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Alliance Quest Season 6 - Discussion Thread



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    VappadmasterVappadmaster Posts: 27
    And if the champs with "true damage" really work which one can deal enough damage on day 5 to kill opponent in 3 minutes?
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    Dr_Doob617Dr_Doob617 Posts: 35
    Not sure if it’s been mentioned, but the defenders on can’t stop won’t stop are also gaining 10% of their max power per second, as opposed to 10% of a BAR of power per second as is stated on the node.
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    Maladar said:

    Closing down the "Can't stop won't stop" thread won't make the problem go away. This node simply doesn't belong in AQ. We already have AW, Act 6 and Variants if we wanna experience idiotic nodes. Time to take a long hard look at the new map 7 and think hard what you're trying to accomplish with this. The game is spiraling out of control.

    This is not the topic to get constructive feedback on. Have "The team" do the fights on this node so they can show us how it's done. We wanna see you "Team" fight this node. What will they use I wonder? The amazing Cyclops?

    Agreed. I guess no one in The Team actually run map7 daily.
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    TomBrady12TomBrady12 Posts: 85
    BG made a good point in his stream this afternoon. Crazy nodes are fine for singular content, like Variant, where you can re-start the map or use as many items as you need. In AW/AQ where you only have 15 items and can't reset the map it's much different.
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    The armor break BUG has been there for months. It has completely been ignored.
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    XxAeriosxXXxAeriosxX Posts: 22
    New Map 7 need to be disabled and competent retested before rolling out again. “Can’t play and won’t play..!!”
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    VappadmasterVappadmaster Posts: 27
    Night_Owl said:

    Alliance friend tested it also and it doesn't work
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    MkdemariaMkdemaria Posts: 119
    Why introduce a new map of AW on the same day as the new season of AQ? It feels like this was not tested or thought through.
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    LongtimegamerLongtimegamer Posts: 179 ★★★
    Maladar said:

    Bear3 said:

    Good that map 7 is a proper challenge now for the high rewards it gives. Should be grueling difficult for the level of rewards or gives. People have been complaining about mesmerize, need to bring a true strike champ or some evade counter champ. If map 7 is too much, just drop down to map 5/6. Simple. People want the top level rewards and also want the content to get those top rewards to be exactly the level of difficulty THEY WANT or are CAPABLE of. Might not get your way, sorry.

    I love wise guys such as yourself. Who come on the forums or reddit and speak about events they don't even actively engage in. Have you ever done Map 7? Please do enlighten us with more of that wisdom you have.

    Map 7 was fine the way it was. We didn't need a new AQ season 3 months after the launch of the previous one. But here we are. Gotta make that items $$$. I wonder what will happen when the people who actively do Map 7 decide to say screw it and just quit one day. Who will pick up the tab then? All of the wise guys on the forums? All the "free to play" players?

    Any sliver of actual criticism and our messages either get deleted by one of the mods (either that or their job gets "deleted" ....i get it), or replied to by one of the fanboys. Weren't we supposed to be in the age of Post 12.0 anyway? You know when we were promised "Full transparency" moving forward. When retroactive character nerfs were never to occur ever again, and the "Team" would do their best to engage with the "community"? Look at the past 3 months of failure: Which of the issue have the "team" really addressed?

    But yeah good work with launching new AQ Season with new fun & interactive Map 7 nodes at the same time as the new AW map on a Saturday. Good work as always, my compliments to the "team".
    If you're the same Maladar from END, props for not cramming your #1 AQ rank down his throats, even though you could or even should have.
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    WiMakWiMak Posts: 359 ★★
    Hyperion is just too much. The spite is a pain but doable. It is the empathic lock and the RADICALLY altered AI behavior. It’s a nightmare! If the AI doesn’t willingly spam specials (which he doesn’t)It’s almost impossible to bait. Try and walk towards him… He attacks. Hit into this block and back away… Attacks. And not just a normal one or two hit. You have to evade a full five hit combo, then he backs away and another five hit. 2 of those and he’s at 3 bars and your dead. I held out with sym supreme for awhile (felt like an eternity but I was still power locked!?!)and even baited a special. He readily spammed one too. Then my rng luck ran out he didn’t place a stagger in 15 hits... sp3. Dead. I can only imagine what special nightmare the second mini with oscillate will be!?

    You claim that you kept MorningStar as a mini because you felt she fit the level of difficulty you were intending. If that’s the case, hyp is TOO MUCH. At the bare minimum Get rid of empathic lock and adjust AI behavior to fall in line with...every other part of the game. Please!

    As an alliance, we were already considering quitting wars just to focus on AQ maybe map 6. But with new war AND AQ difficulties, We will only be able to AFFORD to do one or the other.

    Please revisit this design. Thanks
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    BrandonmballouBrandonmballou Posts: 219
    Learn to code
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    DTMelodicMetalDTMelodicMetal Posts: 2,785 ★★★★★
    Dakine86 said:

    Chunky’s memes are 🔥
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    JDunk2291JDunk2291 Posts: 464 ★★
    edited June 2019
    Mcord117 said:

    Anyone make it to Hyperion in map 5 yet? Just wondering how it went

    The 1st half sucks with power lock but Luke Cage MVP...Can take Sp3 and his exhaustion Debuffs (with 4+ more stacks) Can reverese his Power Gain
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    DocJCDocJC Posts: 74
    Whoever came up with Falter is a real genius too....(massive sarcasm)

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    QuikPikQuikPik Posts: 806 ★★★★
    I got lucky with Hyperion today and he was the happy go lucky use all specials type Hyperion. But if you get the Hyperion that just crosses his arms and sp3 you to death forget about it. You need to tone him down by changing the buffs he has or add SP1 and SP2 bias to his profile. Having emphatic lock for 10 seconds can be a death sentence without you even doing much damage to him.
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    MaladarMaladar Posts: 22
    edited June 2019
    "If you're the same Maladar from END, props for not cramming your #1 AQ rank down his throats, even though you could or even should have"

    My AQ rank is irrelevant bro. Anyone doing Map 7 has to deal with this ****, that was my point. We're all in this together, this is why it irks me when some folks don't get that. I'm sure there's issue in the other maps as well.

    Not to mention the fact that we all had to deal with AW too at the same time, on a Saturday. Just poor management overall.

    ps: for some reason the "quote" edit didn't work properly, so I just put the person quoting in quotations - old school style :)

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