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  • or more accurately, the numbers they decide to tune...his bleed duration shortened...nice...his disorient duration changed by ~16%...oof...if all they had done as changes to Ronin was remove the "Consumes all Cruelties" line from his sp2 and sp3 he would have instantly become a viable champion. That 1 line is the issue…
  • might be worth taking a look into these things when the OVERWHELMING majority of remarks regarding this "buff" are negative. Nobody likes this, and whoever thinks "on demand evasion" is a selling point is so insanely out of touch with the community and the mechanics said community actually values..."has the potential to…
  • whether targeting end game players or not, this buff doesnt FIX anything, so progressing players, after turning to the forums or youtube or friends who are end game players, will see that none of them have highly ranked Ronin's and none of them use Ronin because there are champions who simply do everything he does but…
  • I can agree with this, I have pulled 6* ghost 6 times, I have at r3 and sig 200, but seeing as there is no upside to pulling a max sig 6*, its just painful to keep pulling her...its why I stopped opening basic crystals.
  • Void will get you farther than any of the other champions you are considering.
  • Sunspot and Magneto are your best bets for mutants, although, I have yet to find a metal champion my 6/2 magneto can't 1 shot, so I don't know if he really needs r3. Hulkbuster, Sentinel, and Guillotine 2099 are all great options as well, but overall, I think Sunspot should serve you best.
  • All it means is to stay open and dex a few attacks to get the ai to throw a special attack so you can start charging Hela's heavy...the Nick Fury+Quake synergy won't auto evade special attacks, so you can't start charging while the opponent has over 1 bar of power
  • See above response, it took multiple attempts before I 1 shot xbones before dying to biohazard and I had to rely on the pacify mastery, which helped a lot.
  • The biohazard triggered much less due to the parry-double medium combos i was doing with maxed out Pacify reducing ability accuracy by 30%, I also had heimdall, nick fury, quake, and dpx on the team at the time and was not running suicides, so the first time biohazard triggered, i healed up and then once I got low heimdall…
  • Dude, I've been hoping to pull her as a 6* forever, I have the resources to take her to rank 2 sitting there waiting for the day, and I wouldn't hesitate to pull that trigger
  • I will not say she is the best option for any of the bosses in 6.1, I simply decided to use her because I enjoy her, her lack of utility and availability as a 6* is why I don't take her past rank 3. Ultron was, by far, the most difficult fight for Hela, and Xbones was the easiest as i just built up to 270 spirits, 13…
  • You dont have to ramp her up as much as i did in the video for any fight outside of rol/lol/aol, using her in uncollected eq you only need 1 sp2 and 5 furies with a rank 3 5☆ hela, and you kill anything except the boss, unless they have a damage cap node. I have used her for months in uncollected eq, opting for her over…
  • You dont need to build her that much outside of realm of legends, you get to 1.5 bars of power, bait a special so your opponent has no power, start stacking furies, trying to release your heavy to intercept when possible, once you have 5+ furies and enough power for an sp2, parry, combo, throw sp2, and 1-2 combos is the…
  • I did....i literally used her for every boss in 6.1.2-6.1.6 and most of the fights, and that at 3/45, 1 sp2 was always enough to get a kill in non boss fights and 2 sp2s would kill the bosses. She made it super easy, i used a total of 5 revives, mostly against xbones..
  • Clearly you havent seen a 3/45 5☆ hela critting for 76k in a medium, watch the video, cull comes nowhere close. Furthermore, I dont take teir lists seriously, i used hela for a lot of 6.1 and 6.2 as a 3/45, and she was amazing, she made short work of every boss except sinister, and in that fight her synergy with heimdall…
  • So what? Cull Obsidian is jn the God Tier, he doesn't come close to Hela in damage, and he doesn't have utility, plus when awakened, Hela has a cheat death, and she has a cheat death synergy, plus she give the entire team a fury when paired with Heimdall, a synergy that most people relied on to deal with Mr. Sinister in…
  • So no tetreat gives a PASSIVE degen?!?! Does this mean that Gladiator Hulk will get face me from it? Like Starburst? Or is it just gonna tear me a new one for baiting a special, even with my Gulk that RNG gave me as both a 5 and a 6 star?
  • Why would anyone believe anything you say.... “blade is niche”? Brain damage much? I don’t have him but he slays 90% of the champs out there with ease. 90% is literally the opposite of niche. Most champs are niche but the great ones aren’t. Like Angela, straight damage dealer worked on any node but buffet or specter.…
  • Every time i clicm the continue button on a dungeon, having left the room to move in AW, it takes me back the home screen. I am unable to rejoin the room.
  • Are you still recruiting?
  • Hey, I would really like to join. I'm not 200k but I have experience running AQ map 5x5 and can clear my own path.
  • Hey I'm not 100k but I have a pretty decent roster and map 4 and 5 experience. I'm also on daily and am fairly decent at the game. I can clear my own path on map 5 and in ward.
  • Hey are you still looking for people?
  • I can't find you on Line. Are you still recruiting?? This is exactly the type of alliance I'm looking for.
  • I'm not 150k but I can run 5x5 and have for the past 2 months. Heres my profile
  • cant you people just say thank you for the free stuff and not complain about GETTING FREE STUFF GEEZ!
  • I messaged you on line. I am interested in joining