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Introducing the next Campaign Progression Level: Paragon!



  • SirGamesBondSirGamesBond Posts: 3,451 ★★★★★

    Can I call myself 'mostly f2p' as I have spent 5$ in all 5 years of my gametime?

    You could, but you’ll still get roasted. On the bright side , you don’t get roasted for actually being F2P. There’s not really a side that stays clear.
    That's why whenever I needed to mention my spending, I used the term '5$ spent whale account'. #Nomoref2p
  • sheryfsheryf Posts: 25
    If you require "Purchased the Unit offer at the end of Act 7 Chapter 4" to get required 3x r4 then bring it back for players who did not buy it in time. It is **** this offer was accesible for 24H but required for obtaining progression title at this time. If I explored 7.4 before carinas i do not even know which offer i should choose, i didn't even expect such an offer with materials and i just completed 7.4 without preparing units for this offer...
  • sheryfsheryf Posts: 25
    Another thing with "Exclusive objectives for the Eternity of Pain" i hated it so much with summer of pain, there is nothing related to the player's skill, i put the same effort as paragon players to clear whole eternity of pain but i will get less rewards? Cool, that sounds like discrimination, doing THE SAME WORK but get less PAY.
  • benshbbenshb Posts: 754 ★★★★

    benshb said:

    "a new title to grind for"

    thepiggy said:

    Everyone critical of the requirements should be willing to post their roster, AW/AQ rankings, and all endgame content progress (Story, Abyss, Carinas).

    As many have posted already, even if you have everything in the game completed and bought the offers, checking all requirements listed in the initial post, it is still not enough to get a 3rd rank 4 champion.

    They even went ahead and included offers in the calculations, even after advertising it as not necessary. Unless you're spending on the gifting event and are being carried by P2W alliances, its still unreachable for a F2P player at this point, which was their premise to release the title to begin with.

    It feels rushed. Like it wasn't meant to come out yet, but they had to lie about it and make up some way to "get more resources", even if not f2p friendly, just as an excuse to release the title now before the deals.
    There is no rush. That's the point that I, along with a few others, have been making. It's supposed to be a long-term goal for some. Otherwise, there's no point in releasing it at all. People will hit it the day it comes out.
    People already hitting it day 1. Sure, there are some F2P (I'd say I can count them with only 1 of my hand), but we know exactly that it's meant for the paying part of the players. Which is fine by me, as soon as they acknowledge it, and not trying to feed us the usual "it's for F2Ps too" BS.
    Since the other requirement is only COMPLETION of Act7, which doesn't even comes close to even 1 r4, it's clear that the title is for the spenders (on day1). If they really wanted it for the non-spenders, BUT F2Ps who really trying to push forward in the game. They would have made it only 2 r4, for which you still need to 100% Act7.
    It's meant for all Players. People who have spent thus far to acquire R4s will be the first. What people keep losing sight of is the fact that there will be more Resources made available, and it's not solely targeted at spenders. It's not going anywhere, and it's not acquired through spending only.
    yes, it's for all players. but those spenders who get it on day 1 will skyrocket with those resources , and will just keep on ranking new r4s. or will have the materials for the first r5, as soon as they start rolling out the first t6c-s in probably extremely overpriced offers

    and as I said: I'm fine with that....as soon as they acknowledge the spending aspect of it.

    but with this, the gap between spenders and non-spenders but real skilled players just gets more and more wide.

    Jaded said:

    Idk why progression titles have to be tied to rank ups. Bad form to continue this trend imo.

    Because we can no longer tie them to Story Content without significantly raising the difficulty again, and that's not what players want. They are not just a random reward, but a differentiator for where Players are in-game, what content would be a challenge to them, and what rewards they need to move forward.

    Roster strength is a better indicator than just having completed Act 7 now.
    there...roster strength is the better indicator. you do realise that you can just buy these materials, if you are there financially?
    if there is a player, who just casually went through act 7 with a ton of potions / units, and just buys all the available offers for those r4 materials, are they more forward in game than someone who 100% act7, done with SOP and carinas, but not playing in a highly competitve and stressful top tier alliance? sure. go for it.
    All I'm asking for is to acknowledge that this title, and the future of the game is not F2p friendly anymore.
  • ZeepZorpZeepZorp Posts: 110 ★★
    I'm sure we'll see another progression title in the future this time with requirements so that its impossible to achieve without paying on day one. People would still defend it saying only the top cutting edge alliance summoners deserve it.

    Titles have moved on from being story progression titles to time-locked ones for most people. And it looks like its here to stay.
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 9,117 ★★★★★
    RicoShay said:

    RicoShay said:

    It’s a pay-title. It’s nearly impossible that f2p players have 3 r4s. I always had the newest progression title but that is simply too much. For TB I did back then my first abyss completion. What can I do now to obtain 3 r4s? It’s huge man. It’s not a good feeling right now.

    For context: I have 1 r4 and have everything in game on 100% except some carina challenges. It shifts more in p2w direction

    Why is it a pay title if you can’t get it the second it launches?

    Is it bad to work for things?
    You have to admit currently the title will only be available to the small minority of FTP players at the top. It'll become more FTP as time passes but for now it is a very pay to earn title. No point denying it.
    I’m of the opinion that spending on a FTP game, or being at the very very top should award some perks. Or the game stops being spent on, and people stop trying at the top because there are no benefits.

    This is one of the benefits. I’m not one who benefits from it in this situation (not a hardcore spender, not in a top alliance), I still have to get 2 T3As, but I understand that not everything will be handed to me just for turning up, and sometimes it’s actually ok to work for things in the game.

    It is really not a big deal that F2P players cannot get this title day 1 unless they are in a top alliance. F2P players could be in a top alliance and get it, but it’s absolutely ok for challenges to be set that people work for.
    Plat 3 puts you in the top 300 alliances so you're contradicting yourself all around with the whole you're not in a high ranking alliance. The issue is your bias is inclined towards it's ok for FTP to miss out momentarily because you're close to the title because you're willing to spend. You will benefit soon whether it be from July 4 or spring cleaning deals. If you read my prior comments you'd see I think having a title that is hard to achieve is a good thing but it is very catered to spending players, unlike thronebreaker which was somewhat FTP friendly. Unfortunately, kabam needs to make money at the end of the day and as such the title is what it is. Never ever did I come in demanding free rewards so everyone can get the title the day of release and I've been actively smashing through the carina's challenges to get my next r4 champ
    “ Plays in a higher tier competitive Alliance”

    I’m contradicting nothing, these are Kabam’s words. You’re defining “high” as high compared to stone 3 and wood 25, I’m defining high as the same as what Kabam are in their rationale behind Paragon - high as in the top, getting R4 Materials.

    And you can accuse all you like that my bias is because I “spend”, but I won’t be spending on spring cleaning cleaning and I won’t be spending on July 4th. I don’t spend on the game anymore, so spending won’t get me close to any rank 4s.

    The only spending that has got me closer to rank 4s, was a 5k unit offer (completely FTP to buy I might add) on cyber weekend that got me 22k, and a unit card that got me around 7.5k.

    The difference between myself and a FTP player when it comes to T3A is 7.5k, or 30k if they didn’t save units for cyber weekend - but really, that doesn’t matter in this context since you can save units FTP.

    I’m waiting for content that gives T3A to come out like FTP players, I’m not sitting around lamenting the unfairness that people who spend will get advantages - because if they didn’t, they won’t spend anymore.
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 9,117 ★★★★★

    Wiredawg1 said:

    So those who haven’t spent and not high aq and aw alliance are screwed? Yea you sure made it about money. And when is gauntlet coming back. You know when you said it was and yet nothing

    How are they screwed lol?

    I’ve only spent on about 30k or so T3A, and I’m not in an alliance that gets it from AQ or AW. I’ve done all the content that allows me to get rank 4 materials except some of Carina 1.

    Minusing the 30k away from spending and adding 20k from carina means I would be around 2 T3As away from getting 3 rank 4s without spending and just completing content.

    It’s like some of you are allergic to working towards things. I’m happy to have something to work to and aim for.

    They’ve said R4 materials are going to become more common, not everything is designed to screw people over. Spending deserves to have give an advantage, if it gave no advantage people would stop spending and bye bye game.
    You do realise that by "make it easier to get 3x r4 champions" they mean you will get more $$$ shop offers. In what way do you think they are going to buff it? AQ and AW shops and rewards have had some very minor changes recently and it doesn't look like they are giving anyone a rank 4 anytime soon. You are literally an egg behind a laptop trying to sound cool.
    I mean… they’ve already said they are having an Eternity of Pain event with rank 4 materials, so you’ve managed to preemptively be wrong. So there’s an achievement and a half.

    Secondly, I don’t think you know what literally means, and we’re on a forum about a mobile game that involves superhero’s beating each other up - I don’t think anyone here is trying to be cool.
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 9,117 ★★★★★

    Wow Great timing to demotivate players like us. Yes I am not in High tier Aw ( P3 currently) and Aq( top 100). Have done all the challenges except Carina which I am working my way on. So F2Ps or players who don't spend money straight up screwed. There's difference between making said resources available slowly than having thake resources available only locked behind skill wall.
    TB came when people could achieve it without spending money. Because content had enough to give you one.

    But 3 r4s is total bs. Because If this new event is like Summer of pain then only very few people will get benefit from that title and it's exclusive objectives. Now remember how much gap there was between CAV rewards and TB rewards due to the point and objective system. But I coud understand that as game still offered to get you TB title with your skills and content availability.
    But this new one does not give at all.it straight up BS to say have 3 r4s but when realistically players like me have at most 2 r4s at hand.
    Exclude the deals and look at the all events and content till now. There's no way F2ps and very low spenders have chance to have 3 r4s anytime soon.

    I know now some people jump at me saying that SPENDERS DESERVE SUCH ADVANTAGE BLA BLA BLA BLA. In reality it's rich getting richer with really no scope for other players to catch up. let me clear one thing, don't say that people will get r4 materials eventually etc etc. It's still rarest resources ( not including gifting event and 10k unit deals)in game and it will not be available in big chunks. And if this new event as I said structured like SOP, it will be a straight slap to players like me as like SOP, we may get some chunk of r4 material ; after the event ends. I am still hopeful how that event turns out. But as usual it's kind of predictable how it will come out .
    Constant bugs, lags, Aw controversy and now this.

    I don't understand how this is demotivating at all. It would be if it's something you could NEVER achieve but that's not the case here. You might not be Paragon day 1 but just like all other progression titles, you'll get there once you catch up.

    You said it yourself, you don't high tier AQ and AW. That's not on Kabam and they can't just make a title to fit your individual needs or your personal requirements.
    You missed the point by mile like always. Why isn't demotivating??? Progression titles has been gated behind story content. TB was gated behind champ rank up wall. Understandable.
    But why new titel is being factorized behind PvP??? I never said to give war title to gold rank ally. I never said to factorize the war title in single mode content.
    It's the direction of game I am unhappy with. I am not sad that I will not get the title on day one. I am sad because it's doesn't give fair and equal shot when it's kind of gated behind competitive mode. Don't get me wrong here. I meant to say that they wanna raise the difficulty but they only have taken spending and competitive mode in evaluation when PROGRESSION TITLE should ans always been gated to solo mode regardless of AW/Aq. They used to add some bits to it but wasn't a factor behind it.
    So a player who have done all the content necessary to get r4 materials, had to be in like top alliances like top 20. So you mean this new title should only be exclusive to only 600 players meanwhile disregarding the SKILL factor????? Monetizing the Solo mode with includance of competitive mode with regards of spending too. Does it look like PROGRESSION TITLE OR TITLE made for very ELITE SPENDERS.

    I can only guess that you may be in high tier war like p1 or masters alliance. And we already have issue of war cost at the hand. which ironically dealing with same issue. So can you tell me how much of SKILL factor is taken in acount rather than SPENDING when we talk about while community instead of certain group of spenders.
    Why the hell AW/Aq are benchmark for justification of Story mode title???? It doesn't make any sense except the spending. Would you will be happy if War titles are distributed if suddenly solo mode is taken into consideration. Will you justify it lol
    I am not currently in P1 or masters and I only have 1 R4 right now and I am a huge spender by most definitions. You're wanting to fit where you are in the game to the title presented. Just like Thronebreaker was available to those that did abyss and act 6 100% and had a R3, they did things others weren't wanting to do or willing to do. But these days, we are seeing TBs at level 56 because the mats are so much easier to come by.

    There isn't anything different in this title vs TB. The day 1 release isn't meant for a wide majority but for those that are at the top because there is way less for them in the game to strive for. All they have is top tier AQ and AW to do. Also, AW and AQ aren't the benchmark for this title, it's just part of it because there is constant R4 mats in rewards.

    There are F2P out there with 3 R4's, may not be as many as spenders but it's still possible. At some point we'll all be paragon and the same groups will be complaining about the requirements for the next title to be released.
    You yourself said that TB was achieveable when it came. Even I did abyss for TB rank up. But you either missed or didn't wanted to point out one crucial thing. Let me remind you then. Alliances played 0 role, spending played 0 role. It was the content which had ability to present the title. AOL completion guarantees r3 rank up. Exploring act 6 gives 2nd r3. And if rng is in favour one can actually r3 their 3rd 6 star. Aq/Aw didn't mattered in it at all, as it was solo content title. That was the situation during TB introduction.
    Your entire emoji-strewn post is built on shaky foundation.

    In the past, progression titles were 100% built around story content - that’s why having done the story content in the past let you get there on day one. Now, progression titles are not built around story content so they have to use other aspects in the game to judge who gets it day 1. They’ve chosen previous hard content, and in this case, high tier AW and AQ.

    You cannot therefore say that having done abyss or act 6 guaranteed you TB, so having done content today should guarantee you Paragon - because you’re comparing apples to oranges. Times change, parameters change. Being in a high ranking alliance could help you get T5cc before, it helps you get rank 4 materials now.
    Nah you still wrong. There is difference between alliance mode and solo content. How does it make sense to tie it with Alliance mode when the whole benefit is for individual.
    You are saying that having done abyss or act 6 exploration 6 guarantees the TB ?!!!
    Changing the parameter to spending and justification is on the grounds in being very at top competitive mode doesn't add anything. If War title is only given to top alliances, I never saw someone saying that progression of solo content should be reflective to that.
    Same way how you expect that a solo content progress is not only being tied to spending (spending should have advantage not a monopoly on day 1) but it's being reflected by and individual existence in A HIGH TIER ALLIANCE. How thats even fair??How does that even make sense? Raising difficult within content is normal. Making people pay individually is normal. Making people have advantage through sounding is normal. Making non- spenders to work hard is normal to get to the top level in solo content. But you are saying that alliances should play role in it now ???? And virtually creating a situation where non spender have 0% chance to achieve it by doing the content???? And then reflecting the progress of an individual being factorise by being in some high tier ally ( idk if they meant gifting or Aw and Aq). How does that even make sense
    It’s not tied to alliance modes, you’re conflating the calculation kabam made to work out who should be able to get it day 1 with the requirements.

    What it is tied to, is 3 rank 4s. Where can you get rank 4 materials? AW and AQ if you’re high enough. That was part of their calculation, not tying it to the requirements.
  • Erik_Killmonger1001Erik_Killmonger1001 Posts: 423 ★★★
    I agree that players as whole seem to really enjoy this new style of boss fights, but having it gated with rosters is a bit problematic since it relies on you having 100% GMs gauntlet and bought the 7.4 offer, both of which if you passed on the first time you have no way to go back and get now you know their more important which sucks. Also I don't think the eternity of pain event will necessarily solve this problem, it's fine for the group of TBs that are champing at the bit to get it right now but in 6-12 months time we will have a lot of cavs who have moved up to TB and want to get paragon and will just have the same problem of waiting for the next event before they can achieve this new title.
  • IvarTheBonelessIvarTheBoneless Posts: 982 ★★★
    edited April 2022
    Shepard69 said:

    thepiggy said:

    Everyone critical of the requirements should be willing to post their roster, AW/AQ rankings, and all endgame content progress (Story, Abyss, Carinas).

    Most won't:

    Haven't played long enough
    Skip content
    Don't 100% content
    Think Abyss and Carina's are 'cash grabby'
    Don't do Alliance Wars
    Don't do Map 8

    Trueeee, literally an ocean of early/mid-Thronebreakers crying their faces off over something not really relevant to them anyway.
    But carina's are cash grabby? I obviously only mean the 4 star LoL ones. I don't line the abyss ones but I am okay with them as they aren't cash grabby. The LoL star lord one I HATE and don't ever see myself doing.
  • ChriissRChriissR Posts: 643 ★★★★
    Gmonkey said:

    ChriissR said:

    Honestly this isn't surprising from a scummy company. Let's be real, they did this right before spring cleaning to milk players. Too many players are blinded by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and will blow cash just to get the title. Strategic business plan to milk the community. Definition of a scumbag company.

    You know a corporations goal is to maximize profit. If it is publicly listed then there is little in the way of stopping that, if the current CEO does not then another one will. Don’t hit numbers for a few quarters gone. Only companies with visionary founders can target long term over short term.
    While yes companies aim to make profit, certain companies also pride themself with making profit and keeping the player base happy. They are on par with EA. Don't care about the players, only care about profits.
  • ChriissRChriissR Posts: 643 ★★★★

    Let me be quite frank. If I based my enjoyment and accomplishments on comparing myself with the big spenders, I'd be miserable. This whole F2P vs. P2P is a losing perspective.
    I mean, it's one thing to take pride in how far we can get without spending. It's another to consider it a competitive aspect of the game. The game is not divided into spenders and non-spenders.

    It absolutely is divided and your blind if you don't see that. All the biggest game modes in the game will always have spenders at the top. AQ, AW top alliances are all whale alliances. Battlegrounds top players will also be the biggest spenders with the biggest rosters and all champions ranked up. Even events are tailored to who can spend the most (Gifting) 😂
  • Eb0ny-O-M4wEb0ny-O-M4w Posts: 13,458 ★★★★★
    thepiggy said:

    thepiggy said:

    Everyone critical of the requirements should be willing to post their roster, AW/AQ rankings, and all endgame content progress (Story, Abyss, Carinas).

    As many have posted already, even if you have everything in the game completed and bought the offers, checking all requirements listed in the initial post, it is still not enough to get a 3rd rank 4 champion.

    They even went ahead and included offers in the calculations, even after advertising it as not necessary. Unless you're spending on the gifting event and are being carried by P2W alliances, its still unreachable for a F2P player at this point, which was their premise to release the title to begin with.

    It feels rushed. Like it wasn't meant to come out yet, but they had to lie about it and make up some way to "get more resources", even if not f2p friendly, just as an excuse to release the title now before the deals.
    It's obvious Kabam will cash in on Spring Cleaning and July 4 but how can a non-paying customer reasonably expect to be on equal to footing to spenders?
    Thats not it. They have stated that with certain requirements, it would be possible to get the title.

    It is not. Thats the issue. Because they are releasing it earlier than what it should be released, which would be when the possility was possible
  • Kang_KillKang_Kill Posts: 7
    Was it just me? Or did Kabam make this title specifically for those who spend money on the game? The rest will pursue this title for at least another year. At a time when those who received it. They will receive even more resources for R4. Is that fair? They will increase the gap from the rest, as a result, the game simply turns into a sea of donat. How to play next? Does it make sense to play on? Make 1 on R4, as it was with 6.4. And it will be fair. Plunge into the bottom of the game, or into the middle. Look at the regular players. 80% still don't have even one R4. And you're talking about 3 R4 😕
  • Kang_KillKang_Kill Posts: 7
    Kabam, come to your senses. At the moment, you have caused a lot of negative reactions to your address. Is that a good thing? When does your Community treat you like this?! Thank you for preparing a new title, but why are you making it unattainable for 80% of the players (maybe 90%). Now, you can go into the rating and see a maximum of 50-70 people with 3 R4, and this is the lowest part of this game. Or is profit so important to you? Admit. If I started playing later than "Summer of Pain" and other events. (As many people think, someone missed it for family reasons, because it's summer), you just limit them in content. And you make me spend money. I'm sure after the title is released, there will be offers for $ to make 3 R4 faster, but then what about your words that you just had to play. If you force people to spend money instead of enjoying the game?
  • LorddrewLorddrew Posts: 297 ★★
    You must know that the title is here before 4th deals... in the past you could not use those deals to become "the new title" it was a joke, while those already who had the new title got the new resources in a bunch.
  • Killswitch01Killswitch01 Posts: 645 ★★★
    Well looking at this, I guess I have to be comfortable with being throne breaker prolly for the next 3 years or never😂(Not sure I got time to be playing this game nowadays)
    N since I'm not convinced I'll complete every content in the game, I'm in for a slow progression. But it is what it is

    Besides, thronebreaker is a way cooler title anyway😉
  • Hello Kabam,

    Been playing this game for 5 years, which is a lot of time invested. I am thronebreaker and have a handful of rank 3s, I think rising for a minimum of 3 rank4 is a little to much narrowing down the people who dont spend or didnt use thousands of units on the gifiting event.
    If you will leave at minimum of 3 rank4, and you offer the majority of free to play players the option to grind for it, fair enough. Make the monthly eq thronebreaker difficulty with rank4 materials.(so if we grind for 3-5 months we will have materials to rank4)
    Update the top milestones on aq so if you decide to do map8 with higher modifiers you can get some materials in. So we could do the math on our pace.
    Atm is limited only for those who had bought the offer on act7. I know for some of us will be a slower grind compared with most skilled players, this should be fair to make difference between the account progression. Personally took me several months to get thronebreaker to get the materials to rank3, but at least I know what I can grind to get there.
    I hope the materials in the offer of july 4 will have for those thronebreaker to get at least 1 rank 4 with unit deals.

    Keep the positive vibes in, is ok to disagree, lets found solutions not problems.


  • MackeyMackey Posts: 1,461 ★★★★

    Mackey said:

    Bottom line is no matter how they set the bar, someone is going to be offended. This isn't something that a great number of people are meant to have the day it comes out. It was the same for Thronebreaker.

    Clearly you are missing the point here... it shouldn't be available to everyone, I agree there BUT when they introduced thronebreaker title they had TWO pieces of content that gave the rewards to make 1x r3 6*, meaning people was able to obtain TB on day 1 with some hard work.

    That is not the same case as this new title.
    If it was set at 2 rank 4s people who had 100%ed act 7 but only have 1 rank 4 would complain about not having done gauntlet, SoP etc. People on the wrong side of it will always complain, it’s just human nature
    Can't disagree with you there, they will never please everyone lol I don't really care much for the new title as I don't even have 1 r4 yet but I see the frustration, in my own view I think it should be 2 r4 champs, not everyone enjoys playing in war at high levels or AQ for that matter so to tie a SOLO progression to that and/or spending isn't overly fair on those who don't do it. By all means tie it to solo content but as its been pointed out .. without doing top tier AQ and AW and/or spending on deals 3x r4s isn't achievable.
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