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Introducing the next Campaign Progression Level: Paragon!



  • TyEdgeTyEdge Posts: 2,832 ★★★★★

    Sorry, if you purchased the Act 7 offer you are not FTP. Nobody would have just been expecting that offer and then also just happen to have those kinda units laying around. And you cant score high in the gifting eveny FTP. Also to be in a Higher-end alliance you would probably not be allowed to be a FTP player. 3 is a joke. Just finishing Act 7 100% would be an accomplishment in itself worthy of Paragon and you would have a 6* rank4. That should be good enough.

    Not true , they always have a offer at the end.. and if you grind arena 10k isn't that hard to get if you want it.
    The offers for the other chapters were like 3500 units. You’re missing the problem (I do agree with you that it’s attainable) - it’s incredibly awful to have that offer then come along a month later with a massive change like this.

    I NEVER EVER EVER EVER would’ve finished act 7 if it had been clear that this requirement was imminent. I would’ve waited until I had the units for the offer. I can’t get that back.
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 19,554 ★★★★★

    I am done with all the content and still don't have the material to rank 3rd R4. If you meant that we must have spent 20,000 units to buy Act 7.4 exploration/completion deal, that sure is a crazy requirement to get the title. The game title must just be dependent on the progression level and not the champions I have. Keeping the requirement to have all content done 100% is just fine, but you guys eventually asking to pay $$$ to buy a Title like Summoner Sigil. Don't act like a Political Party.

    The offer was 9k units and it contained materials needed so, yes it's part of the equation just like all the other unit offers out there. Units are free in this game to get through arena.
  • TyEdgeTyEdge Posts: 2,832 ★★★★★
    It’s pretty simple, really.

    First, offers based on progression.
    Uncollected is the thing.
    Cavalier comes next.
    King? Pssh…Thronebreaker!

    Kabam knows what they’re doing.
    Anyone can guess what’s next generally.
    But 3 champs was more than expected.
    A lot of us would have accepted 2.
    Maybe they’ll show us how to earn them.
  • QacobQacob Posts: 2,235 ★★★★★
    I only feel slightly for players who have 100% all content available, as they would expect to be at the top level of progression, yet may not be with the addition of Paragon.

    But even then its not a big deal. Give it a few months and people will be looking back and laughing at the uproar this has caused when they realise how reasonable these requirements are.
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 7,743 ★★★★★
    edited April 2022

    DrZola said:

    Polygon said:

    Eternity0 said:

    Yes, because heaven forbid they make money to keep developing the game. Super scummy.

    @Demonzfyre dude i have an honest question for you. Why are you this bitter to everyone's opinion Against kabam? Yea some people are annoying & say things without thinking the full picture. Even you can agree for Once! That its unfair to people who actually did content. Their justification to release the new title is absolutely garbage. I hope everyone around you give you some love my dude. You are really bitter in forum & i feel sad for you

    I feel you on this, time and time I’ve seen him throw nothing but shade and toxicity to community members of the forum. I understand sometimes people can complain which can be annoying, but to be bitter and show hostility to any player that disagrees with kabam is a bit too much.

    The best advice I could offer you is to just move on and hope that either he changes one day or that forum mods pick up on it and take action. Until then its best not to give it too much attention
    Sometimes they can complain? Just sometimes? Remember how 7.4 was announced and you could R4 a champ from 100%? Complaints because it wasn't generic.

    There were complaints about the Gauntlet content because it wasn't available to everyone and those who could do it but weren't prepared, complained it was too hard.

    Complaints about summer of pain being too hard.

    Complaints about every chapter of act 7 being released because the rewards weren't good enough.

    Remember that time that the community complained so hard about story content that they nerfed the difficulty to the ground and released the TB title early because it's not difficult enough to attach titles to anymore?

    This community doesn't sometimes complain, they always complain. There are legit reasons to be annoyed at Kabam like with the war pots situation and loyalty, but a title that is meant to challenge you to grow into, isn't one of them.

    We went through this with TB already. Everyone complained it was too hard to get. Now we have level 56 people getting that title. Not everything that is released needs to apply to you right away, you're going to have to work towards some things in this game.

    I'm not going to change and comments like yours and the other, keep me motivated to keep going.
    While I would tend to agree with you that unreasonable complaints exist on the forums, I think acting like *everyone* complains *all the time* is a mistake.

    *Some* complain, and some of those are the same folks. But it helps to recall that the forums are a tiny slice of the player base and even then there’s not unanimity along the forums denizens.

    Dr. Zola
    I should say forum community and not just community because you are correct. But in general, there is always complaints about everything. Not always the same people.
    True. But it’s tough to get any group of humans together complaint-free. There are reasonable and fair arguments about the way this was done, and some are making them. Some aren’t.

    Dr. Zola
  • Time will be our ally. Hehe if you complete everything theres 2 full r4 champs there. We just need to complete the last set of mats. Other peeps whales they did pay for the extra r4s that they have so nothing you can do there they earned those fair and square. Just relax and enjoy. We just on the edge coz of bugs but if we get thru it im pretty sure itll be fine. Have a good day guys.
  • MackeyMackey Posts: 1,460 ★★★★
    Thecurler said:

    I don’t understand why people get so worked up by this.
    If you have x1 or x2 r4 champs, you must have a roster that can or already has 100% everything in the game… so what difference does it make 🤷‍♂️

    Maybe it's because you can 100% all permanent content in the game n still not be close to it, is it really that hard to comprehend 🤦‍♂️
  • TyEdgeTyEdge Posts: 2,832 ★★★★★

    Hdhjssvv said:

    Mackey said:

    Bottom line is no matter how they set the bar, someone is going to be offended. This isn't something that a great number of people are meant to have the day it comes out. It was the same for Thronebreaker.

    Clearly you are missing the point here... it shouldn't be available to everyone, I agree there BUT when they introduced thronebreaker title they had TWO pieces of content that gave the rewards to make 1x r3 6*, meaning people was able to obtain TB on day 1 with some hard work.

    That is not the same case as this new title.
    If it was set at 2 rank 4s people who had 100%ed act 7 but only have 1 rank 4 would complain about not having done gauntlet, SoP etc. People on the wrong side of it will always complain, it’s just human nature
    Yes but 2 is possible for f2p players without unit deals how is it fair that not grinding arena to buy unit deals means that am not good enough to be a paragon.
    Because they have to draw the line somewhere, and if they draw it too far back and make it too easy to get Paragon, the title becomes obsolete and doesn’t do what is required by it - to split players into suitable groups.

    Remember, this is only day 1. If too many people are paragon on day 1 then what’s the point in it? There’s plenty of time to get paragon in the future.
    What you’ve lost in this analysis is that they announce this two months before July 4, not 2 months after (as they did with TB). Players on the short side of that line lose permanent ground to players with access to paragon offers. You’re also ignoring that the resources to be paragon (or close) were time-limited and unavailable. Abyss was available for anyone who wanted to be TB in month 1. If I decide today that I want to take my 4000 units, 1200 4-hour crystals and go nuts, I can’t reach Paragon. And that’s as a player who did gauntlet and got all 27 SOP points (not finale).
  • Eb0ny-O-M4wEb0ny-O-M4w Posts: 13,458 ★★★★★
    OGAvenger said:

    I’m not understanding peoples argument that it should be 2 instead of 3…and I have two rank 4’s myself. If you’d need 2, what’s wrong with 3? Is the only difference that with 2 you’d be a day 1 Paragon and with 3 you might have to wait a little? Why do you HAVE to be Paragon on day 1?

    Because they specifically announced that it was possible, but realistically lied about it.
    People who fill all the requirements they listed, and even more, shouldn't have to wait, according by what it was said. That is not true, as it has been pointed out.
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 19,554 ★★★★★

    OGAvenger said:

    I’m not understanding peoples argument that it should be 2 instead of 3…and I have two rank 4’s myself. If you’d need 2, what’s wrong with 3? Is the only difference that with 2 you’d be a day 1 Paragon and with 3 you might have to wait a little? Why do you HAVE to be Paragon on day 1?

    Because they specifically announced that it was possible, but realistically lied about it.
    People who fill all the requirements they listed, and even more, shouldn't have to wait, according by what it was said. That is not true, as it has been pointed out.
    Except you aren't including the materials from AQ and AW conveniently to fit your argument. But yes, Kabam big liars.
  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 2,605 ★★★★★

    The line has to be drawn somewhere. And some players on the wrong side of the line will always feel wronged (slap in the face territory). But if the line is drawn to far down, I.e. the title is made easier to get. That means too many people, too quickly will get the title and it becomes obsolete too quickly meaning we need a new title even sooner.

    People seem to be making the argument “the line should be made just behind me, so I get it day 1 because I deserve it”. When in reality, making something that people can work for and drive towards is something that is actually super beneficial for the game.

    Content is no longer the divider between progression titles, so having completed X, Y or Z is no longer enough to separate you and the next player. So by definition, this title is required to be more than 2 rank 4s, which is easily obtainable by doing content.

    What would you add onto 2 rank 4s that accurately divides the absolute top of TBs? Prestige? Sig stones would be labelled P2W. Account rating? Ranking and levelling 2-4*s shouldn’t be the difference. Number of 6*s, featured vs basic shouldn’t be the difference for some. Name one thing that really divides the top of TB into a suitable group for the new title? How about the top of the game, AW? How do you split them out? R4 materials.

    So a third rank 4 makes the most sense. If anyone wants to challenge this by offering an alternative, be my guest. What additional aspect would you add to 2 rank 4 champions that would be fair, and wouldn’t draw people complaining? Remember that the assumption is that content cannot be a separating factor anymore.

    Make it 2 rank 4s and 100% all story content. This eliminates the folks who have paid their way to rank 4s and NOT done the content and just 1 pass. I know a lot who have a deeper roster than me with less content done than me. HELL I know a few who have not even done 1 pass of LOL and have a deeper roster than me. This will also drive folks to clear more content.
  • WerewrymWerewrym Posts: 2,830 ★★★★★

    Crcrcrc said:

    Jaded said:

    Idk why progression titles have to be tied to rank ups. Bad form to continue this trend imo.

    Because we can no longer tie them to Story Content without significantly raising the difficulty again, and that's not what players want. They are not just a random reward, but a differentiator for where Players are in-game, what content would be a challenge to them, and what rewards they need to move forward.

    Roster strength is a better indicator than just having completed Act 7 now.
    Honestly maybe we should bring back the torturously difficult stuff then, at least I can work my way through that. Going to be literally impossible to grind to 3 r4s f2p for a long time
    I do miss Story Content being the bar, it made completing it feel more satisfactory
    Some of us argued against the change in direction from day one and have been complaining about it ever since. It's almost like it was a bad idea to start with.
    Depends, pre story content nerf I would have been more in favor of it. Champion pre nerf was a cool fight.
  • nebneb Posts: 445 ★★★
    Question, what will people think if Deadpool sells a r4 for his spring cleaning?
  • I am totally ambivalent to the new title, and i wont have it day1. I like working towards it.

    I think the major sticking point with most players on the cusp is that Eternity of Pain/ July4 offers may be locked behind the new title, with very few/ no way to bridge that gap before that timeframe.
    That said, it is what it is and eventually we wil get there.
  • Some players want to have the title now and not work for it.

    some players worked their ass off on every piece of content and have progressed FAR beyond anything TB rewards currently offer, yet only have 2 r4s and have instantly become second rate.

    How dense can you be?
    So what if the requirement was 2 and the people with 1 were complaining that it's too hard to have 2 R4's. What would your response be?
    My response would be asking what content they've done and had left. That'd be assuming the same content with sane rewards have been previously released
  • HdhjssvvHdhjssvv Posts: 55
    I don’t care that it requires 3 rank 4 champs the problem is as a end game player who stopped spending I will be grouped in with thronebreaker offers for July 4 and god knows how bad they’ll be unless they give out enough r4 materials for 1 more r4 champ before July 4
  • SandPounderSandPounder Posts: 323 ★★★
    I’ve read a lot of the arguments for 3, and really none of them hold any water as it’s all predicated in being in one of the top 50 or so alliances.

    Honestly, 2 is a much more realistic number.

    People who have been doing everything but Abyss and Carinas can get their 1st R4 doing the initial exploration of Act 7, and purchasing the deal.

    They can then get their 2nd upon full exploration of Act 7.

    Making Carina’s challenges almost an essential part of the game is baloney. I consider that content created simply as a cool side thing to do when you are bored.

    This will disenfranchise many from the game, including people like me who spend quite a lot.
  • PussaleyPussaley Posts: 54
    thepiggy said:

    Why are people ignoring changes in the economy on purpose?

    Just 4 months ago r4's cost $15-20k each, something only millionaires could afford.

    Now you can get 2 for practically FREE. Before it was are you a millionaire? Now it's have you played competitively for a few years? Can you do you basic story content and manage your resources well enough to clear Carina 2.0? If yes, here's 2 r4s at a $30 000 discount. Enjoy!

    Enough with the outrage. Go and do content!

    Or maybe we gotta thank for not paying to log in, no? Or we must? That fact that the first release of R4 materials was for money is BS. So the problem is not about content. It’s about the concept. First of all you add materials in the content and then you add some offers. And now we get the situation when there’s not enough materials in the content to have x3 R4 champions, but Kabam just does it as the main condition to get the title. So x2 R4 champs - it’s okay. x3 - too much. Because of no materials in the main story content.that’s the problem. And talking about lowering the price of R4 - if they would do it not only for their pockets and for players too than we won’t even speak about it cause everything would be fine. So generally we need to talk about the direction of the game and not about lowering the price and the sometimes big price of the game is that wrong direction that need to be changed.

    So i think and for the game and for the players it would be okay if it was like: x2 R4 champs and done Carina’s vol1+2.
  • Evolves2Evolves2 Posts: 14

    Evolves2 said:

    This 100%. The ones that are doing the most complaining are the ones that won't be Paragon day 1 so because of that, they think it's a garbage decision….

    FOMO is all it is…

    People have decided that the title is right and proper if they have already got 2 Rank 4s, or are close to getting them. They haven’t realised that the title is for the future of the game, not for today.
    To contribute to the discussion, do you both think it’s fair to base a progression title in a game on a promise of more content, without knowing what the rewards are or with what frequency they will be dropped?

    Do you both believe that it is fair to say that a valid route to get to this new progression title would have been to do five different steps, including spending 10,000-12,000 units, without any knowledge of it being linked to a progression title?

    What do you define as a campaign progression title? Because I don’t believe the majority of the player base’s idea lines up with what the team has announced.

    And lastly, do you both think that new content, such as EOP, should have exclusive objectives and rewards for these new title holders within a month or two after release, especially when considering there’s no feasible method (permanent content) to get you to that benchmark?
    Sorry but it's possible to have 3 R4's at this point without having spent real money. Just because it's not "feasible" in your head, doesn't mean it can't happen.

    And yes, its fair to base a title on future content. This title isn't meant for everyone to have on release, its meant to have something to work towards. If you had 3 R4's right now, you wouldn't be of this opinion. You can't base a new title on story content alone because it doesn't hold enough weight in terms of difficulty. It's leagues easier than Act 6 even after the nerf plus they increased paradox charges from 8 to 12 which decreases the difficulty even more.
    I agree with you that it is possible without having spent real money, that was never in question - the developers even laid out how it was possible, which I’m taking at face value. I’m disagreeing that a day 1 Campaign progression title is being based off of deals (and seemingly everything from alliances to temporary content). It’s not feasible to attain now, because there’s no permanent content or deals available now.

    If you believe that it’s fair to base a title on future content, that’s alright. People disagree, and I think from your previous posts I see your point. I’m always okay with something I have to work towards; I’m of the opinion there just needs to be something to work towards when announcing it. When Thronebreaker came out, I didn’t qualify day 1 or even month 1. I worked hard to get there by taking on content that was available just to rank 3 a 6* Wasp. And I don’t regret it.

    I haven’t been on the forums much for you to know me, but I still would be part of this opinion with even 3 r4 champs. It’s not because it affects me personally, it’s because it’s a complete change in the trend and a different set of requirements. I have no clue what will come after this, but I don’t like this trend and I don’t want it now or in the future.

    I agree you cannot base a progression title on story content, but basing it on the metrics the game team has used, specifically temporary content and deals, I disagree with. I agree with the team it should be roster dependent, but it should be doable with the content in the game as it currently stands. That is why many say 2 rank 4’s are fair, because it means it is attainable via permanent content such as both Carina’s + Act 7. If there were variants or other permanent content that offered drops of r4 materials, I would say that 3 r4’s are fair.
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