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    A l p h a said:

    Stingerbk said:

    LMFAO it took Seatin to make a video for kabam miike to decide to make this yesterday's total priority in discussions, and for kabam to actually start a lengthy discussion about our complaints, that just sucks TBH.

    People have had these opinions and thoughts for a very long time... Its always been there! All it needed was a push to get it going, Love him or hate him, Seatin is one of the biggest influencers in the MCOC community... When even he. Who has been able to make a living playing this game, has said he's had enough, thats the Catalyst needed to say, "you know what, he's right" we need to give our honest opinion and admit the content released in act 6 and other areas is boring, frustrating and irritating! There's no fun in content where it's a case of "bring this champ or spend a ton of money" otherwise what's the point of building a roster full of champions, if only 5 to 10 of them can actually be used in the game effectively! The game is reaching its end point if this is the direction it continues!
    Damn, beat me to it. Was about to write my own thoughts on this exact thing.
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    I’m kind fin 6.4 Only darkhavok for me. A few node just suck but that it the 6.1 to was fun but 6.2 and 6.3 wasn’t fun at at all
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    Whilst I can’t comment on the act 7 beta (from what I’ve seen it looks tedious and stupidly roster dependant) I can comment on act 6. Exploration of act 6 is so beyond achievable right now without spending a ton of revives or units, this to me isn’t right. For a largely f2p player to explore act 6 is going to take so much arena grinding and so much time it does completely suck all fun out the game. This has to be changed for act 7, it can’t carry on like this or else people will get bored apart from the mega whales who will throw all sorts of money at quests to get through.

    Also AQ and AW needs a total revamp in my opinion. AQ map 6/7 is too time consuming for your average working person, I can’t commit to logging in every 2-4 hours to make moves, I’ve got kids and a life and appreciate not everyone Is in my position but still does anyone actually find AQ Fun anymore? AW needs no long rant really, everyone knows it’s in tatters. Flow, matchmaking and stupid nodes altogether have created a horror show of a game mode. My opinion on how to solve that is to create a league system where in the first season everyone gets put into league matching their prestige. At the end of each season top 50 in gold 1 Get promoted bottom 50 in p4 get demoted etc and scales with amount of teams per league. Remove a few **** nodes and you have a working system and of course update rewards.
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    All these champs saying god tier/beyond god tier all are based on the quest the kabam introduce specifically for them usually for new champs ,if they start making some quest/act for which the old champs will benefits then that would be really nice and no more feeling bad I guess
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    I haven't played aq or aw since 2018.
    I completed 6.1 and V2 but, haven't gone into 6.2 or other variants yet.
    I really don't want to do all that grinding and it will be a grind for me to complete the other variants or 6.2+, just to get the disappointment of some champs or resources I won't use.

    For the past 18 months I've just done the monthly content and kept it as simple as possible. I see a lot of retirement alliances and I hope the game does improve and draw players like me back into the more active alliance play mode.
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    Spending is not the only way to acquire Champs and Rank them. The most primary source of them is playing the game. Experience.

    Spending is the only way to avoid the rut than many of us get into of months and months and months without a champ we want to do anything with. Spending is the only way to avoid potentially going years without the one counter that works for a particular fight. 6*s entered the contest in January of 2018. It took me over 2 years to get one that I wanted to rank. Spending is the only cure for that.
    Would that were so— it’s an imperfect cure at best.

    Dr. Zola
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    Is there really any use for parry in act7 the block damage is hilarious. I think is time for the new masteries and extra mastery points cause Act 7 if left in that state is unfair to summoner's. I mean look at the mercy node, it is complete BS and just a revive fiesta this has to change along with other core aspects of the game.
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    Got him as my first 6* then on the same day duped the 5* version.
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