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    Scorpion and Shocker

    Scorpion (Science) #Villain #Sinister Six #Offensive: Raw Damage
    I'm not sure what his stats would be exactly, but here are the descriptions of them if anyone can fill them in for me:
    Health: Average
    Armor Rating: Slightly Above average
    Physical Resistance: Above Average
    Block Proficiency: Average
    Block Penetration: High
    Attack Rating: Above Average
    Critical Rating: High
    Critical Damage Rating: High
    Critical Resistance: Above Average
    Note, this is a 4-star version of him.
    Signature Ability: Enhanced Tail
    All attacks made with Scorpion's tail, including special attacks, have a passive +10% critical rating and +15% block penetration.
    When evaded, blocked, or auto-blocked: 100% chance to gain Fury for 8 seconds, increasing attack rating by 25%. This cannot be affected by ability accuracy reduction.
    After being auto-blocked or evaded for the 3rd time: Become unblockable and unstoppable for 3.5 seconds and gain Fury for 10 seconds, increasing attack rating by 50%. This cannot be affected by ability accuracy reduction.
    Tail Attacks
    The first medium, third light, and second medium are all tail attacks. These have passive plus 5% attack rating and a 20% chance to trigger bleed for 1.2 seconds, increasing by 10% for every time Scorpion has triggered a Fury buff this fight.
    Special 1: Scorpion mauls the opponent before blasting them with a beam from his tail.
    All physical contact attacks have a 25% chance to trigger bleed for 3 seconds, increasing by 25% with every hit. Tail blast has a 100% chance to cauterize any bleed effect the opponent is currently under, dealing 3% of their max health in direct damage for every bleed removed.
    Special 2: Scorpion punches the opponent in the chest with the same hand that has punctured concrete, before slashing them with his tail.
    Gain true strike for the duration of the attack, ignoring all armor, resistances, auto-block, or evade effects.
    Punch has +100% attack rating for every bleed effect that has expired on the opponent this fight.
    Tail slash has a 50% chance to poison the opponent, increasing up to 100% based on the enemy's lost health.
    Special 3: Scorpion whips the opponent with his tail, beating them to a pulp with a devastating follow-up combo before wrapping them up in his tail and delivering them to his incoming fist.
    Gain +20% attack rating for every blow (total: 14), with 50% potency for every Fury effect that has expired or been nullified on Scorpion this fight. If the opponent survives this attack, keep the buff as a passive Fury effect for 5 seconds.
    All Spider-Men: Enemies
    All champions gain +10% attack rating

    Rhino, Vulture, and Doctor Octopus: Bestial Spider-Foes
    Rhino: Gain Fury for every 5 hits on the combo meter, stacking up to 5 furies each increasing attack rating by 15%
    Vulture: Generate 1 Chitauri Energy per second for 180 seconds.
    Doctor Octopus: Breakthrough Effects gain +20% duration and potency
    Scorpion: Fury Effects gain +35% potency, bleed effects gain +10% duration

    Shocker (Tech) #Villain #Sinister Six #Offensive: Burst
    See Scorpion's stat explanation
    Health: Average
    Armor Rating: Above Average
    Physical Resistance: High
    Block Proficiency: High
    Block Penetration: Above Average
    Attack Rating: Average
    Critical Rating: Average
    Critical Damage Rating: Average
    Critical Resistance: Above Average
    Note, this is a 4 star version of him.
    Signature Ability: Vibro-Tech 2.0
    At the start of the fight, gain a permanent passive shock effect, which does the following:
    Allows complete block penetration, dealing the same damage even if the opponent is blocking.
    Permanently increases all vibro-effect's potency by 10%.
    Become immune to the unsure debuff effect, and replace it with a cocky buff, which makes the enemy 60% more likely to launch a special attack. If they do while the effect is active, gain +50% Block Proficiency and Armor Rating.
    Passive: Vibro-absorbing armor
    Against physical attacks, take 50% less damage.
    Against vibrational attacks, take 100% less damage.
    2 or more stacks of armor break will take away this effect for their combined durations, even if one is almost expired.
    Vibro-Emitter gauntlets
    All attacks use the vibro-emitter gauntlets. These attacks deal Shocker's current total attack rating, including effects such as Fury, as a burst of energy damage.
    When blocked, auto-blocked, or 10 hits in to a combo:
    Gain a confidence passive, increasing attack rating by 20% and block penetration by 30%. This lasts until struck by the enemy and increases in potency by 5% with every hit the enemy blocks or receives.
    When evaded:
    Gain an enraged passive, increasing attack rating by 25%. This lasts until the enemy has received 10 hits in a row.
    Gain an unsure passive, decreasing critical rating by 25%. This will also decrease the potency of vibro-emitter and vibro-absorbing effects by 3% every second until Shocker lands a successful critical hit.
    Special 1: Shocker uses both his gauntlets to deliver a powerful blast.
    Unblockable if the enemy blocked a blow within the last 5 seconds, and permanently Unblockable if this special attack has been blocked before. This attack deals 200% of his current attack rating as a burst of energy damage.
    It has a 50% chance to stun.
    Special 2: Shocker ups the ante, delivering a stunning combo to the opponent before delivering a brutal uppercut, intercepting their fall with a shockwave-risen pile of rubble.
    100% chance to stun for 4 seconds. The first five attacks gain +20% attack rating and deals 225% of Shocker's current total attack rating as direct damage. The final blow applies armor shattered, decreasing armor rating by approximately 80%. Once the stun expires, place a permanent passive shocked debuff to the opponent. This decreases attack rating, critical rating, critical damage rating, healing rate, and block proficiency by 10%.
    Special 3: Shocker proves why he's a professional criminal to the enemy, shaking the very ground beneath their feet, leaving them exposed to a powerful burst of punches and blasts. Change Shocker's attack rating to match exactly 10% of his max health for the duration of this attack, and every blow deals 200% of that attack rating as a burst of energy damage.
    Greatest Foe
    All Spider-Men
    All champions gain +10% attack rating
    Self-Made Spidey Villains
    Vulture, Kingpin, Mysterio, Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin
    Vulture: Gain +1% attack rating for every Chitauri energy currently stored.
    Kingpin: Convert all weakness, fatigue, and armor break debuffs into Rage buffs with a 100% chance.
    Mysterio: Degenerate for 80% of Poison damage if enemies are poison immune.
    Doc Ock: Gain +3 breakthrough charges for every 1 gained.
    Green Goblin: Gain +20% attack rating for every Madness charge active, and +20% critical rating for every Cunning charge active.
    Shocker: Increase all buff durations by 15%, or +30% duration if passive or permanent.
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    Triton (Science 🧪)

  • Quicksilver i will not rest until this is a reality IDGAF also he could have that slow debuff that she hulk has be cause he faster the mostly everyone i will return with more ablities
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    Kid omega (mutant)

    Kid omega Phoenix force (cosmic)

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    Kraven the Hunter (Skill)
    Signature ablitity: The Hunt
    Whenever the opponent is bleeding they cannot evade and while under bleed effects kraven's attack is increased by 367.90 for every stack of bleed on the opponent.
    Kraven uses vast potions to increase his power
    Strength elixir- 70% chance to grant a fury buff increasing attack by 1234.89 max stacks of 5
    Power Elixir- Grants a power gain buff increasing power by 10%
    Regen Elixir- regens for 25% of his max health
    Special 1 activates strength elixir
    Special 2 activates power gain elixir
    Special 3 has a 100% chance stun and inflicts a concussion reducing defensive ability accuracy by 100%
    Heavy Attack has 100% chance to activate regen elixir
    If kraven gets stun he loses the current potion buff he has on him
    He can only Activate two potion buffs at a time. This is a rough draft go easy on me ik damn well this is all over the place just a couple ideas i thought would be cool this definitely isnt perfect but it was a good attempt tho
    Synergies im all ears for i will update in the future

    Hold on. I'm gonna try to adapt this.
    Kraven the Hunter (Skill) (4-Star)
    Signature Ability: World's Greatest Hunter
    Kraven uses his vast skill to study his opponent and counter their abilities.
    Passively detect hidden enemies from 2 tiles away.
    5 hits: Reduce buff duration by 15%
    10 hits: Reduce buff potency by 25%
    15 hits: True Strike, ignoring all resistances and armor for 8 seconds.
    20 hits: Reduce ability accuracy by 50%.
    25 hits: True Strike, ignoring all resistances and armor, as well as auto block, evade, and block proficiency for 12 seconds.
    30+ hits: Increase attack rating by 2.5% for every hit.
    Herbal Potion: Kraven uses a special potion of jungle herbs to increase his physical attributes.
    constant passive regeneration, healing 0.5% of his health every second.
    Passive 5% chance to evade attacks
    Guaranteed critical when intercepting dash attacks
    Power gain increased by 10%.
    Martial Prowess: Kraven created his own martial art based on his time in the jungles of Africa.
    After successfully landing a 5-hit combo immediately after a well timed block, 50% chance to stun the opponent for 5 seconds (+15% against Science, -10% against Mutant), and reduce their physical resistance and armor rating by 80% for the duration of the stun.
    At the start of the fight, gain fury, increasing attack rating by 50% for 10 seconds. This will increase by a flat 1% for every hit taken by either champion, until it reaches 100%, at which point it will become a passive effect that lasts for the remainder of the quest.
    After performing a well-timed block, gain Precision, increasing Critical Rating by 100% for 6 seconds. Gain True Strike, ignoring all armor, evade, and auto-block effects.
    Special 1: Kraven catches his opponent in a claw trap, dealing 227 direct damage with an 80% chance to bleed for twice the amount. He then dashes in to deliver a stunning combo. The first attack has +200% Critical Damage Rating, with +50% Critical Rating if the opponent is bleeding. Place 4 stacks of passive stagger on the opponent, lasting until a buff is triggered, at which point a stack is lost to instantly nullify the buff. Every buff nullified by this effect increases Kraven's attack rating and critical damage rating by a flat 5%, and grants Kraven a Hunting Mastery effect that becomes a persistent charge. This effect(s) passively decreases the opponent's ability accuracy by 15% for each stack, while increasing Kraven's ability accuracy by 5% and Buff Potency by 10% per stack.
    Special 2: Kraven distracts the enemy with two spears, before sweeping off their feet and backhanding them across the arena. If the opponent dodges a spear with evade or the dexterity mastery, increase attack rating by 50% for this attack. This stacks for both spears. If they block a spear, that attack deals 0 damage and stuns the opponent for 3 seconds. The final blow of this attack grants Kraven 2 Hunting Mastery effects. They increase his physical resistance by 50% each.
    Special 3: Kraven puts his hunting skills to the test, stopping the advancing enemy with a single fist, like the rhinos in the savanna, before leaping around them, wearing them down like the prey before them, finishing them off by lunging in like a pack animal, tearing them to pieces. The enemy gains concussion, reducing all ability accuracy by 100% for 15 seconds. The last 6 hits gain +50% attack rating for every 5% health the opponent is missing, to a maximum of 300%. This effect is halved and becomes a Hunting Mastery charge for the duration of the quest. (300% becomes 150% permanent passive)
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    Class: Mutant

    Bio: During a showdown between the X-Men and Magneto's Acolytes, Xavier telepathically shut down Magneto's mind out of anger, putting him in a catatonic state. However, the darker parts of Magento's mind had bonded with Xavier's darker parts of his own, hereby creating a psionic entity forged from the negative aspects of Erik and Charles which resided in Xavier's mind before making a body of its own. Onslaught....

    #Size: XL #Villain #Psychic Shielding #Ctrl: Denial #Ctrl: Counter #Metallic

    Stats based on a 5/65 Signature 200 champion

    Prestige: (Unawakened) 7512 (Sig Level: 200) 10420

    Health: 32191

    Attack: 2788

    Crit Rate: 540

    Crit Damage: 800

    Armour: 431

    Block Proficiency: 3369


    Being an entity of immense psychic energy, Onslaught is immune to Reverse Controls, Concussion and Taunt and shrugs of damaging debuffs 50% faster

    If the opponent evades a basic attack, Onslaught briefly taps into the astral plane to deal 2788 damage as instant damage onto the opponent, and he steals one of their current buffs as well

    If the opponent misses an attack, drain 25% of a bar of power on them

    Altering Perception:

    Every 25 seconds, Onslaught tries to tap into the opponent's mind to make a realistic illusion in their eyes

    This inflicts Falter on the opponent for 5 seconds

    Falter doesn't get inflicted on the opponent if they have a Combo Active or Psychic Shielding, but out of frustration, Onslaught gains 25% a bar of power

    Magnetic Force-Field Passive:

    Dash back and hold block for 3 seconds to activate Magnetic Force-Field for 15 seconds

    This automatically activates if more than 5% of Onslaught's hit is taken out in a single hit

    Bending psychic and magnetic energy to make a shield around him, Onslaught reduces incoming damage by 50% and he cannot lose more than 5% of his health in a single hit.

    If the opponent is magnetic, inflict a Magnetised debuff on the opponent reducing their ability accuracy by 40% for 15 seconds

    Onslaught passively gets 100% prowess while this is active

    Magnetic Force Field can be reactivated after 30 seconds

    Basic Attacks:

    The third and fifth light attacks and both of Onslaught's medium attacks use point blanc psionic energy, therefore not making contact on the opponent and dealing energy damage instead of physical damage

    Landing a critical hit takes off one second on each of the opponent's active buffs and adds it on to the debuffs on the opponent

    Heavy Attacks:

    Degenerates the opponent, dealing 1394 over 12 seconds

    Steals 15% of a bar of power on the opponent

    Special 1: Psionic Spikes
    Visuals: Onslaught punches then uppercuts the opponent before firing a psionic beam upwards before sending an onslaught of psionic spikes towards the opponent

    Power Locks the opponent for 9 seconds

    Inflicts Bleed on the opponent dealing 2788 damage on the opponent over 12 seconds

    Special 2: Forceful Evolution
    Visuals: Onslaught bombards the opponent with psionic strikes before raising his hand as if to make a psionic uppercut

    Onslaught absorbs some of the opponent's power, mimicking up to three non-passive buffs on the opponent

    Power Stings the opponent for 15 seconds, dealing 1394 damage if the opponent triggers a special attack

    Special 3: The Worst In Us
    Visuals: Onslaught taps into the opponent's mind, torturing them before encasing them in metal and throwing them to the wall but not before pulling the opponent's astral form out of their body and mutilating it before throwing back into the opponent's body and freeing the opponent from their metal coffin

    Any buff that the opponent would get, Onslaught has 50% chance to gain it instead for 30 seconds

    This burns 100% of the opponent's power dealing 5576 damage as instant damage

    Signature Ability: Psionic Supremacy

    Being made of psionic energy from the combined psyches of Magneto and Professor X, Onslaught adapts to situations where most would not make it

    Gain +30% Special Damage for every buff active on the opponent

    (Maximum Signature: +60%)

    Feedback is always welcome
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    I wish they could add Magneto to the game. The true leader of mutants, not the knock off that we currently have in game.
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    A character I want added in is the simbiote Hybrid.
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    Daken... Wolverines son
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    Nuff said
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    Shuma Gorath mystic

  • Quicksilver


    Signature ability: Quicksilver gains even faster reflexes increasing his base chance to evade attacks by up to 30%

    Enhanced Metabolism: Due to his enhanced metabolism, Quicksilver shrugs off debuffs 20% faster.

    Quick Reflexes: Due to Quicksilvers super speed he’s able to react quickly, and has a passive 15% chance to evade all attacks.

    Speed Charges: For every 5 speed charges Quicksilver has +2% base damage, and as long as he has speed charges, every hit he lands will be critical. Quick Silver starts the fight with 20speed charges, and loses 1 every other time he lands a hit, or for every 2 hits on the opponents combo meter. Every time Quicksilver evades an attack, or the dexterity mastery is used successfully, he gains 1 speed charge. This ability can stack up to +15% base damage.

    Dizzy: This debuff reduces the opponents ability accuracy by 50% and reduces their armor rating by 50%.

    Special Attack 1: Quicksilver strikes his opponent with a series of punches and finishes with a lightning fast kick. If the attack is landed, it will grant Quicksilver 10 speed charges, as well as an additional 5% chance to evade attacks whether the attack lands or not.

    Special Attack 2: Quicksilver knocks the opponent back with a super fast kick, and then slams into his opponent at maximum speed. This attack grants Quicksilver 20 speed charges, and armor breaks the opponent.

    Special Attack 3: Quicksilver runs in circles around his opponent making them dizzy, and then a series of high speed punches and kicks. This attack converts all speed charges that Quicksilver has into a fury buff that increases Quicksilvers base attack by 15%, and places a Dizzy debuff onto the opponent.

    This is my first character design, so let me know if it was a good one or not, and what I need to fix. Thanks

    I think he should inflict the slow debuff it makes sense and i think his evade should be the best in the game
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    Bio -
    A test pilot for NASA, United States Air Force Major Christopher Summers, was flying himself, his wife, Katherine Anne, and his two sons Scott (Cyclops) and Alex (Havok) in their private plane, a rebuilt de Havilland Mosquito. While flying over the Alaskan wilderness, their plane was attacked by a starship from the alien Shi’ar Empire on an exploratory mission to Earth. The Shi'ar craft fired on Summers' plane, which was made of wood, causing it to burst into flame. Unable to find more than one usable parachute in time, Katherine Anne put it on her eldest son Scott, told him to hold onto Alex, and pushed them both out the plane door, hoping to save them both. Christopher and Katherine Anne were then teleported aboard the Shi’ar craft and taken prisoner before they could learn the fate of their sons.
    Taken to the Shi'ar Imperial Throneworld of Chandilar, Christopher was separated from his wife and imprisoned. He soon broke free, but he was too late, and he witnessed the mad Shi'ar Emperor D’Ken murder his wife. In a state of shock, Summers was again captured and sent to the Slave Pits of Alsibar. While in the Pits, Christopher met four alien prisoners who had been branded outlaws by the Shi’ar and together they planned another escape. After breaking free, they formed the Starjammers and dedicated themselves to raiding and disrupting the oppressive Shi’ar Empire whenever possible while also protecting the innocent. Christopher became their leader, putting his military combat and piloting skills to good use, and taking on the name Corsair.
    Eventually the Starjammers would come into contact with the X-men, and together, with the Summers’ family finally reunited, Corsair and his band of rebels would be able to exact justice on the tyrant D’Ken.

    Class -

    Tags -
    #Hero, #Starjammers, #Metal, #Offensive:Burst, #Size:M

    Signature Ability - “Nanite Infusion” -
    Corsair has not had the best of luck with fatherhood. His third son, Vulcan, who was stolen from Katherine Anne’s womb by D’Ken and raised a Shi’ar slave, brutally murdered his father while attempting to usurp the Shi’ar Throne. Following his death at the hands of his youngest son, Corsair is kept alive by his fellow Starjammers through regular blood transfusions utilizing an illegal Nanite Serum.
    Corsair starts each Quest with 1 Nanite Infusion Persistent Charge.
    As long as Corsair has Nanite Infusion Charges, whenever he would be knocked out, he injects himself with a nanite serum that Passively Regenerates 10-35% of his Maximum Health Meter (based on Signature Level) over 1.5 seconds.
    If Corsair has no Nanite Infusion Charges left, he has a 100% chance to acquire 1 when he knocks out any opponent of the Cosmic Class.
    If Corsair has 1 or more Nanite Infusion Charges, he has a 33% chance to acquire a Nanite Infusion Charge whenever he knocks out any opponent of the Cosmic Class.

    Abilities, Attacks & Animations -

    Basic Attacks & Animations -
    Basic Attacks -

    A master swordsman, Corsair always arms himself with a saber. All his Light Attacks as well as his Medium Dash Attack utilize his sword. Every Basic Attack that utilizes the sword has a 20% chance to lacerate the opponent, dealing 10% of Corsair’s Attack as Bleed Damage to the opponent over 4 seconds. Basic Attacks that are Critical have an 80% chance to lacerate the opponent, dealing 10% of Corsair’s Attack as Bleed Damage to the opponent over 4 seconds. Bleed Debuffs can be stacked onto the opponent without limit.
    Ending a Combo with a Medium Attack causes Corsair to momentarily materialize one of his Shi’ar energy pistols from his gauntlets, and fire a short range energy burst at his opponent. This is a Non-Contact Attack that deals Energy Damage to the opponent. This Attack cannot be Parried, Passively Evaded, or Auto-Blocked. If this attack is landed successfully, it has a 100% chance to Cauterize all Active Bleed Debuffs, Nullifying all Bleed Debuffs on the opponent and raising Corsair’s Attack Rating for this attack by 25% for each Bleed Debuff that was removed.

    Heavy Attacks -
    Copies the animation of Nightcrawler’s Heavy Attack.
    If Corsair is awakened, successfully landing a Heavy Attack after a Nanite Infusion grants Corsair a 100% chance to Purify one Active Debuff inflicted upon him. This Ability is Passive and is Immune to Ability Accuracy Modification.

    Blocking -
    Copies the animation of Blade’s block.

    Special 1 - “Renegade’s Blade” -
    Corsair rushes at and cuts through his opponent with 3 broad slashes from his sword.
    Each successful strike from this Attack has a 100% chance to refresh the durations of any Active Bleed Debuffs.
    Additionally, each successful strike from this Attack has a 35% chance to apply a Passive Open Wound Debuff for 10 seconds. A Passive Open Wound Debuff counts as a stack of Bleed but does no damage to the opponent until it is accompanied by an Active Bleed Debuff. Each Open Wound Passive currently on the opponent causes them to take 100% more Bleed Damage for the duration of the Passive Debuff. Open Wounds cannot be Cauterized.

    Special 2 - “Enemy of the Empire” -
    Corsair kicks his opponent away to create some distance. He then sheathes his sword and two Shi’ar energy pistols materialize from his gauntlets. He then unloads their ammunition into his opponent. As Corsair’s opponent falls to the ground, his pistols de-materialize and he draws his sword again.
    This Attack has a 60% chance to inflict a Stun Debuff on the opponent for 5 seconds.
    Additionally, this Attack has a 100% chance to Passively Reduce his opponent’s Energy Resistance Rating by 15% for 15 seconds. This effect can stack with multiple activations.

    Special 3 - “Starjammer” -
    Corsair calls upon his fellow Starjammers to attack his opponent with their spaceship - the Starjammer, and its advanced ordinance, designed by the Shi’ar Empire itself.
    This Attack has a 100% chance to inflict an Armor Break Debuff on the opponent for 10 seconds, reducing the opponent’s Armor Rating by 40% for its duration.
    This Attack also has a 100% chance to inflict a Power Burn Passive Effect on the opponent, instantly draining 30% of the opponent’s current Power Meter and dealing Direct Energy Damage proportionate to the Power Drained.

    Synergies -

    “Starjammers” - (Cyclops [Both] & Havok & Corsair)
    Cyclops [Both] -
    If Cyclops has a Combo Meter of 50 or more, Beam Attacks have a 100% chance to inflict a Concussion Debuff on his opponent for 5 seconds.
    Havok -
    Havok gains 25% more Power from all sources when facing an opponent of the Cosmic Class.
    Corsair -
    Whenever his opponent is Stunned, Corsair Passively applies an Enervate Debuff Effect to his opponent, reducing all Defensive Power Gain by 100% for the duration of the Stun Effect.

    “Wanted for Crimes Against the Shi’ar Empire” - (Phoenix & Corsair)
    Phoenix -
    Incinerate Debuffs deal 40% more Damage to the Phoenix’s opponent.
    Corsair -
    If awakened, Corsair starts each Quest with 2 Nanite Infusion Charges.
    Additionally, Nanite Infusion Charges Regenerate an additional 15% of Corsair’s Maximum Health.

    “Dark and Brooding” - (Beast & Corsair)
    Beast -
    Hank McCoy channels his dark counterpart from the Age of Apocalypse universe, studying his opponent intently. Every time a Debuff expires on his opponent, the effectiveness or potency of any future Debuff is increased by 5%. This effect is Passive and can stack to a maximum of 300% increased Debuff effectiveness or potency.
    Corsair -
    Infected with the egg of the alien Brood in the Age of Apocalypse universe, Corsair gains an uncontrollable feral bloodlust, increasing the Damage inflicted to his opponent from Bleed Debuffs by 50%.

    “Space Pirates” - (Starlord & Yondu & Corsair)
    All Champions of this Synergy -
    Whenever Starlord, Yondu, or Corsair win a fight, whatever Gold they would have received for their victory is increased by 300%.
    (This only affects the Gold rewards for the individual fight, and does not count towards any Rank or Milestone Rewards or any Quest/Chapter/Act Completion or Exploration Rewards).

    “Test Pilots” - (Captain Marvel [Classic] & Corsair)
    All Champions -
    No strangers to exploring the unknown, the presence of both Captain Marvel [Classic] and Corsair grants the Summoner’s entire team a Permanent Passive Fury Buff, a Permanent Passive Precision Buff, and a Permanent Passive Cruelty Buff, raising the entire team’s Attack, Critical Rate, and Critical Damage by 15% each whenever they are facing opponents whose identities have been concealed to the Summoner and whenever facing an opponent who has “Ambushed” the Summoner.

    “Family” - (Cyclops [Both] & Havok & Cable & Corsair)
    All Champions -
    Increases the Maximum Health of all the Summoner’s champions by 5%.

    “Friends” - (Rocket Raccoon & Hulk & Wolverine & Corsair)
    All Champions -
    Increases the Armor Rating of all the Summoner’s champions by 5%.
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    TMNT!!! They're part of marvel..teamed up with DD a few times.. could be
    Raph and leo skill
    Don tech
    Mike science
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    Lloyd80 said:

    TMNT!!! They're part of marvel..teamed up with DD a few times.. could be
    Raph and leo skill
    Don tech
    Mike science

    They would all be science, except for donnie who would be tech.
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