Huge bug - Parry Timer is not correct vs generic quest NPCs



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    I haven't, but I'm assuming the screen grab of the mastery description in the other thread is current, which would mean they put the up to back in.
  • Thx Fred, but the screenshot on other thread was also from back in 2018 (just the added comment by Dragon was the only newer reply in there). Waiting until tomorrow to Update myself to be able to see if anything different.
  • ...

    Parry (all ranks) gives you a 1 second guaranteed stun duration. In addition, Stupefy 3/3 adds 0.5 seconds to the stun duration, so Parry (any rank) + Stupefy 3/3 give you a 1.5 second guaranteed stun duration.

    On top of that, Parry gives you a Bonus Stun Duration. That Bonus Stun Duration is a portion of the Max Bonus Stun Duration. That portion is equal to your Perfect Block Chance.

    at 1/3, the Max Bonus Stun Duration is 0.5 seconds
    at 2/3, the Max Bonus Stun Duration is 0.7 seconds
    at 3/3, the Max Bonus Stun Duration is 1 second
    Remember, this is the Max Bonus Stun Duration. You'll never reach that Max. What you get is a portion of that max equal to your Perfect Block Chance. So if your Perfect Block Chance is 10%, you get 10% of the Max Bonus Stun Duration. At Parry 3/3, that means 10% of 1 second, or 0.1 seconds.

    Every champion has a base, hidden, Perfect Block Chance. There is also a Mastery that can give you up to 4% Perfect Block Chance. And you can also create a team with Perfect Block Chance synergies. But usually, the Perfect Block Chance is pretty low, around 15%. What that means is that your Bonus Stun Duration from Parry 3/3 is around 0.15 seconds. And so, the total Stun Duration is somewhere around 1.65 seconds. Not 2.5 seconds. 1.65 seconds.

    One very interesting discovery from this is that the standard base Perfect Block Chance for most champions is 10%.

    So, assuming that 10% is the norm, for the vast majority of all champions, Parry 3/3 + Stupefy 3/3 give a stun duration of 1.6 seconds, plus 0.01 seconds for each point in the mastery Perfect Block.

    (Expanding on the Perfect Block affect on Parry, and NOT whether or not there was an actual duration change this year or if it was just a Wording change...)
    Note, I have max 3 in both Parry and Stupify, and below is on normal quest fights (not Arena or AW where opponents might be reducing stun time)

    A great source of testing PB affect on Parry is using a Guardians of Galaxy team, you can get a team of 8x PB synergies of 5% each (total 40%), and assuming prior post figuring that most champs have a base PB of about 10%, that would give about 50% PB overall.

    Without such synergies, doing Parry-MLLLL would cause stun to wear off pretty much exactly right after 3rd hit. Using GotG 40% PB synergies resulted in stun wearing off pretty much exactly 1 hit later (4th hit). And, without actually video capturing the timing, each hit seems to be a little more than half a second each (so maybe around 0.6 to 0.7 sec), in rough terms).

    While this (in my head timing) has stun lasting 0.6 - 0.7 sec longer with the 40% PB synergies than without, relatively speaking it is fairly close to the assumed prior calculation of +0.4 sec from a 40% extra PB).

    But where I am going with this pertains to the Perfect Block MASTERY that gives you AT MOST only a 4% PB. I’ve seen a lot of ppl say to load up that Mastery node, but the extra stun time from 4% Mastery would seem to be very minimal.
    If 40% only gives you time for only 1 extra hit, then the Mastery 4% (versus the base 1% if you’re going into next node StandYourGround anyways) is too little to probably even notice.
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    @Madcat What's the final confirmation on 3/3 Parry, 3/3 Stupefy? Is it now working correctly or bugged in game, is it a description error/misleading or accurate? The current Parry description says: if parried "inflict a stun debuff for x secs. Stun duration increases with PBlock chance." That appears to clearly state 1.5-2 secs + increase w/PBlock chance.
    1pt = 1.5s, 2pts = 1.7s, 3 pts = 2.0

    Stupefy states, When champ inflicts stun debuffs, they last for X additional secs." That clearly
    appears to be + 0.1-0.5 secs.

    1pt = 0.1, 2pts = 0.3, 3pts = 0.5

    REASON: I'm asking because just used Starky w/Miles synergy + 30% increase in questing with no reduction on nodes & the stun time is so short that I can't stun lock w/any combo.( I have 3/3 in Parry & Stupefy) I easily could do it in the past so i came here to search for answers. Want to know if I should bother using Starky/Miles strategy or not. U clearly asked, shared proof & wondering if u got any confirmation from Kabam what the final word was???
    @Lormif saw u replied & seem to know current answers from Kabam,...any update on what's going on?
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    Screenshots of current descriptions taken today 11/3/2019.
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    Not that anyone but mods can see this response as public viewing of my comments is turned off...

    @KeepinItReal - It is still not working as the description states. Kabam has ignored this mostly, and has not responded in months. Parry 1/3 gives the same stun time as Parry 3/3, which the description clearly states is incorrect.
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    I also feelin the same, parry time is shorter than it is promised in mastery screen
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    I’m experiencing the same. Parry/Stun timer is ending faster than it use to.
    I came to the forum just for this reason to see if anyone else is having this issue.
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    We've passed this report on to the rest of the team. When we have more information, we'll update everyone here.

    Apologies on the thread resurrection here but I'm curious if there's any info to be had here? Getting ready to redo masteries for the first time in a long time and if the stun duration will be the same whether you have 1 point or 3 in parry that will be one source of points being moved.

    Also if it's meant to function that way having the stun duration the same at all levels the description should really match the actual function, anyone building a mastery tree without knowledge of the information outlined in parts of this thread will naturally reach the conclusion that more points in parry will equal longer stun duration since that's exactly what it says and most players aren't going through the processes done here to find out that it doesn't in fact work as stated.
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    Another bump on this. Is it still correct? If so, I can get back 2 points for MD or deeper assassins.
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    This is still broken, yes.

    Queue people coming out of the woodwork to say the description is the broken thing.

    Mastery or Mastery description is broken, either way. Fix it.
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    Since the stun time doesn't work properly, I may consider removing my points, does the mastery reduce damage at least?
  • iRetr0 said:

    Since the stun time doesn't work properly, I may consider removing my points, does the mastery reduce damage at least?

    Yes (apparently), according to @Zeezoos the Damage was still being reduced further, just not increasing the stun time with extra mastery points in there.
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    I’m not sure what the protocol is....Admins, will you (have you already?) pass this to the team to look at / fix?
  • Hey there, we have information about what the team found and what will be done going forward here.
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