New 19.0 update phone problems [Merged Threads]



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    KpatrixKpatrix Posts: 1,055 ★★★
    Latest generation iPad. Game randomly resets after about 15 minutes of gameplay, but what is really pissing me off is other apps I have to use for work are now hanging up when I go to load them and forcing a restart. This is happening with my PDF app and company scheduling app as well. Battery life is also way down.
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    UniversalWarriorUniversalWarrior Posts: 12
    Iphone 6s
    Ios 11.4
    Carrier - Airtel
    WiFi and carrier both used
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    ZzSkyWaveszZZzSkyWaveszZ Posts: 37
    Any more update on this heating issue @Kabam Miike it is been 3days i couldn't play mcoc kinda disappointed:(((
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    LygarLygar Posts: 2
    iPhone 8
    iOS 11
    Phone overheats, battery life shortened. Phone only 8 months old.
    Prior to update gameplay was all was fine.
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    Still happening

    iPhone 7
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    AngelicsignAngelicsign Posts: 391 ★★
    Now i am trying to play slightly longer by dimming my phone... indeed it is not so hot, but the game crashed in the middle of the fight, phone screen shows the iphone loading icon, and it shut down the game, back to main screen.

    Ios 11.4
    Cellular network.
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    Mikea117Mikea117 Posts: 96
    Basically if you’re using iOS in any way shape or form there won’t be a solution in the near future. My iPhone 7+ is updated to 11.4 and due to the overheating the top of my phone has started to bend. My battery is draining ridiculously fast and the game shuts down and shuts my phone down 10-15 minutes into game play. If I play 20 minutes or longer I can’t even touch my phone due to how hot it is. Even with my case. This is absolutely insane and now almost any iOS user will lose out on rewards due to the fact their device can be permanently damaged and can’t be played. It’s basically pointless to play now until it’s resolved.
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    Gohan2606Gohan2606 Posts: 21
    I am using iOS 12 beta phone still overheats not as much as 11.4
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    Gjeodet1Gjeodet1 Posts: 14
    We tried the @Kabam Miike fix but it only extended the gameplay from 10-15 mins to 25-30mins but it still does get very hot / thats not a temporary fix at all that’s only hey can you “duck” your iPhone for 10mins more ? Very amateur support team ! Even my brother found a way to make it last to 1-2 hours of gameplaying and he’s only 17years old but very talented! If you want the way i want 10k in $ and my iPhone 7 that died from your app / I already bought a s9 but i need my phone back ;) kisses
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    VoluntarisVoluntaris Posts: 1,198 ★★★
    Not sure if it helps, but with this update I noticed that the loading screen is at a much higher frame rate than it has ever been in the past. Maybe loading screen and possibly other areas no longer have frame rates capped?
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    FLYERFLYER Posts: 66
    Just updated to ios 12 and still the same problem, overheating the phone
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    hershawnhershawn Posts: 2
    Iphone X
    IOS 11.4

    The issue started after patch 19. The phone overheats and the battery is draining twice as fast.
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    RsonblRsonbl Posts: 1
    iPhone 6 iOS 11.4. Game overheats my phone after 5 min at the 10min. It shuts down the phone due to temp.
    I find the lag is consistent through the gameplay to the point the game is unplayable.
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    MyonMyon Posts: 7
    edited July 2018
    IPAD AIR1 esta travando e aquecendo. o LOad entre as arenas esta demorando mais que o normal .
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    IcsGrecIcsGrec Posts: 919 ★★★
    edited July 2018
    iPhone 7+
    Wifi and Cellular ( I think on cellular it's a bit worse)
    iOS 11.4

    Playing for more than 20 mins heats the phone so bad that you can prepare eggs & bacon on it
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    Guest777Guest777 Posts: 2
    Device and Model: Lenovo Note K8

    Device Operating System: Android 7.1.1

    Cellular or WiFi: both

    Game Version Installed: 19

    Game Mode: Story Quests, Event Quests, Arena, Alliance Quest and Alliance War.

    Description of the Issue: slow fps when fighting, overheating on my phone after few minutes, game slowing down, loosing champ in war and quest.

    You must provide heath position or just slove the issue asap.
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    Campo4Campo4 Posts: 141
    IPhone SE (6s)
    Happened on 11.3
    Then I upgraded to 11.4 and still happening

    I was doing my 3rd path of LOL. The phone felt hotter than normal but I just thought maybe it was my phone. Had a great try (220+ hits) going on Ultron when I got the black screen and spinning white circle - the phone reset, the last revive was wasted and HP of Ultron was back to where it was.

    Then it happened two fights later on Venom.

    I finished the run but concluded my phone was getting old.

    Then I started reading this thread. I have since deleted the app from my phone and only play on my iPad Pro now. Like others, when the game was active I was having issues with performance of other apps - like Line wouldn’t even open, etc.
    My phone is absolutely fine now. I can use other apps which require a lot of power and play other mobile games even when the phone is charging and it doesn’t overheat as long as MCOC is uninstalled.

    There is a very clear correlation to this update and these issues - just read this thread. It’s not enough evidence to say “well it’s not happening to me so it must be your phone” when so many people have the same story starting the day the update came out. I’m not buying a new phone 2 months before my plan expires just for this game, but perhaps it wouldn’t happen on an iPhone X.

    I’ve done the adult thing and uninstalled the app. I make moves for my alliance on my iPad when I have WiFi.
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    Mystic_ReaperMystic_Reaper Posts: 50
    Please give an update @Kabam Miike @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Vydious or anyone.
    AQ is starting soon enough and it’s bad enough having the game freeze, glitch or crash in normal play. It will cause another uproar if it happens in aq or war costing resources or kills due to this issue.
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    Gohan2606Gohan2606 Posts: 21
    Well @Kabam Miike @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Loto there was mention the other day of a fix possible what happened to that because people are unable to play or risk losing their phones
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    DrdifferentDrdifferent Posts: 30
    edited July 2018
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    Xthea9Xthea9 Posts: 829 ★★
    edited July 2018
    The issue with restart the phone or iPad, is with iOS update, kabam update isn’t the only reason for this issue.

    I have observed this same issue before kabam 19.0 update, way before so either the beta version that introduced in between the release has some bad codes which got pushed in the production with the release or iOS has something to do with this . It’s definitely not with the 19.0 release codes.
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    3 days and still nothing??????
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    SligSlig Posts: 357 ★★
    Does it really surprise you?
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    tonyj007tonyj007 Posts: 276
    start reading from page 31 , Update is there.
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    Y0shY0sh Posts: 27
    tonyj007 wrote: »
    start reading from page 31 , Update is there.

    To be fair the updates are basically saying they have no idea what’s wrong and asked for community help.

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    igotgame1075igotgame1075 Posts: 49
    I never had any type of issues until v19 update across multiple devices.
    You can’t tell me Kablam doesn’t have a testing environment where they can load different vm’s of OS’s to perform platform testing against. This is IT support 101. Even with this small sample size, it is evident of a much larger issue considering that not everyone that plays the game is going to log in to their support page to complain.
    Roll back the UI changes.
    I’ve spent close to $1000 on this game and won’t be dropping another dime until they release a fix to this. Smh
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    GeisønGeisøn Posts: 39
    I upgraded to iOS 12. It's still warming up. It takes a little longer, even though it keeps warming up and leaving the iphone slow. It seems that the ram capacity of the iphones is no longer supportive of the game.
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    SuperFarzSuperFarz Posts: 166
    Still no fix after few days? Actually not surprised. Worst part is I have no faith in Kabam support fixing it in a timely manner. Of all issues this one should have been noticed before bringing in this current patch. Very frustrating....
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