Brian Grant just insinuated he may quit the game over the gifting event.....



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    I was hoping for a less scam heavy event. for a "community building" event like the gifting, it's toxic and too easily manipulated. especially for casual gamers who don't exactly have a team of trusted players around them.
  • JayW3d said:

    I was hoping for a less scam heavy event. for a "community building" event like the gifting, it's toxic and too easily manipulated. especially for casual gamers who don't exactly have a team of trusted players around them.

    Then this event isn't for you. Go look forward to the free event Kabam is going to give everyone later this month
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    Lovejoy72 said:

    An alternate thought. What does one of these whale accounts do once gifting is past? They can potentially get a rank 4 or three out of the gifting crystals, then get a bit more from the event. Then what? Everything else in the game is wildly less remunerative. Is it even fun to be the most stacked account in the game?

    I’m not a whale, but I do have a pretty well stacked roster and I got to say that after reaching a certain amount of high end rank ups, the game loses a lot of the fun because you’ll have every possible node combination/encounter covered. I rarely get excited for new champs too since I have every piece of utility that I could possibly need in my roster already. The only possible utility I could use is a Peni Parker counter but I’m sure that I already have one in my roster that I’m overlooking—(other than Magneto)
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    ChriissR said:

    This literally doesn't affect 99% of the community.

    If it affects the top players and spenders, then it will also affect anyone below them
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    ChriissR said:

    This literally doesn't affect 99% of the community. It affects the top 20 alliances that's all. Who cares if they get an abyss nexus crystal as rewards, you really think people spending 10k alone on gifting don't already have every 6* in the game? LOL

    Too many people getting pressed over something that doesn't affect them.

    The game is, at least in part, aspirational. Since we all participate in the game it’s different than, say, passively watching a sport. I remember working with athletes who played in international basketball leagues, and they would watch NBA games with the intent of someday being there and doing the same things those guys were doing. Even if a lot of them knew in their hearts that they were journeyman who weren’t moving up, there was always the hope and the motive.

    But when the top players are just getting things the rest of us can’t have because we don’t have the financial resources? You can’t aspire to be a whale? So, yeah, some of this is just perspective and having realistic goals. But some of this is also the game setting strange and unrealistic standards for success.
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    ChriissR said:

    This literally doesn't affect 99% of the community.

    If it affects the top players and spenders, then it will also affect anyone below them
    It affects the leaderboard of Top 20 AQ and Plat 1 and above AW. It literally doesn't affect anyone else at all. I'm in a Top 20 Alliance and don't spend crazy on this event and could barely care lol
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    Starhawk said:

    Texas_11 said:

    Starhawk said:

    I believe his YouTube videos are what makes him money as I doubt he has a side job with the amount of time he spends grinding. Unless he's able to move on to a different game and have enough followers follow him I don't see him doing it. I'ts not a given he would be able to recover enough subscribers on a new game. Not that I care as I don't see the point of most of his videos. I hate grinding....watching someone else do it is even worst.

    Seatin kinda left the game and didn't make a big deal of it.

    BG should not even be playing at the level he is playing at currently, he is able to because he is a 4loki OG.

    This is his business and I doubt he would be able to transition into anything else because Kabam has tried to get us to switch to mroc and the newest revolution game and still no luck lol.
    I don't think Seatin left the game completely as I still see him do the odd video but he isn't spending the kind of time he used to. You could also tell this was coming as he started posting non MCOC videos likely as a test to see how many of his subscribers would watch. It's kind of too bad I really enjoyed Seatin's god tier list even if I didn't always agree with it.

    Your point is well taken though :)
    Yeah I should have said less active. He post every 14 days or so.
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    Brian is a humble guy and not the type to chase status or money. He's the biggest streamer and doesn't even take himself too seriously, he just does it for fun. I don't know why people think he's threatening to quit, he just said he's less motivated to make channel content.
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    I think the most important part, is that with money grabbing events like this one, there's no competition fun anymore. Just like he said, why run abyss if you get the same rewards with money? This is not only affecting ftp players, but a large majority that do buy a few stuff here and there occasionally, but don't spend 3k bucks in a month. It's really sad, you don't have the same excitement anymore getting a cav nexus by working hard on abyss, when you know that lots of other whale-players got it just by spending cash for fun.
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    I like BG. I like KT1. But honestly, I feel like some of these people only truly get upset when something they don't personally like happens to them. They can overlook other issues (complain about them some, but let them slide) when they can deal with the problems thanks to their deep rosters, big allies, bank roll, amount of time available to grind, etc. And for everyone else who can't, well, then it's just not the content for you, right now.

    I'm sorry for the "competitive" players who feel shafted, but welcome to the club. Honestly, this game has never been competitive. It's never been a contest - how could it be when money is involved and provides an advantage for those that have an abundance of it? Money is king in business - thems the facts. Whether anyone wants to accept it, Kabam is here to make money, not provide a "contest" for the fun of it.

    I get the entire argument, I really do - folks are upset because someone with little time or skill, can buy an R4 if they spend thousands of dollars.... tthousands of dollars - let that sink in - that is a lot of money and it's a pretty small subset of people willing or able to do it. Anyone allowed to spend that much and willing to spend that much money on a mobile game, so be it. The rest of us, let's be human, budget our money/time for real stuff, and be realistic about the power of money in mobile game that incentives spending.

    Everyone with an R4 right now already spent money on this game at one time or another. They built their accounts faster by buying CAVs, buying items for AW/AQ to get the best rewards, buying the R4 deals little by little or buying units on the fly to knock out content. But everyone with an R4 right now (up until todays gifting event), absolutely also spent money on this game to be at the top.

    Someone like CowWhale was spending thousands a month on CAV crystals, ensuring he always had the most current champs . Then, he also spent 10's-of-thousands on gifting, to ensure he had a never ending supply of the most coveted rank up resources of the time that he could dig into at the drop of the hat so he could dupe them, rank them and max sig them from day 1. How was that competitive? How was that different? It wasn't - it just didn't impact a certain subset of player, who now know what the rest of us have experienced for years. Welcome to the club.

    The game is very competitive. Wherever you are ranked, you will find similar opponents, similar ally mates , similar AQ results, and Similar roster levels.

    There is no reason why you should be competing with anyone else.

    The major problem is people only have to go off YouTubers, but it's a small portion of players that represent the community. You go through forums and you see people are happy about their first TB champion or even their first R5 champ.

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