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Root Feedback (New Mechanic)



  • VoltolosVoltolos Posts: 1,120 ★★★

    Please reach out the community before launching things like this. As we have said before. Your developers are very out of loop when it comes to the game.

    What do you think they're doing?
  • CashierCashier Posts: 68
  • Iron_Patriot_is_litIron_Patriot_is_lit Posts: 1,860 ★★★★★

    I will definitely quit the game if ROOT got implemented.

    For the first time, I feel no regret saying that cuz ROOT really ain't belong in this kind of game.

    There's no bonus to the players for surviving ROOT's duration.
    If you make a mistake then you got hit and potentially DIE.
    That will cost you especially in a higher level fight.

    So now everything has to give a benefit to the player to be a node in this game?
  • Iron_Patriot_is_litIron_Patriot_is_lit Posts: 1,860 ★★★★★
    “Kabam, if you add this node I’ll quit this game!”

    Oh please. If even if Kabam does decide to keep this node you probably won’t see it often anyways, so I don’t know why you’re all crying. We’ll probably see it a few times in act 7, maybe on an EQ boss every few months, and maybe rarely in incursions at most. Don’t worry Karens, I’m sure you’ll survive.
  • DPXFistheGOATDPXFistheGOAT Posts: 727 ★★★
    Kabam had Black Widow with the Time Stone for the Endgame Quests (which lasted longer than usual). The very next character introduced is Namor, who has a NEAR IDENTICAL ability upon reaching Imperius Rex. He was the one and only champ for a while to have this ability to have a massive power flood in conjunction with a reduced drain in power per special activated. His ability allows hims to chain special 1 and 2s -- a mechanic we've really only seen with Time Stone Black Widow.

    I believe this "Root" mechanic might find its way into a new champion's arsenal. In fact, I kinda think Professor X was intended to have this as his dash back leaves a mirage of himself. I wouldn't be surprised if that mirage was supposed to be the area where a dashing opponent would be "rooted", but Kabam didn't want to do it (especially since it doesn't serve a purpose outside looking cool. I'm guessing it's a similar thing with Namor...they want to see first if it's too OP. Also, him locking up specials similar to Terrax is showing us that Kabam is starting to get more and more into developing and altering new mechanics.

    Anyways...I believe they want to avoid Emma Frost/Ebony Maw scenarios where new mechanics are introduced and irritates the players. Maw in particular who I think they overcompensated damage wise.
  • CashierCashier Posts: 68
    Starhawk said:

    Starhawk said:

    What a money grab. I'm not even playing the hardest level and I had to use a revive today. I'll be taking another break from this game to guarantee i don't waste money on this game. What's next? Can't move and just get hit no matter what randomly? These kind of game mechanics should not be there on "easier" game modes. You want to keep your end game players challenged then great...do it but keep that junk on the hardest modes.

    If i wanted to play a game where my character doesn't move I'd watch a still image.

    Explain why it’s a cash grab. All it is, is you’re getting held in a fixed position for a few seconds.
    I don't think i need to explain myself it's pretty obvious. Unless you are a more skilled player you are going to get hit and odds are you will need revives. That's a cash grab if you then have to pay for those resources with money.

    I play this game for the fun of it. This game mechanic is not what I consider fun. Keep that stuff for the more skilled players in the hardest game mode. Kabam needs to remember this game isn't only played by really skilled players. Some of us are not that skilled and we've reached our plateau without investing more time in this game and I certainly will not be doing that for gameplay I find not fun at all.
    @Starhawk I’m definitely not skilled and I was able to clear it on legendary without revives and dex Colossus’ special 2 while rooted. Just light one before you play and you’ll be super relaxed. Easier to focus.
  • AlphaStark20AlphaStark20 Posts: 61
    Once again I still believe root would be good only if the player decides when it triggers. Also my only complain with the execution of root mechanic in the form of this side quest is that the defenders are too strong. If an epic difficulty iron man is capable of making my 4/55 thing lose 69% health then I don't tolerate it. I would take some damage as a joke if we're the lab rats for root mechanic but if I'm gonna lose champions in every fight then it's not worth it. Lower the attack rating or give me extra gauntlets so that I can make up for the gamma I'm losing.
  • ShafeeqShafeeq Posts: 569 ★★★
    Plot twist: We can apply root or the defender suffers from root ...
  • doctorbdoctorb Posts: 1,688 ★★★
    I personally dont understand why kabam introduced rooted at all since I dont think anyone actually complained about mechanics to begin with. There's so many other problems one would think kabam would fix those first.

    If they wanted to introduce changes to mechanics, how about letting us swipe up to jump over an attack. Or swipe upwards and hold to have ur hero levitate a little bit since some can fly. I think that would be better change to mechanics.
  • doctorbdoctorb Posts: 1,688 ★★★
    Bugmat78 said:

    Is it just me or is today's tech root bugged wrt the counter? It didn't reset for me when I threw a special if I threw the special before I reached a count of zero ( unlinked a normal node like special delivery which resets whenever you throw the special).

    And it was still counting down until the last hit in a special several times, while others it reset immediately.

    I used Medusa sp1 Vs the last Ultron and got rooted after throwing it (despite that not happening in several fights before) then got rooted after throwing a Hyperion sp3 (counter didn't change after I used his sp2 a few times also in the same fight). None if these specials were blocked either.

    Magneto cheeses this btw.

    I noticed the same thing but I thought it was just me.
  • CashierCashier Posts: 68
    Still loving root mechanic.
    Putting thing there was a particularly fun fight. Died the first time but got him the second time. Feels good to face a struggle only to overcome it. Thanks for pushing me to try my best.
  • Mercury79Mercury79 Posts: 551 ★★
    @KabamMike let the root mechanism be in legendry dificulty only....I think somehow after playing 1_2 days I haven't touched my side Quist couse it's too dificult to play...if this continues everymonth then it's better to quit....and still I am thinking how-to get 1.5m milestone I am cav and doing legendry dificulty everymonth but this month seems like mastry dificuty is getting annoying...when root starts it's like I have no control on my champs...litrally it's like quit the fight...
  • JetenyoJetenyo Posts: 125
    Root in my experience has not been that bad. My biggest complaint over it is that it may not be working correctly?

    When I am Rooted and Parry Stun an opponent, they should be within reach of my attacks. Something I have come across on multiple fights, even if I stun them and they are visibly in range, I cannot touch them with my rooted basic attacks. The Root description even says I can attack, what's the point though if opponent is by default just out of reach?
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 8,603 ★★★★★

    Root F'ING Sux!! Im rooted, and Kingping just did repeated heavies over and over, 3 in a row till i was just dead. This mechanic really sucks. I am just trying to get a little gamma radiation, but all i am getting is dead. I cannot swipe back for 3 seconds straight while the opponent launches attack after attack. Seriously B.S.

    Or you could evade the heavies...
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 8,603 ★★★★★
    I like the different applications of Root. It's made the side quest more fun and less monotonous.
  • miracle_mufflermiracle_muffler Posts: 143 ★★
    I was not particularly against it up until the current sq. Combining root with close distance just breaks the game. For a while now trying to dash forward from a distance leads to immediate intercept from AI, so the only way to fight is to be close and parry (or keep distance and intercept, but these usually end with combo in the face). If it was something like 10 seconds for triggering root, it might be tolerable, but 4 seconds is too little.
  • Silver_SagaSilver_Saga Posts: 361 ★★★
    Venom day (rooted in close proximity) :

    Not that bad, I quite enjoyed it to be honest. My only gripe is that being rooted for 4 seconds straight seemed excessive... the countdown, also 4 seconds, was fine, it gave plenty of time to deal a combo and dashback, the distance for its activation was perfectly tuned too, but the duration of root itself could be just a tad shorter, maybe 3 seconds would be a good compromise. I don't know, it felt far too long the few times I screwed up and got rooted.

    Still think it's not a good idea to introduce this new node (no, I won't call it mechanic, let's call a spade a spade) this month in a limited entry side quest, with so many bugs, lag and general unstability plaguing the very basics of the game right now. Trying to dex specials or heavies while rooted when you can be the victim of a micro lag that delays your inputs at any random time is a real pain. There's a reason I don't use Quake as much as I'd like to... Fix the game first, please. Something went wrong a couple months ago, and even if not everyone suffer from these issues, the ones that do are not having a good time at all. That alone will paint any new gameplay you're introducing in a very bad light, hence so many bad feedback.

    Also, quickly reading this thread and a few others lately, since it seems many of the EndGame players think the game is boring if the defender doesn't have 20k+ attack rating and at least as many nodes on them ;) , maybe just keep this new Root thing for Endgame content, or just Thronebreaker stuff ? Or introduce a water-downed version for UC stuff ? All I'm saying is don't discard it completely but be VERY careful in its implementation cause it has the potential to be both challenging and unfortunately, abused... (AW, node combination, fun and interactive defender like Omega or Aarkus, and so on)
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