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    Cyclops (New Xavier School)
    5 Star, 5/65, Sig. 200

    Signature Ability - Optic Flexibility
    -When below 30 Optic Effectiveness, Cyclops generates one every 1.5 seconds.
    The duration of Cyclops’ Precision Passive is increased by +10 seconds.
    -All Armor Break Debuffs last +15 seconds longer.

    Mutation - Always Active
    - +1085 Energy Resistance.
    - Cyclops takes no damage from his own Beams.
    - Cyclops gains +225.23 Critical Damage Rating for the remainder of the fight and 3% of Max Power each time he receives Energy Damage. This has 50% reduced potency if Cyclops is suffering from a Plasma effect.
    - Gain 10% of Max Power whenever Cyclops takes zero damage from Energy Attacks.

    - This champion can strike with Critical Hits even while the opponent is blocking.
    - Whenever Cyclops dodges or well-timed Blocks the opponent’s Special Attacks and when striking the opponent’s Block with Critical Hits in any way or when, Cyclops gains 8% of Max Power.
    - Every 25 seconds, Cyclops gains a Precision Passive that grants +6813 Critical Rating for 15 seconds. Every blocked hit by either Cyclops or the opponent that is not critical reduces the timer by 2 seconds.

    Optic Effectiveness
    - Whenever Cyclops takes Energy Damage or when either champion performs a Critical Hit in any way, Cyclops gains one Optic Effectiveness, but loses 15 when Power Drained, Burned or suffering from Tech champions Plasma effects. Max stacks: 50
    - For each Optic Effectiveness, Cyclops’ Special Attacks are granted bonuses:
    +185.16 Block Penetration.
    +69.18 Critical Damage Rating.
    +235.26 Armor Penetration.
    +0.5% Power Gain.

    When Gaining Over 50 Optic Effectiveness
    - Gain a Prowess Buff for 10 seconds, increasing Special Attack damage by 10%.
    - +3% chance to randomly gain 1, 2, or 3 Bars of Power.

    Special Attacks
    - All Beam Attacks are guaranteed to be Critical at the cost of 15 Optic Effectiveness.
    - Any Critical Rating that Cyclops gains is converted into +956.16 Critical Damage Rating for the duration of the Special Attack.
    Abilities caused by hitting the opponent with Beam Attacks also trigger through the opponent’s Block.

    Special Attack 1
    - If Cyclops has a Prowess Effect, this attack ignores all Energy Resistance.
    - Each hit deals a burst of Energy Damage, causing up to 1491.25 based on Optic Effectiveness.

    Special Attack 2
    - The first 3 hits have a 30% chance to grant Cyclops a Prowess Buff for 5 seconds, increasing Special Attack Damage by +25%. These are paused for the duration of the Special Attack.
    - Beam Attacks have a 40% chance to Armor Break the opponent, reducing Armor Rating by 981.15 for 10 seconds. The chance of this ability triggering is increased by +15% for each Prowess effect Cyclops has.

    Special Attack 3
    - Consume 15 Optic Effectiveness to inflict a stacking Energy Vulnerability Debuff, reducing Energy Resist by 1510.16 for 25 seconds.
    - If Cyclops was at 50 Optic Effectiveness, inflict a Disorient Debuff reducing Defensive Ability Accuracy and Block Proficiency by 50%.


    Energy Effectiveness (Bishop)
    Bishop: Energy Overload now happens when over 50 Prowess and Energy Overload grants Bishop +100% Attack Rating and +50% Special Attack Damage.
    Cyclops: Critical Hits have a 50% chance to grant an additional Optic Effectiveness charge.

    Energy Stalemate (Havok)
    Havok: Taking Energy Damage increases Havok’s Critical Rating by +250 for the remainder of the fight. Additionally, when fighting Cyclops (Both), Havok’s Basic Attacks gain +50% Attack Rating.
    Cyclops: Taking Energy Damage increases Cyclops’ Energy Resistance by +125 for the remainder of the fight. Additionally, fighting Havok causes Cyclops to gain +15% Attack Rating for each Plasma Build Up on Cyclops.

    Troubled Past (Phoenix)
    Phoenix: Gain 8% of Max Power when receiving Energy Damage.
    Cyclops: Special Attacks cost 15% less power.

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    Proxima Midnight (Tune Up)

    Proxima is a champion with amazing Damage potential, hampered by an incredibly long build-up; and by the existence of damage caps in much of the content where she could shine. Her Missions are very variably difficult; and can be effectively impossible (eg. Intercept Vs Rhino, or on a Mighty Charge node), which really needs to change. Her low Block proficiency is also problematic, given the importance of blocking for her Parry Mission (and her knockdown mission). With her ability to Parry projectiles, and her OARR on blocking, it's odd that she's so bad at just plain blocking: she's designed to ramp up and shine in long fights; but the Chip damage she takes on the way is excessive. Here she is, Tuned Up to offer a little more than just being Corvus's sidekick; with multiple abilities that reward good gameplay.

    Stats for a 5/65 Champion
    Attack 2437
    Health 29264

    Proxima reduces the opponent's Offensive Ability Accuracy by 200% whilst blocking.
    Proxima can activate the Parry Mastery against non-contact attacks.
    Proxima's Block Proficiency cannot be passively reduced*, although it is impacted by debuffs such as Incinerate and Fragility.
    Well-timed Blocks: Generate a permanent Bulwark charge, increasing Block proficiency by 112. Max stacks 20. All charges are lost if Proxima if affected by Concussion or Stun.
    *This should be handy on nodes like Soft Guard and against opponents with Block Penetration

    When Proxima reaches a combo multiplier of thirty, she generates a Safeguard buff. Each Safeguard buff reduces the Damage from any single hit other than an SP3 to a maximum of 5% health. A buff is removed once triggered, and may be triggered whilst blocking, if block damage would exceed 5% of her health. She can sustain a maximum of three of these buffs.
    This should be a lot more useful than her existing Safeguard ability; and let her survive a few hits against strong opponents. Like several previously Passive abilities, it's now a buff, bringing her into line with other Cosmic champions and making her vulnerable to Mystics. With her ability to build up Bulwark charges, she should be a lot more sustainable over those looking fights she's designed for.

    Missions from Thanos
    Whenever Proxima Midnight completes an objective for one of her missions, she activates a True Insight buff lasting seven seconds. Whilst she has a True Insight buff, her attacks cannot Miss or be Evaded.
    Mission 1: Deflect their Attacks: Perform a well-timed block. Complete this objective five times.
    Mission 2: Punish their audacity: Intercept the opponent's Dash or strike an opponent who is recovering from a Special Attack. Complete this objective four times.
    Mission 3: Crush their Hopes: Knock the opponent down with a Heavy or Special Attack. Complete this objective five times.

    When Proxima completes a mission, she gains a Prowess buff increasing Special Damage by 200% for seven seconds. If this buff expires naturally, it is converted to a permanent Passive Prowess with the same Potency.
    Proxima's second mission should now be significantly easier to complete; particularly against opponents who go Unstoppable on a Dash attack. She now counters Miss, although her True Insight buff can be Nullified or Staggered, and isn't effective against Autoblock any longer. Her Prowess buffs are also Vulnerable to being Nullified, which prevents them becoming permanent passives.

    Special Attacks:
    Activating a special Attack has a 50% chance to activate a non-stacking Precision buff granting +550 Critical Rating for 7 seconds. The ability accuracy, potency and duration of this ability rises by 1% per hit in Proxima's combo meter. Max benefits at 100 Combo.

    Special-1: The final hit of this attack inflicts a Shock debuff inflicting 1380 damage over five seconds. An additional stack of Shock is inflicted per 30 hits on her combo meter (max four stacks)

    Special-2: This attack benefits from +15 Critical Damage Modifier, per hit in Proxima's combo meter (max +1500).
    Additionally, for each Prowess effect Proxima has, this attack costs 12% less Power (max 48% reduction)

    Special-3: 100% chance to Stun for 5 seconds. 100% chance to Armour Break (Removing an Armour Up buff and inflicting -2650 Armour Rating for nine seconds).
    Against Tech opponents, this attack removes all stacks of Armour Up, and with a combo of 50 or more, she inflicts a second Armour Break of equal potency.
    Proxima now has combo-related benefits to all her Special Attacks; giving her continuous ramp-up even if she's not Awakened, or in shorter fights. The stacking SP1 debuffs will help in environments with a Damage cap; and the raw SP2 damage should become fairly insane when she combines her Precision buff, combo-Cruelty, Prowess passives and Fury buffs from her Awakened Ability. And with SP2s costing up to 48% less Power, she'll be able to throw a lot of them; again helping where a cap exists.

    Signature ability: Unerring accuracy.
    Proxima's True Insight buffs gain +80% duration..
    Additional Mission - Extinguish all Hope:
    When Proxima reaches a combo of 100, she activates a permanent True Insight buff; as well as activating one permanent Fury buff per Mission completed. Each Fury buff increases Attack by +1364.

    Adjusted Synergies:
    Special Assistance (Adjusted synergy with Corvus) - Each Mission requires one fewer objective, except Extinguish All Hope which requires 25 fewer.

    Control the Offensive: (Solo synergy with Cull Obsidian) - When Proxima reaches a combo of 50, she triggers two objectives for her current Mission
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    Ronin Tune-Up Idea
    Stats based off an r3 6star
    Only includes the changes I'd like to see to his abilities.

    Unrelenting Agility
    - When Ronin would be Intercepted, or is attacked while recovering from a Heavy/Special Attack, consume 1 Cruelty Passive to gain a Passive Evasion on the next incoming hit for [0.4 - 1.5] second.
    - When Ronin Evades an attack, gain a Fury Passive increasing Attack Rating by [610.41 - 1220.82] for 12 seconds.

    Sword Attacks
    Intercepting Attacks grants +716.67 Critical Rating for the next Combo/Special Attack. (Basically until your next final Light/Medium/Special hit)

    When Entering a Stance
    - When reaching 7 Cruelty Passives, gain a Precision Passive increasing Critical Rating by 3992.86 for 15 seconds.
    - While this Precision Passive is active, Critical Hits into Bleeding opponents grant 3% of Max Power.

    Wraith Stance
    - All attacks reduce the opponent's Defensive Ability Accuracy by 60%.
    - Critical Hits have a 100% chance to refresh all Disorients on the opponent.

    Demon Stance
    In this Stance, Ronin can trigger Critical Hits through enemy Block.

    Special Attack 1
    Disorients the opponent, reducing Defensive Ability Accuracy by 50% and Block Proficiency by 50% for 12 seconds.
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    Hawkeye Overhaul Idea
    Stats based off an r3 6 star.
    I really like the idea of combo manipulation, so I filled his kit with it.

    Hawkeye gains 25 Combo Meter whenever he applies a Trick Arrow effect to the opponent.

    Trick Arrows
    Arrows are cycled on Hawkeye's Light Attacks, and are used on Heavy and Special Attacks. Damaging Debuffs each deal 7446.88 Damage over 15 seconds. Max Stacks: 3 each.

    Classic- Apply Bleed. 25% chance to Hemorrhage the opponent once per fight, inflicting a Bleed dealing 21732.62 Direct Damage over 60 seconds.

    Explosive- Apply Incinerate. Apply Armor Break to the opponent if Incinerate is prevented or already active, reducing Armor Rating by 1500 for 35 seconds.

    EMP- Apply Shock. Arrow hits Power Drain the opponent for 30% of max power.

    Heavy Attacks
    Incoming Basic Attacks Miss for +1 second(s) for every unique Damaging Debuff on the opponent. Cooldown: 20 seconds. This cooldown can be bypassed in exchange for up to 20 Combo Meter, based on time remaining.
    Charging- Hawkeye stoops slightly, preparing to grab an arrow in his quiver.
    Thrown- Hawkeye hits the opponent with the back end of the arrow, flips it around, then stabs them with the arrow.

    Activating Special Attacks
    - For each damaging Debuff on the opponent, consume 5 Combo Meter to refresh each type.
    Consume 5 hits to refresh all Bleeds on the opponent, an additional 5 to refresh all Incinerates, another 5 for all Shocks.

    Special Attack 1
    - Gain a non-stacking, 15-second Energize Buff, increasing Hawkeye's Combat Power Rate by +10% per Damaging Debuff on the opponent.
    Animation: Current Sp2

    Special Attack 2
    - If at least three Damaging Debuffs are active on the opponent, consume half of the Combo Meter for Guaranteed Critical Hits.
    - If 20+ hits were consumed, gain +50 Critical Damage Rating for each consumed Hit. Max effect at 50 consumed Combo Meter.
    Animation: Hawkeye smacks the opponent away with his bow, then shoots an arrow in an arc, standing straight, and while crouching.

    Special Attack 3
    - Use all Trick Arrows. Any effect activated gains +25% potency, and can go above the stack limit.
    - Detonate all active Trick Arrow effects after the sp3, for 9308.6 Direct Damage each.
    - Consume all hits on the Combo Meter, increasing the duration of all activated effects by +0.5 seconds per hit consumed. Max increase: +30 seconds.

    Awakened Ability-
    Master Marksman, Sig [1-200]
    - Whenever Hawkeye applies a Trick Arrow effect to his Opponent, he also applies a 25-second Disorient Debuff to the opponent, reducing Defensive Ability Accuracy by [25 - 45]% and Block Proficiency by 50%.
    - While at least one Disorient Debuff is active on the opponent, Arrow Hits are Unblockable, and Trick Arrow effects benefit from Critical Damage Rating.

    - If Hawkeye uses two consecutive Medium Attacks, the current arrow type is Nocked for [4 - 16] seconds. Nocked Trick Arrows can be activated while another type is set.

    Updated Synergies
    Only changed on Hawkeye's side

    West Coast Avengers (Tigra)-
    Hawkeye- Gain Toxin Trick Arrows, which apply Poison. Whenever a Poison is applied, apply a Weakness Debuff reducing Attack by 15% and lasting indefinitely until the Poisons wear off.

    No Evil (Hit-Monkey)
    Hawkeye- Arrow strikes will not trigger Passive Evade or Auto-Block.

    Mostly Average Joes (Taskmaster)
    Hawkeye- Gain +40 Combo Meter for every Trick Arrow effect detonated on a Special 3.
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    Taskmaster Moderate Buff Concept- Stats based off an r3 6star.
    Not a repeat post, I've been tinkering with my own rework/buff concepts and made a few slight improvements.

    Anything You Can Do- Cross-Fight Ability
    - Defeating an opponent who has a synergy with Taskmaster grants Taskmaster that synergy’s effects for 6 fights.
    - Defeating an opponent of a certain class grants Taskmaster access to a corresponding Imitation effect for the rest of the quest. Imitations can be selected on the Pre-Fight screen.
    - Taskmaster can teach this effect to another champion on the Pre-Fight screen, losing the Imitation for himself in the process. The other champion can use Imitate for 5 fights.
    -Skill Champions gain an additional +500 Critical Rating while an Imitation is active.
    Intended to play into both Taskmaster's role as a teacher for supervillains' grunts, as well as his frequent memory loss due to his powers.

    Imitation - Pre-Fight/Cross-Fight Ability
    - Skill: Gain 3 Cleanse Passives at the start of the fight. Champions with Cleanse immediately remove the next inflicted Debuff.
    - Science: Each Debuff on the opponent reduces their Regeneration and Ability Power Rate by 8%, down to 0%.
    - Mystic: Heavy Attacks place a 7-second Neutralize effect on the opponent, reducing opponents' Buff Ability Accuracy by -40%. Max Stacks: 3.
    - Cosmic: Buffs and Armor Break gain +30% Ability Accuracy and Duration.
    - Tech: Start the fight with a 40-second Armor Up Passive, increasing Armor Rating by 528. Incoming Bleed and Poison effects suffer -30% potency while this Armor Up is active.
    - Mutant: Taskmaster cannot replicate the genetically-based powers of his opponent.

    Photographic Reflexes- Passive
    - This ability is not affected by Ability Accuracy Reduction.
    - Each Unique Attack* Taskmaster successfully hits the opponent with places one Photographic Reflex charge on the opponent, reducing their Defensive Ability Accuracy by 10% and increasing Exploit Weakness damage by the same amount.
    - Each Unique Attack* the opponent attempts places one Photographic Reflex charge on Taskmaster, reducing the opponent’s Offensive Ability Accuracy by 10% and increasing Taskmaster’s Perfect Block chance by the same amount.
    - Both effects are reset and disabled for 4 seconds when Taskmaster is knocked down by a Special Attack.
    UI Change- PR charges placed on Taskmaster are blue, orange on the opponent.
    *Unique Attacks include all attacks Taskmaster or the opponent can throw; Medium Attacks 1 & 2, Light Attacks 1, 2, 3 and 4, Heavy Attack, and each Special Attack. Each attack only counts once, as they stop being unique after the first time.

    Learn the Foe- Passive
    - Each time a Debuff is placed on Taskmaster, all future Debuffs placed on him have their Potency reduced by 10%. This Potency reduction persists throughout the quest.
    - If the Debuff Potency reduction reaches 100%, Taskmaster becomes Immune to Debuffs for the rest of the fight.
    - If Taskmaster becomes fully Debuff Immune, begin all following fights with 60% Debuff Potency Reduction.
    UI change- Taskmaster gains counters for whenever a debuff is applied to him, similar to Apocalypse’s Evade AAR. At full immunity, gain a Debuff Immunity symbol similar to Apoc’s Immunities.

    Exploit Weakness
    - Taskmaster spots a weakness in the last Attack his opponent attempted, which can be exploited by striking his opponent with the same attack within 10 seconds.
    - Attacks that would Exploit a Weakness gain +100% Offensive Ability Accuracy, and will not trigger a Passive Evade or Auto-Block.
    - Successfully exploiting a weakness deals 2980 Direct Damage, and refreshes all non-damaging debuffs on the opponent.
    - After Exploit Weakness is triggered or expires, it goes on cooldown for 5 seconds.

    Heavy Attacks
    - If Exploit Weakness is on cooldown, the cooldown immediately ends, and the target is set.
    - If Taskmaster has triggered Exploit Weakness in the last 1 second, or his current Exploit Weakness target is Heavy Attack, charging a Heavy attack will make incoming attacks Miss for 1.7 seconds.

    Special Attack 1
    - All hits of this attack deal an additional 1490 Direct Damage while an Exploit Weakness target is active.
    - Bullet hits have a 60% chance to inflict a 10-second Bleed, dealing 447 Direct Damage per Debuff triggered on the opponent this fight. Max Damage after 10 Debuffs.
    - For every active Debuff on either Taskmaster or the opponent, gain +1043 Attack and -300 Critical Rating.

    Special Attack 2
    - First and final hits inflict a non-stacking, 10-second Armor Break, reducing Armor Rating by 379.41. Reduces Armor by an additional 379.41 per Buff and Armor Break triggered on the opponent.
    - For every active Debuff on either Taskmaster or the opponent, gain +2086 Attack and +350 Critical Rating.

    Special Attack 3
    - Automatically triggers any active Exploit Weakness target with an additional 4470 Direct Damage.
    - If this Attack Exploits a Weakness, remove the Exploit Weakness timer for 10 seconds.
    - Inflicts a 10-second Bleed dealing 894 Direct Damage per Debuff triggered on the opponent this fight. Max Damage after 10 Debuffs.
    - Inflicts a non-stacking, 10-second Armor Break, reducing Armor Rating by 379.41. Reduces Armor by an additional 379.41 per Buff triggered on the opponent.
    - For every active Debuff on either Taskmaster or the opponent, gain +3129 Attack.

    Signature Ability- Intuitive Pattern Recognition, Sig [1 - 200]
    - Debuffs which reduce the opponent's Ability Accuracy have their duration increased by [0.5 - 9] seconds.
    - Each time Taskmaster successfully triggers Exploit Weakness, it places a Concussion Debuff on his opponent, reducing their Ability Accuracy by [5.53 - 15]% for 6 seconds and pausing the duration of all active Concussions on the opponent for 3 seconds.
    - If Taskmaster successfully places 5 Concussions simultaneously, they convert into a Passive effect which reduces Ability Accuracy by [27.83 - 70]% for 25 seconds, counts as 5 Debuffs towards Taskmaster’s other abilities, and removes the Exploit Weakness cooldown timer.
    - Taskmaster’s second Medium Attack exploits any weakness at a -[2384 - 1192] damage penalty. Exploiting a weakness in this way refreshes Concussions, but won’t pause them or apply a new one.

    Updated Synergies-

    Mostly Average Joes (Hawkeye)
    Taskmaster- If Taskmaster’s current Exploit Weakness target is a Special Attack, all his Special Attacks become Unblockable.
    Hawkeye- +100% Debuff Duration. Damaging Debuffs are refreshed on Hawkeye’s final Medium Attack for 5 Combo Meter.

    Professors in Crime (Crossbones)

    Termination Contract (Moon Knight)-
    Taskmaster- 30% chance to evade against his current Exploit Weakness target. +1% chance for every Photographic Reflex counter on Taskmaster.
    Moon Knight- +25% Critical Rating. All of Moon Knight’s Moon Phase abilities gain a flat +20% chance to trigger.

    Thunderbolts (Winter Soldier)-
    Taskmaster- Current Exploit Weakness target Attack has a +5% chance to become Unblockable for every Photographic Reflex counter on the opponent.
    Winter Soldier- Fury Buffs gains a flat +29% Ability Accuracy. Winter Soldier’s EMP Upgrade can trigger on non-critical attacks while a Fury Buff is active.

    Former Employee (Nick Fury)
    Taskmaster- If Taskmaster's Miss expires or fails to prevent an attack, Evade all direct hits for 0.5 seconds.
    Nick Fury- Tactical Charges increase Fury's Perfect Block chance by 3%.

    Incoming Mix-Up (Deadpools)
    Taskmaster- +50% Miss duration. Taskmaster's next attack gains True Strike when the opponent Misses.
    Deadpools- Basic Attacks have a 55% chance to apply a 7-second Disorient on the opponent, reducing Defensive Ability Accuracy by 40% and Block Proficiency by 50%. Special Attacks detonate these Disorients, dealing 35% of Deadpool's modified Attack for every Disorient removed.

    Metallic Affinity (White Magneto)
    Magneto- Unchanged.
    Taskmaster- Apply 4 Photographic Reflex charges to the opponent at the start of the fight
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    How are we to rescue Star Lord? Once literally the best champion in the game, he now sits unused, getting drunk in the corner of the MCOC bar and swearing about Aegon.

    Despite being one of the original line-up of the game, Star Lord already has an awesome damage potential even with his post-12.0 'limit' of 400 hits. People have suggested giving him a persistent combo meter. But could the game cope with a champion capable of increasing his Attack rating by 2,400% - and keeping it? Seriously: a 5/65 Star Lord has an Attack rating of 57,225 at 400 hits. Carry that into the next match? That would literally break the game, unless his damage ramp-up was cut dramatically; which would make him far less appealing. So I haven't gone that route with this suggestion. In fact, this might need to be that rare 'buff' that actually reduces the Champions damage potential, to make him useable...

    Damage isn't the issue: it's utility. Star Lord is very simple (which is good) but unreliable (which is bad): his crazy damage is balanced against it being easy to lose (just one hit, and you're back to square one - the same reason people don't like fighting with Invisible Woman) and tricky to capitalise on (did you want that Shock debuff now you're at 400 hits? Sorry, you got Heal Block again!)

    How many other threads have recommended him being able to select the setting of his Element Gun? Again, there are issues with this simple suggestion: he's got access to a solid 50% Power Drain on his SP2. He could control almost any fight by selecting that repeatedly. Or if you want further crazy damage to get around damage caps, then just repeatedly choose his Shock debuff, which will deal about 110,000 Shock damage per SP2 at max Sig/400 hits. That should make the Abyss a bit easier...

    So here's my attempt to give Star Lord a bit more utility whilst keeping a bit of the unreliability that currently balances him. I've tried to keep him fairly simple, borrowing a mechanic from Ronin. I've actually cut his damage slightly, which may be controversial; and I've come up with an version of his Sig that will make ramping him up much less challenging for less-skilled players; make him a decent option for long fights with high chip damage, and give him some insurance against losing all his damage at once from a single mistake. I'm sure it's not perfect, but I think it could work - thoughts below, if you have any. Thanks!

    All Attacks:
    12% chance to trigger a Fury buff for 6.5 seconds, granting +1045 Attack.

    Ravager Technology:
    By dashing back and holding block for 1.8 seconds, Star Lord can activate his Ravager forcefield. This generates an Armour Up Buff granting +850 Armour for 14 seconds.
    Additionally, when it activates, this armour grants Star Lord Immunity to Power Lock and Power Sting effects. Cool-down six seconds.
    This represents the personal forcefield he and Yondu use in GOTG2. As well as giving him some basic resilience and utility, it should help him on nodes like Power Technician, Power Lock or Stung Once, Twice Shy, or when he's fighting opponents like Havok, Yellowjacket and Spiderham.

    Element Gun:
    Star Lord cycles through the settings on his Element Gun as he strikes with Light Attacks. The Element gun is unable to fire the same element twice in succession: it will initially cycle though four options, and after first being fired, it will cycle through the remaining three options.
    Regardless of Star Lord's best efforts, there is a 5% chance for the gun to misfire at random from the available options.
    • Water - Power Burn 33% of the opponent's Maximum Power. This attack also removes up to five stacks of Prowess.
    • Air - Shock the opponent for 5492 damage over six seconds. 60% chance to Stun opponents who are not immune to Shock for 2.5 seconds.
    • Fire - Incinerate the opponent for 5492 damage over ten seconds. This removes Perfect Block, and reduces the opponent's Block proficiency by 50%.
    • Earth - Armour Break the opponent (inflict three stacks of Armour Break, each removing a stack of Armour Up, and reducing Armour Rating by 670, lasting ten seconds). Earth setting inflicts Physical damage - other settings inflict Energy damage.
    Special Attacks
    If a Special Attack hits the opponent, Star Lord has a 70% chance to trigger a Precision buff granting +1200 Critical Rating for ten seconds.
    • SP1 - 40% chance to inflict Stun for 2 seconds. When this attack intercepts a charging opponent, gain +30% Attack and a flat +50% chance to inflict Stun.
    • SP2 - Discharge the Element Gun once.
    • SP3 - Star Lord discharges the Element Gun on Maximum Power - effects rise in Potency by 50%.
    Signature ability: Tactitian
    Star Lord benefits from a permanent Passive Combo shield.
    For every hit on his combo meter, to a maximum of 400, Star Lord gains +137 Attack and +13.7 block proficiency. This Attack bonus does not apply to the debuffs applied by his Element Gun.
    When struck, Star-Lord starts to lose focus: his combo counter begins to count down by 15* per second until he regains control of the fight by successfully hitting the opponent again.
    *This works a bit like Nick Fury's Sig, starting with a rapidly deteriorating combo count at Sig 1 (60/second), and a fairly slow deterioration (15/second) at Sig 200. I've limited the ability he has to inflict (frankly crazy) DoT effects, in an attempt to balance him; hopefully paid for by the rising Block Proficiency which asking with his new Armour Buff should really help Star Lord brawl his way through long fights. Hopefully the improved utility of his (somewhat) selectable Element Gun effects will make him more appealing as an option without making him too powerful. Reducing the DoT ramp-up might be a step too far towards 'nerf' for some people, but hey! This just a suggestions thread, right?


    We're the Guardians of the Galaxy, B****! (Rocket, Groot, Gamora, Drax)

    - For each synergy member present, each gains +2% Perfect Block, +65 Critical Rating and +5% Buff Duration
    - If four or more members are present, all synergy members gain a permanent +25% Prowess passive.

    Dance-off (Ronan the Accuser, Venompool)
    Ronan: Fury potency and duration increased by 50%
    Star Lord: Well-timed blocks inflict Taunt for six seconds. Taunted opponents suffer -25% Attack, and are 60% more likely to their a Special Attack
    Venompool: If Venompool's post-SP2 Dance is interrupted, he gains Unstoppable and Unblockable buffs for 2 seconds. If completed, his Precision passive duration is increased to 13 seconds.

    Daddy Issues (Yondu)
    Star Lord: Yondu upgrades Quill's Ravager Technology to additionally grant Regeneration of 3% of Star Lord's maximum health when triggered.
    Yondu: All attacks have a 10% chance to place a non-stacking Fatigue debuff, reducing the opponent's Critical Rate by 10% for six seconds.

    Murderous Intent (Thanos)
    Star Lord gains +20% Attack against Larger opponents.
    Thanos: When striking the opponent with a Special Attack, Thanos's personal Heal Block ability is altered to a ten-second Petrify debuff, reducing Regeneration and Power Gain by 150%.

    Galactic Adventurers (Nova)
    Nova: If Nova's Fury buff is consumed, stolen or Nullified, it has a 60% charge to immediately respawn. Cool-down three seconds.
    Star Lord: Star Lord starts the fight with his personal Fury and Precision buffs active for ten seconds.
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    Green Goblin (5 Star, 5/65, Sig. 200)

    Signature Ability - OZ 2.0
    ....Additionally, Green Goblin can change his class to Science as a Pre-Fight Ability before the fight starts, up to a maximum of 5 times in a quest. Every 40 Signature Levels grants Green Goblin a Persistent Charge to change his class. (1 - Sig. 40)...

    I really like what you did here with the Pre-Fight option to shift him to Science. There are a number of Champs I have always thought should have the ability to shift classes or upset the current paradigm in various ways and this is a way I had not thought about (i.e., increasing number of changes based on Sig level). I did have, funny enough, Green Goblin as the one that shifts from Tech to Science (and great minds probably think alike because we all thought he would be Science coming in; especially since his technology always seemed secondary to the Goblin formula).

    Each champion starts in their respective primary class; then, based on different methods, they would access another Class (as with your example, Green Goblin would always be Tech in the roster then select Science pre-fight; in mine, he would go crazier based on actions and trigger the Class change indefinitely vs Mystics to gain an advantage, or against Cosmics, to escape a disadvantage). Below were my thoughts:

    Phoenix (Cosmic to Mutant class)

    HOW: Upon resurrection, revive with 50% health and Class relationships based on being in the Mutant Class
    WHY: It seems like a missed opportunity to have Jean Grey as Phoenix without 2 aspects that had defined her classic story. First and most notoriously, Phoenix as Dark Phoenix is one of the most notable stories ever, so now that the game is more sophisticated I think we should have a method to reference that in-game without needing a second version of her added. Second, but fairly obvious is that while Jean 'is' Phoenix, she's also not Phoenix, so why not play that up and honor the fact she's a Mutant at the same time by allowing her that 'switch. Overall this gives us a character with 3 switches. 1 into her more powerful, still Cosmic mode, which 2 switches her from hero to #Villain, and 3 switching into Mutant without being useless in the process. All without needing another version added or an UPC lurking around to dust off rarely

    NOTE: Other redesign elements would be at play to lower her health while as Phoenix, without overly penalizing her in scenarios where she cannot heal. Factoring both modes together, she would have an above-average health pool, and Resurrection would not be seen as gaining health, rather, beyond a certain point a different meter would measure Phoenix's ability to remain Cosmic. Additionally, she would have access to her Dark Phoenix mode while Overloading at 11 Furies, which would be more powerful based on Phoenix charges, and capable of limited Health stealing to sustain her Cosmic mode. Mutant mode (Jean Grey) would have increased Prowess based on actions taken as Phoenix; and Telekinesis and Telepathy would be the basis of True abilities (True Accuracy and True Block). Lastly, she would become immune to Poison and Fire while as Dark Phoenix. She wouldn't be immune while as regular Phoenix, but being Poisoned or Incinerated would trigger transformation to Dark earlier temporarily (with less build up or high damage ability)

    Beast - Mutant to Science

    HOW: This would be a simple case of dashing back and holding block for 2 secs and consuming half his combo over time before reverting to Mutant. The higher the combo, the longer he keeps it and the harder he hits as he builds back to that combo high point.
    WHY: He will have this ability because although Beast technically is in a secondary mutation in this Blue furry form, he first attained it via experimentation on himself with a formula.

    (Consequently, I also consider this to be an option for Deadpool classic, but the difference is he would start as a Mutant and convert to Science after 10 seconds in the fight. He can only reactive Mutant Classification by Dashing back and holding Block. The "why" behind it is that DP is not a true Mutant anyway. Similarly, DPXF would switch to Skill, but the logic for him is that this is because he had actually lost his power to heal during the XF era, so neither Mutant or Science is truly in effect for him.

    Captain America - Science to Skill

    HOW: In the preselect (Pre-Fight) space, twice per Quest/War (unless other conditions permit), Cap can choose between CAWWII and CA (modern). Note: abilities aligning with the Fatigue ability would also be tweaked a bit to beef up the CA(m) version, but the cool aspect is seeming like an outfit changing character.
    WHY: yes, Cap is serum enhanced but ultimately he's a peak human showing extreme Skill with fighting, acrobatic, tactical and shield wielding expertise.

    (Note, conditions: avoiding Class Disadvantage by switching to Skill while facing Skill will void his ability to choose Skill mode a second time. Defeating a Mystic in Skill mode instead of default Science mode where he would have had the advantage will grant him another switch option to max 3 per Quest/War)

    Ironman (classic) - Tech to Cosmic

    HOW: Once per Quest, when facing #Magnetic ability opponents (which should be increased by adding the likes of Polaris) or #Anti-Metal Antarctic Vibranium wielders (Misty Knight addition, and hopefully Relics for Wakandan warriors) automatically refit his modular armor with his Endosym Superior Ironman form. Since there is no Class Advantage to maintain (Magneto voids that) there is nothing to lose by switching from Tech to Cosmic, and everything to gain by no longer being Magnetic.
    WHY: The Iron Man (classic) version has zero other use, and Stark is no idiot, so play up how he has access to other armors and that no one is stupid enough to face Magneto in metal armor that can be magnetized if they have an option.

    (Note: Classic and Superior IM versions would still need to be beefed up a bit, but since they are basically identical in every other way, we might as well combine them. Heavy attack to arm Plasma damage for X seconds, and analyze fight patterns to lock on to evaders would be a good start.)

    Many other class switching suggestions but I'll spread them out later. This is already too long a post. Suffice to say, some others would be brand new champs, like a better (and playable) version of the Super Adaptoid (having a different mode to switch into in accordance with the day of the week: Monday-Mutant, Tuesday-Skill, Wednesday-Science, Thrursday-Mystic, Friday-Cosmic. Saturday and Sunday it can cycle through all modes, switching every 20 hits. Starts as, and belongs in, Tech class (therefore no switching designed for Saturdays)
  • LemoNotLemoNot Posts: 171
    A couple of ideas to improve Mangog:

    1. Multiply the benefits from Hatred (including from his awakened ability) by 5. That way, the stat bonuses gained from Hatred are impactful in a fight.

    2. Activate a Fury when entering Enraged, or grant an attack boost while Enraged, to further boost his damage. Also, increase the duration of Enraged and/or pause it during Heavy & Special Attacks from either champion. 8 seconds is quite short, especially with how long Mangog's own Special Attacks last.

    3. Have the Energy Protection Buff work opposite to how it does currently: while not Enraged, the sp1 grants the buff which starts paused, and is unpaused when entering Enraged. That way, the Energy Protection has a more pronounced effect for more of the fight.

    4. Change the primary way Hatred is granted, from a full 5-hit combo to every 5th basic attack either champion is struck by. That way, gaining Hatred is much more convenient, and also relieves some of the issues with maintaining Enraged.

    Bonus interaction- Start with more Hatred against an opponent from Asgard, i.e. Thor(s), Odin, Heimdall, etc., as they're Mangog's most hated enemies.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 3,534 ★★★★★
    Having posted a buff idea for Star Lord recently (see above) I'm now posting a series of suggestions for buffing the rest of the MCU's second-best, but first-funniest superhero team. Because, tragically, this group are great from fun to play, in MCOC.

    Developed early in the game, to play with most of the Guardians of the Galaxy is currently to deliberately hamper yourself with unexciting champs lacking utility, damage, or even unique synergies. Which is a real shame, particularly when the Guardian Use Event rolls around (why oh why didn't Kabam give Angela a GOTG tag with her Tune-Up?)

    At least Gamora is okay, for now. Not exciting, but playable; counters Buffed up, and can build up literally countless buffs as the match progresses. So she doesn't need to appear in this thread.

    Drax? He used to counter Mordo; but that unintentional ability was removed. Now he hits people to inflict Bleed; and literally does nothing else. Supposed to have the heroic moniker "The Destroyer", this guy is anything but.

    Rocket - well, he can do a bit of damage; but not great by 2021 standards. And he's got no utility at all, which is a shame for the team's Tech guy.

    Yondu? Not technically one of the core team, but I think he should be. He's got an okay kit, but it needs a Tune-Up. You could argue the same for Nebula; but really all she needs is a decent Block Proficiency boost. So I've left her out of this, too.

    And how are we to rescue Star Lord? Once literally the best champion in the game, he now sits unused, getting drunk in the corner of the MCOC bar and swearing about Aegon. He doesn't need damage; but a bit of predictability and utility would take him a long way.

    Groot, of course, needs desperately to be nerfed. The champion so overpowered that no one dares take him to the Abyss in case he takes it over as it's permanent King.

    I'll start with him, then...

    I'm putting the individual buffs/tune-ups/whatevers in separate comments; should anyone wish to react to them. All numbers are purely hypothetical, just to give a flavour of what Kabam might do with them. I've had fun writing these; hopefully you'll enjoy reading through them!


    Attack. 2234
    Damage 35,361

    Passive Abilities

    Groot has a permanent Physical Resistance buff granting +750 Physical Resistance. If lost, it re-spawns after six seconds.

    Lacking blood, Groot is immune to bleed effects; and being wooden, he has 90% resistance to Shock damage. He is, however, vulnerable to Incinerate damage; suffering +25% Incinerate damage from all sources.

    As a Floral Colossus, Groot's innate strength isn't easily removed. If one of his buffs is Nullified, it gives him a passive burst of 8% Power.
    Groot isn't immune to Nullify or Stagger. But watch out for removing too many of his buffs, as you may find him countering with an SP3!

    Holding Block - Rooting
    Groot roots himself into the ground to draw strength and sustenance. After holding block for 0.5 seconds, Groot gains +500 block proficiency, passively regenerates at a rate of 0.3% health/tick, and gains 1.2% Power per second. After holding block for 1.5s, his deep roots grant him a +35% chance to withstand a Block Break from a Heavy Attack; which supplements the Stand Your Ground mastery.
    However, if he had held block for 1.5s or longer, then after releasing block Groot suffers -20% Attack on Dash Attacks for 0.7 seconds as his persistent roots cause loss of momentum.
    This isn't going to be a massive source of Power or Regen; but it'll help sustain Groot at times when he needs to be a bit defensive; perhaps when building up Pacifism charges; or when his opponent is in some kind of phase like Frenzy, Unstoppable or Evading. It'll also make him tougher as a defender, as long as he's not fighting Warlock or Void.

    Groot is a gentle soul, but he doesn't like being hurt. He really doesn't like seeing his friends hurt.
    Every third attack the opponent throws, Groot has a 30% chance to gain a Pacifism charge; or 50% if Groot is struck by the attack.
    The chance to gain a Pacifism charge rises by a flat 10% per KO'd teammate on Groot's team, and by 2% per hit in the opponent's combo meter.
    Groot also has a 100% chance to gain a Pacifism charge when the opponent throws a Special Attack.
    Groot's Pacifism gain mechanic is unaffected by ability accuracy.

    Pacifism charges each increase defensive Power gain by 10%.
    Changes here mean that Groot can gain Pacifism charges on blocked hits, or even if he dodges them using Dexterity; removing the need for him to take a beating to gain his abilities. He should start to rack up these charges quite fast against opponents with multi-hit special attacks, or those with unusual combo meter abilities like Aegon or DDHK.

    Each time a Pacifism charge is gained, Groot has a 12% chance to throw off his gentle nature and become enraged; plus 3% per charge. When he reaches 12 charges, he automatically becomes Enraged.
    When he becomes enraged, Groot gains one Floral Colossus buff; plus one per Pacifism counter.
    Each Floral Colossus buff lasts 6.5 seconds, but they expire one at a time. These buffs grants the following benefits:
    +220 Critical Damage Modifier
    +703 Attack
    +390 Physical Resistance
    Additionally, whilst Groot is below 50% Power, then Floral Colossus buffs each increase his offensive combat power by 10%.
    Groot cannot gain Pacifism charges whilst Enraged; and Enraged has a 10 second cool-down time.
    Groot remains pretty buff-heavy; but not to the crazy levels he was before. These buffs combine the properties of his previous ones; with slightly higher numbers, and a substantially longer duration due to sequential expiry. He gets extra Combat Power during his big damage phase; helping him to spam his SP1 which should be a solid source of damage (see below).

    Heavy Attack:
    This attack has a 20% chance to inflict Armour Break per buff active on Groot; and also gains +210 Critical Rating per buff. Armour Break for removes one stack of Armour Up, and reduces armour rating by 520 for eight seconds.

    Special Attacks
    Special-1: When calm, Groot makes a Heavy fist and strikes a Hammer blow with a 75% chance to Armour Break the opponent (-520 Armour for eight seconds).
    If Groot is enraged, his arm becomes a spear that impales the opponent. This attack gains +280 Critical Rating per buff active on him, has +800 Armour Penetration and has 100% chance to inflict Bleed (2882 damage over 7 seconds). If it intercepts a charging opponent, this attack gains +50% Attack rating.
    Special-2: Groot's earthquake stomp is Unblockable, and triggers a Regeneration buff that heals 6% of his health, plus a flat 1% per Pacifism charge (to a maximum of 15%). If enraged, it instead inflicts Slow when striking the opponent, lasting 8 seconds plus an additional second per buff active on Groot.
    Special-3: This attack has a 100% chance to inflict Bleed for 3631 damage over 7 seconds, plus Armour Break (-920 Armour for eight seconds).
    If he is not Enraged, this attack causes Groot to gain two Pacifism and then throw off his gentle nature.
    If Groot was already Enraged, then he activates a Power Gain buff granting him 4% of Max power over ten seconds. The potency rises by 100% per Floral Colossus buff.
    Groot's Bleed defects aren't too crazy here, but should be dealing pretty decent damage during his Enraged phase. His SP2 is more focused on utility than damage; and can do some solid regeneration, if it happens that RNG isn't triggering his Enraged state.

    Signature Ability
    Groot starts the fight with 4 Pacifism charges.
    Any time he stops being Enraged, he has a 35% chance to regain each of those charges.

    Soulmates (Rocket)
    - Groot starts the fight with two Pacifism charges. If Rocket is KO'd, instead start with five Pacifism charges.
    - Rocket starts the match with one Weaponry Charge. This counts towards his usual limits.

    Shared understanding (Thor Ragnarok)
    - Groot: On well-timed blocks, Groot generates a Precision buff granting +525 Critical Rating for six seconds.
    - Thor: On well-timed blocks, Thor generates a Bulwark buff lasting seven seconds and granting +525 Block Proficiency

    Teammates (Gamora, Drax)
    All champions gain +5% Perfect Block
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 3,534 ★★★★★
    Rocket Raccoon
    Rocket is a pocket-sized force of destruction. This rework is focused on inflicting serious damage on your opponents with Heavy and Special attacks.

    Animation changes
    • Heavy Attack: Rocket uses a pistol, borrowing Bishop's Heavy Attack animation.
    • SP1: Rocket uses a blaster to fire energy similar to Cables SP1 animation.
    Health: 21339
    Attack: 2753


    At the beginning of the fight and every six seconds thereafter, Rocket's repurposed Ravager forcefield generates a Permanent Passive Armour Up, to a maximum of four. Each time Rocket is struck by an Attack, he has 40% chance to lose an Armour Up effect.
    Each Armour Up effect grants +380 Armour and 25% Shock Resistance.

    Rocket continually upgrades his own weaponry by gaining Technical Insight as the fight progresses; at a base rate of 2/second. He gains insight slightly faster against Tech opponents, and slightly slower against Cosmic opponents. He stops gaining Insight at all when Stunned or Concussed; and being Stunned sets him back 20 Insight.
    The opponent activating a Special grants Rocket 10 Technical Insight; 20 if he is not struck by it.
    Avoiding an Attack by using the Dexterity mastery grants Rocket 5 Insight; cool-down two seconds.
    When he reaches 100 Technical Insight, Rocket has acquired sufficient Insight to improve his weaponry. Dashing back and holding block for 2.2 seconds enables him to convert 100 Technical Insight into a permanent Weaponry charge.
    Rocket can have a maximum of two Weaponry charges, each granting the following benefits to his Heavy and Special attacks:
    • +550 Precision
    • +800 Cruelty
    • +1376 Attack
    Heavy Attacks
    The projectile attack inflicts Energy damage, and benefits from Rocket's Weaponry Charges.

    Special Attacks
    As a bounty hunter, Rocket needed a few non-lethal options in his arsenal. This esoteric energy blast affects Phased targets normally. This attack has a 60% chance to inflict stun for 2 seconds, and a 70% chance to inflict Slow for ten seconds. Ability Accuracy is improved by a flat +10% per Weaponry Charge.
    Special-2 - 100% chance to inflict Armour Break of 2566 for ten seconds
    100% chance to inflict Bleed, dealing 5231 damage over 4 seconds
    After using this attack for the first time, if the opponent is bleed-immune, then with one or more Weaponry charges, Rocket switches to Incendiary grenades instead. These inflict a weaker Armour Break (1650 only, for eight seconds) and Incinerate the opponent for 4185 damage over six seconds, plus two seconds per Weaponry Charge.
    Special-3 - 100% chance to inflict Armour Break of 2566 for ten seconds
    100% chance to inflict Incinerate, dealing 4185 damage over 6 seconds, plus two seconds per Weaponry Charge.

    Signature Ability: Ever-increasing Firepower - When Awakened, Rocket is able to upgrade his weapons further, and can reach a higher maximum of Weaponry charges:
    Sig 1-79: Three Weaponry charges
    Sig 80+: Four Weaponry charges

    Additionally, the benefits of Rockets Armour Up effects and his Weaponry charges increase by 30% in potency.


    Inseparable (Groot):

    - Groot - SP3 gains +10% Attack and Refreshes any buffs active on Groot
    - Rocket - SP3 gains +10% Attack, and costs 30% less Power

    Guardians of the Galaxy (Drax, Gamora, Groot, Star Lord)
    Each synergy member gains 4% Perfect Block, and +400 Block Proficiency

    We need to go to Nidavellir (Thor, Ragnarok):
    - Thor starts the match with 25 hits on his Combo meter. This synergy disables his synergy with Proxima Midnight.
    - Rocket starts the match with one Weaponry Charge. This counts towards his usual limits.

    Tech upgrades: Iron Man/IMIW
    - Iron Man: Rocket upgrades Tony's armour, granting him a permanent Weaponry Charge, benefiting any Energy-based attacks in their Heavy and Special Attacks.
    - Rocket: Rocket starts the fight with 25% Power Meter.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 3,534 ★★★★★

    This version of Yondu should have a bit more versatility. He's all about stacking debuffs on the opponent to keep them under control, and ramp up his Damage. Yondu's passive reduction of defensive Power Gain is improved; and he gets access to some Power Drain effects and a She-Hulk-like provocation ability to help keep the opponent's Power Meter well away from their SP3. He'll retain his ability to crit through block, and deal with both Bleed immune and Armour Break-immune opponents with his deadly Yaka arrow.

    Stats for 5/65 Champion

    Attack 2324
    Health 31551

    Passive - Tactical Provocation:
    Yondu's opponent is 12% more likely to activate a Special Attack for each debuff they suffer from.

    Passive - Poison resistance
    Yondu's alien physiology grants him 65% Poison Resistance.

    All Attacks:
    If the opponent has Armour Up or Power Gain* Buffs, Yondu has a 25% chance to steal them on each attack. Their duration and potency are unchanged, aside from Indefinite buffs which last 12 seconds when stolen.

    The opponent suffers a reduction of 15% Defensive combat Power for each Debuff they suffer from. Max: -60%.

    Yondu gains +80 Critical Rating for each debuff his opponent suffers. Max +540.

    Yaka Arrow Hits:
    The strength and precision of Yondu’s Yaka Arrow allow it to trigger Critical Hits and Abilities through an enemy Block.

    Yondu is not affected by incoming Stun effects when striking with his Yaka arrow.

    Yaka arrow hits benefit from +446 Armor and Block Penetration, and gain an additional +223 Armor and Block Penetration for each debuff on the opponent (max x6).

    Yaka arrow strikes have a 25% chance to inflict Bleed for 2824 Damage over 7 seconds. Chance increased to 45% on Critical hits. Each bleed active on the opponent increases the duration of subsequent bleeds by 1s (max +5s).

    If this bleed is prevented by an Immunity, the opponent suffers a Fragility debuff for 10 seconds instead. When attacking a Fragile opponent, each stack grants Yondu +400 Critical Damage Rating and reduces their Block Proficiency by 20%. Each Fragility debuff active on the opponent increases the duration of subsequent Fragility debuffs by 1s (max +5s)

    Heavy Attack:
    The Yaka arrow strike gains +50% Offensive Ability Accuracy and +900 Critical Rating.

    Special Attacks
    All Yaka arrow hits during Special Attacks gain +100% Offensive Ability Accuracy and +400 Critical Rating.

    Special 1:
    The first Yaka strike has a 100% chance to Heal Block for 12 seconds.
    The second Yaka strike has a 100% chance to inflict a Power Drain debuff, draining 20% of Maximum Power over eight seconds. Duration of power drain gains +100% against robots.

    Special 2:
    If the first hit of this attack strikes the opponent, then the strafing attacks cannot Miss or be Evaded.
    This attack gains +777 Attack and +120 Critical Rating for debuff active on the opponent. Max: x6

    Special 3:
    This attack removes all Armour effects from the opponent, and inflicts a Fragility debuff (+1200 Critical Damage when struck) for 20 seconds.
    100% chance to inflict a Power Drain debuff, removing 40% of the opponent's Maximum Power over 12 seconds. Duration of power drain gains +100% against robots.

    Signature Ability – Centaurian Archery:
    Yondu's enhanced control over his Yaka arrow grants his personal debuffs +40% Duration.

    Additionally, activating a Special Attack causes the opponent to suffer a 20% Weakness debuff for each other Debuff effect they were suffering from at the time of the activation. Weakness debuffs last 10 seconds.


    Cyber-Enhancements (Rocket)

    - Rocket: Whilst any of Rockets shield effects are active, Rocket additionally benefits from +800 Block Proficiency.
    - Yondu: With Rocket's upgrades, Yondu's SP2 inflicts an Incinerate debuff that causes 70% of the damage that the SP2 caused, over eight seconds

    It's nothing personal (Nebula)
    All mercenaries gain +250 Block Proficiency

    Equipment Exchange (Hawkeye)
    - Hawkeye upgrades his arrows: Special Attacks gain +446 Block and Armour penetration, and can inflict Critical Hits through Block.
    - Yondu borrows some smoke grenades: when he performs a Well-Timed Block, if Disorient is not active on the opponent then inflict Disorient (-40% Ability Accuracy for eight seconds). This can trigger three times per fight.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 3,534 ★★★★★
    Drax the Destroyer

    Drax is supposed to be "The Destroyer": an engine of destruction, primarily aimed at rampaging through his opponents till he gets to Thanos (or Ronan, in the MCU...). He's currently dull with essentially no interesting abilities, and with his one unintentional piece of unique utility (countering Evade champs with his double-hit medium) excised some years back. He's got a similar kit still, but with new access to debuff-reduction, Stun and a few other bits of utility. Over Awakened, he becomes more interesting as a ramp-up champion, hopefully able to cut his way through paths full of opponents.

    Health: 33227
    Attack: 2324


    Drax has a permanent Physical Resistance buff granting +850 Physical Resistance. If Nullified, it returns after eight seconds.
    Drax is Immune to regeneration rate modification
    Drax reduces the duration of non-damaging debuffs by 30%

    All Attacks:
    12% chance to generate a Fury buff granting +813 Attack for 6.0 seconds.
    These stack to a maximum of ten.
    Generating a Fury buff pauses any existing Fury buffs for 2 seconds.
    Drax revels in battle - for each Fury buff he currently has, he gains +10% Offensive Combat Power.

    Critical Hits:
    65% chance to inflict Bleed for 1860 damage over five seconds

    If Drax idles for two seconds, he has a 2% chance to generate an Invisibility Buff. This lasts for two seconds, starts paused (unpausing when he blocks an Attack or is Missed), and causes 100% of Attacks to Miss.
    Warning: don't rely on this ability too much. Despite his best efforts, Drax is not good at staying still enough to trigger it...

    Special Attacks
    100% chance to generate a Fury buff granting +813 Attack for 9.0 seconds
    Special-1: This attack benefits from +500 Critical Rating. Critical Hits Stun the opponent for 2 seconds.
    Special-2: Each hit has an 70% chance to inflict Bleed for 2324 damage. Critical hits inflict Critical bleeds, benefiting from Drax's Critical damage modifier.
    Special-3: Inflict Bleed for 5113 damage over five seconds.
    Generate a regeneration buff, recovering 6% of missing health over six seconds

    Signature: Rampage!
    As he battles, Drax reaches ever-higher peaks of Destruction by building up Rampage counters (max 99 counters):
    • Gain one counter every time he triggers a Fury buff (max 20 per fight)
    • +5 for defeating an enemy
    • Receive +3 for defeating a L or XL enemy
    • Receive -3 for defeating a S enemy
    • Receive +3 for finishing a fight with an SP3
    For each Rampage counter, gain the following benefits:
    • +10 Critical Rate
    • +1.0% Base Attack
    • +1.0% Duration to Fury buffs
    • +1.0% Increased potency of Physical Resistance and Regeneration buffs
    • +1.0% (flat) increase in reduction of non-damaging debuff duration
    Additionally, with 50 or more Rampage counters, activating an SP3 grants Drax an Indestructible buff lasting 3.0 seconds.


    Bring me Thanos! (Thor, Thor Ragnarok)

    - Drax starts the match with three Fury buffs active, and gains +50% Ability Accuracy to Fury buffs.
    - Thor: When he intercepts his opponent, Thor has a 60% chance to cause Armour Break (-550 Armour for six seconds). If Awakened, the potency of this is upgraded to equal the Armour Break from his Sig.
    - Thor Ragnarok: if Awakened, Thor starts the match with Thunder God's Wrath active for half it's usual duration. If not Awakened, start the match with a Fury buff granting +40% Attack for seven seconds.

    Pure Vengeance (Thanos, Ronan)
    - Drax: When he would be knocked out, Drax becomes Invulnerable and Unstoppable for two seconds.
    - Thanos: Thanos gains True Accuracy when fighting Tech or Science opponents.
    - Ronan: any time his opponent triggers Fury, Ronan gains a Bulwark buff, granting +800 Block Proficiency, lasting eight seconds.

    Galactic Warriors (Gamora, Angela)
    +4% Attack and +120 Critical Rating
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    I keep forgetting to post my ideas in this thread, so here's my buff idea for The Hood. Basically just took the failed buff from February, and blended it into his current kit.

    Stats based off an r5 5star

    Hex Pistols- Loaded Bullets: 40, Max Loaded: 120
    - The Hood’s Bullets persist from fight to fight.
    - Nullify a Buff: +2 Bullets.
    - Make the opponent Miss while Invisible: +6 Bullets.
    - Knock an opponent out with at least 4 expiring Neutralize: +1 Bullet for every 2 Neutralize.
    Basically, you get half your bullets back by K.O.'ing your opponent with the burst damage.

    Hex Pistols- Medium Attacks and Special 2
    - 100% chance to fire a Bullet and inflict a stacking Neutralize, lasting 17 seconds. Each Neutralize reduces Buff Ability Accuracy by 2%. Pretty useless by itself, but it’s meant to support every other ability in Hood’s kit.
    - Each Neutralize deals a burst of 1150.5 Energy Damage on expiry, and refresh when a new Neutralize is applied.
    Each Neutralize is a Passive effect, like every other Buff control effect in Hood’s kit.

    Dash Back and Hold Block for 1.2 seconds
    - 100% chance to gain Invisibility for 8 seconds. Invisibility is paused for 1 second whenever Hood fires a Bullet.
    - When Invisibility ends, it goes on cooldown for 6 seconds.
    - While active: Hood’s attacks gain +643 Critical Rating, and ignore 75% Armor Rating and Resistances. Additionally, expiring Neutralizes deal 50% more damage.
    - While active: incoming attacks have a 140% chance to Miss. Each time the opponent misses an attack, this Miss chance is decreased by a flat 20% until the Invisibility ends. Miss chance cannot go below 80% against non-contact attacks. To clarify, Hood will always have at least an 80% chance to Miss non-contact attacks.

    Critical Hits
    - 100% chance to inflict a Stagger Passive, lasting 8 seconds. When a Staggered opponent gains a Buff, that Buff and all Buffs triggered simultaneously are Nullified. Max Stacks: 1.
    - Each Neutralize on the opponent increases the Stagger stack limit by 1, up to a limit of 10.
    - When this Stagger ends, it inflicts 345.15 direct damage on the opponent, healing The Hood by the same amount. This damage and regeneration is increased by a flat +10% for each Neutralize on the opponent, max effect at 10 Neutralize.

    Heavy Attacks
    - If Hex is active, causes all Neutralizes to expire immediately, with +50% potency.
    - Refreshes all Hex, Stagger, and Shock effects on the opponent, and pauses them for 4 seconds.
    - Pause all Bleed effects for 5 seconds.

    Special Attack 1
    - 100% chance to inflict a non-stacking Shock Debuff, causing 3451.5 Energy Damage over 8.75 seconds.
    - If this Shock expires after lasting its full duration, 100% chance to inflict a Stun Debuff, lasting 3 seconds.
    - If the opponent had 5 or more Staggers when the Shock was applied, all but 1 Stagger will immediately expire.
    Ties in with the higher Stagger stack limit and regen potency for bursts of regeneration, as needed.

    Special Attack 2
    - Hexes the opponent, Fate Sealing them for 12 seconds. Fate Seal immediately Nullifies all present Buffs, and prevents future Buffs from activating. While active, it deals a burst of 1955.85 Energy Damage for each Buff prevented or Nullified by Hex.
    - The final shot spends 5 Bullets to apply a Hex Vulnerability Debuff, pausing all Neutralize on the opponent until Hex expires. For every Neutralize paused, Hex Vulnerability reduces Defensive Ability Accuracy by 5% as long as it is active, up to a 65% reduction.
    - At the end of the attack, activate Invisibility with +20% Miss Chance.

    Special Attack 3
    - +1725.75 Attack Rating for each full bar of power the opponent has.
    - If the opponent is at 3 bars of power, Power Steal 1 bar of power. Hood gains 100% of Power stolen.
    My justification is that he eats the bar of power.
    - 100% chance to inflict a Bleed Debuff, causing 3451.5 direct damage over 6 seconds. Lasts an additional +0.5 seconds for each Neutralize on the opponent, max effect at 12 stacks.

    Sig Ability, Dark Dealings, Sig [1 - 200]
    While Invisible
    - Stun Debuffs suffer -[55 - 85]% duration while Hood is Invisible.
    - Hood’s Invisibility lasts [25 - 75]% longer, and gains a flat +[10.11 - 40]% chance to Miss.
    - Dashing back and holding block for 2 seconds immediately ends Invisibility, increasing Cooldown duration by [30 - 90]%.

    On Cooldown
    - The Hood is Stun Immune while Invisibility is on Cooldown.
    - Basic attacks have a [22.25 - 45]% chance to Steal 10% of the opponent’s current Power, gaining 200% of the Power stolen. Increased to [35 - 80]% chance on Critical Hits.
    - Firing Bullets has a 100% chance to apply a Suppression Debuff, reducing Defensive Combat Power Rate by [1.25 - 7.5]%. Up 10 Suppression Debuffs can be applied. Suppression Debuffs last 12 seconds, and are paused for 4 seconds when a new one is applied.

    New/Re-added Synergies

    Staying Strapped (Punisher, Joe Fixit, Punisher 2099)
    Hood- Always start the fight with at least 25 Loaded Bullets. Each Bullet spent has a 40% chance to apply Bleed, dealing 40% of Base Attack over 5 seconds.
    Punisher- Open Wounds have a 40% chance to be applied when knocking the opponent down with any Special Attack. Additionally, Open Wounds deal 20% of Punisher’s base Attack per second, and stack up to 5.
    Joe Fixit- Each hit of Fixit’s Special 1 has a 45% chance to apply 3 additional Bleeds.
    Punisher 2099- Punisher 2099’s Heal Block can activate on Regeneration Passives at the cost of an additional 5% of the Battery. Attacks while the opponent is Armor Broken have a 35% chance to Bleed the opponent, dealing 65% of Modified Attack as Direct Damage over 3 seconds.

    Not the Hero… (M.O.D.O.K., Mole Man, Mysterio, Mojo)
    #Villains gain a Perfect Block Chance Passive each time they knocked the opponent down, increasing Perfect Block Chance by 9%. Max stacks: 5.

    ...But the Best Villain (Abomination, King Groot, Ronan, Vulture)
    The Hood- Making the opponent Miss while Invisible grants an additional +2 Bullets, and pauses Invisibility for 2 seconds.
    #Villains- +8% Health and Attack Rating for each fight the team has won, up to +40% Health and Attack.

    Crime Bosses (Joe Fixit, Kingpin)
    #Villains- +300 Armor Rating, +300 Critical Rating, +5% Perfect Block Chance and +5% Health for each #Villain on the team.
  • _wasabi__wasabi_ Posts: 102 ★★
    I have heard this idea from my team mate and loved it.

    It would be awesome if Groot could get a similar second life ability like Nick Fury and in his second life come back as baby Groot :smile:

  • LemoNotLemoNot Posts: 171
    edited July 18
    Minor YellowJacket Buff
    Only changes the Nuclear Core, everything else can stay pretty much the same.

    Nuclear Core- Always Active
    - Starting Charge: 40. Overheat Point: 100+
    - Each Charge increases the Duration and Potency of personal Debuffs by 1%, and reduces the opponent's Regeneration Rate by 1%.
    - Either Champion lands a hit: +1 Charge. 80% chance.
    - Either Champion throws a Special Attack: +10 Charge. 100% Chance.

    Nuclear Core- Meltdown
    - When Charge is gained above the Overheat Point, there's a chance to enter Meltdown for 25 seconds. Chance increases with Charge.
    - While Meltdown is active: For each Nuclear Core Charge, Yellowjacket's attacks deal an additional 1% of damage dealt as a burst of Physical Damage. Additionally, any contact with the opponent has a 75% chance to inflict a burst of 1452.15 Physical Damage on them.
    - Meltdown is paused for 3 seconds whenever Yellowjacket applies a Power Sting to the opponent.
    - When Meltdown ends: Reset Core to half of Charge active in Meltdown (If you end Meltdown with 120 Charges, reset to 60 Charges).
  • LemoNotLemoNot Posts: 171
    edited August 4
    Small Rogue Ideas:

    - The timer for replicated buffs is increased by +2 seconds every time Rogue touches the opponent. When the timer hits 120 seconds, replicated buffs become permanent.
    - Whenever Rogue Life or Power Steals the opponent, 35% chance to gain an indefinite Fury, Precision, Cruelty, Physical Resist, Energy Resist, or Armor Up Buff (Max 3 stacks of each unique Buff). Each time a Buff is triggered, opponents receive an indefinite, corresponding Debuff. Chance is increased up to 80% with sig ability.

    Fury: +628 Attack Rating
    Precision: +378 Critical Rating
    Cruelty: +79.6 Critical Damage Rating
    Physical Resist: +500 Physical Resistance
    Energy Resist: +1000 Energy Resistance
    Armor Up: +944 Armor Rating

    Weakness: -20% Attack Rating
    Fatigue: -378 Critical Rating
    Exhaustion: -79.6 Critical Damage Rating
    Physical Vulnerability: -500 Physical Resistance
    Energy Vulnerability: -1000 Energy Vulnerability
    Armor Break: -944 Armor Rating
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 3,534 ★★★★★
    b> Agent Venom

    Every other shrug-off champion and almost every other Symbiote has had a rework. Already overshadowed, Agent Venom is now utterly undesirable; even if he's occasionally effective on defense. There are plenty of mutants now who can easily bypass his one useful ability, which is shrugging off debuffs and being hard to parry. His big weakness it's his offensive abilities - he just doesn't got hard enough. My main aim in this rework was to improve his damage; and add a bit of Cosmic Symbiote flavour to him.

    Stats for 5/65 Agent Venom

    Attack 30179
    Health 2369

    Passive Abilities

    Symbiote Stealth:
    Agent Venom reduces the opponent's chance to Evade by 60%, and reduces their chance to cause Miss by 40%. Spiderverse opponents cannot trigger Evade against Agent Venom, nor cause him to Miss.
    Additionally, Agent Venom gains +626 Critical Rating and +313 Critical Damage Modifier against Spiderverse opponents.

    Debuff removal: Agent Venom has an 80% chance to remove any non-damaging buff, and 65% chance to remove damaging debuffs after 0.5s.
    Additionally, the Symbiote reduces the impact of Petrify and Poison effects on his base Regeneration rate by 50%.
    Agent Venom should be fairly suicide-friendly with these abilities; even more so when he becomes Awakened

    Symbiotic combat enhancements: Flash has to focus to control the Venom Symbiote, with effects on his abilities depending on his combo meter:
    Combo meter 0-10: Poorly controlled, the Venom Symbiote has the upper hand and Flash suffers -350 Critical Rating. However, the Symbiote generates a Klyntar buff granting +947 Attack, +600 Block Penetration, and Immunity to Stun.
    Combo meter 11-20: Flash suppresses the Klyntar buff as he begins to gain control. He passively gains +200 Critical Rating.
    Combo meter 21+: Flash successfully controls the Symbiote to enhance his combat skills. For every hit on his combo meter, Flash gains +25 Critical Rating and +15 Critical Damage Rating. Maximum benefits at combo of 50.
    Agent Venom should be considerably more effective on offense, with increasingly big yellow numbers as his combo builds. On defense though, he's going to be harder to Parry than ever (despite the best efforts of certain mutants to prevent or punish debuff-removal) unless the opponent can also remove his Klyntar buff

    Heavy Attacks:
    If he knocks the opponent down, gain a non-stacking Fury buff, granting +592 Attack for seven seconds.

    Special Attacks
    when activated, generate a True Focus buff for ten seconds, preventing all Miss and Evade effects.
    This attack has an 85% chance to inflict Bleed for 5212 damage.
    SP2: This attack inflicts a Fragility debuff for fifteen seconds (when attacking a Fragile opponent, gain +800 Critical damage modifier and decrease their Block Proficiency by 50%) plus an Incinerate debuff inflicting 4738 damage over eight seconds (whilst Incinerated, remove perfect Block and reduce the opponent's Block proficiency by 50%).
    If blocked, the Incinerate debuff still takes effect, at 50% Potency.
    Fragility debuffs are paused for five seconds when the opponent is knocked down.
    SP3: Has four chances to inflict Bleed: 70% chance each to inflict Bleed for 5212 damage.
    This intense attack triggers an adrenaline-fuelled Klyntar buff lasting twelve seconds.
    AV should have access to fairly solid critical damage if he holds a combo and hits his opponent with an SP2. The SP3 buff will be similarly helpful if he's on Attack, particularly if he needs stun-Immunity.

    When a debuff is removed, the Venom Symbiote triggers a burst of Regeneration of 2.5% Health. This is increased by 20% per point in Willpower. This Regeneration cannot be inverted, but may be reduced or blocked.
    Any Damage over Time debuffs which are not successfully removed by the Symbiote are instead reduced in potency by 40%. This effect is not subject to ability accuracy reduction.
    Awakened Agent Venom should become incredibly sustainable in the right match-ups. He should also cope very well with suicide masteries, as even when he doesn't shrug them off, by reducing their damage and their effects on his Regeneration rate, he can pretty much always rely on Willpower to enable him to outpace the damage they cause. Speaking of which: AV's Signature regeneration will be handy, but is by no means over-powered: 2.5% health is the same health recovered in five seconds by any ordinary champion with a single point in Willpower.


    Who guards the Guardians? with Drax, Gamora, Star Lord:
    All #Guardians of the Galaxy gain +7% Attack . Additionally, Agent Venom gains +250 Block Proficiency

    Hero Worship, with Spider-Man (Classic):
    Spider-Man gains +2% Attack per hit in his combo (max benefit at 100 hits)
    Agent Venom gains a flat +75% chance to Purify any debuff.

    Shared Symbiosis, with Symbiote Spider-Man, Venom:
    All symbiote champions gain +50% Offensive Combat Power Rate when below one bar of Power.
    Additionally, Symbiote Spider-Man gains a flat 7% chance to Evade when not blocking.
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    Boy, this thread has gone quiet. Shame really, I'm enjoying writing a few of these again...

    Black Panther Civil War

    The problems with BPCW is pretty clear: he's all defense and no offense. Even by the standards of when he was released, his damage isn't good. Now it's incredibly poor. Zero base armour? Why? He's literally wearing Vibranium! He's got a role in defense, but that's largely it. He needs a total redesign, although I like the theme of his reflective armour. It's just a shame it doesn't actually reflect anything, which implies you don't suffer yourself. Instead, it just duplicates what damage BPCW has taken, so you've got to get beaten up for it to really do anything. Whereas Mysterio manages to absorb and then reflect the damage after using Reflection Gas. Hmmmm....

    Stats for a 5/65 champion

    Attack 2301
    Damage 36885
    Critical Rate 928
    Critical Damage 850
    Armour 525
    Critical Resistance 525


    Black Panthers Vibranium Armour is non-magnetic, and provides base critical resistance, and 60% shock resistance.

    Armour Up
    Armour Up buffs grant +280 Armour, last 8 seconds, and stack up to five.
    - When hit, 60% chance to generate an Armour Up buff.
    - If struck whilst blocking, 30% chance to generate an Armour Up buff.
    - When attacking, 15% chance per hit to generate an Armour Up buff.

    Stun Immunity
    Wherever Black Panther has an Armour Up buff, or Reflective Armour, he is immune to Physical Stun effects.
    If he has an Armour Up buff, then whenever a Physical Stun is prevented by his Immunity, a Stun debuff lasting 2.5s is inflicted on the Opponent, and an Armour Up buff is removed. This Stun cannot interrupt Special Attacks.

    Reflective Armour
    When Black Panther has two or more stacks of Armour Up, he can activate a Reflective state by dashing back and holding block for 1.7s. Additionally, when defending, whenever Black Panther gains an Armour Up he has a 10% chance to trigger his Reflective state.

    Reflective armour consumes any Armour Ups; it lasts for 9 seconds, plus 2s per stack of Armour Up consumed. Whilst active, no new Armour Up buffs can be generated.
    All stacks of Armour are removed when Reflective State ends, and the armour enters cool-down for 9s. Whilst in Cool-down, Black Panther can generate new armour up buffs, but can't reactivate Reflective state.

    Black Panther's Reflective Armour grants an additional +250 Critical Resistance; prevents Critical Hits through block; and reduces Physical damage by 25%, plus a flat 3% per Armour Up buff consumed. Reflective armour does not absorb Energy damage. When blocking, Reflective Armour absorbs the same percentage of the incoming damage of Physical attacks before advisements are made for Blocking.
    For each 369 damage prevented, Black Panther gains a Reflect charge lasting nine seconds.

    Additionally, whilst Reflective armour is active, strikes on an opponent who is Unstoppable cannot be interrupted, and will immediately remove the Unstoppable effect and generate ten Reflect charges.

    When hitting the opponent with a Light, Heavy or Special Attack, all Reflect charges are removed and their stored damage is inflicted as a burst of Physical damage. This damage is unaffected by nodes or effects that adjust BPCW's Attack rating.

    When Attacking
    Medium attacks have a 75% chance to inflict Bleed, causing 725 damage over 1.5 seconds. On critical hits, bleeds gain +50% Potency.

    Heavy attacks
    If Reflective Armour is active, then charging a Heavy Attack pauses Reflective Armour and Reflect charges. If charged for 0.9s, BPCW generates a non-stacking Fury Passive lasting 9s, and granting +9% Attack per Reflect charge.
    When discharged through a Heavy Attack, Reflect charges inflict an additional 30% damage.

    Special Attacks
    When discharged through a Special Attack, Reflect charges inflict an additional 60% damage.
    On critical hits, bleeds gain +50% Potency.
    Additionally, if a bleed debuff is inflicted during the attack, it is accompanied by instant bleed damage based on any Reflect charges currently active.
    SP1 - Generate a True Accuracy passive for 9s.
    Each strike has a 90% chance to inflict a stack of bleed for 2464 damage over 2s. Each bleed debuff is accompanied by an instant bleed for 193 damage per Reflect charge.
    SP2 - This attack benefits from +1600 Critical Rating, and +2200 Critical Damage Modifier. If Reflective armour is active, then all strikes are guaranteed Critical hits.
    Each strike has a 90% chance to inflict a stack of bleed for 2464 damage over 3s.
    Each bleed debuff is accompanied by an instant bleed for 289 damage per Reflect charge.
    SP3 - 100% chance to stun the opponent for 3.5s. 100% chance to activate a Precision buff granting +1800 Critical Rating for 12s.

    Signature Ability
    Reflective armour stores an additional (flat) 22.5% damage.
    Black Panther starts the fight with Reflective armour active, with effectiveness as if triggered with 5.0 stacks of Armour Up.
    I'm hoping that BPCW will become much more appealing both offensively and defensively with this kind of Rework. At max Sig, he'll start with Reflective armour granting 62.5% damage reduction for 14 seconds. Does it sound too much? By comparison, War Machine has a permanent Armour Up, which grants him a total of around 68.8% damage reduction for the whole fight... And on defense, it's relatively easy to bypass a lot of BPCW'S defensive capabilities with Energy attacks.
    I've aimed to keep his Reflective Armour central to this build, whilst giving him better Bleed damage, and some abilities akin to those of his fellow Vibranium-armour-clad champions, Killmonger and CAIW. His Unstoppable removal works a bit like Cap's, but isn't a Nullify; working like She-hulk's Heavy Attack 'removal' of any Unstoppable effects; whether buffs or passive effects


    "The White Wolf*" with Winter Soldier
    Winter Soldier's Fury ability is altered into a Precision buff ability, granting +950 Critical Rating
    BPCW: Black Panther's Stun Immunity/reflection ability is extended to include Concussion, Taunt and Infuriate debuffs.

    "The man who would be King*" with Killmonger
    Killmonger and BPCW: Synergy champions gain the benefits of Deep Wounds, level 1. If this Mastery is already unlocked, then synergy champions always count as having more health than their opponent when inflicting a bleed.

    "Get this man a Shield" with Captain America (Classic, WWII and CAIW)
    Captain America: Shield upgrades grant Cap a 100% chance to block Unblockable attacks for 3 seconds when the opponent triggers Unblockable. Cool-down 20s.
    BPCW: When Reflective armour is active, BPCW has a 100% chance to block Unblockable attacks for 3 seconds when the opponent triggers Unblockable. Cool-down 20s.

    *These replace the very boring 'Nemesis' synergy carried by BPCW.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 3,534 ★★★★★
    Symbiote Spidey

    Symbiote Spidey is a fan-favorite version of the character, but in this game he's really disappointing; with almost zero utility apart from access to a really long armour break, and crazy Evade when he's Awakened. Here's a Tuned-Up version who's a bit more 'Cosmic', and had some of the commoner Symbiote abilities shared by Venom and Venompool:

    Base chance 7% to Evade, when not blocking.
    Symbiote Spidey cannot be struck whilst dashing backwards.
    For each Armour break on the opponent, Spidey gains +120 Critical Damage Rating.

    Klyntar buff
    Symbiote-enhanced Spidey has a permanent Klyntar buff granting various abilities (below). If the buff is removed, these abilities are disabled until the buff returns after eight seconds.
    • Evade ability rises by a flat +3%, or by a flat +33% against Unblockable or Unstoppable attacks.
    • Whilst holding block, instead of Evading, Spidey's enhanced reactions grant him an equal chance to gain +900 Block Proficiency and +10% Perfect Block for incoming attacks.
    • Any time the opponent Evades or causes him to Miss, Spidey's symbiote-enhanced reactions grant him a 75% chance to Autoblock for 0.5s. This Autoblock can trigger Parry.
    • When striking into Autoblock, Spidey is immune to stun, and gains +600 Block Penetration.
    • The potency and duration of Armour break debuffs are increased by 100%
    • When fighting Tech champions, Spidey is immune to Power Burn or Drain abilities.
    So essentially, when he's blocking but would have triggered an evade, Spidey's enhanced reflexes instead help him avoid harm by blocking better; which should make him more resilient, and be less annoying when you're trying to block or Parry. He's also going to be fairly effective against newer champs like Peni Parker and Nimrod, since he'll resist or partially counter several of their defensive abilities with Power Burn Immunity, block penetration, and enhanced armour break

    Heavy Attacks
    Heavy Attacks have a 100% chance to inflict Armour break (-250 for 25s).
    This previously incredibly long 80s debuff is now 'only' 25s; but remember it'll be doubled when his Klyntar buff is active; which should be most of the time

    Signature - Symbiote-enhanced spider-senses:
    For ten seconds after triggering a Special Attack, Symbiote Spidey generates an Enhanced Evade buff, increasing his chance to Evade by a flat 20%. If he is blocking, then instead of triggering Evade, this buff instead grants an additional +2520 Block Proficiency and +15% Perfect Block for the duration of that attack.

    Special Attacks
    SP1: Each webbing shot that strikes the opponent has an 80% chance to inflict a Webbed debuff for 12.0s. If both trigger, the debuff does not stack, but is paused for four seconds.
    Webbed opponents cannot trigger Evade or Dexterity, and suffer a passive -33% Attack when dashing forward. Triggering any Phase or Unstoppable effect removes Webbed debuffs immediately.
    SP2: This flying kick has +400 Block Penetration, and inflicts Armour Break (-850 Armour for 20s).
    If his Klyntar buff is active, this attack is a guaranteed Critical Hit, and this Critical hit can trigger through block. Armour Break will not trigger through block.
    SP3: 100% chance to inflict Webbed for 18s, and to grant a Cruelty buff (+800 Critical Damage Rating for 10s).
    If Spidey's Klyntar buff is active, the Cruelty buff gains +50% duration.

    Symbiote Strength with Venom

    Symbiote Spider-Man: Critical Heavy attacks grant a +30% Fury buff for 10s.
    Venom: Critical Heavy attacks grant Vicious buff for 8s (+50% Potency to Bleed debuffs)

    Innocence lost, with Classic Spider-Man
    Both synergy champions: Striking an opponent suffering from Armour Break grants a Cruelty passive (+120 Critical Damage rating), lasting six seconds. Max stacks five.
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