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    What's the plural here, Cyclopses..? Cyclopi..?
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    I’m the guy that got 2 x Cyclops for my Abyss completion awards. The fact that this is even possible goes a long way to explain what is wrong with the rng being across the board. The time investment along with units used for this to be even a potential award is insane. There should not be so many trash champs in the pool that are absolutely no help in completing the end game content when you get to that point. Utterly, completely useless rewards at the end game point is bogus.

    One of the many areas of the game that need to be looked at. For 95% of the players, they only area of the game with guaranteed value for effort, is the glory store, for buying t2a and t5b.

    This used to be universal; check out act 3, 4, 5; all had nailed on, meaningful value for 100% from those big players and often big spenders.

    However for people like you or for that matter seatin, pushing the hardest content, there is little to nothing of guaranteed reward for the effort.
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    I wonder if updating the max level you can achieve, say from 60 to 75, there by adding x number of mastery points might help with some of the end game content?
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    things that is worse in game too much time too much tough
    3.rewards are trash as compared to content difficulty
    4.trash champion never buff CHAMPION seems to be disappointed place for skills only for whales game purchase is too higher
    8.story direction is far from its need
    Tips to make game better
    1.rewards should be higher and gold ,units ,4 star shards for iso8 is common
    2.mastery levels should be increased
    3.4 questing champions in game
    4.less defenders in aq and aw tile should be double in aw aq and normal quest
    6.there is content for endgame players and middle game players such as cavalier and variant every month
    7.take time for story content
    8.increase 6 star shards not champion
    9.units should cost half than its main price (even this is higher) to make money promote advertising listen your people and also give 5 stars instead of 4 stars in calendar for cavalier players
    11.arena should have 4 star shard along with premium shards
    12.ask players for new buff every month 1 buff with 2 new champion will not be increased more than 500k in story quest

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    Sounds like you should play a different game.
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    On the whole, AW isn’t too hard - flow excepted - you find your level and compete at that bracket. The problem with AW is that the rewards are rubbish.

    In fairness to Kabam, they do buff champions - Colossus is my favourite champion at the moment. I’d like them to buff them more quickly but you have to respect that these things take time.

    I agree a mastery rework would be nice - a Mystic dispersion, suicides and generic page to switch between would be amazing.

    There’s no point moaning at the prices/values of their offers, they’re not going to change and frankly there are better things to spend your money on at the moment, especially with the game in its current state.

    I agree arena definitely needs a rework - milestones akin to the Sunday arena would be appreciated, as would a 5* basic arena.

    In terms of their content release schedule I personally think that they have rushed far too much recently. We don’t need big pieces of end game content every month. Act 7 shouldn’t even being thought of for another 3-4 months as a good 90% of players haven’t completed it, let alone explored it. The real end game players who have the ability/roster/wallet to power through should be appeased by small one shots every month or so like the maze.

    Health pools aren’t the issue, it’s node combinations and stupid attack values. I don’t mind a 500k fight as long as I can do more than 10% damage and am not limited to 2 champions who haven’t been released yet.
  • MetaphorUraniumMetaphorUranium Posts: 83
    @DrZola ” The Skinner Box only works if you actually get a real reward once in a while.”

    🤣🤣🤣 OMFG! 🤣🤣🤣

    It’s good to see you on these threads, my friend. As usual, your references will go over most heads but are spot on. And you make me laugh because you’re so right while being so dryly hilarious.
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    Where’d you find your first clue ?
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    I think another to be addressed is the power gap the people at the top with a lot the t5b have it so much easier which is understandable but it’s very difficult to catch up since all the new content requires you to have insane rosters you can’t build up the strong get stronger the intermediate roster player base are stagnant for the most part regardless of skill
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    Ghriffin said:

    Title says it all and basically exemplifies the reason I just can't be bothered to play the game anymore.

    Put in 5 hours or more for a monthly one shot, get 1/5th a 6* star champ and after a couple months pull something completely irrelevant that hasn't been updated since the start of the game.

    No thanks. If and when the direction of the game changes.......... We can achieve progress in a reasonable amount of time while slogging through repetitive and boring content, I may give it a try other go, till then, said my piece to my alliance and I'm out.

    Kabam, take a look at your current model and data. Are you losing or gaining more players?

    May be time to revamp some things, including making it easier to get the champs people want to play and less likely they spend a month or 2 months grinding for something completely irrelevant.

    Just a suggestion

    I have a sig 40 Iron Fist, a sig 40 Cyclop Red and an unawakened Cyclops Blue. I use them in arena only.

    I suggest you focus on your 5s roster and just hope that you land 6 star champs later that you like. Easier to get 5s champs, to get them duped, and to max them out.
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