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Variant 8 Venompool Boss Help



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    RowstRowst Posts: 11
    Corman117 said:

    Currently bugged game, with poorly tested content, and the result being an impossible final boss that needs a perfect fight with a combo of champs to get down.... If you die, and you got to restart the quest. I'm officially boycotting cyber weekend sales now with this BS and the September and October tied side events that had poor notice. Thanks for the waste of time, resources, units Kabam. I really hope theres a compensation for this!

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    KarakanliKarakanli Posts: 82

    Because I'm 2 quests away and don't have time to do them right now because I want to get the information needed to help resolve the issues that players are having. I am not an expert on every piece of content that is released, but the people in this thread are the ones affected, so they have the insights that I lack.

    Sorry, meant no offense to you but if I was the mod here, I‘d feel left alone by some colleagues from dev…
    Thanks for caring for us, gonna get some b***s kicked next door or the door after 😉
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    _Reef_Reef Posts: 267
    Sorry guys, I know this doesn't help, but i think it was Masacre that finished him with a sp1, flaming bat, then hit him after he fell, I tried w Domino and BWDO but he's the one who didn't it, don't know the logic behind it
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    gforcefangforcefan Posts: 390 ★★★
    He can be beaten another Venompool if you stack up enough of your own furies and then om nom his regen constantly. There is no room for error.
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