help with diversity only to find out the next day it's being eliminated.

    As far as 100% completion goes, everyone shoots for that win or lose for the points towards season standings anyway. Now it's just going to cost more to maintain position and there is a net loss in rewards due to downtime between seasons.

    You guys should focus on fixing the things that aren't working or buffing more champs instead of what you're doing now.
  • Pddp1369Pddp1369 Posts: 13
    @Kabam Miike I’m sure everyone is going to wonder the answer to this question. But can we get a look at what the rewards will be for the season rankings for alliance war?
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    NinjAlan wrote: »
    NevvB wrote: »
    So you made the nodes harder, any changes in rewards?

    The rewards have not changed (aside from Season rewards being halved to match the change in length). This is because Alliances were still finding these Maps far too easy. The goal of these changes is to put an end to the near 100% of wars ending in 100% Exploration.

    If the rewards are halved, but there's now an extra 2 weeks between the seasons, this would actually net less rewards over the same length of time

    If Kabam made the season longer instead of shorter, you wouldn't be giving them credit for handing out more rewards.
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    Im ryl one to get rank Down ticket rank so many champ op for devisty Not im never gone use Them @Kabam Miike why is it it always du thah is it becasse of the money u get of it get out of thah. bs.
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    I rank up some champs just thinking about defense diversity in AW. They ware not my first choice but because some members of my ally had stonger good champs,because of diversity I rank diferent champs than the one they have
    Rank down tickets are needed to make some justice here,in order for us to rank up the true good champs up and the more mediocre down

  • KeonexKeonex Posts: 102
    If you want to make it more difficult to 100% complete, why not remove items and methods of payment?

    You bring 5 champs instead and there is no reviving/pots allowed. This would highlight true skill.

    Also, add prove yourself to mini bosses.
  • loganbubloganbub Posts: 17
    will they ever fix the defensive synergies?
  • Jlemos818Jlemos818 Posts: 82
    My dog ate my wallet can't spend $ on units anymore.. Sorry kabam diversity was a good way of mixing it up deciding strategically on champion placement now war maps will be boring same champs over and over....:(
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    So I feel everyone should just place 2* on defense, 100% every map, and not spend anything on potions? Seems like a reasonable protest to the upcoming changes. Especially since I know a lot of guys out there ranked up a lot of pitiful champs to maintain diversity, myself included. Kabam is tone deaf in their approach and I haven't even got to check out the MD changes. I dread seeing what they are. I think it's time to go FTP, maybe even solo.

    I laughed at first but then thought this actually isn't a bad idea.
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    DNA3000 wrote: »
    Riegel wrote: »
    I don’t see any solve for the 2* problem?

    Actually, this does have a solution to it baked in. While we're also going to be making sure this is something we continue to monitor for, and act on, 2-Star Wars only became effective towards the end of a Season when there was no need to worry about moving up or down. This is no longer the case, because there is no time when you are "safe" anymore.

    I'm sorry, but say what? The point to colluding with your opponent to place trivial defenses is that both sides maximize their points in that war while spending no potions. This doesn't just increase points and save potions, the act of saving those potions also potentially makes them stronger in any way they fight where there is no collusion and the fight is an actual competitive fight.

    I'm not sure precisely what you're thinking here, but whatever it is, it is wrong. Collusion always benefits both alliances colluding provided both agree which alliance would have won. At higher tiers where there are fewer alliances, there are more obvious mismatches, more certainty about who has the higher probability of winning, and greater benefits to collusion. This has nothing to do with what point during the season you are in. If collusion was actually legal, it would be beneficial to do this throughout the entire season whenever the opportunity arose.

    He's right you know.
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