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  • If they give us good rewards they couldn’t gouge us with ridiculous cash grab offers.
  • It looks like most of your answers are getting answered but you can always get more. I do not have a direct video of safeguard on my channel (YouTube) but I know I have some fights through the videos. My channel us AverageAvenger8406 What I can tell you is champions that have ability reduction make this easy. I see above…
    en Safeguard Node Comentario por 8406GR marzo 2018
  • -200 because he is that awesome -_-
  • AA and done. 4 hit combos. AA does not need to be duped. I do not have fight directly listed "AA VS MODOK" but through my videos I have a lot of modok fights and I always use AA unless its debuff immune. In which case you would need to think around the box such as I see above, crossbones, BW and so on. My YouTube page is…
  • I am so lost here. Leave it to the pros.
  • I say GR regardless of sig. he is highly versatile and carries a lot of utility. Second vote would by hyperion, next would be X23, GP, Rogue, SL and xbones. Good luck, everyone is consumed in this "god tier" list(s) but your individual profile will change accordingly.
  • Poison immune KG on buffet node with safeguard (but safeguard would kick in at 50%) this way summoners would think they have a chance but we all know it would just suck flat out.
  • Let quakes dupe come naturally. She is not worth an AG. AA is highly valuable even unduped. His sig ability I’d geared for shitting down specific champs like magik (limbo) and to eliminate regen. I still take him as a 4* sig 16 to a lot of content. He is usually the MVP. 5* l’s are th3 new 4*s so yes, tank up Electra. My…
  • I am glad to see your opinion! See, brainstomring. It’s also Helpful to share what rule you are accusing me of breaking. I find it ironic that you are breaking more rules than me in your one response. Although I see you are not satisfied and slightly confused on my post I will reiterate it for you. 1. I am building a base…
  • It was going to be a feature of the removed “portals” section! Lol.
  • I hope you are able to complete the end game content soon and with ease! That being said I am currently at 360k and I passed through classic ultron with OG Thor (sig 80ish) because his chain stun is brutal. Only parry on fury cycles. Other people use Loki. Regarding your decisions. Void is good Don’t waste a AG on GP. She…
  • I have some contacts in the content program and still, no one has released any information on the next batch. Speculation is to expect 6 months based off previous recorded data history of Kabams procedures. Even then who will be in it? My advice - just open your crystals and take what you get.
  • Agreed. I have only seen it on the lower accounts. But most of the heavy hitters have an extra AG 4* type in the stash anyways. Maybe Kabam wanted to make the lower levels feel “special”. That’s how they select customers. In business we call it “bottlenecking” and most people know it as the target market.
  • The rates are made to skew your perception. Like many others, TM is grades on his own percentages. I can tell you 1 thing for sure. That is, statistics don’t mean anything. Think about this: You have 70% water weight. I have 70% water weight. If you weight 150lbs and I weight 250 lbs the total whole number is different but…
  • You still need to focus on not dying in any fights and cleaning the boss node.
    en War question Comentario por 8406GR marzo 2018
  • I don’t think I have seen a list of this magnitude. I am aware that if you are “uncollected” by defeating 5.2 you have access to the “uncollected daily crystal” which contains much more than champs. I would assume it offer the same champs as the PHC. I cannot deduce why I rare champ would be offered. So your odds of…
  • Viva revolution! We want better drop rates or we quit. Just me? But for serious, we all knew drop rates were fairly low. And that the game had to put something up.
  • Grasshopper, You will choose who best fits your needs. I would pick nebula because she can regen. She is double immune and has one of the sickest special 2’s in this game. I hope your quest gets answered to your liking, also good luck!
  • Wait for a champ that is good un duped. Quake, modok those guys. T4cc are hard to come by, and although they are becoming more frequent with war seasons and end game content, nothing is for sure in this game. If u can't wait and u happen to awaken hulk, go with him.
  • Having specific champs will make it easier. Having stronger champs will make it faster, and buying more lotto tickets will increase your odds of winning... These are all 4/40's and magik Is a unduped R2. Just play smart and lag his L1. I do 4 hits back up, 4 hits back up, full combo and hold block until he throws a combo…
  • Plenty of videos to watch. All I have is a 3* Loki and I couldn't get the job done with him. Thor (cosmic) helped me get through by building up a bar of power + 1/3-1/2 into the second bar and starting a parry on his armor or fury buff breaking 1x armor then into a sp1 chain stun. I go med., med. x2 then 5 hit combo…
    en Ultron 5.4.6 tips Comentario por 8406GR enero 2018
  • True or false I really don't care. I'm just upset about 19/19 of my last PHC's all being 2* DPXForce... really... I still think it's dumb that I can max sig all the crappy 4* champs (kamala, Karnak, IP) and still not even pull a Hyperion or AA. You call it RNG, I call it Kascam.
  • Check out some of the LINE app pages. OMNI offers a prediction with a "panel of experts" who are usually accurate in my experience for both 4* basic & featured. You can also hop on FB and look at trucos marvel contest of champions fo some useful info. and previous cutoffs. I would say 5mil though.
  • Find a new alliance my friend. The game is free to play meaning the investment of both time and effort can be... well lacked. Every alliance is different, find one that works for you and before you know it the participation will match yours. Or you can always create an alliance and kick everyone out who doesn't follow your…
  • This game, in it of itself, has maxed double edge in masteries. I enjoyn playing it but sometimes the updates are overly complicated. It's rather evident that the change happened during kabams latest installment. I don't know what logic is followed but I don't fix what isn't broken. I know some issues have been brought up…
  • Moms Visa card
  • That's tough, that's a choice that doesn't come around often. I would wait until u open more crystals like I see you plan on doing ^ If nothing good magik duped is something that u won't regret. I agree with the others, get md up and pump some sig stones in. She has more value than just AW def by far.
  • So holding the block position after getting L3 by hyp & mordo only worked for me? Btw, I noticed this while trying to run through more of 5.3 as magik takes forever to start a combo after her L2. My solution is to not change every champion across the board but maybe stick to those specific champs that are issues. I don't…
  • They are progressing the game... it was a free crystal with the chance of a 3/4/5*. I'm confused at what more you want? It's a free game, if they gave you everything you wanted on your 2nd month of playing the game they would not make any money. Kabam is a for profit business, businesses stay in business by making money.…
  • en AQ crystals Comentario por 8406GR septiembre 2017