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  • This buff was probably the one I was most looking forward to throughout this entire overhaul program. Not sure why the Regen was such a thing that steps were taken to remove it, but it's pretty clear it was the wrong approach. I would definitely like to see some time spent reevaluating Daredevil HK
  • It means you have permanently won the game 💪
  • We've stopped attacking at this point. This is certainly a strange bug.
  • What I don't get, is the Hz issue. I have a nearly 3 year old One Plus 7 Pro that was one of the first screens that wasn't 60Hz on any phone and never have had any issues with the game until the Parry/Dex issues started after the games Unity System update. Granted it's an Android phone but I can't imagine Kabam built in…
  • Thank you for the response.
  • I have a ranked up Spider-Man Symbiote, he could use a little love but he's not terrible either. I would like a new SP1 animation for him and more tied into the Symbiote Class, there's literally one synergy he's part of that has something to do with bleeds which he can't do. He should gain buffs like Venom and Carnage I…
  • My friend @DrZola Beast when high sig from what I remember has a decent healing ability. His lack of damage is the thing that probably has left him behind. I'd like to see him have an increased bleed ability, maybe can gain a passive fury or two and have an increased ability accuracy against debuff shrugs from skill heros.…
  • @"Kabam Miike" thank you for the information on 4 updates coming soon. Looking forward to finding out whom the other 3 are.
  • Excellent idea DrZola It's those small things that could make the overall game experience better. We do need some serious attention put on connection issues though, it has gotten really bad for me. Moving between nodes even will cause up to a minute delay, just staring at that little red icon in the bottom right corner.
  • I'm pretty sure the mastery your Defense gets is the mastery you have when you set them.
  • Great discussion that just leads me to this: Perhaps it's really time Mastery swaps stop costing us units. Why is spending the resources to unlock them not enough? So many questions with masteries that go unanswered over the years.
  • Would be really cool, at least I think so, to see the rare hero's offered in the loyalty store as 2*s Unstoppable Colossus been the only option for years.
  • Two wars now missed, no "bye" rewards have been distributed to our alliance. How do we go about getting this addressed? You've given out rewards to some alliances but clearly not all. We are enlisted (again) for the next war. Has the main problem been addressed of people not getting matched?
  • Same thing going on for me. Two wars now somehow kicked out of matchups only to find no compensation while others have received a bye + rewards similar to winning a war. I'm not sure what's going on with Alliance Wars but if the solution is to give everyone rewards that hasn't happened because my alliance hasn't received…
  • @"Kabam Miike" is this a secret fix to pure skill mastery? Haha just kidding with you as we've chatted about this several times already. But if you have any update on that issue I'd love to hear it.
  • Great video a friend of mine made comparing X23 R4 vs OML R4 I found in my testing he has a little more damage output than before but it's nothing that will make you want to pull him off the bench. He is a bit tanky with the Regen and if used with Domino and Sabertooth has pretty good Regen but…
  • I really just don't understand making his healing a buff instead of a passive buff. It was the one unique feature he had that made OML interesting. Would have preferred they built upon that aspect of him. There's plenty of hero's with more powerful healing abilities already in the game.
  • I don't understand why the healing wasn't left as a passive buff. Could have built around the one good thing he had going for him. Seems in this new release OML should have been given an ability similar to Angela's where he can stack healing buffs if x amount of damage is taken. Hopefully he's better than this is reading.
  • I'd really love to see what ideas they have for Daredevil. I know he's not likely to win this vote but sure hoping the development team decides to buff at least two of the six.
  • Have to agree. Just a couple things that could make a big impact, his signature abilities could give him either some resistance to damaging rebuffs or a % to shrug them off. Feel like a pretty neat counter part to OG Vision would be if this version of Vision was maybe immune to Incinerate (given Aarkus’s cold abilities) or…
  • I really like Ronin, however a few slight tweaks would really make him a more appealing character for more players. The comments above by @RoninMan are spot on. Really a bummer that Kabam seems to disagree since Ronin isn't going to be looked at any further at this time. Happy to hear Ebony Maw will get some sort of buff.…
  • Bump, please help
  • Bump, would like a response from Kabam please
  • Happy to see my favorite topic still being asked about. @"Kabam Miike" said however many years / months ago this was being worked on. I don't understand why or how it could possibly take so long to fix but my guess is nobody uses the mastery anymore so there's no urgency to fix it. I spent a lot of units to max out this…
  • With a few adjustments these changes would make all these original hero's very playable against any of the new heros. It was fun to see some of the stuff Kabam did to these hero's with the stones. Sadly their power will go back to normal very soon. Thought Hawkeye was great and could probably be buffed as is with the…
  • Happened to go through my inbox today and saw a message I sent to @"Kabam Miike" thanking him for mentioning the pure skill mastery was being worked on. This was sent to him June 2018, still nothing since 12.0 patch on this issue. I would really love to see the class mastery's in general revamped, but pure skill especially…
  • Agreed @Secret_Gamer however Gwenpool isn't a new hero, nor is Miles or Spidey. Just seems the fix would make more sense to just add Miles, no need to make Spidey worse when it's been a synergy for years at this point.