AQ Bracket Issue [Resolved: Compensation Given]



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    @Kabam Zibiit

    Are we supposed to claim these sweet rewards for normal bracket? As much as I love me some map 1 crystals, I don’t want to lose out on the crystals and glory I’m supposed to get (really need the glory now though)
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    We also got [email protected]@M€D again
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    R4GE wrote: »
    Everyone needs to relax. Yeah, it sucks. Oh well. The explanation is likely tied to the delay of the new AQ system. They probably thought everything was back in order when they restored the previous system and apparently someone missed something. They have the data as to where you landed last week somewhere. They will figure it out. In the mean time, play the game and wait. Getting all bent out of shape isn't gonna fix anything. You know someone who works there is never gonna hear the end of this. Personally, I think it would be wise to shut it down, and reset the whole of AQ to start tomorrow with everything restored. Letting it run as is will likely drive half the player base insane. They could just as likely wait til the end of the cycle and reward everyone what they got the previous week. Which would blow for us as we were directly effected by the server drop. Just the same, I'd take it. As long as we get all we got last week and whatever we earned from the little BS Normal rewards, I'd be fine with it. The ONLY thing that's irritating me is the need for 3 players to start the next BG, as they've always rectified situations like this in the past. The rewards will be handled. Just needing 3 players to start a BG is the main thorn in our side for my Alliance. That's why I feel it would be wise to just shut down AQ and reset to start tomorrow. We shall see how this plays out,

    You talk as if everyones frustration is of this failure alone. This just adds to the last 2 weeks of bugs and issues

    Everyone has a right to be venting right now

    This is crazy one after another
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    SvtMike wrote: »
    To any moderator or concerned Kabam employee,

    Is there any testing before changes are made? These past few weeks have been utterly disappointing for the community as a whole. I am sure that the community would appreciate a working game will be better than any pitiful compensation you can come up with, keep in mind there is nothing meaningful actually purchased from this game. What is your plan forward? I personally would like to have more clarity and transparency in what the plans are moving forward. Right now, to me, it seems that you care very little for your customer base.

    They never test anything. Or they do, but it's not related to release of their updates and changes. They just beta test their ideas and concepts.
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    Kabam kabam kabam... fails, fails and again fails.
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    We are in the wrong bracket as well. Now with everything going on send those rank down tickets.
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    Well done Kabam, you're absolutely PATHETIC!!!!! How many mess ups in a week is this now?
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    How can this be? So many mistakes... so much disappontment.
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    Kabaam you should just shut AQ down right now. That will solve one problem. Then all alliances won’t be sitting wondering the the heck to do!
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    Different day, same old Kabam. Another week, another screw up.
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    This forum needs some sort of mechanism to either filter only posts from a moderator or a quick-link to moderator posts in a thread. Ridiculous having to go through all of these merged together threads just to find out “we’re looking into this.”

    Be better Kabam. Be better.
  • Forever Beta.
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    Pure incompetence. Things happen, but the amount of BS lately has reached the ceiling. I’ve never asked for compensation, despite all the shenanigans, but I think Kabam is pushing the edge of everyone’s limits these last couple of weeks. Gone are the months of summoner appreciation. It looks like MCOC depreciation is here to stay.
    Screensshotted for Reddit and Google so it can’t be wiped off the forum and forgotten.
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    Is anyone else in wrong AQ reward tier we finished in expert and now we are in normal somehow.
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    Same here. Placed us in normal :(
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    This is ridiculous! 19.0 has been a disaster guys. Do you not freaking test your game.
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    3 members needed to open the next group as well.
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    At this point, are any of you really surprised that something else has happened?

    It's abundantly clear these guys do not test their patches and updates before release.
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    @Kabam Miike as the game continues to crash during fights do we even dare spending on alliance potions being that the AQ rewards are where they are at currently? Or will using potions be a waste of resources?
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    3 members needed to open the next group as well.

    Needing 3 members isnt a bug. Normal tier always required it. Kabam does need to address this though when new AQ starts and there isnt brackets at that time. Because most alliances will not be happy if it remains at 3.
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    Why do we fall from the expert to the normal?@Kabam mike
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    3 days ago i wrote is there any thing that this company can do without problem ios update aq brackets server issues and forum mods that even dont know the game as much as a new starter.

    İf i owned this company certainly i would dismiss them all really shame for such a big and famous company.

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    Our alliance tier has been changed from expert to normal in this AQ is this the new change you guys pushing for in Alliance quest or you all great guys at kabam joking with us
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    Karakanli wrote: »
    Stop Merging Threads
    Stop Investigating
    Start Fixing your Game and stop pushing out bs to your victims.... argh id like to say costumers, but... why should I do this.
    Its unbelievable really man...

    How exactly do you want them to fix the problems if they aren't allowed to investigate? @Karakanli
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    Thing is none of us is normal tier, but we’re stuck in it. We haven’t been normal tier in well over a year.
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    Prestige 6741 and rank 12## in expert last week (due to not finishing day 1 due to emergency maintenance, normally rank 150-300) and now we in normal tier and we need 3 in each bg before opening the next one? What's happened kabam? Are we going to get our missed glory for this week? Or are you going to skip it like you have in the emergency maintenance compensation?
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