15.0 Alliance Wars Update Discussion Thread



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    Any update on rewards @Kabam Miike ?
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    Stil to many MD and you stil dont canche MD. So now we Can figth 6 dumamus. Wil be pain fuld
  • @Kabam Miike

    "For the Alliance Quests series running from Sunday, August 27th until Thursday, August 31st, there will be Zero cost to run any of the Maps, and Alliance Quest energy will refresh every 30 minutes."

    So you guys are starting AQ 2 days early? It's not supposed to start til August 29th...
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    legit changes! shake it up.

    the rest of you - give me your tears, gypsies!
  • We will be able to see our opponents before hand? Or is that still blocked because you lose money on it. Is there any way that all wars will have 3* champs? What's the point of making it longer? Will there still be 5 champs per team or with a bigger map do we bring 10? I can't wait for 5* magik, mordo, dormamu paired with 4* magik, mordo and dormamu. Perfect timing on the basic arena as well. Well done, good to see the milking continue.
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    Seriously @Kabam Miike , could you say something about taking away defender kills? Everyone is asking. It's looking like a cash grab and breaks a balance in war. What's the logic behind it?
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    What about us that invested in those detect masteries just for AW. Is there a plan for them now that we can see all the classes?

    I forgot that those even existed. I've never known anyone to use them. Aren't they just for quest maps?
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    Will there be a refund for those that have unlocked the Detect mastery like Detect Mystic?
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    What wish dumamus. Deg.
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