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  • Yikes last two days of this have had awful options. 🐻
  • Lol 😂 🐻
  • Yeah no real way to implement that... like make the coding such that they run head first into our attacks 10% of the time to simulate them messing up on reverse controls? 😂. I understand what you’re saying, there’s no real way to create that though. 🐻
  • Lol I disagree with GW all the time actually. Someone asked for evade counters... those are champions who counter evade since people are struggling with the concept. I listed every champ I could think of that counters evade. I know, how criminal of me to answer his question. Then next someone sweeps a generalization that…
  • I find it fun and a nice challenge, especially in the small doses it’s given. I purposely take the reverse controls path in war because I want to do something different than the norm. Juggs and Magneto aren’t immune as mentioned above, they are immune to psychic reverse controls... there are also regular reverse controls…
  • Well clearly it wasn’t a waste of time since others aren’t having this problem. Myself and plenty other endgame players aren’t having that problems and thus wasn’t a waste of time. If you take a break from the game or see ensuring you have some star level of champions as a waste of your time, so be it, but you’ll lose out…
  • Yeah I thought that path of nothingness was a hilarious means of sponging our energy or laziness not putting a defender on... pretty worthless strip of empty section. 🐻
    in Really? Comment by Bear3 September 2019
  • Then your efforts are put in the wrong place for this event. When people start complaining about not having gold, your efforts pay off from doing arena. In this instance just doing milestones always and not getting the champs, the areas you put effort in don’t cater to or reward you for. They reward people who did obtain…
  • This has been proposed many many many times. Many times alone just in the cull and she hulk threads. 🐻
  • So he says.... people often say things happened that didn’t happen when they don’t play well so that they aren’t judged, ridiculed or cause anger amongst teammates for dying in aw aq. Sorry but even if that happened, some fights are meant to be tough. You’re welcome to place the same defenders with the same tactics and…
  • At some point ignoring too many people means you’re responding on threads without having all the information which makes your response much less helpful, insightful, and pertinent. Just like people who read the OP and skip all the responses and launch into their own. 🐻
  • It’s funny that they think testing a champion for “an entire week” is a long test period. So glad car companies don’t use the kabam testing policies. 🐻
  • They’re actually all effective evade counters and a fair number are some of the top champs in the game.😂. Sounds like you have a skill gap that you need to work on, might be helpful to ask one of your more experienced members to take those fights. If you’d used a better champ option and a better approach you’d have done…
  • Corvus+Proxima, Proxima (alone), Kilmonger, Iceman, Heimdall, Domino (unlucky), She Hulk, Spidergwen, Archangel, Crossbones, Ghost, Karnak, Cull, Emma, Venom(spideys), Night thrasher, Quake, Bw, Cable, Nebula, ImIw ... is that enough? 😂. Listed 21 and prob missed some. 🐻
  • If this is the first time it’s happened to you in 2 years, doesn’t that mean you’re making a big deal for nothing? 1 time out of approximately 96 rewards releases being late is really pretty good actually. They’ve been late before, they get sent out still... take a Valium. 🐻
  • Unawakened DS is pretty low use... he has power gain and can regen health... until he’s awakened can’t nullify buffs though. I’ll say he’s a pretty “cool” 6* to pull, and despite him being on the weaker side now, is actually he happy to get him for novelty sake. 🐻
  • All good, I’m not bothered about any part of it, just offering up a possible reason... maybe calling it spam made my comment sound harsher than intended... text tone and all that.😊 🐻
  • It actually is a deal if you were to buy the units, shards, etc separately it would cost more than that. If you don’t want those things or don’t spend, great. For what you’re given though and what hose things cost separately it is a good value. Any chance to sharpen your pitchforks though right?😂😂😂😂 good lord. 🐻
  • I think he’d say put your big boy pants on and deal (in kinder words)... dry your eyes, take a Valium, and breath. This is not an issue that requires tagging mods... they’ll arrive, please don’t panic... you’re gonna make it. 🐻
  • Wow a few hours different than “normal” and people have the pitchforks? 😂😂😂 sweat you guys need to pick your battles. Rewards often are delayed a little or roll out in waves or come at somewhat different times. Cool your jets.. have a juice box... take a little nap with a bedtime story... you’re gonna make it. 🐻
  • As I continue to say, it doesn’t matter if they make him more survivable and leave him as A top damage dealer. It’s about people getting specifically WHAT they paid for. He may totally be Ana amazing champ still... might even be overall better!! I’m not close minded that this couldn’t be overall an improvement. Fact…
  • They are nerfs. They sold a product.. people bought a product... they thought product was too good to make other products imbalanced... they made a product not what they sold it as. Thus people aren’t getting what they paid for. That’s all that matters. Compensation is deserved and required. Give it a rest kabam isn’t…
  • It doesn’t matter if the change is minimal or balanced. If they lower his damage even 1% then he’s not what people paid for. If that needs to happen, fine... BUT you need to allow people to rank him down if they want to. That should be their right as they are no longer getting what they paid for. He might be great after…
  • They may have disagreed with your spam request to have more votes roll in (wasn’t me FYI). If the poll is interesting people will vote, if it’s not they won’t. Bumping your own thread asking for more votes isn’t needed. 🐻
  • See? There’s the right attitude. 😊 🐻
  • Yet again people doing arena for at least a 3* version of each champ paying off and people who know these types of events happen and continue not to put in effort to obtain some star level of champions being at a disadvantage and thinking its not fair that people who already put in the effort have an advantage. It’s almost…
  • It’s not about whether he should or shouldn’t be nerfed it’s about what people paid for. Wanna nerf him? Fine.. if think that’s balance... I don’t agree.. however compensation needs to be given. You guys made a fortune on cull and now you wanna change him. It’s doesnt even matter if you improve some things along with…
  • ☝🏼 Coming from someone salty they didn’t have him yet so don’t care and have their chance to be “level headed”.... c’mon now. Feel free to C your way out of the conversation. They specifically didn’t change him until all the avenues to purchase him were finished. Not like they did it after one round of cavaliers... they…