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    Guys, stick to the topic. Kabam already made it clear that only those listed champs are being considered at the moment, no need to flood the thread with champs not on the list. Their time will come, but not right now.
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    Kamala Khan
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    If they buff Iron Patriot they should probably do Iron Man and Superior Iron Man too.
  • booscka2536booscka2536 Posts: 184
    gotta be old man logan hes one of the 1st charcters yu can get upon creating a account an he has to b awakened to activate bleed . but i am a lil biased i hav him as a 5* but he has nothing done to him rnk1/1
    @Kabam Miike use the survey tool with all your options. Better idea of what the community wants. Just a suggestion.
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    Colossus is a classic fan fav that needs it bad. I vote him. And I don't even have him..
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    edited May 2019
    JAQRIPP said:

    @Kabam Miike use the survey tool with all your options. Better idea of what the community wants. Just a suggestion.

    That's what they're doing, on May 9th. There will be a Poll. Not sure if it will be here or not. They've used other sites in the past.
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    Some people are selling Blade. He needs a buff so that this doesn't happen

    I’ve witnessed this personally. I have to agree, wouldn’t want his legacy to be tarnished.
  • Plasm13Plasm13 Posts: 3
    Seriously though, Colossus needs the buff. How threatened is anyone when they know they have to fight him, aside from his bleed immunity and special 3? He should be stronger and his armor and defense should ramp up.
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    Venompool is so much better than everyone else in this list. Colossus will likely get my vote.
  • Blubfish_666Blubfish_666 Posts: 228
    Venompool or Howard the Duck looks good. They definitely have potential to have their own unique quirks.
  • FehtalityFehtality Posts: 40
    Old Man Logan! Groot would be nice too
  • Hold man Logan or iron patriot
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    leave Colossus for the memes. Replace him with Magneto intead.
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    Venompool would be in time for the Venom vs Carnage movie this Fall
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    Since you are doing them all…
    I honestly don't care who gets updated first. I am happy the updates are happening period.
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    I am Groot.
  • Oh, so this is why there is a plethora of new VOTE FOR xxxxx Threads being created out there. Thought I was gonna see about 25 of them out there for different heroes.

    NOT Howard the Duck, he already uses way too much PROCESSING POWER, and is one of the primary opponents that cause LAGGING in game.
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    Kamala Khan
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    kamala khan for me
    1)she's inhuman(best among the humans)
    2)good animated series
    3)i have her 5* :wink:
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    Poor colossus has nothing others have some utility and I would say that's it but Groot too

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    Matt said:

    This is single greatest meme in history. I appluad you.
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    I would like to see an improvement in deadpool xforce. This is a very weak champion who has a big fanbase and has the right to change. On my account there is its 6 * version, so I am primarily interested in improving it, but from the list I would like to see the iron patriot gains
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