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  • pete8388pete8388 Posts: 142 ★★
    I used to put up 6 million in 5* featured with my 6 stars, 4 million in 4* featured with my 5 stars, and 1.5 million in 4* basic with my 4 stars for roughly 350 units. Now all of that effort combined won’t even make the 16.5 million new milestone of the new arenas.

    I am not sure I would be able to work out the same balance in the new arenas. Especially with the units increasing with the higher milestones.
  • OkbutwhyOkbutwhy Posts: 12
    having a newer account with a very limited amount of ranked up 5* and only a couple 6*, and only a handful of ranked 4*, I am getting extremely hard suicide matches around the 5-10 streak rounds. When I bring 2 rank 1 6* and a 4* rank 1, and i'm pitted against 3 6* rank 3, thats a bit much.

    Also, this might be the reason I no longer pay for the sigil, as I would get a lot of PHC shards and use them in the black market iso store weekly to try to get better crystals, unless the sigil store will start including the grandmaster shards.
  • The_Sentry06The_Sentry06 Posts: 7,762 ★★★★★
    I never used to grind arena before and this has killed any hope and anticipation I had.

    I personally would just lower the milestones across the board to something way lower or at the very least, increase the unit payout at lower milestones significantly.
  • AjaxiferAjaxifer Posts: 9
    I want to share an idea :smile:

    What if the new arena points were like Doubloons Arena? It would be great for players that don't have wide 6* rosters cause all of champs gets the same X amount of points and there was no infinite streak.

    I don't know maybe it's asking too much and it might make the rank rewards to go high but for a milestone grabber it would be amazing to have the same mechanism as Doubloons Arena in this arenas as well
    And it will give more choice for those who want to grab the 6* and 5* versions of champion to go with which champion they want to focus and play all of their roster on that arena which makes it kinda unfair for those who doesn't have wider rosters but it will be more fair for those who just want to grab milestones that in this case are a lot of playerbase kinda. it would give those with wider roster advantages that they have already but it will give adventage to those who doesn't have wide roster as well so it will be more sufficent.

    Btw I'm not saying that every round should give us 45000 points like Doubloons Arena cause it would take 366 round but if 167 round of using only 6* Champs is the requirment to get all the milestones maybe if 30000 point per champ and 90000 per round will make it 167 round but still it's a lot of time
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