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  • (Quote) thanks, here’s my roster, my usual questing champs are starky, domino, void, magik and rulk (Image)
  • (Quote) thanks for the advice, even a 3* gulk would work? i would test out all those champs but i don’t want to waste too much energy..
  • hi - would you take a 190k uncollected player? i would love to join your alliance but i’m not dure my rating’s high enough. i sent you a friend request, maybe have a look at my account?
  • hi, do you have a minimum rating requirement? i’m only 190k rating but i’m uncollected and have done map 4. i understand if my rating is too low for you to accept.
  • hi, what’s your minimum player rating to accept? i’m only 190k but i’m uncollected and i’ve done map 4, but i understand if my rating is a bit too low for you to accept.
  • (Quote) hey, my in game id is winntersoldier, what’s yours? does your alliance need line?
  • lol i pulled storm 3 times in my first 5 pulls and pulled ultron twice
  • duped my 4* hyperion from a premium, gonna bring him to 5:50, then pulled a 5* magik. my 5* luck has turned around and im really happy about that:)
  • i had 1 5/50 when i got uncollected and the rest were all 4/40s, didn’t spend any units since i saved up a few team revives. you should be fine i think, if you have at least 1 5/50, the chapter that stopped me for a bit was 5.2.4 (which was where i …
  • many people have said it, but the fight scenes in winter soldier never fail to amaze me, especially the ones between steve and bucky, love those scenes. dancing baby groot, definitely. thor and loki’s get help. thor’s entrance in iw. ‘we have a hulk…
  • my first and second 5*s were storm... and my 7th was her as well:)
  • (Quote) if domino is the only bleed champ in my main roster then is deep wounds still worth it? i have an unduped 4/40 aa that i use occasionally... or should i put my mastery points elsewhere?
  • (Quote) so even now without many bleed champs it would still be worth putting points in more than assassin?(Quote) i know a lot of people do arena, i usually do the first 2 milestones but i am rather busy and don’t have much time to grind, so i rely…
  • (Quote) even better than assassin? i don’t have a lot of bleed champs
  • really happy with mine, pulled domino who is my first good 5*, really good especially since i’ve opened 8 5* crystals and 3 of them were storm and the rest meme champs... used my resources to 5/50 my 4* domino a few weeks ago so i’m waiting on t4 mu…
  • 1. storm (eh) 2. ultron (not bad, but hits like a towel) 3. storm (again. in fact i’ve gotten her 3 times out of 7 crystals i’ve opened so far so i’m just supremely unlucky) so yeah a dupe in the first 3 5*s lol
  • best coincidence: i’ve opened 7 5* crystals so far (im only a midgame player:/), and 3 of them were storm. i thought that the 5* basic pool was large enough that i wouldn’t get the same champ 3 times out of 7, or even if i get trash champs at least …
  • i went for magik, couldn’t wait too long since i had t5 iso expiring, thanks for the input though:)
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  • (Quote) i would go aa if i manage to dupe him, but no luck so far. he’s still a beast but even more so duped, same for hype, so yeah i’m waiting on the dupe. i would go rulk but not sure if he’s 5/50 material...
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  • where are you at in act 5? you should be fine, just don’t expect to defeat the collector without revives unless you are very skilled. i used a team of 4/40s and only one 5/50 and i didn’t spend any units, so you should have no problem. just don’t ge…
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  • (Quote) yeah, i was surprised too, but that’s good since i plan to build up my avengers/guardians roster, and i seem to have the rest of the weeks covered except for the first one
  • i’m the exact opposite, i had literally no good champs for the first week, only a 4/40 duped imiw. the second week was great, i melted sinister with 4/40 archangel and magik. i’ve 100% this week’s master but haven’t even tried last week lol
  • (Quote) that really sucks, hope you have better luck next time(Quote) ouch i feel bad for them, now i don’t feel so bad lol
  • (Quote) storm, not the worst champ by any means and her dupe makes her more useful, but so far i haven’t found much use for her in any content. i’m not demanding god tiers for all my pulls, just hoping to get a few different champs since the basic p…
  • magik is great for content, doesn’t need to be duped to get consistent powerlock. her damage isn’t as good as corvus or venom but her powerlock allows you to fight enemies without worrying about baiting/blocking/evading specials. corvus and venom ar…
  • i slowed down when i got 2-3 usable 4*s, i only have 3 3*s at max rank but nevertheless my 3*s still helped me up to 4.3. completely stopped ranking them once i started getting 4*s more often. unless you’re in a hurry or your resources are overflowi…
  • void was helpful for me, it was a slow fight at first since masochism kept eating his debuffs but once fotv became active the opponent just melted. i used void for most fights. use magik and powerlock to infinite intercept against the wall so you do…
  • my first run i took the longest path since i couldn’t take him out on short path, went back to him a few weeks later on short path after completing act 4 and killed him with magik sp3, minimal health lost. just try to bait his sp1 since his sp2 is h…
  • still haven’t gotten blade myself, starky as a 4/40 was still very important in getting to uncollected and his sheer damage, but blade is a 5* and a top tier champ so i say go for blade since his damage output and future use would be higher as a 5* …