Is Gold boost live or not yet? [MERGED THREADS]

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    I just opened mine and yes the gold in crystals of the gold and arena crystals have gone up
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    I saw that, hence why I'm asking hoping for Kabam to confirm
    in the meantime, thanks everyone for sharing the info
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    I thought the perma boost was supposed to go live at 1 but I didn’t see an in game message about it or notice any change to the gold crystals. Anyone got information on this.
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    I’m curious as well.
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    Probably not live yet. There will be an in game mail
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    When i check the lowest gold crystal it says now that it gives 2500 gold atleast instead of the 2400 gold before. Thatsxaxraise of 4.2 % and not of 30% what they promised. So how is possible. Or is kabam counting in a different way
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    Bad math?
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    They haven't updated the gold crystals yet. They said they were going to send out a message in the in game mail & to not open your gold crystals until we get that message.
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    You need to wait for in game message saying the gold boost is live.
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    It could be that the percentages were increased and not necessarily the baseline, but I want to wait for confirmation before opening any.
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    Ya guess we will have to keep holding on until they let us know.
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    2StarKing said:

    The Gold increase has gone live (in fact, it went live before 10). I'm not good at math, but the changes were made to give an approximate 30% boost across all crystals.

    AFAIK: On a 1 to 1 crystal rate, it wouldn't look like much of an increase, but opening a bunch of them will net out to that increase.

    I'm gonna get somebody much better at math to explain this though, so stay tuned on exactly how this works.

    Please do get a better explanation because the previous explaination was a 30% per crystal not over a batch of crystals.
    It is 30% per crystal. 30% of 1 crystal is barely anything, that's what he in stating. If you get 10k Gold and it's a 30% boost, you'll get 13k. Opening a few hundred you will actually notice the boost. That's what Mike is talking about.

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    That is not what he is talking about.
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