AlphA101 ★★★

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  • Then replace them with nexus crystals if it brings BALANCE to game , isint that’s what kabam is all about ? In sincerity ? 160 champs in the basic pool is a joke , be fair to the players (customers)
  • Why not ? What is so fundamentally game breaking about it ?
  • What purpose do timers serve in aq aw anyway ? Why don’t we have timers in non alliance
  • You have no idea bud how widely this was abused repeatedly to take down ridiculous minis and bosses at map 6/7
  • It’s funny some people will still react to statements even when not called out directly , guess people know what they are ! They were trying to change something and instead the aq ruleset changed ? Lmao , you guys mean someone was working with the gearbox and the brakes started misbehaving? I need to stop coming to the…
    dans AQ Timeout Commentaire de AlphA101 mai 2020
  • Don’t make me use 4 champs to make a turd shine , it’s pretty lame and lazy !
  • He should be like that without the synergy...kabam needs to buff him big time !
  • Like it has always been and like I’ve been saying , the game literally is take it or leave it , there no middle path :( I Know a lot of players who take dropped aw altogether , the difference between aq and aw is the widest right now
  • Thanks bud , I’ll make sure I don’t touch anything with a kabam logo on it !! Hands are pretty burned :(
  • Act 6 is unplayable , aw aq are super boring , arena is out of the question , what’s left ?
  • Is it the 11th commandment ? Written In the Bible ? Or is it a law of nature ? Lol Kabam made a game and they can alter a few things , why is everyone so rigid here ? People react as if they have been instructed to do so !!
  • Yup , this one is pathetic , boring and outdated
  • Make the energy refills at 10 units , 30 is overpriced
    dans Energy Commentaire de AlphA101 mai 2020
  • So what’s the solution then ? Bad pulls are driving people away amongst other reasons Every suggestion that is posted imbalanaces the damn game , it’s anyways not balanced !! For once think about the players rather than expecting to keep playing this game for eternity and still possible not pull the champs needed
  • I could offer to sell my house for 1 trillion usd and it’s perfectly fine , coz it’s my house and no one is entitled to buy it ... But honestly it makes me look stupid and gives the Impression that I feel others are stupid too , who would actually buy my home at that price !! Cmon guys , either you aren’t real or your too…
  • Working as intended. These offers just reiterate their mindset about making this game p2w... how shady does it look when you see it listed as a free game on the App Store , but in reality there’s not much for free players , even energy must be bought , lol
  • Sorry , but as potential customers everyone has a right to voice their opinion , what you said about not buying is only 50% correct People may not buy because of various reasons , but when you say the offer sucked , it’s not arbitrary! Let us be heard !!
  • I’ve almost dropped the game . 0 enthusiasm to play and negative to spend , I’ll wager nothing will change They only know how to make this game p2w and don’t need f2p in real , but otherwise it’s a free game , lmao
    dans We need another 12.0 Commentaire de AlphA101 mai 2020
  • The last paragraph about 50 units was the main message . Anyone playing this game for even a little while understands you could have bought that offer with farmed units ! But hey in these trying times when so many people and Organizations are offering real food / shelter and even hard cash to the needy ones , kabam…
  • Who cares ? When there’s not much to do in the game
  • Lol , you people will literally drive kabam out of business !! Sig stones increase prestige and kabam sells prestige , which whole game is about increasing prestige , f2p ain’t getting a chance !
  • Lots of people leaving across a variety of alliances , no wonder a lot of alliances will not be prepared for the new war season which starts in a few days !! I’ve never seen soo many leave so quickly
  • Kabam thinks all 14 year kids play this game who have no idea how jobs are being lost and they simply can take their dads credit card and buy these offers !! Cmon kabam , in these times atleast pretend to be altruistic or is even that too difficult for you ? Even if you gave this same crystal for 50 units , it would have…