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Guillotine, A community choice champ and nerf? Are u happy with this buff?

ImranImran Posts: 587 ★★★
Looks like another disappointment, just saw 2 full breakdown video.


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    MattstafariMattstafari Posts: 691 ★★★
    I haven't used her for years; I used her to beat RoL Wolvie back in the day and haven't had any use for her since then.

    Strangely, I pulled her as a 6* today but, it looks like she's less useful than she was before. I expect there will be some objective where you need to beat champs 100 times using her.
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    Scopeotoe987Scopeotoe987 Posts: 1,551 ★★★★★
    Gully was murdered while Thor was made a god again
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    TotherkinsTotherkins Posts: 1
    My issue with the guillotine buff, is that theirs nothing special about her, her kit doesn't bring much utility. It's like kabam used the community vote to buff her as an excuse to make her a vanilla dps. It's odd that people were right, but community should've gone Ant-Man. I thought kabam would've made guillotine cool/fun to play. Hopefully enough negative feedback is sent that they decide to go back to the drawing board.
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    CosmicGuardianCosmicGuardian Posts: 408 ★★★
    One thing that I think should be pointed out is that, while it is unfortunate that she lost her sp3 damage as well as her healing potential, just putting those on her updated kit wouldn’t fix the other problems she has. She still has little utility, and it also wouldn’t have any effect on the problems that people have pointed out about her ramp up. While it would be nice to have those aspects of pre-buff Guillotine back, she’d still need more work done to make her a viable option for more content.
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    Nix2222Nix2222 Posts: 121 ★★★
    More emphasis on making these better defenders than useful attackers
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    ImranImran Posts: 587 ★★★
    She is now only useful in heal reversal situation. Also there is now many champ, which heal can't be reverse.
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