Developers Thoughts: Improving Alliance Wars Discussion Thread

Hey Summoners!

We've just posted a brand new behind the scenes look at the future of Alliance Wars, including some new changes coming to Alliance Wars Season 5! Make sure you take a read of the post over on our Blog:

The Rotating Global Buffs kick off on October 17th! Prepare yourselves!
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  • GamerGamer Posts: 8,719 ★★★★★
    Not gone lier it read wierd i always wont to hav offer champ why just Not buff ofee champ istand im thuget we wuld read buff. Reward a tiny bit
  • AcanthusAcanthus Posts: 447 ★★★
    Acanthus wrote: »
    The murdering of Blade continues
    Buff 2 - Bleed Immunity:
    - Bleed immunity affects Defenders
    - Bringing in Debuff heavy Champions will still be a viable option, but Champions that rely heavily on Bleed will not be as effective this Season.

    Can you please expand on this. A R5 killmonger on node 29 will now be impposible to beat unless you have a corvius. People would use blade because that was the only other counter. Node 29 is a problem and you are not hellping this out at all, just making it a lot more difficult

    I take it you haven't heard of Magik.

    Magik works 47% of the time. A high sig KM murders magik very easy from reverb

    Are you using sig 10 Magik?
  • GamerGamer Posts: 8,719 ★★★★★
    Node 29 has corner so bleed imuns migth works better. Them what we Think of
  • Midknight007Midknight007 Posts: 722 ★★★
    More T5 frags in the awards... and maybe an increase in tier rewards in general.
  • LastShaddowLastShaddow Posts: 4
    What about the so called “fair” matchmaking for aw where a lower ally matchmakes bud get a 12, 13 mil alliance when current rating is 8 mil to 9 mil is that going to change I’ve seen it through all alliances I’ve been a member in . Below 14 mil they are all “unlucky” to get higher opponents with no chance of winning.
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