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    I get what Seatin’ is saying and it gets to the point of either you are grinding or whaling out money for more units in the arenas, for revives and health potions. The newer champs, are becoming more and more difficult for players with the basic older champs to contend with in uncollected mode and higher story mode Act 5 and up. I know myself,I get upset pulling a dub 5* and 6* champ but when duped the bonus shards come in handy. I am still working on Act 5 to 100% it and based on these comments that I am reading, I do not look forward to Act6 and Act 7. I consider myself an average player. These story mode Act 5 and up, even in uncollected EQ mode nodes begin to require specific champs to defeat mini-boss or find yourself spending revives, units and some cases whaling money to complete it. Newer champs as mini-boss, that can literally one shot you, with the player having full health without even putting a bent in the mini-boss‘’s health. The features of mostly newer champs going unstoppable,unblockable,indestructible,power flood and auto-block takes a toll even average players,that got to figure out their mechanics, on their own.
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    Upsetting the War system isn't going to be a solution to the issues brought up here.

    Any link to reading what are being proposed to combat tanking?
    That's being dealt with now. Unfortunately, people don't like the regulated Matches. They want to overpower people on the board. More broken isn't a solution to halfway there. The next logical step to even Matches would be Rewards which also increase based on Prestige. However, that would also have to tie the Points an Alliance is capable of earning into Prestige as well because at the end of the day, Season Rewards are like a month-long Arena. You Rank what you put up, and that doesn't always coincide with the size or Rating of the Ally.
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    Hlpr35 said:

    tafre said:

    Kabam, any announcement about all of this?

    Not yet, and as we mentioned before, there probably won't be for a while. There's a lot of feedback here, and we need time to absorb it and address it.

    I will remind everybody once again to refrain from arguing in this thread, and the forums in general.
    Thanks for the update but I am pretty sure that people would like to know what you mean by "a while". I am guessing that people are expecting something by Friday at the latest. I was personally waiting to hear from you guys by Wednesday. We hope and also expect something soon in case you are not aware.
    Maybe, but it might be longer. I am not going to rush a solution just to do it quickly because there are a lot of points here that are important to our players. Making changes to a timeline isn't quick or easy, and we've already taken a big step by taking a step back to look at Book 2 Act 1 Chapter 1 again.
    Let's say crawling, there is major problems in game some of them need take a look alright but some of them obvious, if you don't do it and do it now you'll lost
    A lot of people are saying the problems are obvious, but even if the only thing you see is this thread, it is obvious there's no general consensus on what the specific priorities forward are or what the best thing to do is. In fact, many "obvious" suggestions are contradictory, and whatever the devs do, they will have to decide which ones to accept and which ones to ignore or even actively make worse.

    Something that I think was completely lost in the Book 2 beta was the fact that so many players were quick to jump on Kabam and claim they "didn't learn anything" - I saw more than one Youtuber use those exact words. Except if you were in the beta and actually read the dev posts on Book 2 you'd see they did actually state that one of their priorities was trying to iterate Story Arc content quicker, which meant simplifying and streamlining it. Now granted there were a lot of specific issues that had nothing directly to do with that, and some general overarching ones that were separate from that as well, but Kabam was in fact listening to players who were saying that this content was being released way too slow, allowing players to burn through it too quickly before the next chapter arrived and leaving them idle. I'm pretty sure in simplifying the design process devs were encouraged to use crude methods for increasing difficulty - along with not even considering carefully if difficulty *should* be cranked up. Because isn't it obvious that it should be?

    So its easy now to say they picked the wrong lesson to learn, but that's only because it is easy to kick the developer. If we had this debate *before* Book 2 arrived in beta, and we asked the players which players should be listened to and which ones should be ignored, I'll bet there wouldn't be consensus that the players who wanted more content quicker were obviously the players we should all ignore. Anyone who thinks this is easy should go through the thread and list all the player suggestions we should actively ignore now, *before* Kabam responds. So they can see how easy that actually is.

    Whatever you think is obvious, I'm pretty sure there has already been several players advocating for the exact opposite thing. Anyone who reads this thread and sees massive consensus on what should be done next has frankly not been paying careful attention.
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    Upsetting the War system isn't going to be a solution to the issues brought up here.

    Any link to reading what are being proposed to combat tanking?
    That's being dealt with now.
    Dealt with. How?
    I read a mod acknowledged tanking is not good taste but the issue is not easily addressed.

    Not looking for the why.
    Trying to learn the how.

    One of the ways specifically has been freezing Rating for Tiers 1-5. That's been confirmed. The other suspected but not officially confirmed is Matchmaking. Which I don't want to get into too much here because I can't speak for them and it'll branch off into another conversation. There is always room for War improvements and it's always a work in progress.
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    QuikPik said:

    Or to see alliances that you can definitely beat get better rewards due to the match making system.

    I was thinking about this but no answer. Where should the strongest alliance with only 1BG be ranked against another alliance which has 2 BGs on the rewards scale?
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    Flow is one issue. Alliances you CAN beat isn't a given that you should have the opportunity to beat them. You score based on the Matches you DO get and the Points you earn in those. Not on who you could massacre if you had the chance. There's a whole entitlement to that view. Let us pick whoever we want and take them out because we can.
    This is exactly why I didn't want to get into this debate here so I'm moving out of it.
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    This thread is still going? I am happy to have an exterior life to MCOC.....
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    Oh, I'm not leaving. I'm just not rehashing a debate that has already gone on. It didn't come to an end then and it won't come to an end here. You don't earn Ranks because you beat everyone in your Bracket. You earn them based on the Points you put up. That's still missed.
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    Charnutz said:

    Oh, I'm not leaving. I'm just not rehashing a debate that has already gone on. It didn't come to an end then and it won't come to an end here. You don't earn Ranks because you beat everyone in your Bracket. You earn them based on the Points you put up. That's still missed.

    Wait, so you shouldn't win points if you are able to beat everyone in your bracket? I'm honestly at a loss. Do you read what you actually post? It's almost like you contradict yourself so you can argue about it later. If you can beat everyone in your bracket you should go to the next higher bracket! Why else have brackets??
    You don't win Points based on what you *could do. You win them based on what you *do.
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    I'm not getting into this again. It's very simple. The Season is Ranked based on Points. There's entirely too much attention on everyone else's position. People earn their Rank based on the Points they earn in their own Wars. Not because of who they could take out IF they came up against them. If an Alliance is at a particular Rank or Bracket, that's because they've earned the Points to get them there. Regardless of who thinks they shouldn't be there. That's not a problem with the system. That's people trying to pick and choose who deserves what Rewards. That's honestly the last I'm saying on the matter. It's going to take up the entire Thread.
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    @GroundedWisdom what is the jail bars across your profile picture indicate?
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    DrZola said:

    Since the flag option no longer exists, I’m just going to drop this in here again for easy reference.

    Dr. Zola

    Thanks Doc, let’s get back to the topic at hand.
    We’re talking about AW and the issues with it, right? How do we go about fixing that?
    I play in a Gold II alliance and I’m happy with our ranking as I have no desire to deal with defensive tactics, so I don’t have the most insights on this one. Additionally, it’s no secret that I hate AW in general as I think it’s a waste of time of resources. Why do I think this? Mostly because season rewards blow.
    Like I said, I hate AW so I don’t have many suggestions to fix it because I don’t really care about it, but let’s focus on how we can fix it.
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    I've already shared an idea on how to fix it. At this point, between Tanking, Shells, and punishments, War Rating is no longer a trusted reflection of an Alliance's abilities. People are up and down the board out of Season and you need something to regulate Matches. Since people see it as an issue that some are earning the same with lower Alliances, you leave it as-is, and regulate the Points they can earn based on Prestige increments. This is in addition to the Multiplier they earn based on War Rating. Higher Prestige earns a higher Points threshold. 8k Prestige earns X plus Multiplier. 10k Prestige earns 2X plus Multiplier. A rough example, but the gist is there. AQ does this inherently by regulating the difficulty of the Map. Do the same for War, and Alliances will earn Rewards in somewhat of a rising scale that will increase as their Accounts increase. I still don't agree that it's broken. I think the "big boys" just don't like seeing "little guys" compete with them. Nevertheless, there's your fix.
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    Then something is definitely different than the rest of the feedback I've seen. Most people complimented that Fight as one of the best ones in Act 6.
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