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  • Fit_Fun9329Fit_Fun9329 Posts: 1,114 ★★★★
    I love the AI, very aggressive and nice.
    But: 16 mio each is incredible. That’s why people wanted to know about it in advance :) i have almost 60 6* champs, love arena but have to admit that this is simply not possible. Little bit too ambitious guys
  • IosifIosif Posts: 22
    Iosif said:

    Sorry kabam, you just ruined the game for me. I was relying a lot on the arenas and with my roster i can barely do all milestones in one 6* arena. Tell me how this improves my experience in the game when before i could easily do 4 arenas and grind a couple of milestones in the 5* feature You just set us (average players) back

  • DaddriedaDaddrieda Posts: 1,407 ★★★★
    I think arena structure looks great. I just think the PI when facing champions need to change. You shouldn’t meet a 6* when using a 5* even if using a r5.
  • BinkPlayzBinkPlayz Posts: 98 ★★
    Milestones are a bit of a hefty grind, especially since you have to do it twice, and the cutoff should be top 750 for the 5* and top 300 for the 6* as 5*'s have become much less relevant in the endgame sphere
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    Hey everybody, thank you all for your feedback. We're hearing a lot about the Milestones (which is great), but if you have any other feedback, like on matches/deathmatches etc., please make sure to share that too.

    Additionally, please keep your feedback constructive. If you do or don't like something, tell us why. I've cleaned up a lot of posts that tell us how they feel, but not what the reason is. Actionable feedback is always best, and to get to that, we need to understand the concern itself.

    Thank you all for all the thoughts and feedback so far. Keep it coming!

    Well my big concern is with the cooldown and new high milestones, I can't hit all the milestones. I normally try to hit all milestones of the 5* champion, 4* featured, 4* basic and 3* champion arenas. A cooldown did not prevent me from being able to do the other arenas. Having the opportunity to jump around between all the arenas gave me the chance to collect all milestones in a somewhat timely fashion. This new arena is taking that away honestly. Making the new arenas have alot more milestones but both using the same champs (4*/5*/6*) I wont be able to hit all milestones for both arenas. Due to high milestone points that i need to aquire and having champs on cool down. I'll have to stick to 1 arena and that'll cause me to massively miss out on units, whether it's units from milestones or units from battlechips. It's going to cause a large reduction in what I can collect. Now one thing that could possibly make this work, is if you guys reduce the cool down times of the 5* and 6* champs. Other than doing that, I can't see this new arena working effectively for the free to play players.
  • pingu_tucnacekpingu_tucnacek Posts: 6
    I am cavalier player. I was redired for about a year. I returned some two months ago. I do spend money. Not really much but i do. Mostly I spend money because I do not have much time to grind everithing there is. I hardly had time to grind 2.5M in 4* in old arena. I generaly only did 3* for the new champ which was one of the few things that I actually enjoed here (EQ story is the other thing, not the EQ game play, to tell the truth).

    now I had to spend more time to get worse reward, which then helps me a lot less to progress further. well. thanks, but no, I do not like that.

    also starting with "hard" fight in 0 winstreak feels strange. the fact that the fight takes longer because all that dodging is realy annoyng and I count myseld lucky I did not encountered any evader yet. so no. dont like the combat change either. also some champs still refuse to use SP, so what was the actual combat change here? more dodge to make fights longer?

    and yes, the fact that I had to analize what exactly I do not like here made me think about retiring again, so maybe next time try such experiments on some selected regular group of common players, because I am sure this really only annoyed a lot of people and I believe any experienced tester would tell you that without even starting the game.
  • BenJGrimmBenJGrimm Posts: 18
    I'm uncollected, and usually did the 4* Basic in the past. Right now, the way the Basic is set up, it looks like anyone who actually needs the 4* Basic will be incapable of getting it. If the 4* Basic was the top milestone in the new 4* arena, that would make a lot more sense.

    I'm confident I can get the 4* Basic where it is in the new arena, but I'm not confident that it's worth the effort anymore. It's very clear that if you don't have any 6* Rank 3s - and I don't - then that's who you're likely to be fighting pretty soon. Even with sandbags, that's the matches I was getting starting on the tenth fight, and to make it even worse, it was always the exact same selection of teams. The arena matching algorithm has always been bad, but it's getting worse.

    If the structure for the new Basic arena worked like the catalyst arenas, even with the lowered points from not being able to use 6*s, I think it would make a lot more sense. For one thing, I could use my 6R2/5R4 champs, which are not really usable in the existing one. What it is now looks too frustrating to be worth the effort.
  • theWatcher4theWatcher4 Posts: 50
    edited May 2021
    Dear Kabam,

    Pros :
    - Adding 6* champs.
    - Adding grandmaster shards.
    - Adding champs in milestone.

    Cons :
    - Too much time consuming to complete milestones.
    - Less units from grind for UC and CAV players who doesn't have more than 10-20 6*

    I think most the players grind arena for units, just make the arena little less time consuming to grind units. I mean there are alot of things to spend time on in the game.. (Variant, AQ, AQ, EQ, SQ, ACT 5/6 just taking about uc/cav players).

    my opinion :
    in terms of champs grinding its 8/10
    in terms of unit grinding its 4/10
  • Horror_punkHorror_punk Posts: 1,037 ★★★★
    With the passage of time we need more units and battlechips in milestones
    Arenas offering same units since long time.
    And the milestones are way too high to complete
    I had no problem with death-matches as i ran only team of 5* rank4 or above and 6* and got a huge roster to overcome the initial 20 streak where death-matches come

    4* arena shouldn’t increase 1.5 million last milestone mark until and unless it offering more units
    Basic 6* champ arena should have last milestone of around 10 million.
    Featured 6* may have the current last milestone.

    Further increase the 6* shards in rank rewards as 5* are almost dead for end-gamers and no enthusiasm in opening them.

    Further please introduce t2a and t5b arenas too as these resources are way too old and not as rare they were before.
  • ChadBuster72ChadBuster72 Posts: 27
    PLEASE take out the death matches. The expert grinders have their ways around it, but those with smaller rosters or those that don’t have the time to grind like they do, it’s a huge road block and very disappointing. This, along with higher milestones and less rewards ultimately, is just going to make it a struggle and will burn most out, including myself. I struggle between enjoying this game and wanting to delete it because of your choices that mostly only cater to the whales. And the more they get, the harder the content is for the rest of us, because you shape things to their benefit. So the rich get richer and the poor get poorer type of thing. There should be a difference, but not so extreme. But again, please take out the death matches. Why do you want to frustrate your customers and make things so disappointing? And please stop being greedy with the crystals. Take out those worthless 3* in Cavalier crystals. I’ve dumped money and units into those and now have decide to stop giving you money because I’m constantly getting screwed with 3*. Just think how much money you’d make if you gave out better crystals, and when a customer got a great champ, they’d be more willing to pay for an “upgrade kit” from the store where if they wanted to spend $50, $100, $200, to advance their champ before anyone else, they would. I personally would spend more money on something like that because it’s a guarantee (upgrading a champ you like) vs spending money and getting a 3*. That’s a fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me situation. Put a bad taste in the customers mouth. When a companies name get’s altered or used in a way to display feeling scammed, such as “I got Kascammed or ****”, that says it all. We all want to love this game because it can be fun and the graphics are phenomenal in my opinion compared to other games, so please take these criticisms as something positive vs someone just complaining to complain. I want to plan on playing this game for years to come, but I’m getting so frustrated and burned out.

    These comments were for Kabam, so others here don’t need to hate on me with bad replies. These are just my opinions and ideas.
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