Alliance Quest Season 9 and Map 8 - Coming Nov 19 - Discussion Thread



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    Nope, I'm a top player so I know how expensive this game is, I'm not complaining for myself, I'm thinking about other players and future of the game, not like you.

    If you're relying on CG timeout, you're probably not good at the game.

    Then those other players need to get better at the game.
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    I haven't been using corvus since I turned off suicides, but given the absolute mess that the game is right now, punishing the player in health loss when the game crashes (too often these days) and the fact they don't define "very low health" and just leave it ambiguous like this don't bode well. Ive timed out against minis at low health lots of times, will those all be deaths now or can we define the threshold for it to be a death.

    I run the strength in numbers lane in section 3 so when I time out with Cap against the Mags mini where I don't gain power do I need to revive now? There's no reason this post is made without clearly defined parameters. I probably won't be doing map 8 from day one but it won't be long I'm sure. Removing fight timers is the right play here, completely eliminates the timeout method without having to go out of their way to end around a champions ability. I know it won't happen since apparently it was abused but given the games poor stated there should be a grace fight for game crashes, at least until these issues are fixed.
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    What is "very low health"
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    Missed opportunity - you guys want to give Spider Verse characters a benefit for AQ but have neglected the other heroes that are in our disposal. Spider Verse characters recently got love in the Blood & Venom Variant. You could have at least given The Avengers some love.

    Also, why are people doing the Corvus Cheese? Because (1) attack values are ridiculously high, therefore leaves no room for mistakes (hence immortality from Corvus was great) and (2) because the health pools are high, you’d want to get through “this stale mode” as quick as possible. I would also add (3) who can do it better than Corvus?
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    Also, the “Corvus Cheese” only happens as a result of having a timer. Why are timers still a thing?
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    Really, you can’t fix the in game issues but you’re going to make it harder for the players because if your incompetence
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 16,134 ★★★★★
    Siliyo said:

    Also, the “Corvus Cheese” only happens as a result of having a timer. Why are timers still a thing?

    Actually it has more to do with no dying in general. People do it to save pots and timing out with 1 or 2 charges left.
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    Gmonkey said:

    Why is it that Top 500 or so alliances get no T4cc? It takes a ton of them to even get a 6* up.
    Pretty stupid imo
    Glory store definitely needs an update.
    Also, basically non-Map 8 players haven't got much from this update.

    Money is why. Not looking forward to 300 tickets may be the final nail in the coffin.
    You can't buy T4CC so.. how's it about money? Also, 300 tickets is what Map 7 cost before.
    There have been offers with T4cc. Otherwise it makes no sense to eliminate the top from getting T4cc.
    That doesn't make it about money. We have had a pure T4cc offer in a long time. If it was about money, they'd have T4cc only available in offers.
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    Zuko_ILC said:

    Problem is this doesn't only impact Corvus. Herc, ihulk, g2099 and anyone using heimdall.

    Is this really that but game bugs should be fixed first.

    Also where are mastery setups? Lots of information provided on the road map hasn't been discussed. Wish crystal no information. Costs for maps should be removed theres no point. There are many other things that should be fixed before implementing this. Maybe allow 1 timeout per day per quest. I dunno top 100 in arenas has made me basically quit arenas altogether and I really lost interest in the game. 170m cutoffs are unrealistic for most people.

    At the end of the day corvus interaction has little impact on me it's the build up of all the other problems.

    I see a lot of people focusing on how this impacts corvus, but it effects all champions. As a player we should be allowed to time out fights and not worry about dying. Health pots have always been cheaper and easier to obtain then revives. Level 1 team revive for 7k loyalty is a great buy, only for corvus time outs lol.

    I do agree, too many problems in game to worry about changing a fundamental aspect of the game for any champion just to stop corvus.

    Maybe they should just ban corvus on map 8 like they introduced attacker bans in war.(sarcasm)
  • Fight timers should be increased in AQ for this season. Bosses like Peni are much lengthier fights because of the way you need to counter her. Also I don’t see the need to punish the players that want to use lower DPS champs that may have more utility, especially as it seems that utility is going to be even more important in map 8.
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    Right now the biggest issue I'm having with AQ is that enemies aren't throwing their specials reliably. They aren't subject to brute force, aggression fury, or similar mechanics which punish players for not landing a hit or throwing a special, and can just wait out either a timeout or getting to a SP3 and killing us.

    I appreciated AI tweaks are always controversial, but there is another solution:

    How about we do something similar to how in AW and incursions, and bump up the fight timer. While 5 minutes would be a fair fight... if the goal is to truly punish those using the timeout cheese... make it 12 minutes (which there are currently map 7 links to the minis with this time limit)... you won't have people Corvus cheesing out of laziness, but it will provide the option of not trying to rush a fight, or feeling the need to use a timeout, rather than risking taking a SP3 to the face.
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    So if I legitimately run out of time in the 3 mins allotted, using someone other than Corvus, then I’m KO’d?
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    So many changes... yet alliance pots are still not percentage-based. Introducing that may reduce the need for the use of timeout bugs by players who choose to. It's only benefit is saving resources as you dont get more points if you do or dont use it.

    Alliance mode is still extremely expensive, and if you take into consideration bug costs to that - it's not a great time to introduce this change.

    edit: Just to comment that point about roster growth removing the need for "tricks" like timeout isn't necessarily true for everyone either. Only the top spenders or massive grinders can count on steady roster growth (and getting new champs) as a counter to some of the punishing AQ nodes particulary vs bosses.
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    For everyone asking why they can't just remove the timers, it's because that's a super important aspect of any multiplayer game. You can't allow it to go on indefinitely or you run the risk of someone maliciously locking everyone out of a fight. Perhaps the timer needs to be increased, but simply removing it is not an option
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    rischio said:

    Siliyo said:

    Also, why are people doing the Corvus Cheese? Because (1) attack values are ridiculously high, therefore leaves no room for mistakes (hence immortality from Corvus was great) and (2) because the health pools are high, you’d want to get through “this stale mode” as quick as possible. I would also add (3) who can do it better than Corvus?

    corvus packs a solid punch, but there is no reason why he should be immortal. I play AQ7 since it was released and never played corvus. I rarely use potions at all with 6S R3 characters. If attack values are ridiculously high for you, your characters are below the required level for the map.
    You can still use corvus, use your charges, survive, recharge charges, rinse, repeat. If you kill off your opponent within the timer, you are safe.
    Let's be honest, you are hitting that pause button after mistakenly bringing the opponent to Special 3, or failed to dodge part of a special, or in the middle of being comboed into oblivion.

    People is doing corvus cheese because they can. It's cheap, it's easy, doesn't require to think or rank up counter characters. That's why it's called "cheese"
    No reason Corvus should be immortal other than his signature ability Glaive of Immortality?

    Anyway, forgetting Corvus for a moment—

    if someone fights 3 minutes using Luke cage and both Luke and the defender finish with 2% health when time runs out, why does the Luke get KO’d but the defender stay alive?
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    The rapidfire rage disagrees are really convincing everyone. Keep doing it
  • Jaded said:

    🧐 I think removing the corvus time out sets a precedent that can hurt players down the road. We did time outs long before corvus was in the game. Why? Because health potions cost less then revives. If I get into a bad fight, miss a parry off the start or kid jumps on me, I time out or force close in aq. Doesn’t matter if it’s corvus or any champion.

    I understand that corvus allowed a lot of players to bypass a lot, but the time out wasn’t the issue it was his signature ability. If I want to time out with a champion at 10% or less health I should be able to without the fear of forking over revives. Currently I bring corvus for one of the three iterations on map 7. That iteration I also bring g99, which is a easy solo on Apoc. So my time outs are very very minimal now a days so I’m not worried about it going away but I disagree with the method that it’s being approached. So next we will get auto KO’d for force closing? Idk, this seems silly to me in the end to make this change globally to effect all champions.

    This isn't really a change for most Champions, since they already couldn't survive a Timeout at around 3% life anyways. When you have 10%, or 80%, you'll still return with 50% left, just like before.
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    So you guys can’t fix the bugs that have made this game borderline unplayable for a lot for MONTHS, but you can nerf characters in the game and take away more player advantages so you can fill your pockets. I’ve mostly quit playing this game at this point and only show up for some alliance stuff but there’s one thing I know for sure. This game isn’t fun anymore and hasn’t been for months. And now kabam is just seeing how much they can get away with from hooked players. Truly disgusting.
  • Rektor said:

    So if I legitimately run out of time in the 3 mins allotted, using someone other than Corvus, then I’m KO’d?

    Not unless your at 3% health or less. If you're above that Threshold, you'll lose 50% of your health. This is just like how it is for most Champions right now.
  • Gmonkey said:

    Not letting players beta test is very worrying. Based on past performance there will be a very bad champ and node combination.

    This content has been tested with a select group of Players, but we will also continue to make improvements and fix any bugs that come up after the content is live.
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