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New dungeon timers are ridiculous!



  • peasantpeasant Posts: 240
    Jestress wrote: »
    Nobody is grinding dungeons past room 5 of dungeon 7, so the fact that there are T2A shards in there is moot. You get full dungeon points for 5 rooms on dungeon 7, and even with a 5* r5 and a couple 5* r4, its likely that you or your partner will be close to death by room 5. If you're making it to room 5, you definitely don't care about t4cc.

    It remains a mystery to me why Kabam keeps throwing t4cc shards/cats around like they're valuable. That resource is extremely saturated to the point where you stop opening crystals so you don't have extras in your stash.

    the ONLY reason I run dungeons is to get the 5* dungeon crystals, which give you the best odds at a targeted champion (10%). Definitely don't care about t4cc shards, and definitely not worth the grind and the time invested past room 5 to get the t2a shards.

    exactly. There's no incentive to go beyond what's needed for the current milestones for a chance to get a few t2a in dungeon 7 when most players barely survive up to room 5.

    6* Champs that can be used once per dungeon cycle, can now only be used ~once a week.

    If Kabam increased the amount of milestones (since people mainly want the 5* champ dungeon crystal), and adding how loyalty, battlechips, and gold can be farmed in dungeons, I can see some end game players being more behind this increased dungeon timer change since it would be an alternative way for people to grind instead of just playing arena for battlechips/units/etc
  • CaboDestro1CaboDestro1 Posts: 36
    New timers and 5* dungeon crystals are pretty bad. Combination of the 2, yeah I'm done with dungeons for awhile.
  • McFernieMcFernie Posts: 78
    This is just feedback for Kabam. I’ve always been a defender of dungeons, kind fun. Until,now. It’s mad, you get paired with a bad player and your 5*s are gone. I’m out, simple as that. You really messed it up this time.
  • imnooneimnoone Posts: 316 ★★
    Dungeon? What Dungeon? LOL
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    I'll get enough points for milestones to finish out this last crystal, then I'm done.

    Combination of the ridiculous refresh timers, horrible matchmaking, excessive time needed to play and reduced quality of crystals are all leading to players abandoning this mechanic.

    Once again, Kabam takes something good and absolutely ruins it out of fear a few "exploit" the system while they let other genuine cheaters continue on.
  • I’m fed up of partners not finishing a dungeon and my heroes are wasted. If I don’t get rewards I should have the hero back and they should be penalised.
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    Out of the multitude of Dungeon complaint threads, I have yet to see one addressed by Kabam.

    Are you even reading these threads? Is our feedback being reviewed? Or is this just another thing that "is what it is" and will be swept under the rug to be forgotten?
  • God damn it. I just sent in a squad of 5r5 and 6-stars, and just barely finished room 1, and game went down for emergency maintenance????!!!! And now how many days do I have to wait for them to refresh??????!!!!!

    If you really have to have such long refresh period, fine. BUT can you for goodness sake reset the refresh cooldown periods????? TOTALLY ABSURD!

  • CosagornCosagorn Posts: 84
    edited February 2019
    Dungeons are very stressful now.

    I am a solo player and dont have too many friends. I play dungeons with ramdom matching and do 2xD7R3. Today I lost my top 9 champs due to leaving players, bugs, lags and now maintenance. I cannot use this champs for about 6(!) days. This means I have to play several rooms in D5-6 for this and next dungeon runs. So much time for me :(

    Please Kabam, take back your catalyst rewards and give back the old timers. Please.
  • Japhar1Japhar1 Posts: 4
    2/21/2019 2:55pm Est game goes down for emergency maintenance. In dungeon 6 room 1 about to get to boss and game goes down. Using a 6* and 2 5* refresh time now 6 and 4 days due to no fault of my own. C’mon Craig!!!!
  • CosagornCosagorn Posts: 84
    And now, I lost 3 another champs due to dungeon entery bug. The champs are locked but I and my mate can not enter the dungeons. I think, I give up playing dungeons.
  • @Kabam Miike I just sent in a squad of 5r5 and 6-stars, and just barely finished room 1, and game went down for emergency maintenance!!!! And now how many days do I have to wait for them to refresh??????!!!!!

    If you really have to have such long refresh period, fine. BUT can you please reset the cooldown times just after an emergency maintenance?? Cause we really don't have so many 5r5 or 6-star champs to waste....made worse by the much longer refresh periods...
  • Wtf! Am I getting compensated for my wasted 5* Champs in Dungeons? I mean, seriously...
  • Ok so after your emergency maintenance, I sent in my second top squad. BAM! DOWN AGAIN!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!
    WHAT THE ****??

    How do u expect us to grind or even play dungeons when you keep having this emergency maintenance and then it becomes OUR FAULT, and locks our top squads in for days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Kabam Miike Seriously, you have to get them to implement it such that right after emergency maintenance, reset the cooldowns in dungeons. Else this is totally unplayable. Period.
  • MEKA5MEKA5 Posts: 344 ★★
    Bring back the old timers. 3 days is enough to refresh a champ!
  • ezgoingezgoing Posts: 269 ★★
    The instructions given to the mod team are probably to ignore all these “rants” from the players. The noise will eventually die down, we will suck it up, and everyone will move on. Mods aren’t even bothering to merge our threads.

    Well, the truth is us players will just ignore the dungeon game mode altogether than to fall for kabam’s trap of unit spend. I have said sorry to my dungeon mate since day 1 that I don’t want to play anymore, and it really feels good not having done so the past few days!

    Well played kabam.
  • LegendsendLegendsend Posts: 92
    I don't know who is making the decisions bur they are or of touch with the community... the times are ridiculous and not worth it.... reevaluation is needed... if that doesn't work then maybe management needs to change... too many issues in too short of a time span
  • Speeds80Speeds80 Posts: 2,004 ★★★★
    It’s half way through the second dungeon and still no 5* or 6* champs refreshed, thing is I only run 4*s when I have failed with my two 5*/6* teams now I just have to grind with 4*s and keep using random matchmaking cos I’m not gonna waste my friends time with 4*s, just became a big punish to do, thanks for ruining dungeons kabam
  • MaatManMaatMan Posts: 958 ★★★
    Lormif wrote: »
    ezgoing wrote: »
    You are quite terrible yourself. Everyone can get to room 13 of d7. LMFAO

    Hope you have already scored your many t4cc and T2a frags since u love this change so much to speak up for it in many of the dungeon threads.

    Lormif wrote: »
    ezgoing wrote: »

    Give you an analogy, if kabam add rewards for rank 1-100 of AW seasons, and jack up difficulty for all AW tiers, do you find that a good change?

    I don’t want an easy mode, I want the previous mode which has worked fine. I have no intention to go for the new rewards. I have more than enough t4cc and T2a just sitting in my inventory / stash.

    Except that is a terrible analogy. For one, all dungeon difficulties had their rewards uped, not just D7. In addition not everyone can make it to rank 1-100 of AW season, everyone *can* get to floor 13 of D7.

    Everyone can, theoretically, which is why I put stars around it. The only thing stopping you is your skill and that of your partner. Not everyone can get rank 1-100 of aw seasons, there are literal and figurative road blocks preventing you from getting there. That is why the analogy is so terrible. Its more like they upped the difficulty on all AW maps, but increased the rewards on all AW season rewards.

    also kabam rng on nodes can stop even the most skilled players the the highest ranked best champs.
  • MaatManMaatMan Posts: 958 ★★★
    edited February 2019
    The dungeon refresh timers are certainly offputting and make it less desirable for players than it already was.

    kabam need to make modes more enjoyable and more accessible.
    what they have done with dungeons is neither of those.

    only the top players have multiple teams to run multiple massive d7 runs.
    most peeps have 1-3 teams of r4 and r5 5* to do d7 with.
    with only 1 team you cannot possibly do every day cycle in d7. 3 day cycle v 4 day refresh....
    with 2 teams you cannot do 2 runs each time so better hope you get the good luck to have solid run....

    if they want to extend the timers fine.
    but they should be available each cycle.
    3 day cycle, 3 day refresh, seems legit if you ask me.

    why do top tier players like talking down to those below them? does it make you feel good?
    why do low tier players like attacking stronger players? does it help make you feel better?

    players need to see we are the same community and need the same thing.
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    Looks like yet another legitimate complaint falling on deaf ears.

    I wonder how the next update will make it worse...
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