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  • remember - the characters in Mcoc are if they are pulled from a specific time stream at a specific point. This was a big discussion for spidey awhile ago. This Professor X was not a part of the illuminati, even though, you are correct, a professor x was a founding member. Our professor X is a different storyline. For…
  • Was able to get through this yesterday. I am still not clear on if there is a bug or not. but it seems something isnt working as intended, or isnt working as written at least. After talking with several groups i am in, there are 4-5 ways to handle this and make it relatively easy. 2-3 of them require specific masteries.…
  • I can't guarantee this is what you are seeing, but it IS possible to move tiers without even fighting in a war. Tier is percentage based if I remember correctly, and alliance candidacy for inclusion in the total number can change.
  • its not an open poll, because A) its not a poll and B) we dont decide what the game can do Normally i see forum posts like this and instead of commenting I usually scroll past instead of saying my opinion for the umpteenth time. My experience in this game from the beginning is I guess in a true poll it would be closer to…
  • Just dropping by to add me to the other side. I dont think a forum thread is an accurate representation of what the whole community wants. My guess would be its closer to 50/50
  • yep. not a bug. my only suggestion is pop those XP boosts and clear act 4
  • They're not claiming its not a bug - it is very obviously a bug, but they could not recreate it. So just asking questions to help investigate :)
  • I never had a 5* void to rank up, and when I did it wasn't a priority, but when I duped my 6* I r3 him pretty quick. I look at void a little different with his debuffs. I dont go to him for his individual debuff effects, I just go to him for his debuff degen and regen counter, and I still view him as worth it. I also have…
  • So, I know in theory and practice, for what we see in the game, you are right. But has their ever been confirmation that a champion's AAR should affect a node that is supposed to be providing YOU with a benefit or effect? I understand a node that gives the opponent an ability can be affected, but has their been…
  • She's not alone in this, other mutants with AAR do this. I'm still not sure if this is an intended interaction, tbh.
  • I bought one odin, and received the wrong number of crystals. if this error was based on timing, I shouldve received all my crystals or none of them.
  • i dont disagree. I said please :)
  • this is also an old thread, please do not revive old threads.
  • I love my 5* emma and would love her 6*. very handy and good damage.
  • whenever I see 99% its usually the corners. remember you have to hit the nodes, not all the fights. even if there is no fight you have to explore the node.
  • Pay attention to how many crystals you open vs what the reward is. There is a bug that starts displaying more than you have actually opened, like a totally gross amount that is impossible to get from the number of crystals you have opened.
  • It depends on what you have/what you want. Ignoring that, I think Mutant has the most options one could be happy with their opening. I have a lot of mutants unduped I'm hoping for. However, I know a lot are dying for mystic.
  • I am going to assume the answer to this is no... but did you log into a friend's another account at all? or do you have a second account? maybe that account is triggering those pokes?
  • LoL has an interesting evade mechanic that is designed to allow the defender to evade, regardless of the attacker.* Notice how I said designed. There are certain ways to completely shut it down, and I do not know these offhand, but the purpose behind LoL evade was to make sure the defender could evade in situations like…
  • just some friendly advice. If this game makes you that frustrated, step back and breath a little. Every bug is super infuriating to everyone, I can absolutely agree with that. but for posts here, especially about bugs its gotta be the facts with no emotion behind it or people wont take you seriously, or your post will be…
  • Venom needs to have the klyntar buff in order to prevent spiderman evade. make sure you arent facing a node like buffet or similar.
  • I think the gap in some of the comments is that: Bleed immune means you cant get a bleed debuff. Disorient immune would mean you cant get a disorient debuff. However, we still have the interaction of corvus glaive, who is not immune to bleed debuffs, but does not take damage from bleed debuffs while his immunity is active.…
  • what nodes did you have up? If the increased ability accuracy node is up, slow won't always prevent unstoppable.
  • LOL has a weird evade mechanic that was designed to still work even when champs have abilities to prevent evades. As new champs get released, this isnt always true anymore, but a general rule of thumb, is always plan on LOL champs evading.
  • Thats not bulk, thats RNG. Bulk is 100+ at once, imo. Every now and then a post like this comes up. Units are supposed to be rare from these crystals. It always seems when you need them, youll never get them.
  • Lets go with this - Lets do ZERO reskin. A reskin to me is OG Cap and Cap WWII. There is little different about them. animations the same. abilities not all that different. Let do more in the sense of Cap IW and OG Cap. Theoretically, they are both Steve Rogers - Captain America. But in the game, they are totally different…