New 19.0 update phone problems [Merged Threads]



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    Duke_SilverDuke_Silver Posts: 2,421 ★★★★
    Device: iPhone 7
    IOS version: 11.4
    Problems: While my phone only gets moderately hot, occasionally my screen freezes and my buttons become unresponsive. Some apps I open don’t load until I open it 3 times. I am able to force restart, then most of the problems are gone. Regardless these 1.9 repercussions are unacceptable and quite disappointing. Please fix your game Kabam.
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    ChenChen Posts: 115
    Priest64 wrote: »
    This problem happens on Android also! The phone gets hot, and when the phone is hot? The game freezes, and lag like crazy! Ever since the 19.0 update this problem is something that I cannot ignore anymore! I'm not here to bash KABAM, but I really want a solution to this. Do I have to get a newer phone just to play a game I love? My phone is fairly recent, but some would call it old!

    Device model: ZTE Blade Max Z
    WiFi and Mobile Network.
    Android 7.1.1

    I really you guys are working on a patch to fix this, or do I need to get a new phone?
    Also, does DRAM memory have anything to do with how the game lags?? And what would be your minimum specs for DRAM memory for to play your game?

    Thank you,


    You’re phone is most likely going into safety mode because it’s overheating. The cpu throttles (runs At a slower speed) to try to reduce the heat build up thus doesn’t have the proper power to run the game. Does the game run smooth for a couple of fights then you start to see the game performance go down as your phone heats up? Wait for them to address the problem before spending money on a broken game - iPhone X users are also having the same issues.
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    BlntzOvrAcesBlntzOvrAces Posts: 5
    Same issues to report. iPhone 7
    IOS 11.3
    Please do not focus (blame) IOS 11.4 because most reports of the issue run 11.4
    Perhaps, just maybe, most people run the latest version is all.
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    zhalimzhalim Posts: 1
    i using iphone 5s with iOS 11,4 and the game lag like crazy now since new update, whether iphone 5s is not compatible anymore with this game?
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    gabmucs_MYgabmucs_MY Posts: 143
    @zhalim its the game itself. Phone overheat now Aq bracket f’ed up. Lets just delete the game tho seriously. They are in a big mess
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    KarinshiKarinshi Posts: 280 ★★
    edited July 2018
    iPad mini 4 - iOS 11.4 - V19.0
    heating after 20-30m of game play, no shut down or anything massive, but! load time is x2 or x3 (after overheating), while fighting the fps is capped at 15 or something = missing parry and evades= deaths=angry customer, that 3 energy refills you gonna compensate us with keep it for yourself....... SMH
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    GlidarnGlidarn Posts: 7
    Why is this taking so long??? I have iPhone 7 with the latest update on the phone and l can be on 5 min then it’s super hot and the battery is draining so fast to. Are you guys buying us new phones? Work faster
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    BeagleBeagle Posts: 5
    edited July 2018
    OS - Android 8.0
    Device Model - Galaxy S7 Edge
    Carrier - AT&T
    Wifi or Cellular Network - WiFi

    Ever since the update my phone battery has been draining quickly.
    I enabled power saving mode, but it has not helped out the situation. The device also gets hotter than it used to when using the Contest of Champions app.

    As for the game itself, it has become glitchy and unresponsive in all game modes. A few examples:
    - the game just stays loading at the title screen and needs to be shut down and opened again
    - clicking on map nodes in Alliance Quest or the Antman Event Quest would not select a path for the icon to move and would just make the screen zoom in
    - clicking the help box on Arena champions takes a long time to process
    - attempting to dash in a fight just does a medium hit
    - fights in all modes have moments with extreme lag and occasionally the game has frozen when this happens
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    Mr_PlatypusMr_Platypus Posts: 2,779 ★★★★★
    If we ever needed evidence you don’t test your updates (not that we needed any more because it’s so ******* obvious you don’t) we have this bug which is most likely causing permanent damage to people’s phones.
    Time to pull your fingers out and take responsibility for your incompetence and start doing some overtime, I imagine that’s what most would do with this many issues going on at once.
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    Dr_Gonzo_IIIDr_Gonzo_III Posts: 24
    Seeing comments from moderators like we are looking at the interactions between the current build and IOS 11.4 seriously concerns me... do your developers not test your new builds against existing (and in this case current) operating system??
    Suggesting we try and look at upgrading to a beta version of an operating system to help diagnose issues in Live code on a platform it’s “designed” to work on feels wrong and really doesn’t give me any faith in kabams Dev/Test & release cycle.
    This game is absolutely our devices at the moment:

    iPhone 7+
    iOS 11.4
    Carrier O2
    WiFi & 4G

    I appreciate no matter how good your developers are or how robust your testing sprints are bugs in code will always slip through the net but someone should be working around the clock on this with someone providing regular, clear and concise updates to the community. Not only because it’s good business practice and customer support but because we as a community are the ones keeping you in business.. we are the ones that spend ALOT of money on this game and we are the ones that have a voice.. How many downloads do you think you have had as result of someone suggesting MCOC to their friends??

    There was a lot of talk about a boycott a few weeks ago.. there’s no need because with the current state of the game you can’t play it anyway!
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    luga123luga123 Posts: 8
    i always play ARENA now i have a problem
    i thought switching to android phone would fix it
    now for two days i feel my android is also overheating
    then starts to lag also, bad play on AQ & WAR!!!

    please let me play mcoc,
    iphone 6s 11.4 super overheating, i feel now broken, got to go to apple store to check
    huawei mate 10 PRO overheating and super lag
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    JanFunJanFun Posts: 4
    While not being able to solve the current problem with overhearing and lagging and crashing and pissing us off, there definitely shall be no quit-penalties in AQ and AW during this time. Just being kicked out in AQ... losing half of my health.
    Additionally we can’t grind arena intensively.. thus we’re not competitive against android-players.
    And what this issue does with our devices... ugh.. don’t want to think about it.

    This is really the worst nightmare you guys have ever produced.
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    Dr_Gonzo_IIIDr_Gonzo_III Posts: 24
    JanFun wrote: »
    While not being able to solve the current problem with overhearing and lagging and crashing and pissing us off, there definitely shall be no quit-penalties in AQ and AW during this time. Just being kicked out in AQ... losing half of my health.
    Additionally we can’t grind arena intensively.. thus we’re not competitive against android-players.
    And what this issue does with our devices... ugh.. don’t want to think about it.

    This is really the worst nightmare you guys have ever produced.

    It’s effectively introduced code that cripples a large % of its player base. Bad Devops 101 lol
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    luga123luga123 Posts: 8
    its really frustrating, and i really dont know what to do, if i stop playing sure i will be kicked from my alliance, if i dont grind or play i will sure be missing out on my normal rewards, but if i continue playing... sure gonna destroy my phones, and i dont like my phones to be destroyed by a game im playing for so long, yet playing mcoc is like part of my daily routine. would it be my fault if i keep on playing and permanently damage my phone? if i quit can i can i get a refund on my 7/4 purchases? or to whom do i send the bill for my phone repair if it incur permanent damage?

    please fix this guys. its not fair if others can play normally, while others suffer. specially if ur app would cause a permanent damage to my phone.

    ign: heneral luga
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    OldgearOldgear Posts: 19
    thanks to you,I’ve updated my iphone 7 to iOS 12 beta and my phone still gets overheated like hell.so admit it,it is not ios’ problem,it is your new update burns our phones.
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    RAGE2k17RAGE2k17 Posts: 13
    iPhone 7 Plus
    iOS 11.4
    Both WiFi and Cellular Network are causing that issue

    After a certain amount that MCOC is open my iphone needs an immediate restart and I can't do anything about it but restarting the device.

    Every single thing that I'm trying to do isn't working because the phone stucks to a situation only a hard reset releases it from the situation.

    That's very unprofessional from your side and I'm glad that I've seen RichTheMan video on YouTube because I almost took my phone to Apple to get it fixed !! those things worth both time and money from my side , that's very unprofessional to F*** our phones like that.
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    XxenxX5000XxenxX5000 Posts: 22
    iPhone 7s
    iOS 11.3
    WiFi and 4g

    Game unplayable after 10-15 mins. Game crashes, or worse, phone gets so hot it freezes for a few mins and reboots.

    The lack of updates or an announcement on this problem is unsurprising but still disappointing. It is happening to all other iPhone users in my alli.

    Feels like you all have your head in the sand!

    You made a load of money on July 4th...how about spending a little of it to fix this problem.
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    LeRoi_G42LeRoi_G42 Posts: 1
    iPhone 7+ IOS 11.4 , black screen , freezing , over heating, affecting line and FB , crashing during fights making me lose the round
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    tonyj007tonyj007 Posts: 276
    Hey Sud7, I apologize for any confusion or frustration this may have caused!

    I may be wrong but at first glance, this appears to be a display issue which is causing some of the game's coding language to be shown onscreen. Obviously, it is not intended to appear like that, so please try the following steps to try and correct it:

    - Perform a force-restart of the app
    - If still present, please uninstall and reinstall the app

    If the issue is still not resolved after having took these steps, please respond here by providing following information so we can look into this further for you:

    - Device make and model
    - Device Operating System (OS) and version number
    - Carrier name/ Service Provider (if applicable)
    - Have you tried accessing the game on an alternative device, and if so, was this issue present there also or does it seem to be on just the one device?

    found a update
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    BabafrigoBabafrigo Posts: 45
    its getting more frusturating now, how many days got passed without nothing
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    Dr_Gonzo_IIIDr_Gonzo_III Posts: 24
    I’m having to put my phone at risk or be kicked by my Alliance, I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation. But we’re still in the dark as to what Kabam are actually doing to rectify this major issue.

    Even if they came out and said “we have no idea what to do”, at least we could make a decision on whether to continue to put our devices at risk or give up entirely. Like everyone here I’ve put a hell of a lot of hours into this game and would hate to just walk away, but it’s that or have to buy another phone

    THIS ⬆️⬆️⬆️
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    tonyj007tonyj007 Posts: 276
    Another day still no statement or updates from support, in my company with such a large impact to users/members , possible damage to hardware . you should expect to see a update every hour. it makes you wonder what is the mind set.

    it's a shame , I really like this game , I just cant believe how its got to this state that you can't play

    there was a joke in my alliance, Next week game updates, don't start any new quest , wait for the bugs to be cleared

    Kablam when do expect to have this problem fixed
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    SeetheevilSeetheevil Posts: 66
    Really pathetic stiuation all ios 11.x phones or devices suffer huge problem but kabam cant put any solution you guys really dont deserve any peny you earn
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