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AQ Map (various) Difficulty [Merged Thread]



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    IRQIRQ Posts: 316 ★★
    Kabam Boo said:

    The team is still working on it, but we'll be able to give you an update once the team has more news for us!
    We appreciate your understanding at this time.

    Beep boop boop. I am a robot.
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    CoppinCoppin Posts: 2,601 ★★★★★
    I dont know where they get the sense that we are being "understanding".. we are not anymore we demand answers .. it might be a free to play for some but a lot of people that actually CARE are paying customers...
    We are done with the patience and understanding... We demand a better product or at least the same before u messed it all up for NOT TESTING ANYTHING BEFORE RELEASING.

    Its also hilarious Not ONE PERSON FROM THE CCP made a vid about this other than RichTheMan.
    Sure address the "exploit" of legitimately farming units... But where are all the mess ups? Where is the outrage about arenas being a bot farm for cheater?...

    3rd day of AQ.. the defenders have insane atk rating and healh pools... And U guys are thanking for understanding?!...

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    GladsGlads Posts: 409 ★★★
    My alliance half the members burnt 15 items he lost a bit of prestige and had to drop back to map5 its really disheartening to see this happen.
    While I am angry how the testers missed this, are we really surprised 3 months on an the parry bug doesn't even get addressed anymore. Every bit of new content has significant bugs causing hurt in units, just remember v8 recently. Kabam has a serious issue with testing, do they pay their testers a friend tests games the info he needs to give beggers believe. There is no way this misses can or should continue to happen
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    Danemo666Danemo666 Posts: 166 ★★
    Just shut it down, and maybe put a banner out at the same time to say you are aware there is an issue. So that more posts don't keep coming up.

    Keep us updated, communication is key.

    Also would like to see some form of communication on all the other issues i keep seeing posts about, parry issue, AI not throwing specials etc... Even if there is no specific info just something to let us know it's been acknowledged.
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    CoppinCoppin Posts: 2,601 ★★★★★
    Juan3s said:

    zbot34 said:

    And before you sick your forums lap dog @Demonzfyre on this post I will call him out for you. I am sure you will have a very Wise and Logical argument in your neck pocket for this post but just be real and honest and say you are getting some kind of kickback from Kabam because I have seen you rush to their defense with not much to say in your posts except defending them when they don't respond or after they respond to call for everyone to relax and chill. So please dude spare me that nonsense because that's what it is absolute nonsense!

    Dude, calm down. Demonzfyre actually already made a post about this criticizing kabam for the way they’ve handled this so far and calling for them to shut down this aq cycle, check your info before you go off the handle and call someone out.
    Dude who da heck is Demonzfyre and thinks he can ask for kabam to shut down or people to calm down?.. he is a plain player wanting to be a mod or something...
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    WzzrddWzzrdd Posts: 84
    Knock, knock hello. I guess they finally found a way to get us to use the revives and health potion that we have been getting because of the dexterity and parry problem.
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    CoppinCoppin Posts: 2,601 ★★★★★
    I seriously dont know if the community managers/ developers realize that THIS TYPE OF ISSUES BREAK APART ALLIANCES
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    Wiredawg1Wiredawg1 Posts: 504 ★★★★
    Ciedre said:

    Guys, its not like me to be the devils advocate. But, they have said they are looking into it, and that they will look into compensation. Give them the time to do it, before biting their heads off. They will hopefully give us compensation that include both new revives and potions (god knows they have been used a lot now), as well as glory.
    If thats the case then there is actually no need for them to stop this aq, just do lower maps while this mess is active, and consider the extra glory we get as an bonus for pain endured (lets hope for even more then that in compensation, as I would never say no to a six star nexus :D ).

    But anyways, lets give Kabam time to fix this and trust that they actually do give out compensation worth the pain and agony we endured this round of aq.

    On top of pain of all the stuff from month and last 4-5 months? Lol
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