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Developers Thoughts: Improving Alliance Wars Discussion Thread



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    RWW12RWW12 Posts: 38
    One suggestion for fixing the piloting situation and the issue of bumping a platinum2/3 alliance down into fights with gold1 opponents could be a 24 hour ban for the individual offender for the first offense. That will hurt the summoner as well as the alliance that now must fight with one less attacker and 10 less defenders. Then only lower the war rating of the offending team as if they would’ve lost the last war. No lower, so they will continue to fight the same level of opponent that they should be fighting. Lastly, doc the alliance points from their season total thus dropping them in the overall rankings. It’s great that kabam has cracked down on piloting, but last season our own alliance fought at least a couple alliances that obviously fell from a higher tier and were now working their way back up. This resulted in some losses that kept us from advancing to the next level.
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    The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,936 ★★★★
    Are there any plans to change the current system of having to be in the alliance you've participated in 5 wars at the end of the season?

    I missed season rewards last time because I went on holiday and only managed 4 wars with my new alliance when I got back but I did more than 5 wars with the alliance I was in before my holiday.

    Also we see a lot of forum posts where someone is kicked on the last day of the season by a disgruntled officer meaning they get nothing.
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    ElusiveElusive Posts: 45
    Honestly it's hard to grasp where KABAM wants to get with those "changes". There is no META at this game as there is META in other games. We have champions that do well against majority of nodes/matchups and other that fail. At the current "META" stated by @Kabam Miike , there is no use for a SHE HULK, no matter which buff you give to her (that was only an example). Also the lack of resources to bring champions to max rank (rank 5 as 5* ATM) do not allow people to have "diversity" rosters for defense and attack.

    Right now AW is taking lots of time/preparation from the alliance. People have to scout their path, discuss possible encounters and which player take which path, yeah that is a HUGE time consuming at the top tier AW. And just place more "RNG" stuff won't help the process to make the life of players easier (by easier I mean less time consuming in this iterations of encounters and other time consuming strategies that goes under war planning).

    Also placing a node "ALL BLEED IMMUNE" (for example) will make some fights IMPOSSIBLE in a 3 minute window for people that for instance has only a Blade for their attack (Gwenpool also).

    Right now with the addition of a new champ every other week we are getting lots of dynamics to the AW specially since all the new champs are either being good defenders or attackers and some occasions both.

    What has to be changed in AW in my POV.

    - Scoring system
    1. An alliance should not benefit if their enemy left defenders up, that gives an opportunity for collusion, and also you should not get score on the incapability of the other alliance. Your score should be linked only to your skill. With that said we should remove the remaining defenders points. That would cap a maximum score per war since if you die 0 times and have 150 diversity you would reach the maximum (considering you cleared all 3 BG's.).

    2. Top TIERS (eg TIER 1) should place in front of ANY TIER 2 alliance, even when they lose. What does it means? The forum is full of complaints of alliances "tanking" their war rating during off season to place at the "end" of TIER 2 bracket and with that never face alliances from TIER 1, since that occur they win EVERY war in the season, and end up in the master bracket for season rewards. While a TIER 1 alliance that had some bad encounters may falling down to Platinum 1, even tho they have more war rating than a TIER 2 alliance.
    That would solve the issue of "tanking", since if you are deep on TIER 2 you might not be able to get master rewards. That will push alliances to play better and stop with the "tanking". A solution for that is change the multiplier, and create a gap between TIERS.

    This are some problems/solutions of pertinent topics in our forum during on/off season.

    Another possible way to bring more diversity to the game is to rework 70% of the champions that in fact are useless.
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    RobbietheoxRobbietheox Posts: 21
    I think an adjustment of bracket size most players want to end game players want gold1 plus the problem is this group has been expanding which has been making AW more stressful and overly competitive so an expansion would help relieve some of that stress also maybe adding some 6* shards to tier 5 and improving the tier 5 basic amounts in season rewards we don't mind an increase in difficulty if the rewards are fair to match it
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    Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 7,274 ★★★★★
    Hey Summoners!

    We've just posted a brand new behind the scenes look at the future of Alliance Wars, including some new changes coming to Alliance Wars Season 5! Make sure you take a read of the post over on our Blog: https://playcontestofchampions.com/developer-thoughts-improving-alliance-wars/

    The Rotating Global Buffs kick off on October 17th! Prepare yourselves!

    The changes to the alliance search sounds like a great idea. I struggled for months to join an appropriate alliance, but I finally found one through the forums here. Any improvements you can make to the search system is needed.
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