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    I like that you are trying to communicate and be more open. Thank you for that.

    However, the rewards for dungeons are trash. Even if you can lower the daily time commitment of dungeons to 15 min per day, which is highly unlikely as it would take the regular player a minimum of 45 min previously (3 15 min rooms of the highest dungeon) or up to 2 hours a day for many other players...even IF you could lower it to 15 min per day...you are asking for approximately 25 days or play for a CHANCE at a decent 5*. That’s a MINIMUM of 6.25 hours of play for a 5* champ. Event Quests take less time and have better rewards. Dungeons are improperly balanced compared to other gameplay modes.

    Furthermore, the CHANCE of getting a great champ are really very laughable. I would love to see the stats of what champs were really pulled from the dungeon crystals. Because based off of chats, it seems the number of Iron patriots and Spider Gwen’s pulled was WAAAAAAY higher than the number of decent pulls. Now I doubt Kabam would admit to the rigged crystal pulls, so for the sake of argument, let assume that the crystals pulls really are random and fair. If so, they STILL have just as much chance of getting a trash champion as getting a decent champion. To spend all that work and still get trash is insulting to the player base. If they are genuinely serious about helping players improve their rosters, they need to get rid of those trash champions.

    My suggestion - increase rewards to be on par with other game modes and/or remove trash champions from the dungeon crystals.

    If anyone from Kabam actually read this, thanks for your time.
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    1 5 star for 6 weeks of dungeons.

    Depending on where you're at in the game, that's not that far off from the status quo. Considering there's a significantly less amount of effort for Dungeons compared to other game modes for the 5*, plus the ability to narrow down the RNG a bit, that's not bad.

    I’m sorry, but... I agree with the option of narrowing down the odds for a champ.
    I wholeheartedly disagree with the statement ‘significantly less amount of effort’.

    The sheer time sink that they were last time makes me gamble on regular crystals over more dungeons.

    They've made changes to it. In any case, I can rock out Dungeons alot easier than say, 100% of an EQ, or climbing Tiers in War. Relatively much easier, not to mention more interactive.

    That’s true, it is more interactive.
    That same interactivity however is what creates the timesink that it is.

    When questing, I can stop any time I want. Once in a dungeon with someone, you’re in it for the whole thing. Let’s face it, 99% of people in arena don’t want to hear ‘gtg’ after one room when your champs get locked upon leaving.

    They made it easier to hit the Milestones, not much they can do to stop people from dipping. Lol. In any case, I like Dungeons.
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    Another thing... it takes SO LONG to reach the rewards you want from this mode. Sure, it’s easier to hit milestones every day, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re gonna be slogging through dungeons for two months before you get anything whatsoever out of it. I get exhausted by the repetition of arenas and they’re only three days long. And at least there are units and battlechips and shards in arena milestones to tide you over.

    In dungeons? Next to nothing. A pittance of gold, that’s it. You’ll be sinking in so much daily effort and seeing absolutely no return on it for 60 days— twenty times as long as it takes to see a return in arena investment. And after all that, you’re probably gonna get a colossus sent your way.
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    What is the point in even putting up the 5 star crystals for this run if you cant even obtain enough currency during this event to buy one, by the time dungeons come back a third time and we get enough for a 5 star the champs in the crystals wont even be the same as they will be outdated. So just dont put them up they pointless and it will cause confusion, people that dont read these forums will think they are doing something wrong as they cant get the currency for one during this event alone.
  • What about the lag issue? When dungeons were introduced, there was a lot of lag. Since the last update, the lag throughout the game has been absolutely insane. When dungeons start again I can see there will be a big problem if nothing is done.
  • This to me is just another waste of resources. At what point do Kabam focus on current issues such as notifications glitch, or the fact people with Androids can't quest longer than 20 mins without having to restart game due to heavy lag? How about going ONE week without game going down for emergency maintenance? I'm beyond the point of complaining about crystals with less than a 1% chance of hitting anything useful, I'm just asking for the basics on a consistent basis. This is going to cause more glitches like last time than Summoners being able to actually benefit in my opinion.
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    I really appreciate the information and insight provided in the announcement about the dungeons and I hope that will continue in the future.

    What I truly LOVE about the dungeons this time around ... is that I won't miss the 1 garbage champ that I won't be getting by skipping dungeons.
    Kabam guys please bump up the rewards, only being able to get 1 5* for this way Especially with how long it is gonna feel in between Dungeon runs.
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    How many of each crystal can we purchase?

    There is a limit of 1 for each of the the 5-Star Crystals. With these 3 iterations, you'll only get enough to purchase 1 single Crystal anyways, so choose very wisely, but for the future, you'll probably only be able to buy 1 as well, at least for the foreseeable future.

    The rewards for grinding arena is too more then ...many people may skip this dungen
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    Why is dungeons showing as "Coming Soon" today? It is only the 18th.
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    I don't think anyone in my alliance is excited about these. 6 weeks of daily play for a chance at a champ I want, no thanks. You guys tried to make dungeons better, good on you, but you clearly still missed the mark. The rewards should not be this bad at this stage of the game. Should be 3 5* during this 3-dungeon run. Also sad to see there are no recent champs included for all this work. Will be skipping this slog yet again
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    Why is the interface in the game already and why does it center to it when going to the fight page so I have to scroll away every goddamn time? Makes no sense. Get it off my screen
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    @Kabam Miike if my prestige is lower than 4200 and during this week of dungeons my prestige increases more than 4200 I will be able to access the maximum rewards immediately or I will have to wait for the end of the first period of dungeons or wait for the three periods of dungeons to end
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    @Kabam Miike Since the milestone rewards are prestige based, if the players' prestige changes during the two weeks will the milestone rewards change?
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    Can we reduce the size of the dungeon panel in the fight tab? Just a simple default to the minimized version (like the daily cat quests) so that it doesn't take up so much of the screen. Story and Event quests are completely off the screen because of it.

    Really annoying, especially for those of us who don't intend on doing them. Like a advertisement in the middle of an article...
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    Shouldn't they have started already? Timer messed up?
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    R4GE wrote: »
    Shouldn't they have started already? Timer messed up?

  • Game is now DOWN due to them trying to update new content before fixing their game in the first place. My Magic 8-Ball says there will be an emergency maintenance in our future!
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    Yes all these bug and they start dungeons bad timing,we want to play not be in a permanent bugs lags
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    Dungeons broke the game again
  • TaimurKhanTaimurKhan Posts: 119
    Dungeons messed up the game last time. It's happening again. Kabam please remove the dungeons. Clearly you don't want compensate for all the agony players have to go through with the game in such **** state.
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    Soooooo Dungeons broke the game before officially starting lol oh boy...i don't get it.
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    the game is down!!!!! @Kabam Miike
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    Do the right thing and just scrap dungeons. It is a game mode that clearly cannot be supported by Kabams current resources.

    The cookie crumb rewards do not make it worth keeping and bringing even more instability to an already unstable game.
  • Can someone explain how they can have dungeons on the screen for several days with a count down timer attached to it, then the second they come out it’s already broken? Where’s the testing and prep work for content?
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    You're right. Maybe I should make less sense.
    The answer is no, I don't.
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    You're right. Maybe I should make less sense.
    The answer is no, I don't.

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    Some of the changes sound good but unfortunately the massive nerf to the rewards (from 3 crystals over 6 weeks to 1 crystal over 6 weeks spread over 3 months) makes this game mode total trash. I don’t think any of the feedback you got was “please give me 1/3 the rewards”. Too bad because I was really excited until I learned of the change to rewards.
  • Helicopter_dugdugdugHelicopter_dugdugdug Posts: 555 ★★★
    I really loved this dungeon iteration that finished just now... Short and sweet ... thats how dungeon should be...
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