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  • Cyclops blue team is the oldest champion in this game, but why kabam not give him any buff n now he is available in six star also. You been playing 6 months, mate?
    in Avengers Kommentar von Primmer79 25. April
  • But capw2 was og cap that put on the capw2 costume in ww2 so actually he should be an avenger no it’s still the same guy are you sure? why can't it be cap FROM WWII with the WWII costume? he wore the costume at two points in time
    in Avengers Kommentar von Primmer79 25. April
  • There's a difference between saying it is working consistently, and it is working correctly. and even "correctly" is a design, or wording differential. Masochism has never worked as worded, but I assume it is working per design. As far as I know, Th…
  • It depends who you talk about. Cap WWII isnt an avenger, he was plucked from the WWII time, and wasnt an avenger at the time. Spiderman stark was not an avenger at the time of his plucking from the timeline, IE homecoming. Remember these characters …
    in Avengers Kommentar von Primmer79 24. April
  • Why arent thors consumed then Blade's parry causes stun and bleed Cap IW parry causes x y and z Thor's parry causes stun Thor's stun causes armor break. Because of that sequence of logic, it doesn't apply maso the same.
  • On Thor's case, I would assume pacify mastery caused it to happen thor has always been a special case, otherwise you understand it completely. Thor has a debuff that causes another debuff, and this has weird interactions with current nodes. Ever…
  • Congrats guys! we almost had a thread dead for a year! but you all succeeded in reviving it! hoo hoo!
  • You can go into setting and disable global chat just until you have watched the movie I haven't had global chat active for over a year. its great
  • @Primmer79 Thanks for the info. Just one champ? That is still very unbalanced. I don't disagree. There has always been a lack of a direct counter to degen. There are other, partial, counters, just by being able to regen. Magik tends to be good for…
  • @Primmer79 okay that’s helpful. But now here is my problem effects can be countered with ability accuracy effects but ability accuracy effects don’t do anything against nodes that Kabam makes and there aren’t any degen immune champs so willpower wou…
  • Kabam I think needs to clearly define these terms because effects are anything that happens which would include buffs and debuffs. Buffs are anything the helps your champ and debuffs are anything that hurts your champ. That is my understanding of th…
  • @Primmer79 when you have the Hemidall and Angela synergy you get a passive fury and fury is a buff correct? I had to test this to double check. When I use that synergy I do not get a passive fury. I get a fury buff.
  • Active and passive only describe buffs or debuffs Active and passive describe effects. a better way to understand it is active = buffs or debuffs, passive = effects
  • Its debuff vs passive effects. Willpower works for debuffs, not passives.
  • if i ever have to take B again with a sub optimal roster I quit
  • Why does that work? Electro's static damage back relies on a % of what hit him. He must survive the hit to reflect damage back. Heimdall ensures he survives at least one hit, and endures at 1%, no matter how much damage is done. The defender techn…
  • Iphone user here just for what I've experienced. Nothing new since the update. However, she has been slightly bugged forever where at certain times you can no longer heavy. I haven't narrowed it down. If I parry/heavy, shes fine for me and never m…
  • I like using his synergies. Especially cosmic, and using armor break. I've tried his mystic one and haven't noticed a huge change in his or their gameplay. Great champ I have at r4 and planning on r5 eventually
  • @mmarcelocsouza I've heard that if you click on the use rank up gem, itll use the 2015 first. But I would try to get confirmation of that from support before you do it.
  • Not sure I want them back, besides they still have not said whether or not they are coming back or not, even pretty recently so who knows if they are ever coming back. They never had them to begin with. It just took them time to acknowledge that …
  • There May be solution - Match alliances not with war rating, but with some combination of war rating And rating of their Champions (like boss, And all nodes combined) This Will result matching those alliances WHO dont want to fight with weak ones, …
  • Even losing a war, with no war rating loss, means free shards for no work. Freezing war rating won't work.
  • No mod has said anything and the player base is giving contradictory statements. I’ll wait for an official word I don't doubt you... and would like them to chime in as well. Mods have chimed in on LoL evade in the past. Best I can tell from r…
  • As a long time player (and emma user) the explanations and results for a LONG time supports what mods said - that LoL evade is different than any other evade and cannot be affected. The fact that you haven't seen an evade with KM I would consider …
  • There's no set schedule.