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    Going to keep it very simple.
    If the goal is to alienate and push F2P folks from the game then this change will definitely going to do that. While arena is already design as such where we have to grind it, it is easy to get burn out. Now with this change, it is not going to look any more appealing at all. The one of the main reason why I grind arena no matter how much I hate it, is for units.
    This is one way for F2P to keep being competitive, grow, and tackle harder content that requires lots of units.

    1. 4* Basic at 1.5 mil used to yield 135 units and with this change, for hitting 1.5 mil will now gets you 25 units.
    2. Feature 4* at 4 mil used to yield 135 units and with this change, for hitting 4 mil will now gets you 25 units
    ** This means now I have to do 6 basic 4* arena for 135 units.
    ** This means instead 3 days, now it requires 18 days to amass 135 units.
    ** Talk about taking a huge step backwards and making arena even less appealing.

    First, this is not only going to be tough for established F2P players, it will going to be tough for new and progressing players. Progressing with content that requires unit will going to take way much longer now as you cannot accumulate the units from arena as before
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    This arena really sucks. Milestones are very high and rewards for below uncollected players is not encouraging...
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    Closely examine your arena selection screen and you will see what I am pointing out. Summoner Trials is a revised "4 star basic arena". The "Old 5 star featured arena" has been replaced with two "6 star featured arenas" which have equivalent milestone and rank rewards. The only difference between the two 6 star featured arenas is that one champ is newer than the other. In theory, the arena offering the newer champ will be more competitive.
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    Not good at all!!!! Please reduce the milestones
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    Cant grind as we used to do it mediocre players wont be able to achieve all the grinding units becomes the time investment to get all the milestones is way too High...feels like...old one was better...
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    Problems with new arenas:
    1. The rewards and milestone structure are disproportionate to the amount of work required. Prima facie there's no problem with condensing the number of arenas, even though I personally don't see the need. However, the number of units/rewards needs to remain constant which it has not. Furthermore, the milestones to reach said units/rewards have increased such that obtaining equal units requires an increase in work; that's fine for people grinding hard for rank rewards, but not for (I suspect) the majority trying to just get resources.
    2. The grandmaster shards are a good step in the right direction... But nowhere near enough to motivate for the extra work required. Cav crystal shards for people who are cavalier or thronebreaker? Separate arena with higher reward structure? Doesn't seem thought out completely.
    3. Similarly, three star champ as rewards... Underwhelming. Especially when, in almost half of the months so far this year, we've ALL gotten a FREE three star featured champ just for logging in. Inconsistent message- either these champs are valuable and worth grinding for, in which case don't give them away for free, OR, they aren't that valuable, so add in different star levels for different milestones (i.e. four star for the highest, three for the halfway point, something like that) to justify the grind.
    all this is to say: was there some overwhelming problem with the old arema structure I'm not aware of? Seemed to work OK... But either way, this is not a step forward. What it seems like, quite frankly, is a strategy to get more people to purchase unit packages some of will require more to get equal units in arenas. And I don't intend to reward these kind of changes with any more purchases, which is kind of a shame cause I might've sprung for mister negative bundles.
    Poorly done, imo.
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    So I definitely think there were some good things that these arenas brought to the table. 6-stars available from arena, featured champion compensation prizes, GMC shards in the higher arenas, and champions being offered outside of ranked rewards. Great changes, give yourself a pat on the back for that.

    But now please go and sit down for a moment and look over all this stuff the community has been saying. Cause yep there are some glaring problems in this new arena system.

    When I think arena, I think of how I am rewarded (woo new 3-star champions to play with, woo lots of crystals to open, even if they're just PHCs) for playing some quick little fights and getting to use quite a large amount of my roster. I really enjoy that I'm not just doing Domino parry + heavy spamming my way through arena cause I literally CANNOT do that because she goes on cooldown after one fight and I'm forced to play with some different champions. Simple and repetitive? ABSOLUTELY. But simultaneously it's fresh cause I'm not just playing the same champions the whole time, and boy sometimes I just need that. And I don't push myself to do hardcore grinds for 5-star features or Warbound or whatnot, so I like to think I've hit my sweet spot.

    But this new system is just painful. It basically removes 90% of the reason I enjoy arena. I don't get rewarded nearly as much for quick simple fights. All because I don't have a massive roster.

    Please. Revert back to the old system, tweaking it with some of the good things this new system brought (GMC shards, champs in milestones, compensation prize champs). Here's what I see it being like.

    3-star Featured Arena. Keep as is.
    4-star Basic Arena. Basically take the current Summoner Trials Arena, chuck the 3-star Basic Champion in the milestones and give the 4-star Basic champ to the top 10% like the Basic Arena.
    4-star Featured Arena. Expand pool of people who get the 4-star, give some GMC shards in the top milestones
    6-star Featured + Basic Arena. See current 6-star Arenas.

    I appreciate you guys trying. But now here's the hard part; learning from mistakes and growing. You've done it before countless times; stay strong and do it again.
    (yeah my motivational speeches aren't particularly good sorry about that)
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    I don’t mind that there are now 3 arena’s, but all the units should be available for the same time spend as before.
    I’m semi free to play and only get some offers for spring cleaning, 4th of July and around Christmas. All my other units I get from arena and that amount will now be cut in half.
    Now I will not be able to get the offer after exploring cav eq, like I always do, so less boosts, so more units spend in aw.
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    One solution that comes to mind is to incorporate challenger rating in calculating the points rewarded by a champ in arena...that would put 5* r4 champs in line with 6*r1 champs and make the 5* champ worthwhile to use in the arenas and would benefit players who are yet to have a decent 6* roster.

    Moreover challenger rating can also help against death matches as it can be coded to calculate the total challenger rating of the team being brought in and then the matchmaking can find a team with similar total challenger rating thus removing the issue of death matches
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    Remove the last two milestones of each arena, spread the rewards between the other milestones and increase the points obtained for each rarity.
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    Hello guys, my input will be this:
    5* seem no longer relevant for arenas
    6* need to be aloud to be played 3 times a day
    Units need to be bumped up, because cost of potions/health new champs has ramped up
    Milestones feel very high and impossible to reach

    Hope you find this useful, because arenas are relaxing, but would be nice to have more juice for the game to be relevant as an another way for progression in this game.

    Thanks a lot, and continue hardwork.
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    Haven't had time to scour thru this thread but I while I like what Kabam has attempted here to make a supply vs demand element between the basic and feature (which will essentially make a summoner choose which 5* or 6* champ to grind for - more specifically the 6*). This should essentially lower the scores needed to get a 5* champ. 6* champs are via arena is new, in high demand and everyone wants them so who knows what those numbers will be with the 2 arenas. I'm sure there are guys that could possibly put up some crazy numbers to get top 100 for both 6*s but probably unlikely (and definitely unhealthy). I do feel like what has missed the mark is the milestones and I feel like there is an easy solution / structure already in the game already that Kabam could easily follow:

    SOLUTION: Make Arena like Alliance Quest

    What do I mean by this you might ask...? For AQ, regardless of where you are in the game prestige and roster wise, if you complete map 7, you get the same completion rewards that the top alliances get for completing map 7. Everyone does the same number of fights and gets the same rewards. In the end though, because of prestige, top prestige alliances win out and get better rank rewards.

    This same concept could easily be applied to Arena. Kabam can figure out the required number of fights they feel are needed to hit the various milestones and just use fights won. I don't know what the magic number would be for hitting the final milestones in the 3 arenas but Kabam has the data to back up whatever number they figure out this should be. This can essentially allow most if not all to have the ability to hit the milestones if they want to put in the time/effort but in the end, still keep track of points. Points scored will still determine the rank rewards which would still benefit those that have the most developed rosters, most units/boost spend, most time spent dedicated to their grind. Would the milestone awards and rank rewards need to be tweaked from what they were just updated to be, yeah possibly...?
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    @Kabam Miike
    Feedback after day1.

    The arena deathmatches are great. There are no "deathmatches" using 4/55 and above. AI is fluid, throw specials. I like it a lot.
    Milestones, far far more. The units are definitely lesser per round grind, this is something I do not like. The increased milestones make anything but 6* close to irrelevant in the grind. even r5s are not worth the time. This makes grinding requiring far more effort, and every round of grind far less rewarding. I like the grandmaster shards, but you need to bring the milestones down, period.
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    I like the direction but the implementation is bad

    Our work input has been doubled and now either we have 100 6 stars or we cant grind anymore

    I understand u dont want to give us more but give us the same for same work as we had before

    And both 6 star arenas cant be maxed at 16.5 mil with 100 6 stars during full period…that means we have to spend to grind units?makes no sense to me
  • qartweliqartweli Posts: 518 ★★★

    I do t see how u avoid deathmatches,,,in some fights like this my attack was reduced to 90%
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    I was using
    6* in 5* featured
    5* in 4* featured
    4* in 4* basic
    3* in 3* arena

    Every class, star rating and champ had uses including some dumb champs like IF, Joe and Jane, Iron Patriot and their likes. Now what am I supposed do with all those 3* and 4* that I maxed out for arena? Why would I use 4* maxed out to reach 16.5mn? And including both 5*/6* in same arena with 16.5mn as end milestone is too much.

    This is punishing for f2p like myself and many others who used arena as main source for their units and difficult content exploration. On one hand we talk about quality of life, make changes to AW and AQ, then make some really unwanted move in opposite direction.

    You guys should really reconsider the changes.

    Rollo Tomassi
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    If Kabam wants to run concurrent 6 star arenas, and claim "same number of units" (5 more), need to do one of following:

    1: halve the refresh time for 5/6 stars
    2: make it so you can't do same arena until refresh, but different refresh timer per arena (probably too much work)
    3: halve the number of fights, or at least make the boosts bigger
    4: halve the number of points for each milestone
    5: make players choose one 6 star arena or the other, and double the rewards, so its effectively same amount of rewards, since you can only do one or the other.
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    I’m a father of 2 with a full time job. I’m also an officer of a map 7 alliance. The amount of time I give to this game is nuts. I grind arena milestones simply to help me save money to compete. My 6 star roster is not as extensive as most endgame players. The new milestones are literally impossible for me to hit without refreshing, where as before they weren’t and it was a fairly fast and easy grind. The new milestones totaling 33k (which is almost twice as much as before) is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t mind a reasonable increase for the better rewards, but twice as many points is more than unreasonable. Please consider reducing points needed for all milestones. Thank you for the hard work to improve the game for all of us.
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    I was doing 1.5 mil in 4 basic=50 rounds
    10 mil in 5 star featured=40 rounds
    4-5 mil in 5 basic=40-50 rounds

    I did somewhere 120-150 rounds total and got somewhere 300-400 units

    Now i get 200 for 110 but it makes impossible for me to grind other arena because 6 stars have huge cooldown and basically limits me to 200 units per arena plus somethin

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    It's a real struggle and milestone are huge now, tough to get all milestone without a huge 6* roster. Basically I do arena a lot and acheive all the milestones and now 33M points to acheive all milestones way more high. Maybe it's the 1st time in a year or more I'm gonna miss to acheive all the milestone. I think this changes in arena will demotivated players for doing arena. And we should have some cavalier shards instead of grand master chards. Please re-consider and make it alive & enjoyable for all players.
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    I really want to see how the sausage gets made on stuff like this. Do they not check with anyone? I feel like if you asked 5 people who really play the game, they’d identify half the problems or more with botched rollouts like this one. Or the 7.2 rewards. Or the 6.4/act 6 rewards. Or lying about 6.1 and 6.2 nerfs. Or alliance tickets for mixed-map groups. Or...

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Communicate and manage expectations. You knew everyone who cared would immediately start breaking down the milestones when they were eventually released. You can’t say “it’s 5 extra units!” and expect the false narrative to stick.
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    I am a mid tier FTP player, with fairly limited 6 star roster.
    In previous arenas, if I would grind, I would easily earn 350-400 units + battlechips.
    Now even with equal amount of grinding I am unable to make even 250 units and earning lesser battlechips as well. Which is a lot!
    This arena though helpful for end game players are totally ruining the fun for mid tier players.

    Less units = Limited progression.

    Which is basically forcing the FTP players/occasional spenders to spend more money on game.

    Conclusion: Giving a competitive edge on behalf of money is fine, but with the more recent changes it seems the game is focussing more on the 1000-2000 end game WHALES while completely ignoring the majority of mid-tier players.

    Not cool Kabam!

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    - You do not have to compete for 4 stars anymore. If you hit the appropriate milestone it’s yours.
    - Average Cavalier/Thronebreaker can earn the 4 star basic in 20-25 matches. 3 star basic added to the milestones as well and can be earned in 15 matches or so.
    - Average Cavalier/Thronebreaker can earn the 4 star featured in about 70 matches.
    - Grandmaster shards instead of PHC shards.
    - 3 arenas instead of 5.


    - Too much grinding to hit all the milestones for units. 33 million points takes about 200 matches if you just run 6 star heroes. Under the current cool-down timers you need 100 six star heroes to do that without spending units to refresh. Most of us run a mix of 5 and 6 stars and it will take us more matches; if our rosters even allow it. That’s without even touching the summoner trials which is another 75 matches with 4 star heroes. It takes considerably more fights to hit milestones that it did before.
    - New accounts only have 1 arena. They cannot grind out the 3 and 4 star champions they want/need to clear early content and become uncollected. They also cannot grind for units.
    - Too few basic 5* heroes awarded.

    Suggestions for possible solutions
    - Bring back the 4 star featured and basic arenas for players who are not uncollected.
    - Lower the milestones for the 5 star basic arena.
    - Shorten the refresh timer for 5 and 6 star champions
    - Expand the 5* basic hero to the top 2% or the top 5% in that arena. Players will still need to grind but those heroes will be more attainable. This is especially important because some content really is best run with specific champions.
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