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Servers down [Merged Threads]



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    botonox03botonox03 Posts: 29
    botonox03 wrote: »
    I was doing a legends run......FML

    I am beyond upset at this. @Kabam Miike what happens with those who were going for a legends title?

    Legends titles are not affected by Server Outages because we make sure to take the downtime into account when calculating your Legends Run time.

    Thank you @Kabam Miike for the response. However, the game started to lag before the game actually lost network connection. The game was back up now for about 15 minutes and it is back down once again. I have now wasted two 30%attack, 30% health, and 30%attack/health boosts (the ones that are all an hour long). I did pay money for these when the bundles came around and now feel they have gone to waste.

    How are those things taken into account (lost boosts, lagging before actual crash, etc.) and now that the game has crashed twice, how am I supposed to think I will still have a shot at the legends run? You can PM me if you would rather talk about this there.
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    NastyEfnNateNastyEfnNate Posts: 551 ★★
    FFS just do the maintenance now and get it over with
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    WindbreakWindbreak Posts: 30
    @Kabam Miike what about Alliance Quests? With regular maintenance right around the corner a lot of alliances are going to be screwed unless they stay up super late tonight since the game has been up and down for the last 90 minutes or so.
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    MidnightfoxMidnightfox Posts: 1,167 ★★★
    Indrick781 wrote: »
    The real question is when are you going to spend some of your money on vastly upgrading your network infrastructure?
    100% agree.
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    BadroseBadrose Posts: 779 ★★★
    edited December 2017
    EU Players here... Considering that many of us can't finish their AQ paths because of the outage, as well as many of us will be unable to complete paths later/earlier in the morning because of the manteinance, the 30 mins times is needed.
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    Voluntaris wrote: »
    DNA3000 wrote: »
    Nerfbat73 wrote: »
    The game is not currently in maintenance, but we are looking into some slow downs going on.

    Slow downs......really. So I suppose a tree isn't rooted to the ground it's just really slow

    This was posted before the situation escalated. Many players were still able to complete fights, and continue in the game at that time. Since then, the situation has changed.

    Also, Walking Palm Trees are believed to be able to move on their own by growing new roots! There still some debate on it, but rumor has it they can move about 2 cm a day.[/color[

    If only time could be spent on working to resolve issues instead off debating about palm trees.

    If only forum moderators could fix server outages, or even had any access to the live server infrastructure to try.

    while i get your point, they can implement 30 minute AQ timers

    At this point, I think we're now past this since the downtime completely overlapped a Modok reset.

    I have stated repeatedly in the past that *some* unexpected downtime is something people have to tolerate in an imperfect world. But I do think that if Kabam is going to make a game that relies on certain mechanics, it becomes their responsibility to make sure those mechanics work correctly to a very high degree of fidelity. If they want to make timed entrance events with no margin for error when they turn over (the events and the entrances literally reset with no way to finish the mission and no way to bank an entrance credit if unforeseen events happen) then I believe Kabam has to take full responsibility when their own system faults create problems.

    Because anyone who says server downtime is unavoidable is correct, but many game penalties are entirely avoidable. Modok could have been designed with an eye to what happens if something happens when the event turns over. The back to back eight hour start and termination windows have no such safeguards built into the system.

    We cannot blame Kabam for every unexpected downtime, but I think it is entirely reasonable for players to demand that Kabam factor in their own uptime expectations into the game and make sure players are not penalized for "acceptable rates" of downtime. AQ and AW are doubly timed events but those events are not designed to account for unexpected downtime. Modok's is timed, but it is also not designed for unexpected downtime. There's not much you can do about downtime in the arena, but many other parts of the game can be designed around factoring in or mitigating unexpected downtime. That unexpected downtime exists is not entirely Kabam's fault (although they should certainly try to reduce it from the current ridiculous levels). But that the game isn't designed to account for the downtime everyone knows is going to happen is entirely their fault.
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    pplbryanpplbryan Posts: 37
    Lost out on the last lab. Now I’m crashed in the new lab. 500 shards. Bummer.
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    Continues to say they will fix the problem, when what we need is the ability to do all the timed events with all the gameplay interruption. Please FIX that!
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    TarlungsTarlungs Posts: 113
    At this point they should just shut it down for the regular maintenance. Set timer for 30mins and make the next labs have 2 entry's instead of 1. Get the problem fixed for sure instead of bringing it up for an hour before regular maintenance.
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    My alliance lost the war because of the maintenance. We overcome all the questions (evaluation, diversity ...). We lost because
    we finished to finish the little life that remained of a boss only. It was an hour to end our war.


    My alliance was damaged. They provide a time of 24 hours to play the war. They can not penalize us for emergency maintenance, and we would win.
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    AraakAraak Posts: 9
    I don’t usually complain but kabamm is just starting to have too many issues. Can the new owners actually handle this game?
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    É complicado, ontem o jogo ficou instável na hora que tinha livre e que posso fazer arenas, hoje aconteceu o mesmo, fico triste pois vejo vários amigos conseguindo o 5* e o meu cada vez mais distante...
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    rogueKlyntarrogueKlyntar Posts: 268
    So is it official? Is the game down officially again? Can i quit worrying about missing arena time and instead worry that it won't be made up for?
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    Sumo33Sumo33 Posts: 12
    3rd yr not the charm this sucks it lets me in only to let me get started and discover it needs more emergency maintenance
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    TsunaniTsunani Posts: 173
    I lost half my champ without even starting the fight on AQ. Send us health potions please.
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    loader187loader187 Posts: 222 ★★
    10% per 100k Facebook likes. We only got 800k Facebook likes which means 80% up time for the rest of the year and 20% extra profit for them cause you know these guys are salary and don't get paid for overtime.

    Fun fact........ MCOC has had more issues and less compensation since they were sold.
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    Nerfbat73Nerfbat73 Posts: 30
    So is it official? Is the game down officially again? Can i quit worrying about missing arena time and instead worry that it won't be made up for?

    It won't. There has been more emergency maintenance in the last 2 months than ever before and none have had any compensation. I bet if you allowed everyone to buy another summoner choice crystal you guys could make a couple mill without giving anything away for free and make the player base happy. But that's not the Kabam way so don't hold your breath.
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    GasHaulerGasHauler Posts: 176
    Hello @Kabam Miike , my alliance was in the last hour of Alliance War with a very close score at least by boss kill and exploration percentage, with my alliance trying to take down their group 2 boss toward the end when the game went down (second time). I am sure when the server is back up, the war will be over with us having a loss, will there be anything done on your end because of these problems beyond our control? Thanks for any insight you may have!
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    We're still on emergency maintenance *sigh*
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    AJ_Engel30AJ_Engel30 Posts: 165
    Lol, 4 of you flagged me for telling you to calm down. That's funny, sad, and pathetic all at the same time.
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    MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 913 ★★★
    xhibit got you coveredxhh41y7buexo.jpg
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    Jonrdz1Jonrdz1 Posts: 201
    Just start Maintance right now ....
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