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Variant 8 Venompool Boss Help



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    benshbbenshb Posts: 801 ★★★★
    Instead of Apoc you can use killmonger with sabertooth and the same method
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    Yondu could theoretically work if you got really good rng on heal block.
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    SandeepSSandeepS Posts: 1,223 ★★★★

    Hey all, I'm having this looked into. So, besides the fact that it looks like you need a non-merc to complete this fight, can you tell me exactly what the problematic experience with this Boss is? Want to make sure I get the info right for the team.

    I think the regen is the problem, 1%. There is no way of dealing with it or reversing it with the merc champs. If that wasnt there it would be better.
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    Hunter_Sarc0Hunter_Sarc0 Posts: 40
    Domino with over 200 hits and special 3 you get.
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