Dev Diary: Cavalier Difficulty in 2021 and Beyond - New Buffs for February!



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    ItsDamien said:

    I'll reserve my judgement on the new nodes and such until they actually enter the game. I won't say I'm happy or disappointed on a personal level until then.

    I will however voice my opinion that Kabam still aren't really tackling the root issue in a way that satisfies the majority of players. Cav difficulty should be difficult for Cav players without being obnoxiously difficult especially if the rewards aren't benefitting them enough to warrant exploring the whole quest. However, Thronebreaker difficulty should be on the horizon and soon. For those that are Thronebreaker, the node changes in Cav Difficulty are only an inconvenience at best, and the rewards really aren't aimed at them anymore. Give people a challenge without it being obnoxious, and give rewards appropriate for the level of difficulty that should be there.

    Kabam did kind of screw themselves by making the progression to Thronebreaker more available. Because of this there is a group of players who have been brought to a new level and should be getting certain content instead of something like Cavalier difficulty. If Kabam made it so you had to have multiple R3s (which they said was what they felt should be Thronebreaker even though they didn't make it the requirement) instead of getting so many players moving forward, we wouldn't be having such a big divide right now
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    Wait a minute...
    iHulk best option for science node confirmed?
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    I think Skill is the only class that is more limited now than in the previous iteration. That being said, Elsa’s gonna be a banger for it. Just drop a parry, M-M and you’ve placed an incinerate safely on the opponent and you’re off to the races.

    Falcon is also going to be extremely fun. He may not benefit a ton from the nodes, but he is himself a monstrous damage dealer against mix master.

    I, personally, like the changes overall. I know it’s not a rewards update which would be cool, but this looks fun and I’ve been real burned out lately. Looking forward to it.
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    i have fun with the cav difficulty, i like this change.
    rewards not super great but iti is quite fun and easy so im looking forward to this.
    take a chill pill folks, enjoy this content.
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    Bunch of guys who are only interested in the rewards and not the experience. Seriously what do you all play this game for?
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    I mean it doesn't directly affect me that much, but the Tech one is super annoying. I mean the only tech champs that i can think of that inflict Armor Break in their normal kit are IMIW, Iron Man, Iron Patriot, War Machine, and Hulkbuster. And I would really only use Hulkbuster in the Cav EQ

    Sentinel, spam L1. Gives you Heal block and AB
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    Crcrcrc said:

    I prefer the original cav nodes by a lot. These new ones do not have nearly as many counters.

    Some of them are Better (Cosmic for Example with the removal of Buffed Up giving Tons more Options), but some of them are also way worse (Skill for Example which is now an Evade Fest with only around 14 Counters when the Current Skill Node effects EVERYONE Positively because of Parry)...
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