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    Nyx (Earth-616)

    Editorial Names:
    Mother of Night[3]
    Other Aliases:
    Queen of Night,[1] Mother Night[2]


    Olympian Deity Physiology: Nyx possesses the conventional superhuman attributes of an Olympian Deity, including superhuman reflexes, speed, strength, durability and immortality. She was capable of effortlessly dodging attacks from the Avengers, forcing Hawkeye to try to predict Nyx's movements to hit her, and taking a blow from Hercules with little damage.[6] She has also displayed the ability to fly.[10]

    Umbrakinesis: Nyx can control darkness and shadows as if they were physical constructs,[6] most notably using them to bind opponents.[5] She can additionally summon humanoid shadow constructs.[8] Nyx can also generate bursts of shadows capable of reducing her own children to ashes.[7]
    Shadow Form: Nyx can also become a shadow herself to slip through the grasp of enemies.[6]

    Parthenogenesis: Nyx was capable of conceiving children without a partner, seemingly sired by her strongest feelings at the moment, whose capabilities followed those circumstances.[6]

    Blindness Inducement: Nyx was capable of blinding Scarlet Witch while also linking their minds, making her only capable of seeing Nyx, her children and the Night Shards.[13]

    Teleportation: Nyx possesses the ability to teleport herself and other people across time and space.[6] When she used her powers to blind the Scarlet Witch and connect their minds, Nyx was capable of teleporting herself to the Scarlet Witch's location when Wanda came into contact with a Night Shard.[9]

    Claws: Nyx uses her sharpened nails like a weapon, and they are capable of piercing the Hulk's skin.[6]
    Shield Generation: Nyx has displayed the ability to manifest the Moon as a protective shield.[8]

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    Spider-man NOIR

    Colonial punisher



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    I'd love to see a Thor (Infinity War) with Stormbreaker since we already have Captain America Infinity War and Iron Man Infinity War along with Spiderman Infinity War (Stark Enhanced). Don't really know enough about Buffs and debuff to really suggest those or passives for that matter you guys are great app creating those things so I guess I'll leave those to you guys but I'd really love to see you Thor with his Stormbreaker on this one. kind of round out the infinity war team that you guys already have on here. Even got the Guardians of the Galaxy on here too which were also in Infinity War long with three different Visions in this game too so as it seems, a Thor Infinity War Stormbreaker is only one that's missing lol.
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    I think we need focus on MCU heroes vs. regular Comic heroes. Infinity war Iron Man or Capt are unique to the MCU. Which other heroes are completely unique to the MCU and haven't been created :?? I'm thinking :smile:
    scarlet scarab
    Baron Zemo
    Captian Carter
    Hydra Stomper
    Tchalla Star Lord
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    I think we need focus on MCU heroes vs. regular Comic heroes. Infinity war Iron Man or Capt are unique to the MCU. Which other heroes are completely unique to the MCU and haven't been created :?? I'm thinking :smile:
    scarlet scarab
    Baron Zemo
    Captian Carter
    Hydra Stomper
    Tchalla Star Lord

    Zemo is most certainly not unique to mcu. Neither is scarlet scarab. Both are comic characters from decades of storytelling
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    Buttehrs said:

    I think we need focus on MCU heroes vs. regular Comic heroes. Infinity war Iron Man or Capt are unique to the MCU. Which other heroes are completely unique to the MCU and haven't been created :?? I'm thinking :smile:
    scarlet scarab
    Baron Zemo
    Captian Carter
    Hydra Stomper
    Tchalla Star Lord

    Zemo is most certainly not unique to mcu. Neither is scarlet scarab. Both are comic characters from decades of storytelling
    No but the MCU Zemo is very different from the comics Zemo. MCU Zemo is more of a Mastermind, a manipulator. The comics Zemo is more of a mad scientist. Definite change of MO

    I would rather see a MCU Echo vs a Pheonix echo that you have in the comics.

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    We need more Atlanteans
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    Mr.0-8-4 said:

    We need more Atlanteans

    Which ones do you want?? There aren't that many

    We already have Namor. The only ones left are :
    Namora, his cousin
    Namorita, Namora's clone
    Krang, Altantean general
    Attuma, an atlantean warlond
    Orka, an atlantean soldier
    Llyra, an Lemurian Rebel

    I have no problem with Namora as long as you bring in other agents of Atlas like:
    Jimmy Wu,
    Gorrilla man
    the Uranian,
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    Cul Borson




    Agent Anti-Venom
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    Morbius, I'm not sure I need to explain
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    wheatmann said:

    Morbius, I'm not sure I need to explain

    You don't need to. Just wish that he was coming this year. The only chance we have to get him this year is in October for the Spiderverse month. This is based on that road map they gave I thought we might have gotten him in April With Black Cat but they went Scorpion
    Just to forecast the rest of the Year, I think we are getting the following:
    July : Valkyrie and Gorr the God Butcher
    August :Quicksilver and a herald of Galactus. Could be an MCOC exclusive herald but I'm hoping for Frankie Raye Nova or Firelord
    September: Titania and another villian, possibly robotic based. I thinking maybe Tech/Fixer from the Thunder bolts??
    October: as I said , spider month. I'm thinking Morlun or spiderman Noir. I would LOVE to get Silk then but won't hold my breath. Morbius could also go here to go with Halloween
    Novermber:This is supposed to tie in to Wakanda Forever, That make me think Okoye and Shuri. We could also get M'baku or Namora, namor's cousin
    December: Just one champion and he or she will be Guardians of the Galaxy related. They are "supposedly" running a "guardians" holiday special that month on Disney + (subject to change) My thoughts is that it could be Mantis, Adam Warlock, or the High evolutionary.

    What do you all think.

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    I really hope we can get morbius some time soon, he’s my favourite character in all of marvel
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    I really hope we can get morbius some time soon, he’s my favourite character in all of marvel

    We "Could" get him in October. That is a Spiderman Month and it is plausible. It is also the Halloween month so he fits for that. I think more than likely we will get Spider man Noir and Morlun for that time. I think we are better looking forward to 2023 for our doctor
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    Ka-Zar and his GF
    Some characters from fresh Marvel series
    Iron Heart
    Aunt May
    Red Dynamo
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    Adam Warlock


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    I know it's Three years in the future but I would like to suggest a theme for 2025. 2025 will be the Chinese Zodiac's Year of the snake. Marvel has it's own Serpent Society. a team of allied mercenaries with a serpent theme working for the highest bidder. They have over 21 members you can create. What if in 2025, you introduced 4-6 of the most memerable characters?? You have the time now to develop them. If I may recommend :
    Sidewinder- tech
    Death Adder- Science
    Black Mamba - Tech (she actually has her powers from cybernetic implants)
    Anaconda - Science
    DIamond Back- Skill
    Bushmaster - Tech
    These are the most well known characters but you can easily do more. Here is a list of all the members you could use.
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    1. ADAM WARLOCK (KABAM, please bring him to the game) (Cosmic)
    2. Yelena Belova (Science)
    3. Baron Zemo (Skill)
    4. Firelord (Cosmic or Mystic)
    5. Moira MacTaggert (Mutant)
    6. Mantis (Cosmic)
    7. Dazzler (Mutant)
    8. Spider Woman (Science)
    9. High Evolutionary (Tech)
    10. Ironheart (Tech)
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    Spider Woman is very welcomed
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    Tchalla Star Lord

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    Gorr the God Butcher
    Hopefully he comes out next month. He is a sick character in the comics and looks terrifying in the trailers. The movie version of Gorr would be better than the comics version because the game needs more MCU champions. He would obviously be a cosmic champion

    OIF.jpg 54.5K
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    Armando Muñoz (Earth-616)

    Armando Muñoz
    The Evolving Boy[1]
    'Mando,[2] Scopes Monkey Boy[3]
    Other Aliases:
    Evo Boy,[2] Lord of Death[4]


    Darwin is a mutant with an extremely malleable physiology. His powers were greatly amplified after he was exposed to a massive burst of mutant energy—the energy which got expelled from mutants on M-Day[30]—while he was fused with Vulcan.[6]

    Superior Adaptation: Darwin's powers of self-protection offers continuous circumstantial evolution. Darwin is able to adapt to any situation. His reactive mutation adjusts his capabilities to his environment. Examples of such manifestations include receiving functioning gills after being submerged in water,[1][31] gaining night vision after being in the dark for several seconds,[32] being able to survive without oxygen when in space, his skin becoming fireproof when it is exposed to flames,[32] his body becoming pure energy,[6] his intelligence increasing itself or the understanding of the Shi'ar language by looking at it in written form. However, his powers do not always take the effect he desires.[23] For example, during his fight with the Hulk, his body teleports him away from the battle rather than supplying a power that would allow him to defeat the Hulk.[10]
    Immortality or Near Immortality: As a byproduct of Darwin's continuous evolution, he may, in fact, be immortal. He can survive indefinitely in harsh conditions and/or without water or nourishment. Darwin even survived Hela's death touch.[4] He also survived 200 years while in the Vault, a location where time moved much more quickly than time in the outside world.[29]
    Proactive Adaptation: After his battle with Hela, Darwin became able to trigger mutations that could proactively ensure his survival sometimes even by affecting others around him.[23]
    Death Harbinger: Although many of his death deity adaptations have gone, Darwin still claims to be a death harbinger.[4][26] Darwin does appear to be able to detect when someone is dying[33] and still carries much of the darkness of Hela with him.[34][23][26]

    Although some of Darwin's adaptations are longer lasting, most are only temporary changes. Some of these temporary adaptations include:
    Darwin's intelligence can increase when needed.[1]
    When exposed to water, Darwin often adapts aquatic evolutions including gills and webbed hands.[32][2][31]
    Darwin has turned his fists into rocks to fight bullies.[1]
    When his home caught on fire, Darwin became fireproof with slick, wet skin to rescue his mother and escape.[1] He has had similar evolutions when exposed to other fires.[35]
    When placed in darkness, Darwin has evolved to see in the dark with clarity.[32]
    After learning that he was a mutant and being rejected by his mother, Darwin tried to commit suicide by stepping off a building, but his body became light and soft enough that he almost bounced as he touched the pavement.[1]
    When he seemingly died battling Krakoa, Darwin transferred his mind into Vulcan until they returned to Earth and Darwin recreated his own body out of pure energy.[6]
    During a fall, Darwin's body evolved to a rubbery form to survive the impact.[36]
    To survive in the vacuum of space, Darwin evolved to not need oxygen while his skin and internal organs increased in density.[37]
    Darwin once evolved to be able to survive direct laser exposure with only a little discomfort.[38]
    Darwin survived entering the M'kraan Crystal to save Professor X.[9]
    At times of great danger, Darwin has involuntarily teleported himself away from the imminent threat.[10][39]
    When threatened with a knife by a gang in Detroit, Darwin's neck and skin became rubbery and tough.[2]
    When he was shot in close range by Jazinda, Darwin's torso deflected the bullet back at her.[13]
    While being led around the Skrull Nogor the Talisman impersonating Longshot, Darwin developed the ability to jolt the Skrull with physical contact forcing him to reveal his true form.[13]
    When shot with a blaster by Nogor the Talisman, Darwin's body absorbed the energy.[3]
    When shot by a nerve disruptor, Darwin evolved into a sponge with no nervous system to avoid death.[40]
    Because excessive amounts of alcohol are harmful, Darwin's metabolism increases preventing him from ever becoming drunk.[41]
    To escape a Cortex-possessed Monet, Darwin's body became bloated sludgy slim.[42]
    Darwin somehow survived being seemingly crushed by falling Sentinel debris.[43]
    When punched full-force by Monet, Darwin lost all feeling above his neck and seems to have allowed his skull to become soft.[16]
    When shot by the MRD, Darwin evolved to absorb and digest the bullets.[44]
    After touching Hela, Darwin became a death deity and gained powers similar to Hela including immortality, Asgardian physiology and control over life and death.[4][45]
    While wandering through the desert, Darwin evolved to no longer require water.[21]
    While hunting Tier to avert the apocalypse, Darwin evolved to no longer need sleep.[23]
    One of Darwin's proactive adaptation allowed him to force Jack Russell from his werewolf form into his human form.[23]
    When thrown off a cliff by Rictor, Darwin began to sprout wings, but hit the ground before the wings could break free of his costume. To survive, he instead turned to stone.[23]
    Darwin somehow survived being hit by a car.[24]
    Darwin somehow survived the explosion that destroyed the X-Factor Investigations Headquarters.[33]
    To survive a barrage of a hundred bullets, Darwin's body transformed into a jell-o-like substance.[26]

    Highly intelligent and speaks multiple languages due to his mutation.

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    Heather Cameron (Earth-616)

    Heather Cameron


    Danger Detection Response: She has the ability to register danger to human life in the vicinity and this automatically gives her the powers necessary to save those lives, be they her own or others.

    Situational Biomorphic Adaptation (Nemesis Form): According to the type of danger in the current situation, she automatically obtains the powers necessary to save those lives, be they hers or others. These powers and the forms she takes are determined by the situation she is in and adapts accordingly to the situation at hand. The variety of Lifeguard's power manifestations appear to be almost limitless. Heather becomes aware of how to use any power(s) she manifests after a few seconds. She can also manage more than one power at a time.
    Some of her displayed uses of this power are:
    Growing Wings for Flight
    Extra Arms for carrying and super-strength.
    Skin turning into a sort of golden metallic armor
    Gills for underwater breathing.
    Legs into fish tail for better swimming ability
    Upping her strength level from normal to Superhuman
    Shi'ar Abilities: Heather possesses some powers constantly after her royal Shi'ar half emerges. These include golden skin, claws, and the ability to grow wings, all when no-one is in danger.

    Heather is a trained lifeguard and an excellent swimmer. Other abilities may appear as a result of her changing form. After being in space her shapeshifting DNA brought out her natural Shi'ar heritage, granting her clawed hands and wings along with the Shi'ar eye markings.

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    Jane Foster (Earth-616)

    Dr. Jane Foster
    Thorita,[citation needed] Thunderpants[3]
    Other Aliases:
    All-Mother of Asgard,[4] Goddess of Thunder,[5] Lady Thor,[6] Mighty Thor[7]


    The spirit of Brunnhilde transformed Jane into Valkyrie,[1] therefore giving her the following traits:

    Asgardian Physiology: Jane possesses all of the various superhuman attributes common among the Asgardians.

    Superhuman Strength: As a Valkyrie, Jane possesses superhuman strength like all Asgardians. She is strong enough to hold and lift a car over her head.[78]

    Superhuman Speed: As a Valkyrie, Jane can run and move at speeds that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.[78]

    Enhanced Vision: As a Valkyrie Jane has the ability to see / detect things that are not visible to normal human eyes. Like opponents who use camouflage technology / cloaking device.[78] She can also see the spirits of dead people and interact with them.[79]
    Death Perception: Like all Valkyries, Jane can perceive and sense the coming of Death. She can see a "death-sign" that appears at other person even Asgardian.[78]

    Mystical Teleportation: Like all Valkyries, Jane can transport herself or person from the Earth dimension to an other-dimensional realm of the dead, like Valhalla at will. She can also return through an act of will.[78]
    Flight: As a Valkyrie, Jane can fly by using artificial wings created from her magic vambrace.[78]
    As Thor, Jane wielded Mjolnir, and like those before her, she had been bestowed with power equal to that once possessed by Odinson; whatever powers she may or may not possess outside of those provided by Mjolnir are unknown:

    Superhuman Strength: Thor possesses class 100 strength and is easily capable of lifting 100 tons.[citation needed]

    Superhuman Speed[citation needed]
    Superhuman Durability: While in the form of an Asgardian Goddess, Thor possesses virtual invulnerability and immunity to all known Earthly diseases and infections.[citation needed]

    Superhuman Stamina[citation needed]
    Superhuman Senses[citation needed]
    Self-Sustenance: She is capable of surviving in the vacuum of space unaided.[citation needed]

    Healing Factor: Like all Asgardians, Thor has a highly advanced metabolism that enables her to recover with superhuman speed and efficiency. While the extent of ability to heal is unknown, it doesn't appear to be able to heal her cancer. Instead, the cancer appears to be suppressed and isn't lethal to Thor as long as Thor retains her Asgardian form.[citation needed]
    Longevity[citation needed]
    Energy Manipulation[citation needed]
    Lightning/Electrokinesis: Thor usually uses Mjolnir to channel her storm abilities, but she is capable of discharging lightning bolts without it; notably using to destroy a frost giant's head from the inside.[54]

    Phoenix Force: During the Phoenix Force's tournament, Valkyrie became empowered by a portion of its power.[80] She was stripped of this boost after losing to Hulk, which disqualified her from the contest.[81]

    Nursing Skills: Initially Jane was a competent and effective nurse.[citation needed]

    Medical Training: After years as a nurse, Jane completed her medical training and obtained a Medical degree.[citation needed]


    Separation from Mjolnir: Similar to the previous enchantments involving Don Blake and Eric Masterson, Thor's powers were derived from Mjolnir; separation from it for more than a minute resulted in her powers fading quickly.[5]
    Breast Cancer: Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer.[50] She later accepted Thor's invitation to represent Midgard in the Congress of Worlds on Asgardia while she underwent therapy, but refused magical treatments.[51] While empowered Mjolnir she was at perfect health.[5] But when she returned to normal the chemotherapy was removed from her system, preventing the treatment from working and endangering her life.[82] After Mjolnir's destruction, Jane finally got the treatment she desperately needed and is now in complete remission.[citation needed]


    Undrjarn the All-Weapon: A vambrace created from the remains of the Mjolnir of Earth-1610.[75] It has the ability to change into various type of weapon, as its wielder desires.[78]

    Mjolnir: Mjolnir is a symbolic weapon of Thor, a hammer forged from Uru metal, whose chief properties are durability, the ability to maintain enchantment, and absorb energies. Mjolnir resembles more of a short handle mallet than a traditional warhammer. Mjolnir itself is already extremely durable, and combined with the various enchantments placed upon it by Odin, is even harder. It has survived heat as extreme as the heart of the Sun, and blasts powerful enough to destroy planets.
    Worthiness Enchantment: This enchantment surrounding Mjolnir prevents it from being wielded by anyone save those who have been found worthy. Thus far, this includes Thor, Thunderstrike, the Red Norvell, Beta Ray Bill, and Captain America. To anyone else, Mjolnir cannot be lifted from the ground nor wrested from Thor's grip. Those who are deemed worthy are able to wield Thor's powers. Captain America said "I've never wielded such limitless power before!"[83] "It's almost intoxicating!"[84] Recently the enchantment has changed to the point that Odin; its creator can no longer carry it (or presumably bypass the enchantment),[citation needed] whether Beta Ray Bill and others are still considered worthy is unknown.

    Transformation: Jane Foster can use Mjolnir to transform into her Thor persona.[citation needed]

    Mystical Link[citation needed]
    Flight: Thor is capable of hurling Mjolnir with great force and, by holding onto the leather thong, is capable of flying through the air at tremendous speeds. While in an Earth-like atmosphere, Thor generally flies at roughly the Speed of Sound, roughly 770 miles per hour. The hammer can also be directed from a distance; this aspect was used offensively against the frost giants during her debut.[54]

    Weather Control[citation needed]
    Energy Projection: With Mjolnir, Thor can project powerful mystical blasts of energy.[citation needed]

    Teleportation[citation needed]
    Allspeak: Thanks to the Allspeak, Jane can communicate and be understood by all races.
    Ultimate Universe's Mjolnir: After picking up the Mjolnir of the Ultimate Universe, Jane regained the powers she had as Thor. Eventually, the hammer fell apart, returning Jane to her normal form.[85]

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    Nezhno Abidemi (Earth-616)

    Nezhno Abidemi
    Other Aliases:

    Nezhno Abidemi (Earth-616) and Megan Gwynn (Earth-616) from New X-Men Vol 2 39 0002.jpg
    Nezhno uses his mutant powers
    Muscle-Mass Expansion: Nezhno has the ability to increase the muscle-mass of his body, allowing him to drastically increase in size and strength almost instantly.[7][1]

    Extreme Strength:[11] The upper limit of Nezhno's strength has not been categorized, and he has shown himself strong enough to hold his own in battle against a Sentinel,[1][30] as well as Predator X.[14][3] Storm stated that his physical strength rivals that of Colossus,[5] placing him at least Class 100 strength. Nezhno's resting strength gradually increases every time he uses his powers.

    Superhuman Durability:[18] Nezhno's body is very tough; he is able to withstand high atmospheric pressure,[31] point-blank shot,[4] Cyclops' optic blast,[31] and Sentinel laser blast.[1] It was stated that at his peak, he could go toe-to-toe with the Hulk.[22]

    Psychological Scars: As a result of the emotional scars Nezhno developed from the verbal and physical abuse he endured from his mother, he subconsciously created a mechanism for self-restraint.[6] Using his powers put massive strain on Nezhno's body,[7][1] causing pain relative to the degree of superhuman strength,[22] and most instances of using his powers result in Nezhno passing out.[7][1] Furthermore, Nezhno states that the use of his powers could[22] and would ultimately kill him.[2][3] He additionally lacked any sense of touch.[3] He was cured of these handicaps by Jean Grey after she determined their psychological roots.[6]
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    ForgetMeNot (Xabi) (Earth-616)

    Xabi (full name unknown)[1]
    Editorial Names:
    Nothing Man[3]
    Other Aliases:

    ForgetMeNot was a mutant who was stated to be in a state of constant existential superposition: Both real and unreal. "He's literally written out of the story".[3]

    Consequently, his abilities include:

    Imperceptibility: ForgetMeNot is incapable of being perceived or remembered by virtually all individuals. When ForgetMeNot is not directly within view of an individual, his presence, existence, and any memories of him completely disappear.[5]
    Telepathic Imperceptibility: Although Psylocke was able to detect a psi-trace of him, she was later unable to catch it back while ForgetMeNot was only a few meters away from her.[3]
    Undetectability: ForgetMeNot's abilities also interfere with individuals' aim and targeting telemetry of mechanical devices.[5]
    Once near-to-death, Nemesis, the Yellow Eye members and their drones forgot about him.[3]

    It was proven that his powers aren't in fact complete, could be countered by various ways and had some limitations:
    After becoming imperceptible, he left people with memory absences,[5] that Psylocke eventually perceived.[3]
    As he still exist, his actions on things can be perceived, like his use of supplies and toilet paper, allowing people to logically conclude that he could exist.[3]
    His powers were shown however to be leaving some noticeable distortions on camera records.[3]
    A detector trap was able to catch him.[3]
    Some kind of tech like S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Pericles maintenance bots, who stated themselves to "invisible too", were able to remember and interact with him.[3]
    Fantomex was able to detect him. He later revealed he was able to remember ForgetMeNot all along, using his heightened senses and/or his engineered brain.[3]
    He can be psi-tracked, although he was telepathically invisible some instants later.[3]
    Using an experimental Hypercoffee, Nemesis (in "a state of mathematical awareness") was able to witness him, allowing him to see and remember ForgetMeNot, and even "ssssmell in color" him.[3] Nemesis' Quantum Coffee had the same effect.[2]
    Even dead, Fantomex and the maintenance bots kept memory and perception of him.[3] It was later revealed that the bots were controlled by MeMe.[2]
    ForgetMeNot has no control over his powers.[5]
    According to Fantomex, ForgetMeNot was overweight.[3]

    Used Cerebra once.[5]
    Used a Teleport-tag against Fantomex once.[6]
    Once borrowed Cable's gun.[3]

    Used to travel with trains (without buying tickets).[5]

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    Emplate (Monet St. Croix)


    Doyle Dormammu
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    Roberto Reyes (Earth-616)

    Roberto "Robbie" Reyes[1]
    Ghost Rider
    Editorial Names:
    All-New Ghost Rider
    Other Aliases:
    La Leyenda,[2] The Legend of Hillrock Heights,[2] Roast Rider,[citation needed] Robot Racer,[citation needed] Skeleton Driver[citation needed]


    In human form, Robbie does not possesses any superhuman powers, but as Ghost Rider, he's the supernatural combination between human host and the evil satanic spirit of his uncle, Eli Morrow. As the Ghost Rider, Robbie possesses a variety of supernatural powers.

    Ghost Rider Transformation: Robbie currently possesses the supernatural ability to transform into Ghost Rider at will after an unidentified spirit of vengeance.

    Superhuman Strength: Ghost Rider possesses strength that exceeds the limits of any normal human. Being strong enough to contend with the likes of Thor & Captain Marvel in a test of physical might.[19]

    Superhuman Speed: Ghost Rider is capable of moving at speeds that exceed the limits of any normal human.

    Superhuman Durability: The Ghost Rider is highly resistant to injury and is capable of withstanding great impact forces that would greatly injure or even kill a normal human. His resilience being tough enough to withstand the full Hulk Cho. for a brief time.[24]

    Self-Sustenance: While in his rider form, Robbie lacks the need of rest, food or respiratory dependence. Being at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean without worry of drowning any more than the crushing depths he was at.[25] Moreover, he is immune to the rigors of traveling through space without any protective gear in his rider state. As he found out while he, Widow and Blade were being chased by the Surfer in a Shi'ar pan-galactic prison.[26]

    Regenerative Healing Factor: Ghost Rider is capable of regenerating from injury faster than a normal human. His recovery being so powerful that he can regrow his damaged arms in seconds after Thor had battered them to pieces and mend a whole blown through his torso By Captain Danvers.[19]

    Pyrokinesis: Ghost Rider possesses the ability to generate and project flames from his body. Although never stated, it is likely that the fire Robbie generates is Hellfire.

    Chain Manifestation: While transformed, Robbie can manifest red-hot chains out of his body. These chains are shown to be strong enough to rip a Celestial's arm out of place.[23]

    Hell Charger Linkage: Robbie's supernatural augmented being, originating from his satanic Uncle Eli, is connected with his car. He can summon his car to do various fire attacks and perform ramming action.

    Intangibility: To some degree, Ghost Rider can completely phase through his car and other objects or places. He usually does this to scare and attack the enemies he's facing.

    Underworld Path: The trunk of the charger acts as a portable gateway to hell which Robbie can hurl his enemies through.[27] It can even unfurl a host of writhing tentacle monsters to better encoil enemies in order to drag them into the fiery abyss on his behalf.[28]

    Healing Symbiosis:: When Robbie suffers critical physical or mental injury his Hell Charger can connect its internal wiring to him in order to repair itself and him.[29]

    Teleportation: Unlike other Ghost Riders, Robbie possesses the ability to teleport various distances.[4] The Hell Charger is linked to his ability to port from one place to another, acting as a hub.

    Portal Creation: In addition to teleportation, he can also generate hellfire portals.[2]

    Nether Communication: Robbie's car has demonstrated the ability to communicate with deceased individuals or souls. It can even lead Ghost Rider to the individual's lineage and come in contact with them.[14]

    Matter Surfing: The charger can just as easily ride atop a body of water as it can an asphalt road and is just as capable a submersible as it is an automobile.[30]

    Flight: Robbie's Hell Charger can even fly in the vast depths of space where it can keep pace with the likes of the Silver Surfer in a contest of speed.[26]

    Condemnation: Fueled by the wrath of his Uncle Eli, his main objective is to kill a list of crime lords. Robbie's Ghost Rider can summon a hellish spire that drags down his enemies to Hell.[11]. It is not known if he still possesses this power.

    Rage Enhancement: Robbie Reyes's Ghost Rider demonstrated the ability to enhance his form by the rage fueling his powers. Through killing and punishing criminal he encounters, he transforms into a more powerful demonic figure.[24] This is firstly evident from the scars carved in his head. It will effect his body physically and, in human form, medically.[31]
    Vehicle Possession: While transformed, Robbie can give any vehicle he comes into contact with the properties of the Hell-Charger. Notable examples include the armor of a dead Celestial,[14] and a Quinjet.[32]

    Penance Stare: When possessed with Morrow, Robbie obtained a Penance Stare whose point of origin is unknown although it is possibly an ability similar to the common Penance Stare of the Ghost Riders. With it, he can make a person feel all the pain and suffering he has caused in innocent people.[17] Robbie has also been able to cast the Gaze through vehicles he has possessed.[32]}. After joining a spirit of vengeance he obtained an original penance stare.

    Penance Bomb: In his more demonic form whilst enthralled to the Legion of the Unliving, Robbie boasted of turning most of Japan into a smoldering crater by exploding in a mass of hellfire. But Blade managed to purge whatever taint the vampires used to control him with before he could unleash it.[19]


    Expert Driver: Robbie is a highly skilled driver and street racer.

    Expert Mechanic: Robbie is a highly skilled mechanic.

    Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Although he's had no proper training, Robbie is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant.
    Piloting: Robbie has shown to be a competent helicopter and Quinjet pilot.[33][32]

    Penance Stare: Previously Robbie Reyes is possessed by the spirit of the satanic assassin, Ellie Morrow so he was not a Ghost Rider. Although Johnny only used it on Morrow without harming Robbie.

    Hell Chain: Ghost Rider uses a chain with knives at the edges in combat. The nature of the chain is yet unexplored.

    Hell Charger: The Hell Charger is a modified 1969 Dodge Charger. It was found in Canelo's workshop. When Robbie was gunned down by Calvin Zabo's mercenaries, the spirit in the car resurrected him. The spirit was later revealed to be the spirit of his estranged uncle Elias Morrow. The car was able to merge with Robbie during times of action. This technique was also used to attack foes leaving him unhurt.

    Silver Surfer's Surfboard: Robbie was able to briefly take control of the Surfer's board.[34]
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