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    Hey everybody, thank you all for your feedback. We're hearing a lot about the Milestones (which is great), but if you have any other feedback, like on matches/deathmatches etc., please make sure to share that too.

    Additionally, please keep your feedback constructive. If you do or don't like something, tell us why. I've cleaned up a lot of posts that tell us how they feel, but not what the reason is. Actionable feedback is always best, and to get to that, we need to understand the concern itself.

    Thank you all for all the thoughts and feedback so far. Keep it coming!

    @Kabam Miike The new post on the forum talks about death matchups. Faced it 4 times in a row :/
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    Ebony_Naw said:

    Pulyaman said:

    On a positive note, I like the grandmaster shards!
    An easy fix would be to either increase the amount of points five stars give or decrease the cool down of six stars. That’s only if you don’t want to restructure the basic six star arena.

    They should decrease the cool down of 6 stars to 6 hrs and 5 stars to 4 hrs to make it more feasible. Giving more points for 5 stars will be a good too. They should also decrease the milestones in the 6 star basic to make things better. Above all else, for god's sake give the 3 star featured champ at 640k milestone or closer. Why do we need to grind 6 mill for a new 3 star when we were getting them for 640k in the last system.
    So I should have the opportunity to run more arena for the same number of units? The issue really is the point discrepancy. A lot of the changes are great, and if they wanted to add unitless milestones for extra shards, I'd be fine with that. But for those who want the units, this is a lot more work and this issue absolutely should have been anticipated
    I am not getting if you are agreeing with me or not. If you are saying that the units should be within the 6 mill milestone in both the 6 star arenas and above that it should be shards only, I would be fine with that too. What about the battlechips earned, should they also be limited to the early milestones? I have no issue if they keep the milestone even at 40 mill, if they keep the units in the lower milestones and give the shards in the higher milestones.
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    I’m thinking of buying a Shang chi cav now, since I think it’s going to be extremely hard to get the extra 2.7k units I need for 4th of July. I’m not a hardcore arena grinder, and I don’t exactly have the time or the patience for it. I’m also a ftp Cav player
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    R_jay0027 said:

    It's a dud. Before I had more choices as to which Champions I wanted to hunt down as a collecter. When you remove choice the game always takes a step backwards in my opinion.

    I don't really think this takes away your choice, if anything it does give you more.
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    Not sure if the TB crystals are expected to compensate for the higher milestones
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    Wiredawg1 said:

    This is NOT a quality of life improvement at all. A lot more work and time in arenas for 5 more units? Not sure how you think this improves our arena experience. It’s going to discourage people from doing arena

    They didn’t do this arena update to make another quality of life improvement as they never mentioned it.
  • Definitely WAY TOO MUCH to grind. Already the arenas are very repetitive and needs dedicated grinding, we are getting for to grind 3 times the previous for same rewards
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    Kavya30 said:

    16.5M for one is too much and I am a milestone grinder. I will not be able to grind for 33M. Just can’t. As an FTP, guess my hopes for July 4th are in the trash

    I'm Curious: Prior to these Changes, how many Milestones across all of the Arenas did you used to complete? If you don't remember that, do you remember how many Units approx you'd earn from Milestones per Arena run?

    Our goal is to keep the effort roughly the same, but of course, with reducing the number of Arenas, that's going to be difficult. With the change of the rarities allowed in each Arena, the points are definitely going to be different, but we want to keep the effort roughly the same.

    If that's not the case, we want to know! We won't know that on the first day or possibly even the first run, but please keep the feedback coming.
    As someone who's been grinding arena for Abyss paths, this is very disappointing.

    I used to run every arena and get all milestones. This was easily achievable with my roster. Now I can't finish milestones, or get close. I have 45 6*, I'm done all content (Minus Abyss) and I can't finish arena milestones now
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    A quick glance on the milestones and I say it looks great so far. I think it makes more sense to add more milestones spread out because we are growing our rank up collection more and more.
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    In my opinion, the milestone for the 3* featured is wayyy too high. I understand that the 4* featured is about 9 mil, as that is around the amount that was needed beforehand to get a new 4* featured. But for the 3* featured it's just too much for the average summoner
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    Typically I would play all tiers of arena to grind units on the milestones, specifically the first few milestones of each arena, if I needed some extra units for a revive or something else. You've increased the effort needed to do this.
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    On one hand I definitely appreciate the availability of grinding out two 6* champs, but at the same time the milestones to keep equivalent unit and battlechips is a bit of a gut punch. In the old arena I could grind the 4* featured milestones in one sitting, and three rounds of my 6* would get me the 5* featured milestones. I have no idea how much longer it will take now, but significantly so for certain.
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